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Nothing To Believe In????

| Filed under: Film Flickers

The new X Files movie is getting shiteous reviews!

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76 comments to “Nothing To Believe In????”

  1. 1

    can i?

  2. Linda says – reply to this


    that's too bad. I loved that show!!!

  3. jul says – reply to this


    uhm no

  4. GWEN says – reply to this


    FIRST BIOTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carla says – reply to this


    I saw it and it does suck.

  6. 6

    Who the fuck listens to reviews anyways? I want to hear from real people, not critics.

  7. Brian says – reply to this



  8. Anne says – reply to this


    Oh well. Wasn't it bound to happen?

  9. Chand says – reply to this


    If everyone listened to reviews no one would go to movies. Fans of the show will see the movie regardless. I am so there!

  10. lyzef says – reply to this


    It sucks.

  11. June says – reply to this



  12. dee says – reply to this


    not so shiteous…and that was just one, you first rate crepe hanger (you may have to look up that reference, fatty…it requires a bit of edumucation to recognize)

  13. rara says – reply to this



  14. 14

    m nt even interested
    x-files…………so stale

  15. kitte says – reply to this


    The first one got bad reviews too. But it was the first movie that made me start watching the show. So I'm sure this will be awesome too.

  16. Desti says – reply to this


    For what it's worth, Roger Ebert, aka the king of all movie critics, gave it a thumbs up.

  17. aid says – reply to this


    it's not supposed to be a blockbuster..it's an extended episode for the fans..much like sex and the city was done (and the fans loved it). case in point - this movie is NOT for the critics so who cares what they say?

  18. Katie says – reply to this


    Just saw it two nights ago and thought it was "okay", which is being generous. If anything, it was creepy and weird. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I had watched the t.v show, but really, it was strange, and didn't really end well.

  19. 19

    I can't wait to see it!

  20. amand says – reply to this


    don't care, going to see it anyway

  21. Bartm says – reply to this


    Yea they already said when they where makeing it that it wasent going to be built on the mythology of the show, but it would be a Monster-of-the-week movie.. And since when is 2 out of 4 stars a shitty review?!

  22. frank says – reply to this


    It looked like total shit from the previews.

  23. frank says – reply to this


    Love Guru = 2 Stars = It Sucks. Rotten Tomatoes = 38% Sad.

  24. Dave says – reply to this


    Those reviews aren't shiteous, Perez … they're ho-hum.

    They're to be expected of a TV series movie, 10 years later.

    Shiteous are the reviews that Sex & The City got … and hey, boy howdy, did it ever do well!

    Also, I love how people who post like 44th think they're first.

  25. Maria says – reply to this


    If you were a better blogger who did more research you learn that the movie has been getting bad reviews and GOOD reviews like most movies. I'm a fan and LOVED the movie. FOX was gracious enough to let in almost 300 fans at the movie premiere last night in Hollywood. It's a good story with lots of layers and romance. Stop posting stuff that others have wrote and actually see the movie for yourself and then write about it. Sadly, lots of people take your word about anything and everything without really looking for the truth themselves.

  26. jstud says – reply to this


    Do you even know what shiteous means? It sounds like it was written by someone who did not like the show to begin with. And here's a clue–someone who likes the show won't mind a new, "extended episode."

  27. moon says – reply to this


    there's a new x files

  28. viv says – reply to this



  29. Layla says – reply to this


    I don't care, I'm still going to see it, as long as David and Gillian are in it thats all that matters to me..

  30. PFOP says – reply to this



  31. Sarah says – reply to this


    I was at the World Premiere last night and as a huge X-Files fan it fucking rocks! Best thing I could have ever hoped for.

  32. Fatal says – reply to this


    You're horrific Mr. Hilton, that's without doubt but you're also now proving that you're mentally retarded. The movie isn't even on fucking general release yet. I'd like to see you review a film. You can barely string 2 words together let alone use the copy and paste function. Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how despised you are by some! K?


  33. Life says – reply to this


    At least Gillian's hair looks pretty in the trailers. ( I want to believe in long, lustrous hair for ladies approaching 40.) Guess that means I'm forking over the admission dough.

  34. 34

    I rented an entire theatre for the first X-Files movie and was embarrassed for my guests.

    F Scully and Mulder if this one is a hot mess!

    They should've hired a fanfic writer. They probably would not done any worse.

  35. james says – reply to this


    i was lucky enough to get invited to the premiere last night with my friend who worked on the movie — i thought it was AWESOME and i never saw a single ep of the show. scared the piss outta me!!!!!!!

  36. alien says – reply to this


    seeing it anyway. can't wait.

  37. FReal says – reply to this


    Why was it even made? Are we in a time warp? Is there going to be a Charles in Charge movie coming out for the Holidays? Let this miserably awful show rest in peace. It's not our fault David and Gillian have no careers…please stop punishing us.

  38. Abby says – reply to this


    This is coming from someone who's website is a take on Paris Hilton. Hmm. You and anyone who idolizes you are obviously not the kind of audience that this movie is looking to attract. Thankfully, it seems that only idiots look up to you and your opinions.

    FYI- this is one of quite a few reviews, and many of those are good. Sorry to disappoint!

  39. 39

    i'm so gonna be there.

  40. URDUM says – reply to this


    You should see a movie before you talk shit about it. I have been waiting 6 years for this I am going to see it!!! Probably more then once, and it has had mixed reveiws. Not all bad Ebert gave it a thumbs up!!!

  41. ley says – reply to this


    i wouldn't say that review was shiteous. you might want to watch your word usage.

  42. mea says – reply to this


    I don't know why they wasted their time on this.
    Can't movie studios come up with any original ideas anymore.

  43. black says – reply to this


    Perezers, this is ONE review….NOT REVIEWS plural!!!

  44. bebuz says – reply to this


    This is one of many reviews out there…which are divided in opinions. People who are expecting a summer movie full of special effects and action sequences, evidently will be dissapointed….but for all the X files fans in the world…reviews are unimportant…we will love it no matter what!!! we are so damn happy we got another movie!! MULDER AND SCULLY ROCK!!!

  45. AMALI says – reply to this



  46. Marsh says – reply to this


    I am still going to watch it- most of the movie reviewers likely did NOT watch the show anyways… mostly people who liked the show will be seeing it I imagine.

    I am still excited.

  47. INDI says – reply to this


    CRITICS???? REVIEWS??? Good one, Perez…as if X file fandom cared about them…this movie is for the fans…and he fans are thrilled!! do a little research in the web, you´ll understand what I ám talking about….this is a fandome that has years and yeard of xfile-love :)

  48. And.. says – reply to this


    That's too bad, but it doesn't really surprise me. That show is so over already. Duchovney needs to find something else to do instead of trying to resusitate this old shit.

  49. ren says – reply to this


    that is just One review not Reviews. Besides critics are stupid. I read a review of Middle Earth that said the movie has no begging or end it's just a bunch of middle, LOL. Duh!!! Since then I don't believe reviews.

  50. Allie says – reply to this


    I'm officially never visiting this site ever again. Perez, it's bad enough that you hate so much on great artists like Sarah Jessica Parker and talk about Madonna CONSTANTLY, but this is where I draw the line. I can't tell you how many times your information has been completely false and I am tired of it.

  51. Scoob says – reply to this


    Its getting mixed reviews, like the first one did. Its for fans anyhow! The millions of us out there who will still go see it no matter what boring critics think. Besides, Roger Ebert like it! He's the only one that really counts! A REAL CRITIC!

  52. Super says – reply to this


    For the most part you're cool Perez, but when you make false comments it's obvious you don't know as much as we all think you do. Fuck you for hating on the X-files. I don't care if it's been 8 years since the best show ended (I know it's been 6 since it really ended but the last 2 sucked). Real fans are definitely going to go watch this and that's all that matter.

  53. Tyler says – reply to this


    too bad, i'm still going to the midnight showing to see mulder.

  54. dflks says – reply to this


    Ebert gave them a good review…

  55. Tyler says – reply to this


    and p.s. the fans already know that and could care less

    and you look a bit unhealthy and pretty much get everything wrong most of the time.

  56. Jamie says – reply to this


    I'm a huge X Files fan. I'm all for an extended episode. I'm so happy Mulder and Scully are back together. I wish I could get a babysitter for my son, so I could see it.

  57. jules says – reply to this


    first off, if you're not a fan of the show, you may not like the movie. I have read several reviews by actual fans of the show and they enjoyed the movie and I for one have been counting down the days until july 25th since I learned the release date.

    besides, who listens to reviews? SATC got shiteous reviews as well and it was awesome.

    for people who are avid fans of a show, just seeing your favorite characters together again and on the big screen is all you need.

    I'm sure this movie isn't your "cup of tea" but just because you don't like something doesn't mean you can't respect that some of your readers do.

    I can't see it until tomorrow and I'm DYING.

  58. Agent says – reply to this


    I never listen to critic any way! I know I'm going to love it!!! I BELIEVE!

  59. Daryl says – reply to this


    Who the hell is that critic anyway? And you said "reviews"……the "s" at the end of reviews implies more than one review.

  60. 555-1 says – reply to this


    PH you just lost me as a customer. XF will be awesome & the other poster was correct in stating that you shouldn't mess with xf fandom/ x-philes…

  61. T says – reply to this


    I have yet to see the new installment of XFiles but I find it hard to believe that they are saying this movie is like a long episode and yet they think the sex in the city movie was flawless! I'm a fan of both series and enjoyed SATC movie but I really doubt that the new xfiles lacks the content that SATC did enough to warrant a review like this. Too bad - I can't wait to see it and when I do I'll report back, hope I'm right but then again I rarely agree with critics

  62. T says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – WELL SAID!!! Sad thing is people will read it and still not take the challenge and think for themselves… sad! And to be extremely cheesey and punny - the truth is out there, too bad most of the population is too lazy to find it for themselves.

  63. 63

    well… all I can say is that I need to watch to believe…. I'm a fan of that series…

  64. USuck says – reply to this


    Who the fuck is Christy Lemire? Speaking of which, who the fuck are you Perez?

  65. emper says – reply to this


    I just got back from seeing the midnight showing. I really liked the movie. I do think that they tried too much to make it a movie for everyone not just fans of the show. I don't think there was enough- for lack of a better word- "catering" to the fans. I was hoping for lots of things from the show to be hinted at. Things just for the fans to notice. There are some things in there for us. The movie was great.

  66. kate says – reply to this


    I just saw it, midnight showing… i really loved it… I have seen every episode and own them all, on rainy days i pull out the favorite episodes… the movie was no different. if your a fan of the show you'll love it. plain and simple.

  67. jilly says – reply to this


    It was awesome asshole

  68. shade says – reply to this


    Before you all start hating, see the movie yourself. I thought it was brilliant - great performances by Duchovny and Anderson, great writing, and an intriguing and interesting plot. Not to mention some shoutouts to the fans and a little bit of humor here and there. My non-fan friends who I took also really enjoyed the movie having not seen the X-Files.

    I don't understand why the critics are hating on this movie. If you want a smart, engaging thriller that makes you think and question yourself, see this movie. If you want to be dumbed down and lured in by big name stars, explosions, and special effects, go see fucking Hancock.

  69. linzk says – reply to this


    let me tell u all now, so i can say later that i sad so: X-files is gonna be a blockbuster!!!

  70. Glenn says – reply to this


    That's ridiculous. I saw the movie and absolutely loved it. I suppose you had to be a fan of the show the appreciate the film.

  71. joee6 says – reply to this


    Great movie. Did feel like a really good episode of the TV show, and maybe for the usual whiners, that's not enough.

  72. jenbu says – reply to this


    well, that's disappointing.

  73. Barbi says – reply to this


    i saw the midnight showing lastnight and i'm a semi hardcore x-files fan and it was pretty bad… but the only thing i loved is that fox and daina are like roomies/life partners that was cute. i don't get it the first movie was so good

  74. Emily says – reply to this


    So a guy who didn't even like the series writes a review ont he movie? Yea that's someone we should believe. I saw this a few hours ago and ti was awesome. For any of you who did like the series it will be a good watch. It's better than that first movie imo.

  75. DALE says – reply to this


    The first 5 seasons were easily the high mark for the series, but after the original writers left glen morgan, james wong the show became horrible with overly complicated plotlines, even david and gillian looked bored alot of the time.

  76. Sarah says – reply to this


    I gotta say, I was such a huge fan of the show, totally into the X-Files fandom, one of those fans who knew every bit of everything about the series…I went to see this movie last night, and even I have to admit that it wasn't so great. Gillian's and David's performances were alright, but some things just didn't seem right. Their relationship was too…settled, for one. And Mulder coming out of hiding after being a hunted man for five years just because one random FBI agent wants some help with a random missing person's case? That hardly seems likely. The ONLY thing I could have plausibly seen Mulder coming out of hiding for would be A.) to save Scully from something, or B.) he found something out about his sister. Either one of those plotlines could have been written so that non-fans could understand and enjoy the movie. The whole Frankenstein-pedophile priest thing was just too out of left field for a MOVIE. The movie should have been more all-encompassing. Plus the whole side plot of Scully trying to save the little boy with the brain disease was pretty corny. They even could have replaced those random new agents, Amanda Peet and Xzibit's characters, with Doggett and Reyes, and the movie would have been better, because I might believe Mulder coming out of hiding to help those guys. But not this. Just no.