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In Vitro????

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Could this be true?

Could the couple that used to say they didn't care to conceive naturally and would rather adopt have done this?

According to US Weekly, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt conceived their new twins, Vivienne and Knox, through in-vitro fertilization.

That kinda makes sense. Angie was looking WAY TOO SKINNY to have gotten pregnant naturally last year. We've always suspected Nicole Richie used IVF too.

A source says, "They conceived through in vitro fertilization. They both desperately wanted more babies soon."

Well that would explain why Jolie had twins, since multiples are usually a side effect of IVF.

According to Dr. Arthur Wisot of L.A.'s Reproductive Medical Group, the chance of having fraternal twins at Angelina's age naturally, she's 33, is under 1%. But with in-vitro the chances become 25%.

Dr. Wisot says, "We live in an era of reproductive freedom, so anybody can do anything they want within legal limits."

A source says Angelina chose the procedure so "she wouldn't have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant. She could just knock it out."

What stress? Don't people like to get pregnant by having lots of sex?

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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398 comments to “In Vitro????”

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  1. 201

    having "lots of sex" doesnt automatically get you pregnant Perez, its a process for a lot of people. You obviously know nothing about conception b/w 2 straight people so dont put in ur 2 cents. That was a really dumb comment. I think she did IVF for twins. And Nicole didnt do IVF she was only with Joel for 3 months and was obviously scared out her ass in the beginning. You make no sense sometimes .

  2. 202

    First of all, w/ IVF, the embryo is only a few days old when it is implanted, so how skinny she was has no bearing on whether it was natural or not. It's not as if they implant a 2 month old fetus into the woman! Also, the process of IVf often makes women gain weight.
    Also, IVF is probably the most stressful way to conceive a child- i can't imagine anyone choosing IVF if they didn't have to. Daily, multiple injections, some of them intramuscular that aren't fun. really, no one would voluntarily choose this route.

  3. Bren says – reply to this


    I really can't stand these two. I mean, I appreciate all they do involving charity and such, but that does not make a person. They have had 3 children together that just had to be born outside of the U.S. What is so bad about having your children born in their native country?

    And no, I don't dislike them because of Jennifer Aniston…I don't like her much either.

  4. Ali says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez but your source is wrong
    Your chances of conceiving fraternal twins is 3% or 1 in 33…you have an increased chance if you are actually over the age of 30…. For example, while there is a 3% chance of having a multiple birth at age 25-29, it increases to 4% at 30-34 years and almost 5% at 35-39 years.

  5. Cheri says – reply to this


    Simply put, thie story is BS. It's US Weekly!

  6. Calig says – reply to this


    What does way too thin have to do anything with getting preggers??? That's a really stupid comment to make, you can be thin and still get pregnant!

  7. WFC? says – reply to this


    Who FUCKIN' cares if they did invitro? This is soooo pathetic that people make a big deal out of this. I can't stand Jolie-Pitt, but I see nothing wrong with invitro. It doesn't make it less of a pregnancy, and it's demeaning to the millions of loving couples that get invitro.

  8. 208

    Re: Ali – So WOW, most of the Hollywood mothers over 30 fall into those small percentages, especially the over 35 crowd. Hmm, must be something special in that Hollywood water :roll:

  9. hey says – reply to this


    Perez, Perez. I know this isn't your area of 'expertise' but if all it took was lots of sex to get pregnant, fertility companies wouldn't be so popular and profitable. Some women are blessed with being Fertile Myrtles - many (maybe even the majority) are not, and can't just get pregnant when they want to. Don't be ignorant, look into things before making stupid, flippant comments…

  10. smart says – reply to this


    Twin births are MORE common amongst older mothers, check it out. Pregnancy takes about 250 fucks, on average. Even though that is hard to fit in with a gaggle of preschoolers, I still don't believe this report. Adoption also enhances pregnancy rates. IVF is invasive and time consuming, more so even than sex. I can't see them bothering.

  11. Jenn says – reply to this


    Re: diane – The success rate with IVF is about 80% per cycle. The success rate for a normal couple having sex is about 25% per cycle. So you have no idea what you are talking about.

  12. gulp says – reply to this


    Re: jessi – How is it that you are a nurse and you have such poor reading comprehension. Nobody said you do not gain weight if you concieve through IVF, what was implied is that a woman with a low BMI may not ovulate and therefore may have trouble trying to conceive.
    And while it is a possibilty that a woman can be underweight and conceive, or while it is more likely that an older woman would conceive fraternal twins because it is more common that older women release more than one egg when they ovulate –Why the high number of multiple births to celebrities. And, as far as the public believing anything - sounds like you are the one who gulps down the pablum that these PR teams dish out.

  13. WTH says – reply to this


    WTH…!? That's the most ridiculous thing I think I've ever read on this site, and THAT'S saying something, ’cause I've read a lot of stupid sh*t! Saying someone is thin, so they can't really get pregnant the natural way as opposed to IVF!? Totally untrue. I'm 6 feet tall, I weigh 125 pounds, and wear a size 4/6. I've been this way my whole entire life, built tall and thin. I have no eating disorder - I love food. And I've had two children the natural way. Perez, quit making blanket statements about stuff you know nothing about..!!

  14. cara says – reply to this


    Hey dumbass,
    It's not impossible, just low percentage to conceive twins naturally.
    Angelina is/was so skinny she probably wasn't getting her periods and had either IVF or took a fertility drug.
    Do your homework bitch.

  15. Eye O says – reply to this



    Didn't the National Enquirer say this EVEN BEFORE SHE WAS PREGNANT that this is what SHE wanted to do.

    Concidence that it was a BOY and a GIRL???? PLEASE!

    They got the $$$ and the resources to get BUY their
    choice in kids! Wouldn't be surprised if she picked the

    Hey, people get lucky - but NOT THAT LUCKY!!!! :)



    Can't wait to see Brad's new sex partner!!! Jennifer stay tuned and as always
    keep it on the down low!!


    MORE KIDS TO RAISE ALONE!!! heheheheheheheee

  16. K says – reply to this


    So many of us already knew that ! IT was the loonies that were in denial. Could Jolie be getting tired of sex with Brad?LOL. She'd rather this procedure than trying the old fashion way? I guess sex didn't fit into her schedule. Seriously, alot of people suffer from secondary infertility but I highly doubt that was the case. SHE so bullshittingly told an interviewer that they were shocked to find out they were having twins??!! SHe knew the percentage for twins was high, she probably would've been more shocked if it WASN'T twins. Who is she trying to fool? OH, I'm sure the wackos at JJ are on damage control and already have come up with a list of excuses and a justified defense as to why she needed this IVF. Freakin' cult.

  17. Lisa says – reply to this


    With IVF you still have to ovulate Perez! So what does her being skinny have to do with anything? If she were so skinny that it was effecting her fertility, then IVF would never have worked! Unless she used donor eggs, and you are implying that she is not the biological mother of her twins. Which is ridiculous!!!!! She was obviously in excellent health, otherwise two of her embryos would not have implanted. You are such an idiot!

    And who cares if she used IVF or not? I used IVF for my 2 children and I told everybody that I didn't care if I had kids or not. I LIED because it is nobody's business and I got tired of people asking me when I was going to have kids. So I am sure that is why they told people that they didn't care one way or the other. Who really cares?? This is THEIR private business.

  18. X says – reply to this


    Of course she did IVF, you idiot! Did you not get the memo? I could have told you that long ago.

  19. candy says – reply to this


    Just bc somebody is skinny, does not mean that they can't get pregnant; my daughter is 4 months old today, and when I conceived her, I weighed on 96lbs..Since then, I have obviously gained and stayed at a more healthy weight.

  20. Ali says – reply to this


    Also she may not have used IVF she could have used other medical ways to get pregnant. Women undergoing certain fertility treatments may have a greater chance of dizygotic multiple births. This can vary depending on what types of fertility treatments are used. With in vitro fertilisation (IVF), this is primarily due to the insertion of multiple embryos into the uterus. Some other treatments such as the drug Clomid can stimulate a woman to release multiple eggs, allowing the possibility of multiples. Many fertility treatments have no effect on the likelihood of multiple births. IVF only increases a small percentage because they implant more than one egg because statistically not many eggs implant in the uterus therefore to increase thechance of pregnancy more eggs are used.

    Also I would like to point out a woman has two Fallopian tubes and Two Ovaries thefore all woman are fully capable of having fraternal twins.

  21. Me says – reply to this


    Brad and Angelina, Brad and Angelina, Brad and Angelina. Who gives a crap? So sick of hearing of their every day duties. People have made them out to be like Jesus Christ.

  22. court says – reply to this


    I don't know why her size would have anything to do with anything…maybe you were kidding & it went over my head, but skinny bitches get knocked up all the time. ;)

    Angie mentioned in an interview that Shiloh was the odd one out, being the only biological baby. Maybe they wanted to level the playing field and create an equal balance. I think they're a great family, those kids are loved and given the freedom to be kids and experience the world. They're so well behaved and pleasant. I hope they last forever (if they don't…Good Lord can you imagine the therapy bills?!!)

    Is there any truth to the rumor that they're in the process of adopting another one out of Ethiopia?

  23. get a says – reply to this


    For all the people who cannot possibly understand the correlation between being skinny and fertility:

    Ovulation CANNOT happen regularly if one's body fat level is too LOW or too HIGH. The proper storage and release of estrogen is based on your body fat level. Thus, if you do not have ENOUGH BODY FAT to properly release estrogen to make you ovulate, you CANNOT GET PREGNANT NATURALLY.

    So to everyone saying Perez shouldn't be "making blanket statements he knows nothing about" should take a good luck in the mirror!

  24. Kriss says – reply to this


    So what if she changed her mind, she can do what ever she wants it's her life !

  25. Jon says – reply to this


    Looks like they did have these kids for money, had to have them at a certain time, probably used brother James's sperm , wierdos..

  26. Ashle says – reply to this


    You know, you post all those great charities asking for help…. But I can't say I have too much faith in your judgment when I see nonsense like this.

    In addition to some of the other posts about weight, etc.:
    -multiple babies are not a "side effect"
    -IVF is one of the more stressful procedures you can undergo. It's very taxing both physically and emotionally; I can't imagine *anyone* doing it just to avoid the "stress" of conceiving a baby the "normal" way (unless they were having serious problems with conception).

    Please, please, please think before you write; especially if you're using your site to champion some of the excellent charities and causes I've seen here.

  27. 227

    Re: court – I hope they get denied due to having too many kids already. She can't even take care of her own without nannies. Sad. I wonder which kid is going to be in rehab first?

  28. Bobbi says – reply to this


    She don't like sex, the only cock she liked was Johnnie Miller's. can't wait to see her vein arms and chicken legs out and about again, oh and the massive fat lips…

  29. Seren says – reply to this



    Hey people….Brad having TWINS on his side of the family has NOTHING to do with Angelina releasing TWO eggs.

    Of course she had invitro….she was probably too skinny to ovulate on her own…..J Lo too….Hollyweird Franken Babies EVERTWHERE.

    Watch….Ashlee is next….the girl is HUGE!

    I had fraternal twins when I was 29….so assistance….just luck & LOTS of sex.

  30. Staci says – reply to this


    If they did use IVF, then I hope that they (Jolie & Pitt) create a charity here to help women who can only conceive using IVF. IVF is VERY expensive. It would be another good way to help people.

  31. Staci says – reply to this


    Re: Jenn – The success rate is only 25% to 30% per couple when doing IVF. I wish it was 80%. Didn't work for us.

  32. Jess says – reply to this


    I suspected this a few months ago!! It is a little odd for her to be 33 and get pregnant with twins.

  33. mac says – reply to this


    Since you all seem to live on the internet, why don't you google "IVF" and actually read what it entails? Many of you sound like complete morons, Perez included (fertilized embryos are implanted within days- and women have "normal" pregnancies with NORMAL weight gain)

  34. chell says – reply to this


    In response to get a-"For all the people who cannot possibly understand the correlation between being skinny and fertility…..should take a good luck in the mirror! "

    I don't totally disagree with what you've stated her but you are a hypocrite. You tell "everyone" who made a blanket statement to take a look, well here's a little tidbit for you to chew on - a woman would have to be severly underweight or morbidly obese and in need of immediate medical attention in either way, to have her period stop. In either instance an actual accredited physician will not perform a procedure as delicate as IVF on a patient like this.
    These clinics rely heavily on statistical data, how many births, failed attempts, no pregnancy, miscarriage, ectopics, etc. Having been through this numerous times, I can say I have first hand knowledge of what they can and will do. It's not a matter of weight, or even body fat, but a matter of health and physical preparedness. Are you (or Perez or US Weekly editors) Angelina Jolie's personal physician? Do you (collectively) have her medical records to indicate that she had such low body fat that she didn't ovulate? Assuming your answer is no, you then, are a hypocrite.

  35. anon says – reply to this


    Re: karen – Just so you know twins come from the mother's side of the family, not the fathers. Hence the female's egg splitting. I thought AJ having fertility treatment was a foregone conclusion. I personally think she wanted to get multiples for the price of one pregnancy. Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez also denied fertility treatments and they were older than Angelina and had multiples. I don't see why these celebs can't just be honest.

  36. Frazl says – reply to this


    I think its great! It gives my husband & I hope (we love lost 3 babies of our own). We are currently going through the first stages of the IVF process and we hope that with all the difficulties that it works for us! Congrats!

    Just a last thought. . .maybe they had been trying for a while but the stress of her mom passing, etc. put too much stress on her body to conceive again naturally. Its not far fetched at all nowadays. . .

  37. Agree says – reply to this


    Re: Ashle – Ashle is absolutely right: IVF is a long, stressful process that is in no way a shortcut to getting pregnant. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Yes, IVF and other fertility treatments increase the likelihood of multiples, but IVF is not the only fertility treatment out there, and short of surrogacy, it is generally a last resort.

  38. 238

    Re: anon – Because they have HUGE egos. They live, work, play and CREATE better than everyone else. Everything must be a grand production.

    Also, 11 million would buy over 900 couples IVF treatment. Wouldn't it be nice if they shared the joy of children with other less fortunate couples. It'll never happen.

  39. Mags says – reply to this


    If I were married (er, "committed" or common law, or whatever they are) to Brad Pitt, I don't think I'd mind the trying too much. In fact, people might have to remind me to stop "trying" and at least take breaks for meals. Just sayin'.

  40. Amy says – reply to this


    I bet Brad has a low sperm count, that would cause them to go straight to in vitro.

    And seriously Perez, her being skinny has to be one of the dumbest things I've heard.

  41. 241

    Re: anon – Because they have HUGE egos. They live, work, play and CREATE better than everyone else. Everything must be a grand production.

    Also, the 11 million they are set to recieve from the baby pictures would buy over 900 couples IVF treatment. Wouldn't it be nice if they shared the joys of parenthood with other less fortunate couples. Meh, It'll never happen though.

  42. Lisa says – reply to this


    Come on, why does everyone act like IVF is so bad? What's wrong with getting help if you are having trouble. My baby is IVF and I am planning another one. I feel lucky that the technology is available or I wouldn't be able to conceive. I don't understand why there is a stigma. So what if it was IVF?

  43. James says – reply to this


    perez angie admitted to this months ago. what's the surprise? keep up with your gossip.

  44. juice says – reply to this


    ph, i love you, BUT you need to have your folks check the facts. Think about it…why would becoming preggers by ivf cause someone to stay skinny? What?!! Second common sense thing you missed…why would doing ivf make it easier to get preggers? do you have any idea how hard it is for embryos to develop in a dish and then get implanted and than attach??? Check it out

  45. 245

    Duh!?! How old are they? Twins don't run in either of their families so yes, this is definitely IVF.

    Jennifer Lopez too.

  46. Jaggy says – reply to this


    I just don't know what to think of Angelina anymore. For a humanitarian to want to have so many kids of her own. I thought she was the kind that rather than bringing more children in the world with already so many unfortunate babies/children out there that she'd adopt? There is nothing wrong with wanting a child that you and a loved one created yourself but she's having multiples now and who knows if this is her last time. I just had a different impression of her as a humanitarian.

  47. k says – reply to this


    this is old news, she's admitted to this, if you want to have lots of kids, fast, you can't wait around to get pregnant. she's probably already taking clomid for the next ivf.

  48. perdi says – reply to this


    Not only Angelina but I think jlo as well!

  49. Kaye says – reply to this


    You are a fucking moron. Most women don't just get pregnant in a snap - especially if they were being responsible and using birth control prior. It can take up to two years to become pregnant after birth control. It's hell wondering if you can conceive… finding out you're not pregnant and waiting for the next month to try again. Something you will never experience you fat pig.

  50. stefy says – reply to this


    Only trailer trash can make babies with lots of sex… rich people have fertility treatments to control the sex of the baby they have and how many they have (quick families so you don't need much time or effort) and C-section so they don't stretch out their diseased coochies.

    Yes, I believe she had in vitro.

  51. Susie says – reply to this


    Took you long enough to figure this one out. Less than two years after giving birth to one child she claims to have difficulty concieving. Low and behold she has twins ! She just can't get enough attention.

  52. 252

    Am I the only person who finds these two INCREDIBLY hypocritical? I mean, one minute it's "oh, dear, look at all the starving children in the world. We have to help them!" The next minute it's "I know, let's bring another child into the world to make overpopulation worse and force more underprivileged kids into starvation!" I f'in HATE these morons.

  53. haha says – reply to this


    You are such a misinformed fucktard. Being skinny has nothing to do with conceiving naturally. I was as skinny, if not skinnier than Nicole Ritchie when I conceived after only one month of trying!

  54. erica says – reply to this


    im a fraternal twin and my mother was 31 when i was born. not through invetro. twins skip a generation it runs in the gene pool of families.

  55. 255

    Let go of this conspiracy theories :/ I've read that twins run in Pitt's family so shut up and be happy for them :P

  56. sm says – reply to this


    they are so weird

  57. Liste says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – I don't think people have a problem with IVF, it's a miracle for most couples. The problem with Angelina is two fold. One, she doesn't seem to have fertility issues and IVF is a last ditch effort after other treatments. She got pregnant with the first kid so quickly. Even if she did have trouble getting pregnant again, she probably was not trying very long (her first bio kid is only 2) and rushed off to have these treatments. Second of all, she was always preaching about not having bio kids b/c there are too many orphans already here. So if she couldn't get pregnant it should have been so be it. Instead she went out of her way to have more biological children. VERY HYPOCRITICAL. As far as Perez, he is saying that she probably couldn't get pregnant because of her low body weight, not because she didn't want to get fat!

  58. Rache says – reply to this


    In vitro is an expensive procedure that is usually used as a last resort to couples who can not coneive. I'm all for it. That said, while it may be strange to us "lay" people to just go out and "buy your pregnancy" it makes absolute sense for someone in such a career to want to go through with this. She's 33, still young enough to have babies, and also important… young enough to get good roles AFTER she is all set having babies. This hardly makes her a bad person and this is HARDLY worth gossiping about. Many women bang out their kids so they can resume "life" and career. I on the other hand have two kids already and want to wait a few years before going for number three and/or four… then again, I'm no academy award winning actress. Who cares how old I am when I raise my family…

    To all the people who make snide remarks about this… think twice. What really is so wrong about this? Her money, her body, her eggs, his sperm… no skin off of YOUR backs. If you're gonna cry Pro-Choice, this is indeed a fertility choice. It's all or nothing people. Quit with the hypocrisy. ProChoice isn't just about being able to kill your embryos… it's about the freedom to do what you want to, when you want to, with your own body. Reproductive rights, people.

    You go, Angie. You're smart, gorgeous, talented, and a better mom than many on this planet. Keep rockin which yo bad ass self.

  59. Thick says – reply to this



  60. Germa says – reply to this


    I always KNEW! You simply cannot get pregnant when you re as skinny and underweight as that! No way!
    Most of these skinny celebrities get medical hormone treatment so they can get pregnant…
    To get pregnant the NORMAL way, without the help of hormone injections, pills and doctors, you have to have a certain MINIMUM weight!

  61. K says – reply to this


    Re: Jamie – dumb ass, twins come from the mother's side of the family tree NOT the fathers. If her mother was a twin or her grandmother was one - then maybe she has a chance. I find it ironic that they wanted a soccer team and they end up with 2 babies at once! here's a dollar go buy a clue!!

  62. ashle says – reply to this


    this is old news. stories about this were released a long time ago.

  63. Rache says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa

    Like, OMG, like there are like so many like stars having twins, like can ya like believe it?

    Okay, Angie and JLO. No shit. Next…

  64. K says – reply to this


    Re: Tess – do you hide under their bed? how would you know they love having sex? they have 4 kids under the age of 6 - who the hell would have time for it ? of course with the full time nannies ,I'm sure they could arrange some time but it's probably for the sole purpose of getting pregnant not for pleasure! where do you come up with your supposed facts. It's so obvious she had IVF - if it was for infertility reasons - then fine. If it was b/c she was being a lazy pretentious rich fuck then I find it disturbing.

  65. momma says – reply to this


    Re: twinm
    finally someone who understands something and isn't posting mere speculation. my dad is a twin, in fact 6 sets of twins among his siblings. i know, i KNOW!
    well, i was passed that trait from my dad and was pregnant with fraternal twins.

    : )

  66. 266


  67. Sarah says – reply to this


    I think it's probably a given when a celebrity has twins, that they are IVF. Another recent one that I suspect is JLo, especially since she has always wanted kids for so long.

  68. Rache says – reply to this


    To all the idiots whose parents didn't let them take sex ed…

    Fraternal twins have nothing to do with the dad. Angie either had to ovulate two eggs (her genetics NOT Brads, lmfao) or she did IVF. NO biggie either way.

    Additionally, it is VERY common in IVF to implant 3-4 eggs as the more eggs you implant the higher your chances of conception. And MANY MANY MANY people who have to make the decision as to whether or not they keep all of the implanted embryos once they "take".

    There is no way in hell I'd carry three or more babies. It's a huge risk to the the life of the mother as well as to the lives of all the embryos.

    I'm still LOLing at the idiots who think the husbands (in this case Brad) is responsible for the fraternal twins. If it happened naturally it's because Angelina popped out two eggs this month. Many of us do… the older ya get, the more likely too.

    Fucking twits.

  69. Krist says – reply to this


    I just assumed they did IVF b/c of the fraternal twin thing. I didn't know it was a secret?

    I don't know what you mean by "too skinny to have gotten pregnant naturally." The shots women have to take to prepare their bodies for IVF would probably make a woman gain weight; I don't know why having bunches of sex would make a woman gain weight?

    It IS hard to try to conceive for some people. It causes a lot of anxiety and takes years, especially with older couples.

  70. jennm says – reply to this


    yeah i dont think this is true at all…she was on the pill after shiloh and when she went off of it she got pregnant, the chances of having twins increase if you get pregnant right after going off the pill. also twins run in brads family and boy/girl twins are the most probable.

  71. Rache says – reply to this


    Re: Ash

    So why is it you live in the USA and not in Cuba. Last I checked we had reproductive freedoms here… that means we can have as many babies as we want, when we want. Too bad it's mostly the poverty stricken nigglets in east LA taking advantage of this.

  72. K says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Come on it can't be coincidence that 3 high profile woman ( julia, jlo and jolie) all end up with FRATERNAL TWINS?! Yeah, cause that's so likely!! The richest of the rich and they all can afford as many treatments as necessary unlike the poor souls whose health coverage won't cover ANY infertility treatments let alone IVF! God bless them all for being able to buy their babies. They have NO idea how lucky they are. As for Jolie doing this…. she's just sick. She has her hands full with 4 little ones and then feels the need to do this? I guess Brad really is only hanging out if she gives him bio babies. Shiloh is only two - so what's the rush for another biological one? I thought she wanted to color coordinate them all. I would suspect Zahara would be next in line for a suitable adopted sibling. She's made it quite clear that her and brad are mirror images for shiloh , so what about z? Sounds like someone might've been feeling the pressure from her so called partner to push out more like him!!!!

  73. Dione says – reply to this



  74. muns says – reply to this


    I dont think being skinny is a factor in not being able to conceive. In fact I KNOW it's not a factor. As for fraternal twins occuring naturally in women Angelina's age being less than 1%.. that's just bullshit. So called experts in the medical field will say whatever they can to make you believe you NEED their services. It's how they make their money.

    My mom had my older twin brother and sister at age 39 without in vitro. Something sounds fishy. Not saying the story is false just that the so called facts used are not facts at all.

  75. jess says – reply to this


    Really? Why not just adopt again if they wanted more kids so soon? I've heard an interview where Brad Pitt says twins run in his family.

  76. Kelle says – reply to this


    so what?

  77. Ly says – reply to this


    LOL WTF stress to have sex to Brad Pitt???

    L O L

  78. Angel says – reply to this


    Being skinny does not mean she could not get pregnant. If she was young and unbelievably athletic (like a gymnast) or had a eating disorder maybe. But, thin women have no problem getting pregnant. It happens all the time. You think every woman who gets pregnant is fat! lol

    Maybe she had in vitro, but maybe not. She is young at 33 years. I had my third child at the age of 32, was thin and got pregnant within 2 months of going off the pill.

    I would believe that Marcia Cross and Jennifer Lopez had In Vitro with their age and having twins. But who really cares. Normal people in every day life have In Vitro also.

  79. Sera says – reply to this


    Of course the master manipulator had IVF-we all know this however, you know the DEAD GIVEAWAY? Why yes, fraternal twins, boy and girl are quite contrived BUT THE FACT THAT THE PREGNANCY COINCIDED WITH AWARD SHOWS AND MOVIE PREMIERES IS A GLARING RED FLAG.

  80. Audib says – reply to this


    First of all, having gone through IVF myself, it is not a walk in the park. You have to give yourself hormone shots every day in the stomach and in the rear end. It was a horribly emotional experience and the twins that I concieved "failed to thrive" which is a nice way of saying they died. It was very hearbreaking. NO ONE goes through IVF to avoid stress - it is an incredibly stressful and disruptive experience. You have to be monitered by the doctor daily. Maybe the doc meant she had a c-section to avoid the strees, but that is b.s. too because it takes 3 months to fully recover from a c-section and only a few weeks to recover from vaginal delivery. Bottom line - Perez, you are a man. Don't be passing judgement on a woman's decisions about birth. You just sound like an idiot.

  81. Aoife says – reply to this


    Ya i heard dat like when she was about 4 months pregnant. but i suppose she does want a big family…dis way she jst gets is dat little bit faster! lol

    LOVE YOU PEREZ!xoxoxoxoxox

  82. Becky says – reply to this


    Havent read everyone's comments, dont care to, but wanted to share how absolutely disgusted I am with this story. As someone who struggled to have children and had to go through the ART (though not IVF) process to successfully conceive my twins (now 3 1/2), it is disturbing to read that they did it because they were impatient! Any doctor that would do IVF for a couple just because is a QUACK!!!!!!!!! I guess it shows that money can buy anything. I have to say that this story has totally turned me off to Brangelina (I was not a huge disciple anyway), but I am just disgusted.

  83. B says – reply to this


    Have any of you considered that maybe IVF wasn't a choice? Over 1/3 of women experience some sort of infertility, and have no other option but IVF. Irregular cycles and lack of ovulation are very common in women of childbearing age, and IVF is one of the options, as well as medicine like Clomid and Femara, which help stimulate the ovaries. These drugs, as well as HCG injectables, also come with an increased risk of multiples…I don't think its fair to assume that if they used IVF, it was chosen as "an easy way out"…plus, whose business is it anyway how their children were conceived?

  84. Tara says – reply to this


    I believe that she had stated earlier that she had used some sort of fertility drug to help her ovulate. Drugs like those (such as clomid, which is a tiny pill taken for 5 days a month) can raise your chance of twins to closer to 5-8%.

  85. ferna says – reply to this


    in vitro? whats the big deal?? its ok. the problem is she is a drug addiction, heroine, she drinks too much, even brads family are in shock with that. and the stupid brad thinks she is good person… just wait for the next movie and she gets a different man… byebye brad

  86. Carol says – reply to this


    I mean it seems really suspicious how many celebs are having twins when its heriditary….

  87. JDM says – reply to this


    No Duh !
    I never thought otherwise.
    How obvious !
    It's very likely that she chose the sex of the babies as well.
    These twins were "purchased" in so many ways just like the others (except for Shiloh)

  88. Lynn says – reply to this


    "That kinda makes sense. Angie was looking WAY TOO SKINNY to have gotten pregnant naturally last year. We've always suspected Nicole Richie used IVF too"

    Dumbest statemen I've heard all year.

    The means of conception has nothing to do with when a woman starts to show. A woman will show the same whether she had IVF or got pregnant the old fashioned way. The doctor implants a fertilized egg, not a fetus!

    "Twins run in Pitt's family."

    That also has nothing to do with whether or not a woman will have twins. In order to get fraternal twins, TWO EGGS MUST BE RELEASED BY THE WOMAN; therefore, the man plays no role in twins, other than fertilization. If there are enough swimmers and enough eggs they might all be fertilized if the conditions were right.

    Wow, some of you people are really not very bright.

  89. riri says – reply to this


    Angelina is around 40 uears of age.
    That's why she needed IVF and that was why she was in a hurry to get pregnant while Brad was still married.
    Women know that when they get near 40 years old, it might be the last time they can do it naturally.

  90. dede says – reply to this


    If I had the money I would do what Angelina did as well. Pop em out like a litter all at once instead of suffering through 9 months of pregnancy for each one. Never mind suffering through all of the sex for procreation that comes with it. We all know how exciting that is……ok lets do it…..I just took my temp. and its time.
    Although the hormones that you have to suffer through and the long term implications with regard to cancer risk etc are a bit daunting.

  91. Fuckt says – reply to this


    Re: LettyB – Happy Birthday Fucktard I, Hope you have a great day.

  92. CMON says – reply to this


    Re: Audib – Yes, but see, you are a rational and normal human being. Jolie is not. She lives in a world where she makes money off of being fake. She actually won an award for being such a good faker. Angelina portrays fake people, in fake stories, with fake feelings, and fake dialogue. If she could write, she'd be a storyteller, but alas, she is only good at making the fake look real. Pitt is the same. In a world where you are rewarded with awards and MILLIONS of dollars simply on your ability to be a "better faker", life is cheap, reality skewed, and feelings are fleeting, flawed, and questioned. It is a sad commentary when, you are the exact candidate for whom IVF was designed however, where there is a viable idea with positive and lucrative outcomes there will always be people like Jolie and Julia, ready to abuse these tactics and those who are only too ready to oblige.

  93. sicko says – reply to this


    Re: karen – Ok, first of all… twins don't "run" in someones family. Unless they are fraternal twins and that is only on the mothers side if she happens to ovulate 2 eggs during a cycle. Identical twins DO NOT RUN IN FAMILIES. It is only by chance if the egg splits after it is fertilized. Stop making crap up. That is so annoying.

  94. sicko says – reply to this


    Re: Lynn – LOL… I totally agree. There are a lot of dummies here!

  95. bob says – reply to this


    I wish my wife would get IVF because frankly I am sick of being treated like an on-call sperminator.
    Women talk about being objectified. Pretty much my wife has killed any sex life with all her bullshit.

  96. get a says – reply to this


    IVF only has a 30% success rate each attempt. It involves a lot of meds and monitoring. I don't believe it for a second, IVF is NOT the easier way to go. I know, I've been there. If she needed ovulation help, perhaps she used clomid, it helps you to produce more eggs. However twins, especially fraternal, are very common in women over 30.

  97. shena says – reply to this


    Don't believe this for a second (and not a Brangelina fan, btw)..

    I read more of the US article on another site and it said they were "in a hurry" to have more kids so they opted for IVF. Having been through FOUR cycles of failed IVFs I can tell you that people generally won't use such an invasive method to conceive just because they are in a hurry.. daily, multiple injections for weeks on end and the procedure itself (egg harvesting) is NO walk in the park.

    And to the genius that suggested she chose IVF because she is anorexic… this is BS. She would be at very high risk for implantation failure if she were anorexic. So, again, anorexia would not really be a reason to choose IVF.

    Face it people - she had an egg, it split - PERIOD.

  98. dede says – reply to this


    Re: shena – Bullshit. I personally know someone who is anorexic and is currently going through her second round of IVF

  99. Ally says – reply to this


    Women with PCOS don't ovulate. Fertility meds help them ovulate and IVF is safer for them because it 's more controlled and doesn't overstimulate the ovaries. OHSS is very serious.

  100. diana says – reply to this


    If you have the money for IVF it is amazing what doctors will turn a blind eye to….re anorexia etc.
    Are you all in denial of this?

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