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Listen To This: Oh, Baby Baby!

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Say hello to our favorite new Canadian!

Her name is Kreesha Turner and we are loving her tunes.

She's like Duffy only less annoying and much much better.

Kreesha has a far superior voice and songs are way more fun.

She's got a bit of a retro Winehouse vibe with a Euro pop-y feel, a delicious combination.

Check out her bangin' Don't Call Me Baby and Bounce With Me below.

Then CLICK HERE to check out some other fly songs from Kreesha Turner!

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218 comments to “Listen To This: Oh, Baby Baby!”

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  1. vicx says – reply to this


    whats wrong with duffy? and since when was she annoying?

  2. suzan says – reply to this


    it sucks that you try to make advertisement even in your blog. stop it… the music is not that good anyhow. how much do you get paid for this?

  3. Saro8 says – reply to this


    What the hell!? "Retro Winehouse vibe" my ass. This sounds NOTHING like Amy Winehouse or Duffy. This bitch is trash. Move along.

  4. stupi says – reply to this


    that is a terrible song! That girl sounds like me in the shower (and that's not good)

  5. Amy says – reply to this


    Perez… Your taste in music stinks! Stick to gossip.

  6. chris says – reply to this


    i live near toronto, and her songs have been playing on the radio A LOT lately!!! shes really good:)

  7. Nikol says – reply to this


    Being a canadian myself I haven't stopped hearing about her…but can someone please exlain to me what that horrid ending is in "Don't call me baby"??? She sounds like she's dying…but in general she has a nice sound…just stay away from the high notes Kreesha…….

  8. itchk says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,

    Love your site. I never thought I'd send a comment…I must agree with you though about Kreesha (weird name) Turner's voice and song "Don't Call Me Baby" - it's addictive. I am so too old to be a fan of pop songs but I played this one for my five year old daughter and she loved it so much we're making up a dance to it!

    I'm from Toronto. Go Canada, and Go Kreesha!

  9. radio says – reply to this


    who listens to the radio all damn day anyways??
    get a life peoples!
    if u don't like what you're hearing "over and over again" then change the damn station or shut it off and stop your bitchin! damn! no one's forcing u to listen to it!! and for the smart asses out there it's called 'high rotation'! it's what radio stations do! and if u can't handle it then pop in a cd or your ipod or somethin!! hahaha some of u's complain about the stupidest things!!!

  10. CHELI says – reply to this


    not lovin it at all… and sorry perez there is no comparison to amy nor duffy.

    this girl is pretty, but no soul. pretty vapid stuff.

  11. Gery says – reply to this


    bounce with me sounds like deja vu…oh, yeah that's rihanna "pon de replay" song!!!!!!

  12. Ashas says – reply to this


    She's a hit here in Canada I've been listening to this song for a while in Canada. I like the second single but her 1st single Bounce wit me I love. Go Kreesha!!!

  13. 213

    HOLY SHIT, I've heard of some obscure person before Perez!!!! XD

  14. gogrl says – reply to this


    Why does everyone keep saying she's copying Rhianna??? It's not like she wrote that dang bounce wit me song?!!! And btw, if u r gonna dis then at least get ur facts right- it's pon de replay, not ponna replya or ponthe replay or any other stupid spelling.
    Kreesha has one of the most unique and refreshing voices i've heard in a long time, and unfortunately, the pop-type whimsical hits playing on the radio do her no justice! She is really soulful and one of her songs even brought me to tears. Give the girl a break..she is new! I wonder how well YOU all would 'interact' with the audience? Stop being h8ters and allow the fresh new artists to come into themselves. All of you who say that there's better talent out there….hmmm….could that talent be you??? So transparent! Doesn't matter anyways coz u all no that Perez can make or break so it doesn't matter what your little comments say. I say to all of u haters..'walkin away now…'

  15. amber says – reply to this


    uhm ur just finding out about her now ? ive been hearing her on the radio for atleast a month or more.. but then again, i am canadian

  16. ERICK says – reply to this



  17. Shaz says – reply to this


    I love her song "Don't Call Me Baby"! She's got an amazing voice! Can wait to pick up the album!

  18. 218

    i saw her live her voice actually sounds like it does in the song
    but you are a little late, canada knew her like last year!:)

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