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Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have called it quits.

"They decided to go their separate ways," a source tells us.

Another one bites the dust!

[Images via WENN.]

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207 comments to “Splittsville!”

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  1. emoba says – reply to this


    Im genuinely curious to know who Kate hasnt fucked in Hollywood. She should stop dating celebrities. I would give the same advice to Aniston also.

  2. yay! says – reply to this


    Thank goodness. She was even more annoying than she already is when she was with him. Can't stand her. She really needs to go away for a while and get a boob job. She thinks she's so hot when she's not. Average face, FLAT chested girl. She'd be nothing without Goldie.

  3. just says – reply to this


    Lance will be with another starlet in a week. I like Kate, but I agree with yah, she is famous because of her mom. I don't know of any celebrity that needs a boob job more than Kate. Maybe just a small B or even a large A, Kate?

  4. Petal says – reply to this


    I wish they would have a session with Celebrity Psychotherapist Dr. Carla DelVecchio! She could put them back together again and they'd live happily ever after! Dr. Carla does it all the time! Her website is www.HollywoodPsychotherapy.com
    Receptionist, Dr. Carla DelVecchio
    Beverly Hills, CA

  5. JT says – reply to this


    He´s such a slut….

  6. stupi says – reply to this


    So very stupid. Who's she going to next? John mayor?

  7. 107

    she'll have someone new in a couple weeks, she seems to move on fast

  8. PETAs says – reply to this


    She will continue her quest to collect men's pubic hair.

  9. suki says – reply to this


    My Word!! Lance is as gay as a pink ribbon! He does not want any woman. He wants Matthew Mac Coneagy!

  10. unifo says – reply to this


    good for her! check me !

  11. wineh says – reply to this


    he is gross and had cancer. he's totally unfuckable.

  12. karin says – reply to this


    they're both so pathetic and boring…..and so meant to be.

  13. lance says – reply to this


    its my fault i katy wanted to feel nuts

  14. 114

    Maybe now she'll have time to take her kid out and get it a haircut.

  15. becky says – reply to this


    Yay Lance! Can you imagine hanging out with this big-headed, no-chest, dippy, has-been woman who has a son who…how do we say this delicately…hasn't smiled since he was born and has a haircut that makes him look like an old, sad, tired man? Lance gave Goldie wannabe some mercy dates, and that's all I tought would happen. You know the kind of date one has, you like the person, the person likes you WAY MORE and you don't know how the hell to separate yourself from the situation? That's what I saw in there! Those ridiculous tennis-playing shots. SOLAVAYA!!!

  16. News says – reply to this


    Good for Kate! She didn't need the ball-less wonder anyway.
    One ball, who cares; still ball-less.
    Lance strikes me as arrogant, self-centered, and concerned with a woman being a trophy. Kate isn't a trophy, so she got out before getting in too deep. Go find yourself a real man, Kate! One that doesn't need a home out of Architectural Digest. Maybe she got fingerprints on Lance's precious furniture.

  17. phil says – reply to this


    another one "bikes" the dust?

  18. liste says – reply to this


    Give us some prettier pictures please. Haven't been here in awhile and it's been hit with an ugly stick here.

  19. Dirty says – reply to this


    If you want to see Kate's panties and find the movie "Taming of the Shrew" go to www.movieworldmagic.com

    If you want to see Kate's panties and find the movie "Taming of the Shrew" go to www.movieworldmagic.com

    If you want to see Kate's panties and find the movie "Taming of the Shrew" go to www.movieworldmagic.com

  20. kitty says – reply to this


    THANK GOD..these 2 make me want to gag. Kate will be climbing out of bed with someone else in a matter of , what, 12 hours?

  21. Yeah says – reply to this


    Wow! She sure gets AROUND, doesn't she? Are there any men out there this tramp hasn't "dated"? Geez. He's not much better. Good riddance to both of them. PEREZ, stop giving them free press. NO one cares about these two.

  22. dede says – reply to this


    He rode her and then rode off.

  23. 123

    I saw it coming.

  24. Medee says – reply to this



  25. Rache says – reply to this


    Goes to show… even hardcore athletes like girls with a little bit more boobie.

  26. karen says – reply to this


    He could do better. No surprise there. Just another horny 2some bites the dust.

  27. sid says – reply to this


    Kate is getting too skanky!!(/b)

  28. Mimi says – reply to this


    Re: pickl – You're a fool. National health care works great as long as you DON'T get cancer. A perfect system until you get sick.

    And is anyone really surprised about this "break up"? They are both sluts who got what they wanted from each other (f%$king and media attention) so now it's time to move on. Next!

  29. sid says – reply to this


    Kate is getting too skanky!!


  30. Aquar says – reply to this


    FINALLY!!! Thank God these two have split, they didn't work well together at all. I love Kate Hudson, Lance was wrong for her. To bad Matty is taken or they would totally mesh well together. ;)

  31. SOUTH says – reply to this


    She is the poster girl and he is the poster guy for seeing how many notches you can put on your belts in a lifetime. On to the next conquest, and the next, and the next…….

  32. me says – reply to this


    No shocker there.

  33. 133

    First off, he REALLLLLY was a better match with Goldie, her mom, as far as age, and secondly, she needs to leave her kids out of her relationships. A pretty girl never sits alone for long, there is always someone already in the shadows ready to pounce as soon as you kick someone to the curb sooooo… thats just her good fortune.. thats life… it's up to her to choose selectively..I'm happy they are over — it was too creepy to even look at them!! I mean he looks older than her own dad!!! Thank goooooodness!!!

  34. Sharo says – reply to this


    Good news!!!!!!!! Kate belongs with Owen, they look great together. Owen get your butt in gear and do what you gotta do to get her back!!!!!!!
    Sharon in Montreal

  35. Devon says – reply to this


    Damn he gets around! I hope you guys use protection FOR REAL!

  36. 136

    Well that was healthy for their kids. Why people bring kids into a new relationship that hasn't even lasted for an entire month blows my mind.

  37. heidi says – reply to this


    that is a shame because they looked so cute together but then it seems that they both can't keep a partner for very long. what is wrong with this picture LOL

  38. Denis says – reply to this


    Her relationships don't seem to last too long…

  39. Tammy says – reply to this


    She just can't seem to keep a man.
    Watch out Owen, she is coming back to you.

  40. Told says – reply to this


    He's a serial sociopathic narcissist, ain't he?

  41. Mindy says – reply to this


    Kate Hudson goes thru boyfriends almost as much as Jennifer Aniston

  42. north says – reply to this


    It is like everyone says … she has severe commitment issues. Funny when Lance gets the press coverage and is seen playing with her kids, she dumps him like a hot potato. Next ….

  43. Susan says – reply to this


    Good. They looked too much alike anyway.

  44. 144

    I am sure she'll bounce back with him and then get with another guy soon. She's a whore.

  45. 145

    ho ho ho ho

  46. lef says – reply to this


    Kate was married for a long time…if this was a guy dating it would be a different story..
    At least she ends it before she adopts 10 kids and is pregnant with twins!

  47. Linds says – reply to this


    I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I'm from Columbus, Ohio and Lance and Kate were in town together over the weekend and dined out together BOTH nights! Just looking at them it was easy to tell them were together, happy and a couple!

    …..don't believe it!

  48. MEL says – reply to this


    of course they did because he is a man whore. My sources reveal to me that he is now trying to date miley!

  49. Aimee says – reply to this


    Oh! No! This looked like the real thing. He's a player and she's looking way too hard for a new baby-daddy. Who's next Clooney?

  50. Melis says – reply to this


    OOOO nooo I totally didn't see that one coming *insert sarcasm here*
    what was that a whole month they lasted??

  51. Mike says – reply to this


    Who hasn't Kate dated?

  52. Lena says – reply to this


    Kate doesn't have any of Lance's bestfriends lined up as her next boyfriend? The skank that she is, she's probably is desperately trying to find one.

  53. jessi says – reply to this


    USweekly claimed this story exclusively too. Who cares if its an exclusive or not we're all gonna here about it anyways.

  54. 154

    Of course they broke up. He's too demanding for any successful woman to deal with. Look what happened with him and Sheryl Crow.

  55. Dawn says – reply to this


    is there anyone in hollywood that she hasn't layed on her back and opened her mouth for and them moved on…ewwwwwwwww…P.S. He is nasty too.

  56. Me says – reply to this


    Re: laura

    You're wrong about this one, indeed Lance and his wife split up, and ofcourse that is a sad thing (but when two people are involved, most of the time two people make mistakes), but calling her 'his faithful wife who stood by him through cancer' is not right, because they met AFTER he was in the hospital and everything: she was one of the people who helped him set up his foundation, and from that moment on she stood by him, but not during his chemos and everything. So let's not be that negative about him.

  57. MIMI says – reply to this


    I think Kate should date Drew Barrymore - the two of them are cute, but can't seem to hold onto a man. Commitment phobes?

  58. Alyss says – reply to this


    No surprise there…

  59. Caitl says – reply to this


    Not gonna lie - I'm really glad. Lance is kind of a douchebag. And Kate's too hot to date a douchebag

  60. Burn4 says – reply to this


    Probably because Lance is a right wing John McCain supporting republican. He was at his rally supporting him just last week.

  61. wtf says – reply to this


    after cancer of the prostate, i think he is impotent. maybe he should date gay girls who don't like hetero sex!

  62. sarah says – reply to this


    thank god! they are sickening.

  63. dope says – reply to this


    Re: laura

    Sadly laura, he had a mistress in SF while married so he's a cheater too.

    Anyone here has read Amstrong's auto-bio will know that this man is a sexist pig and an extreme narcissist. These starlets are only to help him raise his profile - seriously, narcissists need the spotlight all too themselves.

    As a competitor, he is ruthless. He'll do drugs, but narc out anyone he sees as competition.

    He's accomplished a lot and raised lots of money for charity, but he's no saint.

  64. Musko says – reply to this


    Damn. I live in Muskoka, near Goldie Hawn's cottage, and I was so excited for kate to bring Lance to her mom's cottage so that they could come to my store and I could touch his bum. Now my chance is lost forever.

  65. anon says – reply to this


    Thank goodness, he seems like such a dork.

  66. zombi says – reply to this


    Matt is a PLAYA!

  67. B says – reply to this


    both seem to get around ALOT. Interesting comment about Kate's son….of course we all hate the hair, but there really are no photos of him smiling. I'm sure the cameras are scary, but Violet Affleck manages to smile quite abit. The boy just seems sad all of the time….and of course mommy has a new boyfriend each week so that doesnt help either. PS Lance is a HO

  68. Missy says – reply to this


    Honest question - why is everyone calling her a slut, when she's 26 (I think) and we can all list only like 4 boyfriends? Is that so slutty?! That said, effing idiot mother she is! She should not bring her temporary boyfriends around her kid. Poor Ryder - it's awful for him to meet a revolving door of men in his life, especially if he lives mostly with his mother. He needs a constant GOOD role model. So sad…

  69. Lolli says – reply to this


    She is a pig, even her ugly husband dumped her. She needs to cut her kids hair and act like a mother. Who did her mother pay off to get her a role in the new movie Nine? She is a fish out of water in that cast.

  70. k says – reply to this


    Wow…she's a worse mother than Britney. Her poor son must be so confused. What a self-indulgent moron who is obviously addicted to the endorphin burst of new love.

  71. HoHoH says – reply to this


    I never seen 2 whores bang so many people out for free.

    He's a whore and she's a BIG whore.

    I'm guessing they fixed his testicles just fine. He's been using them quite a bit. She must be wider than the Royal Gorge.

    STD city…

  72. So says – reply to this


    Not surprising, at all. They met their match in each other. They are both self-obsessed egomaniacs. Kate comes off all sweet but in person she is a huge moody bitch.

  73. Hippy says – reply to this


    No???? I'm shocked!!! Let's see which guy the whore will introduce to her son next? He's only had about 6 "daddies" since she split with Chris Robinson. Maybe she should get a clue and quit letting her new squeeze hang out with her kid after the first date!

  74. rober says – reply to this


    OoooH big surprise…the slut and the whore are not fucking each other anymore. Everyone knew it wouldnt last…im sure kate already has her next victim lined up while lances cum is still dripping from her legs and im sure Lance is looking for his next slut to splash to prove he can still fuck with his small cock and one nut.

  75. Sadie says – reply to this


    This guy is a douche. Always has been. I'm from his hometown. No one will ever be good enough for who he thinks he is. Total douche! Talented, but a twit nonetheless.

  76. LAUGH says – reply to this


    Okay, based on the comments from MOST, I will just add my two cents. First of all, Kate is NOT pretty, has a flat-ass and has NO talent. She is ONLY where she is due to her mother, Goldie Hawn. Her movies suck to high heaven and are merely vehicles for her many sexual hook-ups. Also, I wish that you would people would STOP calling it "serial dating." When two people mostly have sex instead of engaging in MEANINGFUL conversation (i.e., their hopes, dreams and fears), they are "serial fuckers," NOT "serial daters." People who serially date place MORE emphasis on what is between their partner's ears, NOT what is between their legs. Get it straight bitches! Second, I wonder when will these women learn?!?!?!? Lance left his wife and TWO SMALL CHILDREN to become a Hollywood ho. All of the women that he fucked (e.g., Ashley Olsen, cough, cough, cough) must feel pretty used and humiliated. He likes em young but at the end of the day, he wants someone who is his intellectual equal. The weird part is that he has "pseudo intelligence." This means that he can fake being intelligent really well, which generally fools most of the under 30 and uneducated set. However, women who are educated AND older can easily see that he's pretty dumb. Oh, and does any of these women realize that the freak has 1 testicle? I wish that this next woman would take a picture of his 1-testicled ass and plaster it all over the Internet! It would serve his skank ass right!

  77. duh! says – reply to this


    Now did we really not see this coming? I think Lance Armstrong is afraid of commitment and is afraid of his age…he has dated just about every young starlet out there or been photographed with them…who's next Britney? As for Kate, she is the same….try dating someone outside Hollywood if you want something real. They are all about press and tabloids, and will date someone just to get their pic in Us Weekly or whatever….frankly it's making me not like her sooo much.

  78. Nataz says – reply to this


    Re: Medee

    Chris tries to get Kate to let Ryder go on tour with him all the time. She never does. Usually, she would schedule her movies around his tours so Chris can be with Ryder when he's off tour and she can be with Ryder when she isn't filming another one of her stupid ass rom coms. But she took a few movies when he was on tour. Like this new one to be filmed in the UK in October. Chris will be on tour until December. Chris practically begs her to have Ryder come on tour with him. She says it's unstable (though Chris has his girlfriend with him the whole time, one that's been around for quite some time, and that Ryder is familiar with). But it's fine and very stable for Kate to be dragging Ryder around with one nut Willy and his kids all around.
    And yes Ryder does smile, a lot… when he's with Chris. Chris takes Ryder where he wants to go. Kate goes where she wants and takes Ryder along with her.

  79. anne says – reply to this


    No Shit Sherlock ! You could see this one coming miles away. So stupid how the drag their kids into a relationship like this when it clearly was not meant to last.

  80. Kelly says – reply to this


    Kate is a whore just like her mother was.
    Her mother had lovers, cheated on her husband, went from one guy to another.
    Like mother like daughter.

  81. 181

    she's a whore!!!

  82. 182

    Ughh she makes me sick , such a nasty whore.
    what a nice role model for her son to see men cum:) and go like a revolving door. Mother of the year award goes to her.

  83. Kat says – reply to this


    They both seem like people who are never satisfied and break hearts. Lance had a good thing going with Sherryl Crow and Hudson with Owen Wilson. I hope they never find happiness they are sucky human beings.

  84. 184

    Hah, are people actually surprised? She fucks them then leaves them.

  85. swim9 says – reply to this


    when kate and lance were in austin kate tried to get into the country club lance belongs to without him and they kicked her out. so much for celebrity status.

  86. PAM says – reply to this


    They probably lusted after each other when Kate was with Owen Wilson. Now that they got that out of their system……bye-bye

  87. kris says – reply to this


    I have no problem that these two play the field with everyother celeb on the planet, but why do they have to get there kids involved in every relationship too. Come on Kate… the guys coming and going have to have an effect on ryder

  88. Lana says – reply to this


    What a couple of self-centered morons. Why did they drag their kids into it? I suggest next time they hook up with someone, leave the kids out of it for a year at least so they won't need years of therapy later.

  89. moon says – reply to this


    pick one constant man
    before you introduce them to ryder
    he is just a babyy boyy.

  90. Sugah says – reply to this


    They're both horn-dogs!

  91. Toodl says – reply to this


    My man has only one giant ball instead of two regular sized man balls. He's the best lover ever…a regular stallion!

  92. Jen says – reply to this


    She should take better care of her son then this. As a single mother I would never have let different men go in and out of my life. If I wanted to date I sure wouldnt bring my son around untill I knew it was serious. Little does she know, she is probably going to make him think bad about women. On a scarier note she obviously doesnt know these guys at all. Would you have your child aroud a STRANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 193

    And this is a surprise?

  94. 194

    He's ugly and she's a slut

  95. midge says – reply to this


    YEah, her and her mother are ugly bitches and she's a whore. God, she's soo ugly.

  96. Blue says – reply to this


    aww-don't worry, the little slut will have another guy by the end of next week, it'll be another loooong, fulfilling relationship-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  97. marci says – reply to this


    Np Big Surprise with this one…..She goes through men like water in a water fall.. Lindsey more than likely had every man in Hollywood and God only knows how many in NY.City…. So now it's kate, i lover her movies and am hoping she doesn't take the same path that Lindsey in son with Samman.. Hope she uses protection. Watch it'll be John Mayer next as soon as he dumps Jennifer Aniston…… Be careful Kate, you're too beautiful to ruin your image. Slow down young lass……. 'MEN WILL COME AND MEN WILL GO , IN THE MEANTIME, TAKE CARE OF YOUR 'hole!!!' m,CT.

  98. Mace says – reply to this


    What a tramp she's turned out to be…and he is just a camera whore.

  99. JC says – reply to this


    Dear god he's getting uglier by the day. But again, he scores twice doesn't he. Publicity when he starts dating her, lots of publicity for nearly doing each other in front of the paparazzi while four confused kids look on, and then again lots of publicity when they split up. Score score score. The only person Lance Armstrong will ever love is Lance Armstrong.
    It's disgusting how he prides himself for being a good dad. A good dad does not expose his children to every ho he does, and a good dad does not use his children for publicity. Sc'*w how unhappy those children's faces are all the time, it's all about Lance anyway.

  100. perez says – reply to this


    She gets around…and so does he. Love that Hollywood pathetic excuse for a "relationship".

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