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She's Ready For Her Close-up!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberHalle Berry


This is as good as we're gonna get….for now.

Halle Berry gave birth to her daughter, Nahla Ariela, back in March, and we have to see her make her official public debut.

Mother and (a glimpse of) daughter were spotted in Los Angeles this past weekend.

How come Halle's not been paid millions to pimp her baby out on the cover of OK! magazine????

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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147 comments to “She's Ready For Her Close-up!”

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  1. bella says – reply to this


    Maybe because some things should be kept private and good parents dont "pimp" out thier children

  2. mee says – reply to this



  3. nic says – reply to this


    can't wait to see her i bet she is a beauty!

  4. Prett says – reply to this



  5. yay! says – reply to this



  6. Prett says – reply to this


    Re: bella – I AGREE

  7. Abyss says – reply to this


    She's probably not geting paid because she's not willing to pimp out her baby. Halle in that regard is no better than Angelina because she does for charity. It is a personal choice. Although I do want to see her baby's face because it sure is going to be a pretty one. Another hypothesis is that these mags are racist and are not as interested in a beautiful black baby. I know that essence mag will be def interested though.

  8. Kia says – reply to this


    Looks a little old to be 4-5 months old.

  9. jaelk says – reply to this



  10. 10


    And the baby is probably adorable. Well, let's hope.

  11. Damn. says – reply to this



  12. Miss says – reply to this


    She is black…..that is why no one cares about seeing the baby! Welcome to the real world!!

  13. Just says – reply to this


    Because Halle Berry has some class and doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.

  14. PSR says – reply to this


    Who is that person behind them that looks like she is putting up the bouncy seat? Is that her nanny? Wearing a white dress like a servant?? I guess she can afford to have "help" but taking care of one child is not that difficult - it is a joy!

  15. halle says – reply to this


    wasnt nahla the the lion in lion king? and ariela reminds me of areola - like a boob or nipple. and does everyone remember when this ho did a hit and run leaving the other girl injured to save her face and tried to get away with it?????????

  16. hmm says – reply to this


    I am sure she was offered money but didn't feel the need to put her baby on a magazine cover. Nahla probably have a lifetime of having the paparazzi stalk her :(

  17. phill says – reply to this


    i bet the baby is ugly as hell. thats why we hvaent seen it

  18. 18

    Halle has stated categorically that she is the celebrity not her baby and that she would never sell her newborn's photos, only share them with her family and that is the way it should be. Why do celebrities think the whole world is interested in their babies? And when did this craze of plastering the pictures of an enfant on the covers of magazines began anyway? Women have babies every minute of the day so why are Hollywood babies better or deserving of attention? I simply don't get it.

  19. kms says – reply to this


    Nahla Ariela, I wonder if Halle realized the Disney-like name. Nahla, from the Lion King and Ariela from The Little Mermaid (Ariel).

  20. good says – reply to this


    Halle is so great! She chose not to pimp out her sacred babe. Well done beautiful Halle. Also inspiration for people like me who are trying to get pregnant (naturally) later in life ( I am 35)

  21. Money says – reply to this


    She didn't pimp out her kid like that fat spic Jlo who is greedy as sin and wants every dime she can get. Wetback jessica is no better with that little brown wetback nigga. Only classy women like Nicole Kidman and Halle don't put their babies on public display that way. money is all these greedy whores care about because they themselves came from the gutter. Except for Angelina Jolie that is, she is special.

  22. TLC says – reply to this


    I find the industry of magazines to be big time racist.

  23. 23

    Re: phill – FUCKTARD!

  24. STFU says – reply to this



  25. 25


  26. lisa says – reply to this


    Looks like she has the start of another baby bump to me

  27. Sarah says – reply to this


    Lots of women in the public eye refuses to sell their baby photos on the open market like the babies are a piece of special, unique meat, when they are only babies. Do these women feel that their offspring need to be placed on a pedestal or what? Are these women so insecure that they want the public to fawn over their babies. I look at these magazines at the check out counters but I would never in a million years buy one. No one should to teach these idiotic magazines a lesson.

  28. Angel says – reply to this


    Only pimps out her child for charity because she is constantly trying to get away from the homewrecking whore who slobs her brother down and talks about her sexual escapades with her man on camera reputation. While it's good what she and Brad have done and she does bring attention to good causes, it doesn't matter if she donates a hundred million dollars, it will never change the fact that she's a whore.

  29. jaja says – reply to this


    yea this had made me slightly warm to halle now the fact she haasnt pimped out the little nigglet

  30. missk says – reply to this


    Halle Berry, is a good mom, and so is Angelina. Halle probably doesn't want her kid to grow up in the world of flashing lights and have her kid trun out like Paris "ho bag" Hilton or Kim "the slut" Kardasian. GO HALLE! Oh and by the way race does play a role although I believe she was offered quite a sum by people magazine for pictures of NAHLA.

  31. Class says – reply to this


    Figure skater kristi Namaguchi did not pimp out the pictures of her two baby daughters. Salma Hayek did not pimp her daughter's pictures as well. Nicole Ritchie has said that she wouldn't sell her baby's pictures again if she had to do it over again.Jessica Alba at first said she would not do it but she caved in, and agreed. I hope she donates the money to charity for children. I find that the older mothers like Halle, have better sense and more class when it comes to things like this.

  32. K says – reply to this


    let's face it - her baby is probably more unique looking than any other hollywood baby. She has a gorgeous partner - and she is stunning. I'd pay to see her kid more than the overrated jolie twins!

  33. kRazI says – reply to this


    zzz queztion????zzzz

    zzz y doez zhe ztill look 8 monthz pregnant//?? zzzz

  34. O-RLY says – reply to this



  35. Miche says – reply to this


    Good for her. I just hope she isn't upset when some paparrazzi gets a picture of her child and sells it to a magazine for big bucks. There is a market for celebrity children and the unscrupulous paparazzi will stoop to new lows to get some money.
    Some high profile celebrities (ex. Angelina) have to sell pictures of their children to magazines because they have to have some form of control over paparazzi reaping huge salaries from pictures of their children. I don't like the idea of a celebrity's child being subjected to media scrutiny but that is unfortunately how the entertainment industry is. It's either you get the money or the paparazzi gets the money. It's not pimping out the baby, perez.

  36. Amar says – reply to this


    The lady in the back is the mother of Halle.

  37. becky says – reply to this


    Forgive me, Perez, but I think you meant to put a caption on Halle Berry's picture above: "How do we say this delicately." That baby…hmmm…how do I say what I am thinking. I am thinking I better not. The baby looks like Berry picked her up from sitting under a tree in the jungle. I am not kidding! Does Berry own a baby comb? Shouldn't Berry be thinking REALLY STRONGLY on getting rid of that fat belly of hers? I mean: Really!

  38. Mindy says – reply to this


    Halle is one of the few celebs who refuses to pimp out her baby for fast cash. It's getting to be ridiculous and embarassing-it seems like as soon as some of these little ones are born, Mom or Dad can't wait to get on the phone to be on the cover of some mag-it's just sad. Good for Halle!

  39. MISHA says – reply to this


    Re: PSR – I wouldn't say all that. Be real.

  40. ciGal says – reply to this


    Just did as Meryl Streep did. Children aren't Star (Public people), they must be protected, even if people wants to see them. Whatever goes the money from pictures (Hope it goes to charity), once done, the children haven't any privacy anymore.

  41. Lord. says – reply to this


    Re: Angel – Take a pill for that depression, why don't cha??!!! That shit is getting old and stale already. Have you been hibernating or what?

  42. Amy says – reply to this


    Nicole Ritchie's baby pictures sold second to the Queen Angelina Joile. But at least Brad & joile gives the money away to benefit less fortunate children, the other celeb's just keep the money as if they need it, right?

  43. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Money – How many faces do you have? Wetback nigga? Classy? Thank God I don't know you. People like you are dangerous. It's amazing, how you incite hate and talk about class at the same time. I seriously think you have multiple personalities…scarey.

  44. FYI says – reply to this


    Re: jaja – "The little nigglet?" I don't think she would care if you've "warmed" to her or not. Bitch…male or female–you're a bitch.

  45. mike says – reply to this


    not trying to be mean, but from the side it looks like that baby may be deformed.

  46. AKAY says – reply to this



  47. DUMAZ says – reply to this


    Re: becky – Bitch are you stupid? Never mind, that is rhetorical because obviously you are stupid. It's baby hair dumbass. Baby hair is fine and is usually squished because of the car seat whether it's "combed" or not. You obviously don't have any kids, so you need to STFU and stop talking about shit you know nothing about. God, I have very low tolerance for ignorant people like you. AND, you could have kept that fucking jungle comment–uncalled for, unnecessary, and yes, we know, you're just another ignorant racist…but thanks for reiterating that fact with your stupidity. I.E. racists = STUPIDITY (IGNORANCE) squared.

  48. YAJAI says – reply to this


    good for her not pimping out her daughter

  49. R=SXI says – reply to this


    Re: mike – Gee, you can tell all of that from looking at her from the side? You must be clairvoyant. NOT!

  50. 50

    Re: missk – I agree! Halle is exquisite and sensible.

  51. Agnes says – reply to this


    Right, Angelina's pictures sells the most because she is Hollywood royalty and she always generate a lot of attention by having her babies in foreign countries. Nicole Richie's baby pictures were the next highest sellers. None of the Dixie Chicks would put their babies pictures on the covers of magazines and neither do most of the women in Hollywood when you really think about it. but of course Paris Hilton will, just wait.

  52. Lucy says – reply to this


    She won't pimp out her daughter cause she actually cares about her. Only celebs that pimp out their kids' pics out for money really don't care. Take Skankelina and Pock Face Pitt. Im sure those kids will be on the cover of People magazine in the next few weeks. Those two need to be sterilzed. God bless you Halle!!

  53. Jason says – reply to this


    Classy Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck never pimped out pictures of their baby girl either. Just goes to show you, who has class and who doesn't. People who respect the privacy of their children do.

  54. Prett says – reply to this


    Re: Money – hahahahahahahahahaha

  55. Lucy says – reply to this


    Re: Agnes – The last thing Angelina is royality. Unless skanks are the new royals in Hollywood

  56. amy says – reply to this


    does anone remember halle is only half black? angelna has more of a black child then he does stop the black shit with halle

  57. tink says – reply to this


    That baby looks 100% black!

  58. boadi says – reply to this


    See? Now that's how you should look after having given birth - and Halle has always been more physically fit than Nicole Kidman…

  59. 59

    I wanna see Halle Ariola.

  60. Mya says – reply to this


    No that is not Halle's mother, that is some other old lady. Halle's mom has a big ass head…

  61. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy – Duh. Where have you been? Skanks have been the new royalty in Hollyweird for at least 20 years now (think Madonna era). However, Angelina is NO SKANK!!!

  62. Sad says – reply to this


    I read somewhere that Matthew McConaughey has a little brown baby boy with black curly hair that looks just like his mom. I was surprise that Matt offered to sell his son's pictures because I thought he was above all of that kind of Hollywood hype.

  63. Lesli says – reply to this


    Why give the pics away for free when you can make a coupla dollars off them? Brad & Angie has the right idea, cuz eventually the pics will leak. May as well make a quick buck. At least they are giving the money to charity.

  64. Margo says – reply to this


    No, Angelina is not a skank. She and Brad remind me of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I wasn't around back them but my mom said that they generated the same kind of interest in the media. Update: Miss Jolie announced that she will not be pimping out her baby pics to People, Okay or any other media source. Let's wait and see.

  65. mom says – reply to this


    she has some class, that is why! real people do NOT sell pictures of their babies!

  66. who c says – reply to this


    To all those who think this woman is holier than thou…..Halle did try to pimp out her baby's pics. There were no takers because sshe wanted too much money.

  67. Blunt says – reply to this


    Another really stupid baby name.

  68. miche says – reply to this



  69. kool says – reply to this


    the bitch has downs syndrome.

  70. freeb says – reply to this


    With a white grandmother and a white daddy, you'd think her baby would be a little lighter.

  71. Toni says – reply to this


    Shame on Matthew! Anthony Keitus(RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) didn't pimp out pictures of his new baby son. Kudos to Anthony.

  72. bobit says – reply to this


    Great another porch MONKEY in this world……I'm so excited I could sh1t.

  73. Keish says – reply to this


    That sucks she turned out black I was almost certain she'd have a good shot at being fair and beautiful.

  74. Barb says – reply to this


    When Halle was in her second trimester she agree to do the cover for People magazine if you recall, but she stated a few weeks before the birth that she did not want to sell nor publicize her baby's photographs. There were many untrue, totally unfounded numbers floating around in cyber space suggesting that she wanted money, but again all lies. Not all women sell their children out this way in Tinsel Town. And soon the public in general are going to boycott the magazines that do. Tom Cruise went to Vanity Fair because he thought it was more upscale than People and O K Magazine, but still it was wrong to pimp Suri out at a few months old.

  75. Sheba says – reply to this


    She's brown and beautiful. I bet she grows up to look like Salle Richardson who is a knock out. Salle was in the film I Am Legend. I can imagine the hoopla when Paris Hilton has her baby. Paris is desperate to have a child because she wants it to be related to Nicole's baby.

  76. heath says – reply to this


    Re: miche

    Racist piece of shit.

  77. Ty says – reply to this


    Do you people not know that Halle Berry is half white? Fuckin junior KKK

  78. 78


  79. Lala says – reply to this


    Now this is what a Normal Woman's tummy looks like after having a Baby-Nicole kidman should see this!!

    I love Halle and wish her the BEST!

  80. FUmic says – reply to this


    Re: miche – FU! Racist!

  81. FUkei says – reply to this


    Re: Keish – FU! Racist!

  82. cresp says – reply to this


    Isn't this the kind of invasion of privacy you always whine about, Perez? Obviously, this picture was taken without Halle Berry's knowledge or consent, either by someone sneaking a pic on the property or by someone who found a way to spy on the couple from outside their property. DISGUSTING!!!! If Halle Berry wants to keep her little girl out of the public eye, the public should respect that and YOU (and People magazine, for that matter) should not be publishing the picture. When your wonderful Angelina whores out her babies, go to town, but have some respect for the women of Hollywood who still have some class.

  83. BorgQ says – reply to this


    truthfully, it prolly because she is black (albeit 1/2 but in this cuontry a drop of black blood thru ur veins is enough to consider u black). I cannot recall a time where a black star was paid millions for photos of their child. Either that or Halle doesnt want to pimp her baby out.

  84. Tilly says – reply to this


    I cant believe it…that baby is the same color as halle!
    Talk about strong blood…geez white doesnt stand a chance against anybody of color…black, asian etc.
    She picked the whitest man she could to have a baby with and it still didnt help…wow.

  85. Presh says – reply to this


    Is Halle pregnant again?

  86. FUjaj says – reply to this


    Re: jaja – FU racist!

  87. FUtil says – reply to this


    Re: Tilly – FU racist!

  88. FU says – reply to this


    FU Hating Racist!
    Your life soooo bad that You pick on a tiny Baby?
    grow the Fuck up!

  89. MOM says – reply to this


    She has a BEAUTIFUL Mom I know She is Pretty, too!

  90. KIM says – reply to this


    …because She has more sense than all the other Hollywood mothers!

  91. kate says – reply to this


    That's soooo sick? Why do you think that every celeb with a baby has to pimp out their kid the way Brangeline does??? Halle and Nicole are the most wonderful moms i've ever heard of… they are really happy with their kids and enjoying them, they are not there trying to get the best check!
    Stop being an ass!

  92. Nell says – reply to this


    With those two gorgeous parents I bet this will be the prettiest baby in Hollyweird. Nice to see she has color and is not pasty white.
    I love Halle and am glad to see her so happy. She deserves it!

  93. real says – reply to this


    I love seeing the nanny in the background doing the grunt work. Motherhood would be a piece of cake if we had someone to follow us around cleaning up after us and moving our equipment around. Most celebs have no idea what it's like for most.

  94. Lina says – reply to this


    Re: Margo – Yeah, and what a successful pairing THAT was. Taylor and Burton were a f*cked up, boozing, hedonistic couple. Jolie and Pitt are a f*cked up, hypocritical, self-congratulatory pair of wankers. If what you are saying is true, the ONLY reason why Jolie isn't pimping out her babies THIS time is because either a) she wants to wait until they are no longer "little blobs" , b) she is holding out for a bigger payout or c) she can already feel the backlash and God forbid her image as Saint and Holy Mother be tarnished by her immense greed.

  95. kat says – reply to this


    WHEW! I was starting to think her baby died or something!

  96. Sandy says – reply to this


    She kinda looks preggers in this pic?!?!?!

  97. mama says – reply to this


    Do we know that she hasn't been offered money for pictures? Maybe she is just unwilling to sell them because she would like to keep her daughter out of the spotlight. What's wrong with that???????? Don't celebrities get to keep anything private???????????????????

  98. ella says – reply to this


    Good for Halle, she has some integrity and class unlike some of these money grabbing Hollywood morons. I despise this trend for selling baby pics to magazines, some of these so called stars need a reality check. Halle is gorgeous and doesn't need to whore herself or her baby out. God help us if Lindsay Lohan or Paris has a baby.

  99. Chery says – reply to this


    because Halle and her boyfriend are nobodies.

  100. Katie says – reply to this


    Um, Halle Berry probably isn't ”pimping out” the baby because she seems to have class - something that alot of people n hollywood dont seem to have lately-or ever. People who sell baby pictures to magazines are complete attention wh*res. Except for people like Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, who donate the money to charity, that's commendable. Other than that they are basically taking the money greedily, putting themselves out there, then complaining when people keep after them

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