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Crazy In Love or Just Plain Crazy???

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Could Lindsay Lohan and shiteous DJ saMAN Ronson be slowing coming out as a couple?

Could we be more tired of asking that question?

Yes and no!

Turns out the celesbians' friends were "shocked" that Lezlo changed her Blackberry messenger name.

It now displays, "LL <3s samanhattan - I didn't get hit by a bike!!!"

So, basically, it reads "Lindsay Lohan Hearts SaMANtha - I won't tell you why I went to the hospital, but it wasn't because of a bike!!!"

A friend says, "When we asked her what actually happened, she clammed up. She did go to the hospital, but won't tell anyone why. It's really odd."

She obviously doesn't want you telling the media and making money when she could sell the story herself!

As for the two "best friends", they were recently spending some quality time together at the Bowery Hotel in NYC this weekend.

But, unfortunately for the paparazzi, they missed their photo ops.

Linds and her scarecrow pal had to exit out the balcony from their second-floor room and down the side of the wall due to a malfunctioning door.

An insider says, "Thankfully, the busboys and wait staff were there to climb up and help the girls down. Lindsay and Sam were laughing hysterically. They thought it was the funniest thing ever."

Yea, we'd think it was the funniest thing ever too…if we were drunk or stoned.

What, no one could take off the doorhandle or open the door somehow?

[Image via WENN.]

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95 comments to “Crazy In Love or Just Plain Crazy???”

  1. hi says – reply to this



  2. one says – reply to this



  3. first says – reply to this


    To all the REAL Firsties out there. As we, and only we, were first when it really counted, we are the only members of the Firsties Club. As a member we will always be able to cut in line to be FIRST where ever lines may be. We will always get seated in restaurants that require reservations even if we don’t have them. Traffic? No problem. We get to go FIRST! Lines for the bathrooms at sporting events or concerts? With your special membership card you get private FIRST access to marble lined, luxury twalets instead of those multi-user potties sat on by seconds and thirds and seventy-fifths. First is BEST! Right? If there is any doubt, this new Firsties club validates the notion. We make being first mean something! THIRST FOR THE FIRST!!!

  4. kilar says – reply to this



  5. Yes B says – reply to this


    First - Bitches!

  6. Mel says – reply to this


    They are cute.

  7. Brend says – reply to this



  8. jdog says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of these bitches!

  9. booge says – reply to this


    blah booooooooooooooooooooring

  10. 10



  11. Nikki says – reply to this


    Yea, we'd think it was the funniest thing ever too. If we were drunk or stoned.


  12. dolly says – reply to this


    Part of me is not totally convinced that these two are indeed a couple. It doesn't seem implausible that Lindsay would pretend that she had gone gay for a big of publicity. I could imagine them getting big laughs out of this together.

  13. shar says – reply to this


    famous for nothing!

  14. Sheil says – reply to this


    FIRST!!! yuck, lindsay lohan's gross…

  15. dever says – reply to this


    Too bad neither of them fell

  16. g says – reply to this



  17. gina says – reply to this


    What is so news worthy about this story?? Two women are in love…who cares!! This is happening all over the world. Now Perez make me happy and display a shirtless photo of Eric Dane, will ya?? Be a good boy and make mommy happy!@#$%^&*

  18. Anony says – reply to this


    I hate when these people "just" all of the sudden are lesbian. LIke it just happens, like the flu. YOUR BORN GAY. This is just another one of LL's publicity stunts. OK Ann Heche, give it a rest.
    And everyone knows Samantha has been on the social climb for years. She'd be with anyone famous…that would have her.

  19. Kasey says – reply to this


    First Sucka…..I don't really get it…but if they are happy then that is all that matters! I guess……???

  20. anna says – reply to this



  21. douch says – reply to this


    They rule!

  22. 22

    you would think lynsey would get a better looking lezbo friend.

  23. lksd says – reply to this


    why do you pick on them so much? LL is actually out of trouble and working. Samantha hasn't done anything either - you should be supporting them as a couple like ME

  24. ANG says – reply to this


    First Bitches!!

  25. matty says – reply to this


    Dude, I bet Lindsay got a dildo stuck in her vadge

  26. Aubre says – reply to this


    Lindsey could do a lot better!

  27. truth says – reply to this


    Sam beat her

  28. Susie says – reply to this


    I don't understand Perez at times - he hates it when people are anti-gay and then slates people who are gay - so confused here!!!

  29. Mean says – reply to this


    In some wierd way, they actually look good together

  30. LIELO says – reply to this


    LILOS face / mouth looks pupped up
    like someone hit it or she had more surgery .
    she still looks really old . he face looked wrecked .probably had a hungover.

  31. jules says – reply to this


    so what happened then… am i the only one out there still confused?!?

  32. tara says – reply to this



    LOVE SAM AND LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. anony says – reply to this


    Is it expensive to have you do someone's publicity? How much does lindsey pay you? Or is it Samantha? Do the kardashians get a bulk deal? Does Lauren from the hills pay you or MTV.You seem to be the only one finding them news worthy. Just curious.

  34. jate says – reply to this



  35. slap says – reply to this


    I hope that they are laughing - it doesn't really matter if they are gay or not. They are obviously the best of friends gay or otherwise. Lindsay is working hard, Sam isn't a "shiteous" DJ, she makes way more than you do Perez.
    She is happy to spend time with Sam, they are good for eachother. I think that it drives you crazy that she is doing well. You are just waiting with baited breath for her to screw up. Maybe she will and maybe she won't but quit being such an ambulance chaser, its pathetic.

  36. Jen says – reply to this


    I am so SICK of hearing about her.

  37. 37

    stupd lindsay I'm tired of her and her stupidness and i used to be her fan!!! eww that gives the creeps

  38. conce says – reply to this


    This story between LL and SR how boring and mondane is it?…..way… Come on Perez come up with something better. stop reporting about these two has beens..

  39. Posit says – reply to this


    Perezito, I think you need a vacation. It's all negative when it comes to people that have fucked you. You know how that ONLY affects you. Take a step back and center yourself.
    LL isn't gay and you know it. Samantha is and she also sued you. Please remember you won and get back to positiveness. Adore your site, but getting a little draining. xoxo V

  40. 40

    LEAVE THEM ALONE PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Eye O says – reply to this


    How can anyone stomach waking up to Samantha. And please, when LL said
    that sex is best in the a.m. for them - I hope they washed their pu-pu platters out first! Cuz if not - I hope LL costars demand a double for kissing scenes.!!!


    Couldn't get attention no other way LL? If your THAT desperate….why don't you pull an AMY WINEHOUSE! And then maybe people will care (a bit atleast).

    Your old news - welcome Jodie Foster #2!!! ;(

  42. LI says – reply to this


    Lezlo has a facebook and it says "in a relationship" just like Sam's. They are obviously together. Her facebook is, interesting. She's friends with a lot of people you would never guess.

  43. Chris says – reply to this



    I do want to point out that "sa" in french means "her's" so it could be LL ,

  44. Sienn says – reply to this


    Scarecrow is a perfect description for clam bumping saMAN. Good one Perez!! Keep up the good work.

  45. Solar says – reply to this


    You're such a fucking debbie downer, Perez. Why are you constantly picking at these two? Frankly, they're boring, I don't think most of us give an eff.

  46. PFOP says – reply to this



  47. C. says – reply to this



    I do want to point out that "sa"in french means "her's" so she could be saying " LL

  48. lala says – reply to this


    Are you implying she was not hit by a bike- but hit by a dike?

  49. blerg says – reply to this


    You are suck a fucking douchebag, Perez! What the hell do you keep ragging on Sam and Lindsay? I know you're jealous and all, but this is getting pretty pathetic.

  50. ??? says – reply to this


    Why, in lezbo couples do one always look like a man? It's like they want a man, just one with a cunt.

  51. coco says – reply to this


    Man, that samantha is just freaking ugly. I can't imagine waking up next to that.
    So, what did ll get something stuck in her coochie, is that why she went to the hospital…. the tongs weren't working to get it out???

  52. xxx says – reply to this


    perez please stop reporting on these two, they are so fucking boring. Who cares if they are eating each others pussies. Lilo's career is in the crapper and Samantha needs to fucking grow up and stop chasing young starlets.

  53. 53

    i would actually find that funny too if i were with my friends
    and i wouldnt have to be drunk or stoned…

  54. Jan says – reply to this


    Does she have a closet full of the same hats, or just wears the same one every hour of every day?

  55. de says – reply to this


    Her name should be. SALMONATHA like the fish she serves LL. I want nude photos of SALMONATHA pulling beads out of ll butt hole and LL with strap on

  56. Total says – reply to this


    if these 2 are slowing down it's probably because they are anorexic and don't have any energy!

  57. meh says – reply to this


    to think Lilo was gonna be the next Julia Roberts. Look at the state of her, hair like straw, cig always hanging out of her piehole and that hanger on always skulking around. I don't think she realises what a state she is these days it's sad.

  58. raven says – reply to this


    I don’t understand why people are bitchy about Perez always posting about Lindsay or SaMAN I mean if you don’t like it… don’t read it…or don’t even bother leaving a comment…so stop the Bitchy about what you like to read or what you want to read

  59. moon says – reply to this


    maybe they would come out of the closet,
    if we didn't view gays as something negative.
    to all those closed minded individuals:
    think about it.
    … accept it, embrace it, DEAL WITH IT.

  60. LA says – reply to this


    Perez, are you the only person in the free world that doesn't know that they are a couple? They don't need to have a press conference because they are dating. Move on and quit acting like a 12 year old girl.

  61. Reece says – reply to this


    Well, at least it's safe to say that she wasn't having an abortion (I know, that WAS in bad taste). Seriously thaough, you have to wonder just how many this girl may have already had…

  62. anna says – reply to this


    aaahh they are such an awesome couple. i love samantha, and lindsay seems to be so much better now. quit ragging on them…they're doing great.

  63. Elvis says – reply to this


    get rid of the fucking hat already…you look like Bing Crosby on a bender….and enough with the vintage rock and roll t-shirts, they don't make you cool!

  64. ah says – reply to this


    the Ronsons are all social climbers. Samantha is probably loving this attention, Lilo really is clueless.

  65. Estre says – reply to this


    These two are all about a publicity stunt. If they were a real couple they would be fessing up, and they would be more intimate. We know how Lindsey is with her significant others. We would know. And nobody was really talking about her after rehab and all that crap. So what better way to get in the tabloids then to create your own drama. We all love an exlusive. And she has successfully managed to keep us waiting for more. And personally if she were going to be in a relationship with a woman, wouldnt you want it to look like one?

  66. cunt says – reply to this


    where are Sam's boobs???

    but i love them. LL needs a nice vagina.

  67. lele says – reply to this


    "slowing coming" really? REALLY? do you need an editor? i can send you my resume.

  68. 68

    Ok so let me clear this up… you hate them - obviously but still make a living out of talking bs about them and making up stories like this one??? mmm sounds very stupid to me!
    With all the legal problems you have to face nowadays no wonder that you canalize all your hate in those 2… you must be really jealous that they love and care for each other and you are a total loner who pays his mom to clean his pigyy place.

  69. 69

    BTW why you are not talking about the reason why your site was down yesterday??? Why you refuse to pay for pics that are helping you with your blog? Do you think it's legal to steal paps pics???

  70. shs says – reply to this


    Re: Kate27

    hah what happened

  71. val says – reply to this


    Re: first – HOW ABOUT FIRST TO GET MY FOOT STUCK UP YOUR ASS???????????????????????????

  72. H says – reply to this


    They locked themselves out of their room while on the balcony smoking….duh!

  73. KAREN says – reply to this


    I love Perez but enough is enough. Leave these girls alone!! I've never seen a gay man bash on a lesbian couple like you do(Perez). Why does it matter if they are or not an item. Who cares if they just don't want people to know their PERSONAL lifes. Everyone has the right to privacy. Lindsey & Samantha should just get a sleeping bag and sleep outside because the way paps are these days NO ONE has privacy. I'm suprised the pope can shower in peace. They try everything in the world for the press and paps to leave them alone and all people can say is "they want attention". It's fucking hollywood, paps want photos of everyone! Drinking, smoking, fucking, kissing, sucking, ANYTHING and the press is all over it. All these things we ALL do on a normal basis but the difference is these people have just a little bit more money, that's all.
    I love hearing about Lindsey & Samantha but not when all you can do is make fun of the way Samantha looks or say Lindsey's an attention whore who can do better. Honestly who the fuck are we to say who they should be with. Some people are still single DYING to meet someone and here you have 2 females who really enjoy each other's company who are just trying to live their lifes. The chick is a part of ROC and DJ's top of the line parties. C'mon dude, how much better can Lindsey do lol.

    ROCK ON L & S ♥

  74. KAREN says – reply to this


    Re: Estre
    Are you really that shallow??? You have nothing else to do but bash on a couple YOU don't even know. I don't know them either but if they've been quiet for this long they obviously dont want everyone in their business. If they do come out what does that help? Oh yeah, it's going to stop world hunger. NO BITCH!!
    Rehab is for people who need help, she needed help got it and now is chill. Have you heard Lindsey doing some crazy shit like getting stupid drunk in a club…NO. She's been chillin with her friend, girl, partner what ever they are. They've been hanging out for a WHILE I honestly don't think Lindsey is lame enough to keep a publicity stunt for that long. But the media is lame enough to keep track of every single move they do.

  75. swim9 says – reply to this


    lindsey's career is over. plain and simple. what happened to the little girl from parent trap? there must have been two of them because the evil one took over.

  76. Ali says – reply to this


    it is obvious that Lindsay is still doing drugs because you can see the end of her cigarette is twisted, which means she squeezed out the tobacco to put in a joint. why else you you need a tiny bit of tobacco??

  77. 77

    leave lindsay alone! hahahha

    wow samantha is ugly :s

    LL you can do it better!

  78. Ashle says – reply to this


    PINK FLOYD shirt!!

  79. telli says – reply to this


    this is ridiculous….shame on us for even being intrigued by it because it's such a show. Lindsay changes her sexual partners like she changes the color of her hair. Truth is….she is a red head. ummm let's not forget that. She isn't even capable of dating a blonde let a lone a blonde even though she is a no namer? who is this girl anyway? I never even heard of her….

  80. Squee says – reply to this


    Sorry, but that Samantha Ronson looks like she's the love child of Keith Richards and Agnes Deyne.

  81. me says – reply to this


    I bet she had IVF done! Watch the growing belly and the hair colour go el-natural =) you heard it on Mario's aka Perez's blog first

  82. SKELE says – reply to this


    CAN SAMAN GET ANY SKINNIER/ANO/STRUNG OUT-COKED UP !?!?! abolsutely ridiculous she looks like shit and extremely ill like shes dying. gross.

  83. 83


  84. rosa says – reply to this


    nice to see Roger from American dad making new friends in Hollywood and nice to know his new bgff doesn't discriminate against aliens- how cute is that.

  85. you k says – reply to this


    can you just leave them alone
    they are obviously dating and they are obviously an amazing couple
    lindsey went from drinking and going crazy and being a total druggie to just being inlove


  86. nicol says – reply to this


    first of all i have a blackberry and you cannot do the heart symbol of

  87. DarkC says – reply to this


    I love Lindsay:) She is the only one I like in this pair or any pair that she is in for that matter:) Her hair is so beautiful:):)

  88. dina says – reply to this


    she went cos shes pregnant with samanthas baby

  89. KIM says – reply to this



  90. KIM says – reply to this



  91. KIM says – reply to this



  92. KIM says – reply to this



  93. Lala says – reply to this


    Keep talking about them Perez1
    I love a good Laugh!!

  94. Lala says – reply to this


    Keep talking about them Perez!
    I love a good Laugh!!

  95. Lala says – reply to this


    Keep talking about them Perez!
    I love a good Laugh!!