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Bad News For Dallas Cowboy Fans

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Black magic woman Jessica Simpson is back to haunt you Cowboy fanatics!

She’s getting an early start on the cursing business.

According to a new report, Poppa Joe Simpson revealed that daughter Jess is planning on hanging with your football boys at their pre-season training camp up in Oxnard, CA (about an hour north of LA).

Joe was ALREADY spotted at the Cowboy camp over the weekend.

There's more bad news.

Poppa Simpson told a reporter, "She's coming to the games this year, so you better get ready. She's a fan from the beginning to the end."

Pops also had something to say about his boobalicious daughter's BF, Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo, "He better have the year of his life. I hope he does. He works hard — always working his game, always thinking about it."

Joe can't keep his meddling ways at bay. If Poppa keeps it up, Romo might break up with Jess.

We're sure y'all in Dallas are hoping for it!

[Image via WENN.]

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169 comments to “Bad News For Dallas Cowboy Fans”

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  1. Lava says – reply to this


    It's definitely her fault for having such a ding-bat "manager," but SHE never called herself a fan from the beginning to end and made those stupid comments. All the blame for that nutty commentary belongs on poppa Joe. He just can't keep him mouth shut. Romo should put his foot down again and NOT allow Poppa Joe to attend training camp. That man is belongs in a straight-jacket. He is ruining her life.

  2. Go Gi says – reply to this


    Jessica was there yesterday, she will be at training camp throughout the 3 wks., …DC and JerryJones should just have her do commentary for the team ,sing at half-time, sing, Nat.Anthem, suit up as DC Cheerleader, etc. OVERKILL!!! Tony is going to marry her .He wants to and has to marry her because she and her father keep puhsing in the media quotes in that direction.

  3. 103

    Do he be bendin' dat girl over humpin' her like one of my dogs do? Do he do dat lots?

  4. Jessi says – reply to this


    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is this bitches problem! Is Romo this F@#kinf stupid!? They were kicking ass last year until that idoit started showing up to all the games! Sorry to say this Romo cause I

  5. eyedv says – reply to this


    Re: Babs
    do anything BUT date Romo…Romo should be dating Football…he should be concentrating on Football, he should be eating, sleeping, pooping and dreaming of Football…end of story

  6. DRRTY says – reply to this


    everyone in dallas HATES her!

  7. yourm says – reply to this


    Re: jenny – She should stay away, most wife/girlfriends do. This is bonding time for the team. Besides do you go to your mans work and watch him?

  8. beth says – reply to this


    Funny if she was such a big fan why did we not see her at the games BEFORE she started dating Tony Romo? Me thinks the appearances at training camp might have something to do with a certain HBO show being filmed there.

  9. yourm says – reply to this


    Re: bon – right!

  10. soooz says – reply to this


    Poppa Joe needs to get a life of his own…..HE IS A CONTROL FREAK!

  11. Sarah says – reply to this


    I love the Cowboys but we imploded last year and it mostly had nothing to do with Jessica Simpson. That being said, she knows every fan in Dallas hates her being there…then why show up to camp/games? It just adds fuel to the fire everytime Romo shits the bed. Don't force your shitty fucking relationship down our throats. She is either stupid or stupid!

  12. Nikki says – reply to this


    Re: HA – I agree. When Jessica was married to Nick, I remember an episode where she explicity said she hated football and didn't understand the meaning or purpose of it at all. Yet here she is now with a big dumb jock for a boyfriend. Romo and the Cowboys suck and that has nothing to do with Jessica. Jessica, on the other hand, could really stand to be herself instead of changing who she is depending on who she's dating. Until she does, she will never really be able to keep a boyfriend.

  13. Nikki says – reply to this


    Re: beth

    Excellent point!!! How convenient of her!! Your a thinker Beth! :)

  14. Jdog says – reply to this


    We love Jessica in Dallas, and we love Tony, so leave them alone! Go Cowboys!

  15. HA HA says – reply to this


    haaaaahaaaaa oohman i wonder what t.o. thinks of all this hahahaha

    GO EAGLESSSSS DALLAS SUCKS hahahahhaa funnyyyy

  16. Nikki says – reply to this


    Re: Lava – You are right, and in this case, it is Jessica who should be telling her dad to BACK OFF but she just won't do it!! Why on earth does HE need to be at the Cowboys' training camp? Damn, she can't take a piss unless her old man is right there, practically on top of her! I suspect there's something very unhealthy going on with the whole father/daughter relationship but that's all I'll say. Read between the lines, ol' Papa Joe is WAY overstepping his boundaries and Jessica just sits back and allows it. It's not normal, healthy or right, I tell ya.

  17. ian says – reply to this


    she's soooo talented I loveee herrr

  18. LNC. says – reply to this


    I have been a cowboys fan all my life. I grew up that way cause of my daddy and brothers. I have not liked Jessica Simpson before she was dating Romo. Everything about her is fake and I cant stand it when she talks. She tries to act like a dumb blonde so people will like her and think she is cute and sweet.

    What the hell is her daddy trying to say? "so you better get ready?" Is that some kind of threat to the cowboy fans?!

  19. jacki says – reply to this


    they're both such parasites.
    no one wants either of those fame hungry sluts there or associated with the cowboy name

  20. kdog says – reply to this


    Re: beth
    Right. If she really hated the attention she wouldn't go to camp where they are filming a REALITY SHOW! I have no opinion one way or another on her dating Romo, but as a football fan and a fan of Hard Knocks, I really don't want to see her on the show.

  21. Hyde says – reply to this


    WTf is Poppa's PROBLEM?? Shut UP! Come on Jessica, grow up and move away from Daddy Dearest.

  22. K says – reply to this


    If Homo thinks her visits are not a distraction, maybe he should think back to the trip he took with the Simpson family before the playoff game.

    GREAT quarterbacks throw themselves into the game and preparation for it. Both physically and mentally. Something Homo is not willing to do. He'd rather play with his girlfriend.

    I feel bad for the Dallas fans.

  23. abc 1 says – reply to this



  24. PFOP says – reply to this



  25. 125


  26. Jessi says – reply to this


    Can Jessica EVER do ANYTHING outside of her parents?????? Good Greif!! Jessica is 28 years old and STILL has to have Daddy by her side????
    GROW UP JESSICA!!!!!! Your father is NOT NOT NOT normal!

    Jessica has a VERY VERY unhealthy relationship with her father.

  27. Rina says – reply to this


    Fan from the beginning?! Then where the fuck has she been before last year? She sure wasn't skanking up Texas Stadium before last season. Furthermore WTF business does she have at training camp? Can't she let him focus? Does she not have her own life? AH GET HER AWAY FROM MY TEAM. And she can take Romo with her…

  28. bunse says – reply to this


    Please please please please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ, Jessica - give us a wardrobe malfunction! Your fake boobs have got to be way sexier than Janet Jackson's flabby ones.

  29. bee says – reply to this


    perez your a real jackass also jealous leave the girl alone and find someone else to pick on her and tony are together and too bad ifyou dont like it and anyone else it's their lives not your's their a great and hot couple she doesnt jinx anyone they do it themselves get over it oh I forgot writing about Jess brings people to your site too bad thatsthe only way that they come to your site and read your bullshit

  30. Blunt says – reply to this


    When Jessica was developing at age 12 and her little knubs were growing into breasts, Poppa Joe woke up every morning with a woody.

  31. snake says – reply to this


    Re: LNC. – I hope not, LNC. You do not want to get on the wrong side of the fans at Texas Stadium. Just ask T.O. It can get really ugly, really quick. I don't think Tony Romo can take the abuse and heckling for a whole season. Not only at the stadium but just around town. Especially if they're not winning!

  32. snake says – reply to this


    Re: Laure – She's not from Dallas. She's from Waco. If she and Poppa Joe are saying she is, they are BIG FAT LIARS!

  33. snake says – reply to this


    My apologies to all commenters - she was born in Abilene - same diff

  34. Dalla says – reply to this


    Who cares what they do? Im in Dallas and we do not mind Jessica at al, if tony's happy why should u care–…and her song is getting strong airplay too…It's getting old..the "pick on Jessica" crap..grow up kids

  35. fan says – reply to this


    if she was really a fan she wouldn't have given shit to nick lachey all the time for watching football….anyone remembers newlyweds?

  36. emmy says – reply to this


    Poppa Joe and his tranny looking Jessica talks too damn much. They should just shut up. Tony and Jessica looks dirty - like they never take a bath.

  37. lj says – reply to this


    Yes, she was there already. I saw photos yesterday. She's such a hypocrite. Like someone said, if she was a real fan, she would have gone to games before. She refused to watch football with NIck but now she's a big fan. Her Grandfather was a football coach too. She's just desperate for some free publicity since she has no talent.

  38. soho says – reply to this


    Jessica Simpson in one word: insipid. Perfectly describes her, her music, her vibe, blah, blah, blah…please marry and go away.

  39. 139

    Papa Joe Just can't stop himself from pimpin' out his daughters. With both girls careers now in the toilet, Papa Pimp has jumped on the Romo express. The only problem, the relationship is a sham. Tony's using her for sex and she's using him to keep her face in the news. It's all pretty sickening.

  40. GOawa says – reply to this


    Yea…thanks Tony!! Just what everyone wanted…this stupid, trashy family in Dallas more than they need to be. Can't wait for you to be traded so this idiot and her frosty tipped perv dad can go away.

    Tony isn't good enough in order for Dallas to put up with the baggage (jessica) that he brings with him!!!

  41. 141

    This family is sick! They make Ass Simpson feel like the normal one…

  42. 142

    I'm a Cowboys fan too, but seriously, the guy has had two straight meltdowns in two straight playoff games. Stats in the season are fine but championships define players. Troy Aikman dated assorted bimbos also, but he found a way to win Super Bowls. If Tony wants to be " whipped ", fine. But if he doesn't win some playoff games this year, then maybe we should trade his ass and get someone who can win when the games actually mean something.

  43. kt says – reply to this


    She is only a fan b/c of ROMO!! She probably has no idea what the heck a football is, probably would get it mixed up with Soccer!

  44. Jaq says – reply to this


    Perez you should come to the Nard!!

  45. StayC says – reply to this


    BREAK UP WITH THE CURSE! the cowboys don't stand a chance with Jessica SImpson's annoying ass hanging around this season! LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU DUMB DITZ… if I was Jerry Jones I'd make Romo dump her… she will ruin their season, f*ckin talentless idiot

  46. TXlon says – reply to this


    The State of Texas Hates this bitch and the bitch's daddy!!

  47. 147

    The Cowboys suck, with or without her there.

  48. afren says – reply to this


    I LOVEEEEEE DALLAS COWBOYSS!!! yayyyy for dallas mother fucking texas!!

  49. trist says – reply to this


    anyone who is a hardcore fan of the cowboys knows that this is bull SHIT . . . unfortunately she will be single handedly blamed for his losses, but honestly . . .if you loved the game and the team she would leave him to speak about whether or not she should be around . . . we'll judge based on whether or not he has the balls to call the shots . . . there are other players on that team who i'd root for louder than i would Romo if worse came to worse

  50. Ann says – reply to this


    Who's girlfriend's dad shows up to the boyfriend's training camp? Only the crazy Simpsons! I can't believe this family! How can Romo put up with this?

  51. touch says – reply to this


    The Cowboys pre seoson is being filmed for the HBO reality show "Hard Knocks" so ofcourse she showed up-as any good publicity whore would.
    She makes me sick, and Romo is just dissapointing with decisions he's made regarding the Simpsons–prove you're smarter than this Tony, and dump Yoko.

  52. 152

    Perez, shut up.

  53. Snitz says – reply to this


    Oh and look at you Mr. I love. Yeah.

  54. tiffa says – reply to this


    Cowboy fans are worse than Hollywood. She should stay as far away from Dallas as she should have stayed away from country music! She is the worse thing to happen to Football in Decades.

  55. Angie says – reply to this


    Jessica is from Richardson, TX (Dallas sub) and it is not beyond reason to think she and her dad are Dallas Cowboy fans. They always have been. The media needs to get over it. She is not my fave distraction of his, but she can go to the games if she wants. Romo is a man and a pro and if he screws up, it is his fault, not hers. Jessica is welcome in TX stadium unless she is rooting for the other team. :) hehe. Any Cowboy fan that says otherwise is being absurd.

  56. Kim says – reply to this


    YAY! I hope she curses them and they lose every game!!!!!!!!
    Cowboys sucks!

  57. LM says – reply to this


    If Joe Simpson could, he'd watch her have sexual intercourse. This man is so vulgar and disgusting!

  58. LNC says – reply to this


    Re: snake

    That is what is sounds like! I think that everyone should just boycot their home games if she shows up. Im sorry but the girl and her father need to work on something besides hannging on Romos balls! Which it looks likes he has none now. Im sure Jess has no clue what a touchdown is. Not only that what was up with the ugly pink jersey she wore to the game last year. IF YOURE A REAL FAN THEN YOU WEAR THE REAL COLORS OF THE COWBOYS!

  59. Lala says – reply to this


    Count how many times you bashed Her!
    You really are JEALOUS of real Ladies!?

  60. KIM says – reply to this


    Your're a PIG Perez "doggie style"

  61. Kathy says – reply to this


    At least She has a Father Who stays close to and cares about His daughter! Jealous?

  62. right says – reply to this


    as a dallasite i can tell you that not as many people think she is as big of a threat to his focus as the press makes out. she is great for dallas publicity, however, needs to decide if she is a true texan or if she is just faking like she is in her shitty "country" album

  63. DLA says – reply to this


    GREAT ANOTHER SEASON with Tony's head up Jess COOCHIE and ANOTHER Year with out THE SUPER BOWL………………

  64. It's says – reply to this


    I hate jessica simpson. Shes pretty to look at and thats it. She needs to stay away from tony romo and the dallas cowboys. the only reason she is with tony is bc of his status. shes fake and shes a dumb bitch!
    GO COWBOYS!!!!
    Dallas Cowboys fans are the best fans in the world! Fuck you haters!

  65. Tiffa says – reply to this


    Everyone knows the only reason she has become a Cowboy's 'fan' is because of Tony. D Magazine put her on the cover after she and T started dating, and everyone in Dallas had a fit. Aside from that, now that she's dating him and trying out a career in country music, she's talking about being a 'Texas' girl all the time. Take some advice, watch from home, Jes, we don't want you creating a scene for yourself at games.

  66. Giant says – reply to this


    Hahaha YES!! I am a Giants fan!! I LOVE IT!

  67. Krist says – reply to this


    Re: Holly

    Not even close my friend. I live in Dallas and have always been a fan until I met these two at DFW airport. not even a month ago. They came into the restaurant I was eating lunch at. I went over and told them I was a fan of both and if I could take a picture of them, BOTH of them looked at me and rudely said "Sure" and then completely turned their backs on me… on purpose. Just turned around as if I wasn't there… I looked at her and said "Ya know, I guess that was rude of me to ask, I'm sure you get that all the time" She snobbishly looks at me and says "You have no idea" And that was that… I flipped my phone shut and went back to my place at the bar across from them and sat quietly in silence for the next 20 minutes while all three of us at lunch. Thats the day I stopped being a fan of either. I've watched him and rooted for him since day one and I had all of her Albums. They can both piss off. I've never been treated so rudely in my life.

    It wasn't like I made a scene either, I quietly walked over there and spoke in a normal tone. not overly excited or anything. I hope they stay together and her curse of the Cowboys continues. Juck Fessica.

  68. LU fr says – reply to this


    Re: Krist
    That sucks ass!
    She was quoted in a mag. saying that she loved Dallas, but its funny how she can't even acknowledge her fans there!
    Apart from her being talentless, she wants to be RUDE?!
    What a douche of her. If I ever see Tony, I'll ask him for a pic, maybe he'll be nicer. Probably he was acting like that because of Jess, she seems controlling. Just like her dad!
    So now she decides to be a fan.
    I've never seen her in the games before or the news reporting that.
    How convenient of her.
    I feel bad for the other players, they're gonna hate her bitch ass and her dad.
    Dallas doesn't need Jessica!

  69. Dalla says – reply to this


    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don't have time for her. Get her out of town!!!! It's bad enough she keeps on hoggn' up our steakhouses and olive garden!!! WE WANT FOOTBALL NOT FOOTLOOSE!!!! I hate her dad!!! Every time I see his white ass he makes me want to punch him!!!!

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