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Going Out With A Bang!

| Filed under: Politik


President Bush will leave his successor with a lovely gift next year.

The U.S. will have a record deficit in '09.

How much in the hole will we be????

$482 Billion.

Merry Christmas!

[Image via WENN.]

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615 comments to “Going Out With A Bang!”

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  1. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Choke – BTW you wrote "Instead of PRIVATE schools," McCain is NOT going to give $$$ to the private school, he would give it to the low income family (as a "voucher") and then the low income family would decide which private school to attend. This is better than nothing! I think this "rule" should have been standard! Isnt it like 12K (of our gov.'s money) for each student to attend public school?

  2. gette says – reply to this


    You are a moron! If they are "illegal" they are not paying taxes! TARD!

  3. Haha says – reply to this


    Re: duh – All of you dumb fucks who think the deficit is 100% Bush's fault, do me a favor….
    Don't worry, we will. We're going to say bye-bye to that spendthrift warmonger and get a decent leader in his place. And about time, too.

  4. Fact says – reply to this


    Re: gette
    The war in Iraq has cost:
    as of today and the cost is growing faster than you can count.

  5. Huh? says – reply to this


    Re: S – "President Bush was a good president"
    oh…wait…you were serious. wow. scary.

  6. free says – reply to this


    Re: WOW! – Clinton had left us with a record SURPLUS. Bush ran through that AND got us into record debt. "Why don't you check your facts you f+$%$# C#*&"- Denise Richards :)

  7. dan says – reply to this


    he did the best he could economy wise will all the troubles weve had, 911 and all.

    also, his tax cuts helped.

    also, why owe that money to ourselves….why dont we just not pay? now the defiect is zero. problem solved.

  8. Look! says – reply to this


    Can you believe people are saying "first " and "he looks like a cute little monkey" WAKE UP FOOLS. Rome, I mean America is burning.

  9. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: SPITE – What do you think about this headline: "San Francisco, Illegal Immigrant Kills Three People" ??? It's from Yahoo news.

  10. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: SPITE – What do you think about this headline: "San Francisco, Illegal Immigrant Kills Three People" ??? It's from Yahoo news.

  11. shel says – reply to this


    Actually the US is more than 9 and a half trillion in debt and we have always been in debt since borrowing 10mil from the French to fight the british a way back then.

  12. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: dan – You're right, Bush did very well with cuts. He granted a complete tax exemption for prepaid or college tuition savings plans. Anyone that complains about him should work hard make alot more $$ and start using those tax cuts for their bemefit, all while their kids benefit from having money to go to college! They say the rich get richer, thats because they know how to use their hard earned paychecks! All in all, nice job Dubya on your tax cutting!

  13. Mi says – reply to this


    Re: 4True
    Has anyone EVER looked up Clinton's deficit? Yes we are quick to blame Bush

  14. Fact says – reply to this


    Re: Mi – Clinton left the country with the biggest budget surplus it's ever had. Surplus. That means there was money in the bank. So, yes, people are aware of his fine accomplishments.

    It's Bush who spent all the money we had on his war. Then he spent all the money our children will have and when that was gone, he spent all the money their children will have. And he's still spending.

  15. Fact says – reply to this


    The war in Iraq has cost:
    as of today.

  16. Karen says – reply to this


    Republicans are cool. Did I mention how much money they pay me to hang out at web sites and talk them up? Nice chunk of change. True, I make my facts up and lie a lot but it's all part of the job.

  17. Pffft says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – I saw a headline, too. It said our Republican administration had authorized the military to torture illegally held prisoners, violating every ethical standard of every creature evolved beyond a sea slug. That was Bush and his boys. I wonder what you have to say about that? Or is torture just OK with you? I'll bet it is. I'll bet you're exactly that type person. Most of the people who like Bush are.

  18. k.mo says – reply to this


    alot of you guys are talking about ignorant people voting for him. yea ignorant people probably did vote for him- no ones denying it. ignorant people probably voted for his opponants too. it's somewhat comical, though, that many of you are saying what an "asshole" bush is simply from what you read. congress is to blame as well. i'm not saying bush was a perfect president- he wasn't by far. but a single man isn't responsible for rising gas prices (um hello those companies aren't controlled by the government) and he isn't solely to blame for the economic recession. policies of different administrations can take years before the affect is felt. no side, replublican or democrat, is perfect. democrats tend to raise taxes, how will that help the economy? all i'm saying is that we all need to take a step back and take a look around before we start pointing fingers. sitting behind our computers and using profanity isn't going to solve our economic problems. so perhaps we should act like civilized people with a little maturity.

  19. Huh? says – reply to this


    Re: dan – Wow. All those defense contractors to whom the government owes that money would be pretty pissed, as would all the American workers who would be laid off when the U.S. defaulted on the loans. The dollar would crash to being worth about 1/100th of a Euro and you'd have to bring a wheelbarrow full of cash to the grocery store because that's what it would take to pay for a loaf of bread. People would starve in the streets. Other than that, great idea.

  20. Grey says – reply to this


    Re: truth – The sky is falling, the sky is falling. That's how they keep funding their pet projects, oh naive one, most of which you know nothing, and I repeat, nothing, about.

  21. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Pffft – Sorry I dont beleive that headline until you provide the actual headline in quotes, as where I can then Google it to make sure. And for whoever is imitating "Karen" thank you, I take this as a compliment, I guess my facts that I provide are enough to make it sound as if I'm getting 'paid', and you know imitation is a form of flattery. Dont hate on my facts, they're real FACTS! And for "Pfft" please provide the proper headline (so I can find the real facts), as I cannot beleive the story you have provided it is a bit to preposterous at this point.

  22. Pffft says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – Actually, Karen, I'm the real Pffft, and the one you're asking for a headline from has taken my handle, lol, so it's not just you.
    I have to believe they're unaware of my squatter's existence as Pffft.

  23. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Pffft – Okay will the "imposter 'Pfft'" please provide a headline for that preposterous story, (which was provided on comment #529) ?

  24. Canuk says – reply to this


    Re: garth – You don't want that. You can do it yourselves. When the going gets tough, the tough get going and all that. I hope you're joking. As your northern neighbour, that's just a scary proposition. Don't even think it. Demand more from your leaders.

  25. 525

    Thanks captain tard. You give Texans (and Americans) a bad name :( Two of the worst presidents of all time hail from my state…LBJ and GWB. Damn.

  26. 526

    I voted Gore, then I voted Kerry. Not my fault. Our bi-partisan system leaves us no choice but to vote for the "lesser evil". We should do away with it!

  27. duh says – reply to this


    you people need to take a 'critical thinking' class…here leemme add 2 things for you: 1. going to war + 2. war is expensive = there will be a huggeee defecit when the president (whether its obama god or devil bush) leaves office! duhh!1!!!

  28. ????? says – reply to this


    Re: KevinK – You're incredibly naive, but I think honorable. Start by googling the pie chart on Federal spending. It's just so easy to manufacture scary alerts/reasons to funnel major tax dollars to the Pentagon. It's like taking candy from a baby with you people. Try National Priorities Project, Bringing the Federal Budget Home to see pie chart breakdowns of each fiscal year. The figures that baffle (2007) are 3% on education, training, employment, and social services. A mere one percent on environment. It goes on and on. Look for yourself.

  29. kriss says – reply to this


    Re: WOW! – Are you kidding!!! When Clinton was President he left the White House with a surplus!!! And it is all about Bush!!! Good Riddance!!

  30. kriss says – reply to this


    When Clinton left the White House we had a surplus!!! Don't forget that! And it is all about Bush!! Proud to be a Liberal!!

  31. Karen says – reply to this


    I hate poor people. And colored people. And Muslim people. And gay people. Actually, I hate everyone but me. All Republicans do. Smooches!!!

  32. Pffft says – reply to this


    Google "Bush+waterboarding" then take your pick of the dozens of headlines. Stop playing dumb. Or are you really that stupid?

  33. Janay says – reply to this


    Vote No Bama!!!! Bush has done 10 Times better than what he could ever do!

  34. Erica says – reply to this


    how many ZEROS is that?

  35. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – That is a fallacy of ignorance to say Republicans hate (fill in your ignorant remarks about…gay, muslim, etc.) I generally do not hate people, I just dislike the ones that dont follow the law! While I am slightly amused by your imitation of me, that was one crass comment about Republicans you left! In fact, it was just flat out preposterous!

  36. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – I really dont hate poor people. I am really glad McCain is proposing a law that would enact ASAP enable low income families to be able to have their children attend private school. I do not have a reason to hate colored, gay, poor, or muslim people, we are all part of the same compost heap! I think I'm quoting fight club now.

  37. Karen says – reply to this


    Wait. I've changed my mind again. I do hate poor people but not as much as I hate Fight Club. Man, Brad's wardrobe was the pits in that flick. Now vote McCain because he's going to give out free passes to Lawrence Welk cover bands to every single citizen! And hot cocoa and hard candies! Free peppermints for everyone! As long as he stays awake which is, granted, only till about three in the afternoon but still…

  38. Sandr says – reply to this


    Let me guess, he's gonna give us the same pathetic face that he gave when he was 1st told about the towers being. WHAT A DUMN F*CK!!! Bush your such a looooooooser!!

  39. Sandr says – reply to this


    Let me guess, he's gonna give us the same pathetic face that he gave when he was 1st told about the towers being hit. WHAT A DUMb F*CK!!! Bush your such a looooooooser!!

  40. k.mo says – reply to this


    i guess my suggestion regarding the use of MATURITY went out the window…. oh yes, saying foolish and somewhat unfair things about conservatives and liberals alike is really what our country needs. being one or the other doesn't make you bad it makes you different. that is what keeps the american system going, the differing views, the checks and the balances. our real issue with the worlds perception of us is not solely who our president is, it is the way we as a people conduct ourselves. maybe the lack of RESPECT we have for those with differing views is our real problem.

  41. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – Okay imposter "Karen"! Brad Pitt is HOT in Fight Club, his wardrobe fits his looney character, loves it. Anyway McCain's an old geezer, I'm not even a fan of his, he's gonna have a thousand secretaries helping him turn on the internet and getting him Valium, etc. I'm like not even a McCain fan at all, hes liberally prone, in the last election he almost changed parties to get elected because he didnt want his "frenemy" Bush in the house. Cindy's hot tho, I give him cred for whatever he did to get her to marry him. She coulda done wayyy better, someone with more $$ and better looks.

  42. StayC says – reply to this


    Bush never cared about our country, he only cared about taking over where his daddy left off. Instead of taking over where Clinton left off, he sh*t all over us, well mainly any non-republicans. By the way, if we get McCain for our next president, I highly urge all U.S. citizens to leave the country! Man, woman, dog, cat, orange, purple, or green, anything is better than Bush followed by someone like McCain! WHY DID YOU ALL VOTE FOR BUSH 8 YEARS AGO?! why?!

    Buck Fush

  43. #3 says – reply to this


    Re: final – That has got to be the most disguisting, immature way to speak of politics. That sounds like a junior high kid wrote it. No wonder you're not getting your way with this countries current politics, admiring comments such as those…good luck with life. Hope the economy, gas and food prices are really having their toll on you. Regards, Karen #3

  44. yep says – reply to this


    Re: final – bush is pretty cute id love to have him get at me from behind

  45. StayC says – reply to this


    reading over these comments, there are things I want to say, and I am not trying to be malicious, just honest. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs (religious, political, etc.) but as Democrat I have seen and felt the effects of Bush, and living in California I have felt the effects of the schwarzenegger. They may have said they were going to do great things, especially for education, but school programs have been cut left and right! McCain is not going to help this situation out if he gets elected this November. The rich get richer while the poor get f*cked over. Education is the most important thing to us and the younger generations and we have dropped as a country with how educated we are. Only 27% of the U.S. are college graduates… promote education, do not cut it and extra curricular programs, BUSH and schwarzenegger! In a perfect world we would all be equal, but we're not and we need to realize that things must change and we need to stop keeping the not-so-wealthy down

  46. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: StayC – 1 in 4 high school students in CA will drop out. It was in the LA times. Sucks hard!

  47. chico says – reply to this


    Adding in the war costs, it's about 750 billion. The Republicans deride Democrats for "tax and spend" policies, while Republicans prefer to "borrow and spend". In terms of cost and efficiency, it is cheaper to tax, and more correct, for the conduct of government business, than it is to borrow.

  48. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: chico – You WANT to be taxed? You know if you make 350K or your parents, or your neighbors, friends, etc. that 150K of that will go to TAX? So that hard earned 350K paycheck is only 250K.

  49. shutu says – reply to this


    Re: SPITERe: SPITERe: SPITERe: SPITE – You've never worked with either mexicans or asians, have you? They're unprofessional, obnoxious, incompetent and liars. It's gotten really ugly in Dallas. They insult and harass whites while on the job. Mexicans walk around and make piss and pooing noises and tell whites to kiss their asses. Their males make filthy sexual comments about white women and refuse to back off because their females encourage them to do it. They hate anyone with blue eyes. In public, they will walk behind a white person and make nasty comments about that person's looks. I've heard of stores that are thinking of closing because whites are being harassed by these dirty dogs while shopping for food. They think they have a right to try and force their way into the lives of people who want nothing to do with them. Why should we have to tolerate any of this? This is lowering the standard of living in the United States. This is shit and needs to stop or it's going to start happening all over the county. This is what letting all these foreigners in is doing for our society.

  50. Evan says – reply to this


    Re: Deeee – Actually DEE…have you ever taken a look at the figures that Clinton left him? He has multiplied that deficit 100 times over since he has been in office….facts are facts and I'm sorry he is no good. Ohh…and to all the people worried about "Tax and Spend Democrats", here's a lesson in economy. Your gov't doesn't have a secret money tree it takes money out of (although, as you can see, the current regime REALLY needed one). It makes money by…..wait for it…..TAXES. You need to have money coming in to meet the money coming out so they B-A-L-A-N-C-E. Now when the genius in office (that was so hard to type without laughing hysterically) decided that it was better for him to take tax money and turn around and use it to give refunds, he totally screwed the system. We have an outgoing regime now that put out BILLIONS more than they took in and turned around and asked people to stop putting in….it's not hard to see why this happened.

  51. Choke says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    Once again the voucher covers what smarty?
    Therefore, instead of wasting money on vouchers to private school lets try funding the public schools and cover ALL our children.

  52. Huh? says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, you do know that the bulk of the U.S. considers $60,000 a year a good living wage. Always the problem with Republicans. They like the rich to get richer but the middle class can piss off.

  53. Spite says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    What do you think of This headline: " People kill People Everyday?"
    Also, San Frnacisco is one of the MAIN US cities that rely on illegal immigrant labor. Do you know how expensive California is? Do you know that city workers are facing a paycut from $22.00 to $32.00 down to $6.55 and $15.80? Yeah, people who have been working for the city 10+ years facing that drastic a cut because the city cannot afford its expenditures. You think Cali is expensive now, think of the crime rate, mortgage crisis and upheaval that will occur because we now want to get rid of the cheapest work force we have ever exploited. AND lower American wages to boot. The LA riots will be nothing in comparison to what will happen if California doesn't make adjustments and fast. BTW, California supplies a good 35% of our produce and food is already expensive there.

  54. Spiit says – reply to this


    Re: shutu
    You shouldn't generalize whole race of peoples. It's just as ignorant as minorities calling all whites racists and yes I have worked with many Asians and some Hispanics. Also, AMERICA IS A LAND OF FOREIGNERS! I'm pretty sure you're NOT Native American : ) For the record, some whites I have come across are obnoxious, full of themselves and think they are better than others because they are white. When people overseas call Americans obnoxious, they are referring to whites not other minority groups from America. Yes, I'm white and I do see some things my race and other races do. I am smart enought to judge people AS people. Not by their color or stereotypes. My experience with minorities quite frankly, vastly differs from that of yours.

  55. laffy says – reply to this


    Re: Mi
    What deficit? Clinton left Bush a SURPLUS. You're stupid, take your own advice and LOOK IT UP!

  56. Evan says – reply to this


    Re: dan

    Dan…because all of your money is purchased at a premium, and with high interest, from the federal reserve, which although it sounds like a branch of the government, is a separate identity. So yes, YOU ARE IN A DEBT YOU HAVE TO BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF. Congratulations….

  57. none says – reply to this


    I LOVE that every president reaps what the president before has sown.

    thank you Bill Clinton…ass holes

  58. Mya says – reply to this


    Re: none
    Remember that when Obam takes office Asshole!

  59. WOW++ says – reply to this



  60. WOW++ says – reply to this



  61. Hollz says – reply to this


    I think America is due for a assassination

  62. JANA says – reply to this


    It's intersting, my earlier comments were deleted from this section! Ok, now I know I'm dealing with a liberal who knows nothing, nothing………… Free Speech Deleted By Perez. That's awesome! Keep up the good work you freaking FUCK! I'm gone! No more, now I see! Good Luck!

  63. BANG! says – reply to this


    Re: Hollz – LET'S HOPE IT'S YOU!

  64. Mason says – reply to this


    Re: Sage
    First off-What so giving back and helping others and this country is a fucking punishment? Personally I love that I am blessed enough to give back and help my community and my country. It is the most rewarding thing I can do with my life. It disgusting that you care so little about others. Just because someone didnt land an amazing job that makes a ton of money doesnt mean they are bad people and are doing the wrong thing. Its means some people werent given the wonderful oppurtunities some of us were and arent as blessed. You have no idea what your life may bring you so treat others how you would wish to be treated. You could be in a terrible car accident tomorrow and be unable to work the rest of your life. Im sure you would wish that someone would help you. You have no idea or right to judge other people because you have no idea why they are where they are in their life. Second off America does not stand for "making a killing" as your poorly thoughtout selfish reply says. Our country was not built on selfishness and greed. Its was built on freedom and helping others.
    What I most hope you realize is that helping others is not a punishment by any means. You always get back more that what you gave when your truely help other people. Instead of being pissed you are getting taxed so much be greatful you are in the higher tax bracket, be greatful you can feed your family. So many people would kill to be in your position.

  65. KKant says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – What do think of the headlines that American soldiers murdered dozens of innocent civilians? And will ultimately just get away with it? Oh wait, I see, you ONLY WANT to believe the "stories" that already fit your preconceived (piss poorly at that) ideas of how your tiny brain is able to process information! Take those $10 pumps & walk yourself back to the trailer park and make dinner for cousin dad!

  66. 566

    Re: KKant – Hahahha your last comment was hilarious.
    Yeah soo i still believe this war is being faught in vain, and that the troops should get sent back to America.. And I still dont have a clue why Bush is even in office right now..Shame on you people who voted for him. And for you guys that dont want troops to be pulled from Iraq, I really hope the government starts to draft and someone who you love is sent to Iraq.. THEN lets see you want to stay in Iraq.

  67. Bas18 says – reply to this


    Re: Amand – amen amen amen sister.. thank you!! a thousand applauds go your way.
    and Ace? you fucking prejudiced son of a bitch.. are you serious?? you still think you have an intelligent point to get across after calling ppl WETBACKS??? GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

  68. T says – reply to this


    im sorry but you get what you deserve, you guys were stupid enough to vote him in for a second term so i have no symapthy for you.

  69. Mason says – reply to this


    Re: sage
    Your reward for your hard work should be that you are able to help other people. Just because people are struggling doesnt mean they are "mooching off the government." Yes unfortunately some people on our welfare system and what no who do mooch off the government, but their are also plenty of wealthy people who mooch off the government too-just in other ways. Dont you think the Bush's have "mooched" off our government so to speak? The thing you have to realize is not everyone is like that-some people are simply struggling and it is our job to help them get on their feet not only because it is the right thing to do but because the less people are struggling the better America will be You also must remember that although you maybe able to hide on Earth from the wrong things you do the people truely mooching off the government-both the wealthy and the poor-will later have to answer to a high power and they will not be able to hide then. When we all die we have to answer to a high power-whatever name you may call them. If everyone gave back a little more each day this world would be a much better place. We do not get to decide where we are born, what family we are born into, or alot of the events that will happen in our lives. Feel greatful you have a good job, that you were able to work hard to get that good job. We arent promised tomorrow-we are only promised now.

  70. rob says – reply to this


    piece of shit

  71. newsf says – reply to this


    Re: Shell – you.are.an.idiot.REMEMBER THAT.

  72. Lovin says – reply to this


    Thats what happens when we turn over our country to war gangsta with a mind of a 3 yr old.
    at least OBama doesn't flip flop on Tax Cuts like McCain Does.

  73. Lovin says – reply to this


    Re: Paris – Hey Paris, since you are so patriotic about the war. Why don't you go out and fight and get you head blown off for oil. So that your mother can end up still paying for a 4.30 cents for gas. Dick Head

  74. Katti says – reply to this


    Well, that is to be expected. BUT that is what we get for borrowing money for the Stimilus from none other than mother fucking CHINA!!!! And along with the billions that took you must count the added and let me say high interest the slants are adding in…ungreatful. We should have never gotten that money.

  75. Lovin says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – Hey Karen, do Bush the same favor that Monica did for Bill, GET ON YOUR KNEES B#@^H!

  76. Lovin says – reply to this


    Re: S – S you can do the same favor to Bush that Monica did for bill too. GET ON YOUR KNEES, Maybe our children wouldn't got killed if BUSH was preoccupied with something he doesn't have to think so much on.

  77. nessa says – reply to this


    He Sucks!


  78. 578

    [re=2672839]Re: CLAM Re: KevinK –
    Since you want to cry insurgents, insurgents…. WHO ARE THE INSURGENTS?! What marks the difference between an INSURGENT and a TERRORIST?[/re]

    Because people are saying the Iraqi people want us out. that's not the truth.

    BTW we are WINNING the war in Iraq.

    Analysis: US now winning Iraq war that seemed lost
    By ROBERT BURNS and ROBERT H. REID – 3 days ago
    BAGHDAD (AP) — The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost.
    Limited, sometimes sharp fighting and periodic terrorist bombings in Iraq are likely to continue, possibly for years. But the Iraqi government and the U.S. now are able to shift focus from mainly combat to mainly building the fragile beginnings of peace — a transition that many found almost unthinkable as recently as one year ago.
    Despite the occasional bursts of violence, Iraq has reached the point where the insurgents, who once controlled whole cities, no longer have the clout to threaten the viability of the central government.

  79. CLAM says – reply to this


    Re: KevinK
    You haven't ANSWERED the question! Who are the "insurgents"?!!! Don't sidestep the main point. Try the BBC as a source and widen your "news" resources. The BBC is the most TRUSTED news source in the world, did you know that? The Iraqi PM has STATED during Obama's visit on TV his people wants us out. That government is now our puppet government so yes "we won". America has established a puppet government in Iraq that we control. Doesn't change the fact that the Iraqi people recognize this, doesn't change the fact they are protesting together, while sectarian violence exist, doesn't change the FACT that INSURGENTS are the PEOPLE of IRAQ!! We are occupying that country to ensure a foothold in the middle east besides Israel. You cannot force our presence on a group of people if they don't want us there. If this were the US being occupied by a foreign power we would fight toothe and nail to kick them out! That's why some countries, no matter how dismal their situation, will accept aid from anyone BUT the U.S. what does that say of the world perception of us? Makes you wonder why it exists huh? and trust me, jealousy is not their motivation.

  80. CLAM says – reply to this


    Re: KevinK
    Instead of parroting what you read, try putting things in your own words, better yet; try observing the situation from multiple sides and read between the lines. America has lost almost 5000 brave souls… how many Iraqis have died? Try OVER A MILLION! That my dear friend is why Insurgents exist and the longer we stay the dimmer the impression we leave to the rest of the orld. This is why Obama is receiving such a favorable welcome overseas while McCain is struggling to gain an audience, people view him as the NEXT GWB and the comments that he has made in public doesn't help to change that perspective overseas.

  81. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: KKant – Your foul remark at the end of your "political rage" fails to make your point professional and serious sounding therefore I cannot take it seriously. And you liberals are all about peace, fuck its so HYPOCRITICAL to say your anti war then you fucking rag on the AMERICAN Republicans that like war. And anyway to answer your remark about "headlines that American soldiers murdered dozens of innocent civilians?" well give me the fucking headline so I can Google it then I'll do the research, but you know all in all I support the troops period. And for your ignorant as fuck fat ass I will let you know there are many Republicans in the New England area (Greenwich, CT ecp.!) , I dont live in some redneck state, not that theres anything wrong with that.

  82. KAREN says – reply to this


    It appears several Karen's are using my "name" WTF? What gives? Anyway to "spite" if you live beneath your means then a paycut does not matter. Everyone should at all times be ready for a 6 month unemployment, life happens, be ready, if your not well I dont care thats your own fault. LIVE BENEATH YOUR MEANS, BE READY FOR THE WORST. Out grandparents knew of this because of the great depression, however we live in a spoiled generation and when milk does up 2 bucks people whine and throw a fit. How about not buying Starbucks, Seven Jeans, and new cars? Problem is, our generation looks up to "The Hills" (the most popular teen show) and want to be like them, leaving stupidity to run your wallet and like blind sheep fall astray with finances.

  83. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Choke – Dear Mr. Choke, you wrote: "Once again the voucher covers what smarty?
    " … So I'm guessing you are against low income familes getting a voucher of 12K a year to attend private school??? We're seeing apples to oranges on this one.

  84. Choke says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    Once again smarty,
    Why REMOVE children from their environment. Who wants to be Bussed to a "better" school? The fact of the matter is. The teachers are there for public school students its the Materials they are lacking. If public schools were equipped with proper updeated books, computers, chalkboards, heating and cooling there would be no need to bus a FEW kids to private school. EVERY child deserves a good education and I support the idea of the many NOT the few to be entitled to it.

  85. Spite says – reply to this


    Re: KAREN
    You clearly did not read my post properly. Either that or your just plain stupid. What part of "these people have been working for the city 10+ years did you not comprehend? Where did I lose you when I state that they are looking at a paycut From $30 per hour to $6.55? Have you LIVED in Cali? Cali is fucking EXPENSIVE! You tried selling a house in this market? Tried telling your kids "sorry you can't go back to college this fall?" Secondly, who are you to say they do not have provisions for 6 months, 9, 12? After your timetable of 6 months and them losing their jobs and having to pull their kids from college then what??? You are one cold bitch. I do not think these people care about the "Hills", Starbucks or Seven jeans! Understand the demographics before responding out your ass instead try using your head first to understand the argument. Lets hope you never run into a situation where your 6 months BENEATH YOUR MEANS runs out and your stuck up shit creek facing foreclosure and financial ruin. You are a piece of work.

  86. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Spite – Oh Christ STFU I've lived in two MAJOR cities in California and CURRENTLY LIVE in ONE of those MAJOR cities, I AM CURRENTLY a COLLEGE student in one of those major cities. We're seeing apples to orangeson the issue, As for the pay cuts, that sucks no one should work 10+ years and get a CUT, I have a heart, and a brain, I understand the legitimacy of that not being fair. That is probably all we will agree on, so *End of my discussion with you*.

  87. Spite says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    OH GROW UP! Try responding with some INTELLIGENCE instead of ANGER. You are just pissed because I have pointed out a Legit point. You are the type of person that would blame the first peoples on the cusp of the Great Depression for their fortunes and only see things if it effects you! YOU have a LONG way to go LITTLE GIRL! When you have RESPONSABILITIES, buy ahouse to build wealth and try to do right by putting your kids through school then TALK YOUR SHIT. U clearly have NOTHING of Merit to add so go throw your childish Hissy fits elsewhere. Be A woman, lick your wounds and MOVE ON you are a narrow minded, judgemental first class MORON!

  88. Spite says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    OH GROW UP! Try responding with some INTELLIGENCE instead of ANGER. You are just pissed because I have pointed out a Legit point. You are the type of person that would blame the first peoples on the cusp of the Great Depression for their fortunes and only see things if it effects you! YOU have a LONG way to go LITTLE GIRL! When you have RESPONSABILITIES, buy ahouse to build wealth and try to do right by putting your kids through school then TALK YOUR SHIT. U clearly have NOTHING of Merit to add so go throw your childish Hissy fits elsewhere. Be A woman, lick your wounds and MOVE ON you are a narrow minded, judgemental first class MORON!!

  89. solon says – reply to this


    I've read a couple comments on here and I don't know if this is fake Karen or real Karen or whatever, however, the Karen who wrote posts dealing with San Fracisco has no idea of the reprecussions this means for California.
    As for those posting that Bush was a horrible president I do agree Bush did some very stupid things in office but he was dealing with a situation no president since Reagan has had to handle. I supported Bush up until he diverted our attention from Afghanistan to Iraq. That was his fatal flaw. I only hope any president that follows doesn't make it worse entering war with Iran.

  90. TooT! says – reply to this



  91. Ktk says – reply to this


    Re: WOW!

    The budget was balanced when Clinton left office. Bush has run this country into the ground and will go down as the worst president ever.

  92. Cora says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    "As for the pay cuts, that sucks no one should work 10+ years and get a CUT, I have a heart, and a brain, I understand the legitimacy of that not being fair."

    I don't think it's about fairness. Companies scale back all the time. I think what is being said is there are hard working people out there that are going through hard times not of their creation or their fault. What I have noticed is that as more and more people face hardships such as Job loss and then foreclosure, republicans on this site say these people were financially ireesponsable. I don't agree. Just yesterday Bennigann's told all its workers not to come back. They closed their doors with no warning. I hope these people get their last paychecks, severence packages, vacation pay…. Wow, no insurance to boot. That is sad.

  93. Karen says – reply to this


    *Anyone who thinks its okay to write* : "narrow minded, judgemental first class MORON!! " on a comment when your trying to persuade/convince someone of something, DONT!, —- whoever writes immature shit like that, yeah youre real cool! Good 4 U! Now I'll take you verrry seriosuly. I think you sound like the angry one, you know some imposter Karen on comment number 528 wrote about me on here: "Republicans are cool. Did I mention how much money they pay me to hang out at web sites and talk them up? Nice chunk of change. True, I make my facts up and lie a lot but it's all part of the job. " SO I think I sound legit, sure he was mocking me, but I mean people think my comments sound as if I'm getting PAID. Clealy my comments are worth something if they sound as if someone's paying me to write them. Whoever you are Spite, you clearly are personally attacking me (and you dont even know who I am!) and not the real issue.

  94. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: Cora – Not to be a "Big Business" bitch but look at the other side of the Bennigans situation, companies scaling back, it sucks for the workers, but it sucks equally as much, if not more, for the business. If you were the hard working Chief Financial Officer of Bennigans and you knew you guys needed to scale back, you gotta do what u gotta do. You wouldnt want the company to get fucked, sometimes shit happens and you must do things like close doors without warning. I doubt the hard working CFO and CEO ('s?) of Bennigans are proud of the situation and I feel for them. They must have worked and had ten times the stress of the Bennigans workers. Poor Bennigans!

  95. 595

    Its funny how everyone teams up against Karen XD

  96. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: jmaddenzgrl – Or its just one person posting under different names.

  97. Karen says – reply to this


    There's not getting through to people who respond with personal attacks, instead of facts, so I'm out. I wasnt posting things to "defend myself" I was just posting legit facts that responded to the numerous fallacies of ignorance posted by twats, who were so easy to read into I couldnt help but post a more educated response. You can go bash another Republican "Spite" And "Choke" who are probably the same people. The uneducated and ignorant, I could care less to associate with people like that, ugh.

  98. jim says – reply to this


    Re: solon – doubt you could do a better job than he

  99. solon says – reply to this


    Re: jim
    That's why I'm smart enough to know I don't qualify to be president. You ut yourself in a position like that, be prepared for the good and the bad. DOesn't change my opinion that he was in a tough situation and lost the support of the American people by going into war with Iraq. Dem or Repub, I think all of us agree to call foul on that one.

  100. Spite says – reply to this


    Re: Karen
    You are a laughable fool! I don't CARE who you are I am responding to the NONSENSE you wrote in several posts and like a baby you throw a tantrum and state you won't be "responding to my comments" Well DON'T! People like you never see a situation for what it is until it effects you. It's called a domino effect and everyday HARD working Americans with jobs and responsabilities are affected by this everyday. If you think my attacks are so "personal" STICK TO YOUR GUNS AND DON'T RESPOND! For the record YES I think you are an ignorant, narrow minded, moron. Your comments prove you are.

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