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The Reason Behind His "Assault"

| Filed under: Legal MattersChristian Bale


Looks like Batman's mouth is what got him into trouble!

A report claims that Christian Bale was likely arrested for verbal assault.

In England one can be charged with verbal assault, Class 4 and Class 5.

Good to know English mommas!

If your kids mouth off, threaten to have them arrested!

Is that really arrest-worthy????

Unless you're screaming "I'm gonna fucking kill you!", we don't think it is.

What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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137 comments to “The Reason Behind His "Assault"”

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  1. 1


    anyways they should just leave him alone
    and btw he can kill me but 1st he can do me
    then I'LL die happy

  2. HeCan says – reply to this


    So fucking hot. I would lick his asshole!

  3. steph says – reply to this


    i think they want in on his money..its funny timing that they are victims they same time his movie is making hundreds of millions

  4. britt says – reply to this


    thats so dumb!

  5. jo says – reply to this


    who cares

  6. smile says – reply to this


    depends on what you say.
    but no i dont think so.

  7. herea says – reply to this


    Is thaut it? hes damn sexy so who cares if he beats his family

  8. 8

    Isn't it all subjective? What's offensive to one isn't necessarily to another.

  9. lydia says – reply to this


    i should be in jail for first

  10. Kimmy says – reply to this


    christian can scream profanity at me all he wants

    in bed:) cus i will be screamin right back;-)

  11. Chris says – reply to this


    they should really leave him alone

  12. Emily says – reply to this



  13. MamaB says – reply to this


    Ewww… No such thing as freedom of speech? Seriously? I thought he might have beat the crap our of his family— this is just a joke.

  14. John says – reply to this


    Well that's a stupid reason to get arrested. Jails would be overcrowded if that were the case. I wonder if they gave him a reason to mouth off. Another question, hey perez does Bale or Ledger's daughter Matalida get any of the money they are making off the dark knight dolls that look like them?

  15. judy says – reply to this


    I guess no free speech in England

  16. Mel says – reply to this


    an "assault" is verbal. battery is physical — idiot

  17. 20 ye says – reply to this


    so stupid. if this were the case, my kid would be in jail for life.
    wait, let's rethink this law.

    Mommy needs a vacation.

  18. kimmy says – reply to this


    oh and he can bring the handcuffs that was used to arrest him too;-)
    oooo baby what i would do to that boy;-) if only he looks at this site i would soo put down my number… hahah call me;-)

  19. 19

    thats kinda hot
    bad boy

  20. Sclav says – reply to this


    What the fuck kind of arrest is that?? Like unless you're telling people to fuck off or their gonna get blasted or something like that I don't think they should get arrested. Why don't people worry about REAL problems?!

  21. mac says – reply to this


    This is wild! For real? Mouthing off to mom?

  22. tia says – reply to this


    his mother and sister are a disgusting attention whores, can they sorted it out privately? his family stinks, poor bale.

  23. f says – reply to this



  24. Zee says – reply to this


    verbal abuse? i guess that thats a good law, but it seems perhaps a little too much?

  25. allie says – reply to this


    So LAME!!! I LOVE Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. david says – reply to this


    THAT'S IT?????

    thank God my mom didn't raise me in england; i'd STILL be in jail!!!!

  27. tia says – reply to this


    who cares. he's hot

  28. fifi says – reply to this


    i'll take his bat anyday. I don't care why he's in the news, but I am happy it's NOTHING! Just keep posting pics of him for me to …………. mmmmmmmmmmmm. yummmmmmm f'n umy

  29. cynic says – reply to this


    that is bullshit!! sounds like mommy and sis want some publicity!! leave the good actors alone!!!

  30. Will says – reply to this



    i love how you deleted my post telling your "fans" why Bale was arrested. Like, I said, if you were the Queer of all Media you would have already known this hours ago. Douche.

  31. 31


  32. B'Mo says – reply to this


    well, england doesn't have freedom of speech, so i can believe this.

  33. cc says – reply to this


    the law was probably written for children and spouses who are verbally abused. Not a grown sister and a mother who are able to walk away, out of HIS hotel room. Sounds like misuse of the law.

  34. Ceren says – reply to this


    Christian Bale is fucking HOT!!

  35. baleh says – reply to this


    That's bullshit! What retards!

  36. MOMX2 says – reply to this


    Yeah it can be, and not just with the threat to take someone's life. Teach the little MFs some manners!

  37. Shane says – reply to this


    what a load o crap. his mom and sister are gonna freak when they realize they bit the hand that feeds em.

  38. Bob says – reply to this


    Re: Mel

    An assault can also be physical–it is the threat of violence. So, if one rushed another person, and stopped, or flashed a knife or gun, etc. - that would be an assault.

    Please refrain from calling anyone an idiot when you don't necessarily know what you're talking about yourself.

  39. bums says – reply to this


    christian bale is well fit yeah.

  40. 40

    CHRIS is my baby daddy… I would want him to verbally and physically assault me… if you know what I mean…. Something like: "Do you like this, huh? You little bitch… huh?" LMFAO!

  41. Hot P says – reply to this


    I think Bale's mom and sister suck. Turning him in to the police for verbal assault on the night of the premiere of his biggest movie ever? Sounds like a couple vengeful cows to me. I know two chicks who need a kick in the cunt!

  42. adlsk says – reply to this



  43. jen6 says – reply to this


    Bale would never hurt anyone. Its not true and they need to leave him alone. he wouldn't even hurt a fly, he is very into animal rights. btw he is so damn hot~

  44. Steal says – reply to this


    Re: Mel

    actually assualt can be both verbal and or physical, whereas batter is only a certain serious level of physical assault.

    I guess you shouldn't call ppl idiots unless you are sure you aren't one yourself.


  45. Danie says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. It's so not him. He's amazing at what he does and this sholdn't ruin his reputation. I still love him.

  46. lee says – reply to this


    Who is 'we'? Are you referring to yourself in the third person and using a plural form to describe a singular entity? Or does 'we' refer to your dog? Do you have multiple personalities?

  47. haha says – reply to this


    at least you stopped hiding the fact you get your material from TMZ

  48. 48

    Sounds like family jealousy to me. How petty, to have him arrested right after his big weekend. He probably denied them a loan or something, using his Bat-voice, and they felt abused lol

  49. karen says – reply to this


    I'm married to a somewhat verbal abuser. Does it sting like a slap? Yeah. But police? Bale's timing couldn't have been worse.

  50. mo says – reply to this


    Verbal Assault has always been a criminal offense. We're are not talking about heated discussion here.
    If the verbal assault puts someone in fear for their well being and/or safety then yes, you can be arrested for it. This is a class 5 assault.

    You would probably be arrested to prevent a breach of the peace unless the verbal assault was racially motivated then other charges could be made.

    Need witnesses to testify and prove that it was not as a result of your actions. If as a result of your actions then harassment charges would be brought against you.

    I don't know what he said but that law is only invoked when people say or threaten and is only viably prosecutable or investigatable if there are others around that over heard and can vouch that it wasn't instigated by the complainant.

  51. jul says – reply to this


    wtf who cares about this douch

  52. kopl says – reply to this


    Re: Naughty_Baby_Harley – hahaha exactly.. good point.

  53. LkAtU says – reply to this


    If verbal abuse is a crime, then why didn't they arrest Amy Crackhouse when she called people "dick head," "cunt" and "asshole". Too bad Christian can get away with calling his mom a "fucking bitch" and "dumb ass"

  54. Looli says – reply to this


    I'm from England and there is freedom of speech, but that doesnt involve swearing. the verbal "abuse" normally has to cause the person intimidation and normal involves profanities. I suppose its to teach people respect. in Englad you swear at a Police officer 2-3 times and they will arrest you!

  55. mo says – reply to this


    Verbal Assault has always been a criminal offense. We're are not talking about heated discussion here.
    If the verbal assault puts someone in fear for their well being and/or safety then yes, you can be arrested for it. This is a class 5 assault.

    You would probably be arrested to prevent a breach of the peace unless the verbal assault was racially motivated then other charges could be made.

    Need witnesses to testify and prove that it was not as a result of your actions. If as a result of your actions then harassment charges would be brought against you.

    I don't know what he said but that law is only invoked when people say things that threaten personal safety and is only viably prosecutable or investigatable if there are others around that over heard and can vouch that it wasn't instigated by the complainant.

  56. k says – reply to this


    HE WASN'T ARRESTED!!!!! He voluntarilly went in to tell his side of the story and NO CHARGES WERE MADE!!!!!

  57. samuk says – reply to this


    The only people who are ever found guilty of verbal assault are people who mentally abuse people, I think his mum and sister just wanted to get him arrested.

  58. stef says – reply to this


    see! he didnt do anything wrong, his mom and sis are sqealers, they are just trying to get him in trouble/get money out of him. dont mess with Batman betches!!

  59. Yumz says – reply to this


    Us Brits like to fuck with the famous! But I think it's a waste of Police time…

    He probably told his momma that she couldn't have any of his money and the bitch turned PSYCHO!

    UK loves you Christian… fuck the Police… and me!!! xxx

  60. Jess says – reply to this


    Um…he's freakin' BATMAN!!! Who's dumb enough to challenge The Dark Knight?

  61. Bb says – reply to this


    that is stupid…..obviously the family must be nuts - and he is in the middel of long publicity tour and must be exhausted and cranky…bet the family is asking for cash or some other crazy horseshit and he told them to fuck off.

  62. 62

    If I was da police I find any reason to arrest that fine piece of meat!

  63. B says – reply to this


    PS….he can yell at me in bed too….hehehhehe….he IS batman…..yummy

  64. Gabbi says – reply to this


    I think I want Christian to assault me with his beautiful mouth. :P

  65. tess says – reply to this


    Guess when you're supposed to be the star of the movie, but you're really not. Your dead co-star is getting all the press. sucks for him

  66. 66

    this sadly sounds like my family. i feel a lil more normal now

  67. Kate says – reply to this


    I think mommy and sister need to grow a pair and unbunch their panties.

    He's Batman. He can do no wrong.

  68. sando says – reply to this


    he looks like adam levine from maroon 5 in that pic

  69. JJ says – reply to this


    for any british peeps who are waiting for the movie to be released, the dark knight has been leaked on greatstufftv.com

  70. Chris says – reply to this


    That is the biggest load of horse shit I have ever heard. Every person in the US would be in jail if that was the law here. She should be arrested for trying to ruin his career with a bull shit charge like this .

  71. Sarah says – reply to this


    Are they serious?? They're idiots over there. Verbal assault? thats a joke. I dont think it should even be an offense….then again its not like the U.S. where we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. They're backwards over there anyhow.

  72. Roze says – reply to this


    Of course it is, That's a great way to get someone out of the situation and give them time to calm down before things go any father.

  73. Andie says – reply to this


    Maybe if it happened on a public street, but in your own home or room. Mum and sis sound like real twats to drag him through this right now during his pinnacle moment. Thanks Mom love ya!!!

  74. Off says – reply to this


    Sound like jealous money grubbing bitches to me. I would knock their asses off the gravy train real fast. Hopefully he does.

  75. Jessi says – reply to this


    While verbal abuse/assault is not encouraged I would hardly think it is arrest worthy. Geez! Don't the police have more serious crimes to take care of?

  76. belle says – reply to this



  77. Chuck says – reply to this


    His mother and sister are estranged - both have attempted to contest his father’s will. He died in 2003. His two other sisters are in the entertainment industry. People forget that Bale is a child star. Show Business moms. Ugh.

  78. BEE` says – reply to this


    Re: steph

    i totally was thinking the same thing as you

  79. Chuck says – reply to this


    And yeah, to echo the above, he was never even arrested. His sister was photographed smiling from ear to ear today. Ugh.

  80. James says – reply to this


    I am from the UK and find it a big shame that "verbal assault" has been taken this far. To be arrested for saying something is ridiculous! England, you're a bunch of fucking pussies and I am glad I live in the States now!

  81. k says – reply to this


    Please , I can't believe for a second that a country as litigious the as u.s. doesn't have an equivalent law that can result in the detainment or arrest of someone that makes death threats or worse.
    And his family are very artistic and not at all money orientated from what I've read I'd find it strange if they were trying to tap him for vast amounts money or something

  82. Sammy says – reply to this


    For verbal abuse against your mother, check out what Stewie Gilligan Griffin says every day to his mother, Lois. He went to England and didn't get arrested.
    I guess the name "Christian" didn't help either. Hmmmm. Why is Amy Winehouse allowed to wander the streets freely? At least Christian Bale has TALENT !

  83. Lala says – reply to this


    You should Never be Mean to Your Mother!!

  84. Darkn says – reply to this


    Abuse is abuse - verbal or physical. Wonder what the wanker said to them.

  85. angie says – reply to this


    it was pretty obvious from the get go that it couldnt have been very serious. he stays out of the lime light, why would he do something stupid? sounds like his mom and sister are a couple of kooks.

  86. Sing7 says – reply to this


    Assault works the same way in the U.S. A person can verbally threaten to abuse others, and be charged with assault. Lashing out physically will result in a "Battery" charge. The terminology of "assault" can be misleading.

  87. jessa says – reply to this


    you can get arrested for ANYTHING in england…it's getting pretty crazy over there…

  88. Astri says – reply to this


    I'm an English lawyer, and you can only be booked for (verbal) assault if you are threatening immediate, personal physical force. SO you don't have to actually hit the person, but basically you have to threaten to do so. You can't be charged for assault for just yelling at someone. You have to threaten immediate physical personal force.

  89. Will says – reply to this


    T M Z and D l i s t e d reported this first. Perez sucks. Go to D l i s t e d.com Much better site and it is not run by a sellout douche. And much funnier.

  90. mjcp says – reply to this


    The biggest week of his life and his family had him jailed because he yelled at them? What a pair of cunts! Oops, can calling them cunts get me arrested in the UK?

  91. lucin says – reply to this


    Re: Yumz

    if you're so british, why spell mummy (or mama) the american way?

  92. 92

    Whatever kind of assault it was, I don't CARE! I'd still hit it! I get so distracted by Christian Bale in movies… I find myself staring at his mouth…

  93. PETAs says – reply to this


    That is ridiculous. Verbal assault? England is a such a stupid country.

  94. Lizzy says – reply to this


    In England assault amounts to "putting someone in fear of immediate unlawful violence" this can be through words, actions of even silence but does not involve any touching. So for example if someone shouted "I'm going to kill you!" and the victim believed that, that would be an assault.

    If Christian actually touched his mother or sister in any unlawful way this would be a battery or in more serious cases ABH(actual bodily harm) or GBH (grevious bodily harm).

    So there ya go, you cant just arrest someone for mouthing off, there has to be a serious threat!


  95. dakta says – reply to this


    Re: PETAs – the same thing happens here in the u.s. different terminologies though. People are dumb..

  96. Ossim says – reply to this


    That's bullshit…
    If this is true…
    Most of the people I know would be locked up right now…
    Including myself.

  97. dakta says – reply to this


    Re: PETAs – the same thing happens here in the u.s. different terminologies though..
    People that make threats of murder and OR WORSE can be incarcerated HERE IN THE U.S..
    You people need to think first then type. MMMkayyy..
    And Lets not even get into rendition… NOW THATS A FUCKED UP LAW
    Putting a threatening mouthpiece away - not so much in comparison

  98. PewPe says – reply to this


    Me thinks some Americans here need to brush up a little about their own Law…

  99. Kaye says – reply to this


    That is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard…. verbal assault??? What the fuck?! What the hell is England doing over there? Everyone in America would be in jail right now if we had that law.


  100. sarah says – reply to this


    just thought id let everyone no, in the uk(where im from) you can get arrested under section 5 of the public order act, and this is mainly for people arguing in the street and causin a scene, so the police have something to act on should they not be able to stop it in other ways. its not a jail term, you get a record and normally and £80 fine.
    if his mum went to police station after the incident and complained its very petty!! she had to have something else to complain about surely!!

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