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Kate Hudson's Already Moved On!

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She's a maneater!

Kate Hudson's wasted no time in finding new companionship.

As PerezHilton.com was the first to exclusively report, the actress and Lance Armstrong just ended their relationship.

Well, she's allegedly got herself a new man. And, it's actually an old man!

A source reveals exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Hudson may once again be seeing an ex-boyfriend of hers, a fella by the name of Eric Lindros.

"Kate and Eric have been holed up at her parent's [Goldie & Kurt's] house Muskoka, Canada," a well-placed insider tells us. "She went there immediately after she and Lance ended things."

Dating your own sloppy seconds? Tasty!

Update: Hudson's camp is denying the claim that anything romantical is going on with Eric Lindros (or his brother Brett, for that matter).

Kate's pals insist she and the Lindros' are just long-time friends.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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310 comments to “Kate Hudson's Already Moved On!”

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  1. deede says – reply to this


    Just like good old mom…….pass around the "wealth" I guess she thinks shes lined with gold!

  2. Steph says – reply to this


    Oh Perez, don't tell me you don't know who Eric Lindros is?! He was only one of the most famous hockey players of the 90's….. Geez. What rock have you been hiding under. Either way, I think she could do better. Eric Lindros is a douche.

  3. bea says – reply to this


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER???????? It's girls like her that make celebrities such terrible rold models. Can she not be alone?

  4. Prett says – reply to this


    Like mother like daughter! Her mom is a big whore too.
    Anyways, Lindros is no catch. All you Canucks will remember how he refused to play for the now defunct Quebec Nordiques even thought they drafted him; he was ungratful and arrogant about it. And he was touted as the next Wayne Gretzky but he flopped big time!
    I say let the slut have her loser. They're a great match, mostly famous and "great" in their own heads.

  5. 105

    She needs to slow the hell down!! She has a constant revolving door with men. That is not a good impression for her son. Think of your son first, not your self!

  6. tooti says – reply to this


    sources reveal exclusively to Perez…..what a crock….it's been all over the place before your site. Get with it. What is going on with you? A little slow lately…..I'm starting to think I don't have to check your site anymore for "exclusives"….

  7. lala says – reply to this


    Re: Shell – Exactly! shes sooo not a slut! Perez is just jealous that he cant get as much dick as she can! stupid fag perez!

  8. oldLa says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is 35…. Lance Armstrong is 36.

    soooo WTF?

  9. frost says – reply to this


    Ladies & Gentlemen…. The new Sienne Miller!

  10. megh says – reply to this


    Eric "choke in the clutch" Lindros? ugh. i was so happy to see him go when he finally left Philly! Biggest waste ever.

  11. LeeLe says – reply to this


    My god, she is friggin hot. I love the beatiful hippies. I'd go gay for her!!

  12. lala says – reply to this


    she needs to stay away from anyone associated with the nhl….she's not worthy enough

  13. JESSI says – reply to this


    eric lindros use to play hockey for the philadelphia flyers. He's a famous hockey player. But since your gay, Perez, you wouldn't have known that because you'd rather sit on your ass all day and bash celebrities (mostly a beautiful 15 year old) then watch any kind of sports games or participate in any sports game. At least look to see who eric lindros is !

  14. SAd says – reply to this


    I don't think it mean she a slut if she dating another person… dont be jealous Perez you cant find anybody..

  15. Heff says – reply to this


    She's just a artsy-fartsy hippie chick. But would you look at those tasty, creamy white orbs in the picture above? Even though she has been slimed by Chris Robinson repeatedly, I would use my toungue on every square inch of her body.

  16. karen says – reply to this


    I've also heard of Lindros. Once played in NY/hockey…Islanders or Rangers? Anyway, I suppose within hours she'll be reintroducing him to Ryder. She is beyond horny but hey, lotsa people are — just not so publicly. Even her mom wasn't quite the hoochie she is.

  17. 117

    Your honestly getting worse and worse,

    Your are so mean.

    I dont think its funny anymore.

  18. LeeLe says – reply to this


    Re: frost
    NO, honey, she's no homewrecker! And I've yet to see her titties being milked for the whole wide world to see…

  19. slap says – reply to this


    Lots of people have someone else waiting in the wings (no hockey pun intended). She is playing the field - everyone she has dates was single - no harm, no foul.

  20. jenny says – reply to this


    Does Eric Lindros have any hair left on his head? I'd love to see a current picture.

  21. naomi says – reply to this


    perez, come on. she is not a slut just because she is dating someone else…she's hot and therefore guys are falling all over her.
    let's show love for the ladies!

  22. rache says – reply to this


    fiting she would be in the muskokas with a Canadian…FYI he is an ex-NHL'er. We love him long time in Canada!

  23. Danny says – reply to this


    My breasts are larger than her's, and I'm a dude. Her boobs look like mosquito bites.

  24. 124

    She is sweet!!

  25. your says – reply to this


    what a total fucking surprise. Lance is easily the most selfish person to ever walk the earth. Just ask any of the staff that used to work on any of his cycling teams. Throw in a huge celebrity that also needs to be the center of attention and what do you get ? A relationship that barely reaches 90 days.

    Didn't see this one coming at all. As for Kate, I was a fan of hers, but this bouncing from dude to dude is starting to make her look desperate and sad. She's got a kid, she should just be able to chill and not be chasing dude tail all the time, pathetic.

  26. steph says – reply to this


    Is this girl only famous for sleeping around and being Goldie Hawn's daughter ?

  27. seren says – reply to this


    wow that was quick but i like her and lance better .

  28. MizZ says – reply to this


    first off i dunno how you come off saying hudson is a slutt of all the fuckin whores in hollywood shes the least. try labeling sumone else gayface
    && second me being from philly lindros is the shitt so good for her im glad she found herself a hunk compaired to mr armstong ewwwww

  29. 129

    MSN totally wrote about the split first

  30. mags says – reply to this


    eric lindros as in the ex-player from the philly flyers? perez, two days in a row now that you've missed identifying celebs. disappointed.


  31. Psych says – reply to this


    YAH - GOOD!!

    I hope to God that she DOES already have a new boyfriend.

    Whatever keeps her FAR away from Owen!!!

  32. troy says – reply to this


    Wow first she had the worlds greatest cyclist now one of the worlds greatest hockey players ever, careful A-Rod you may be next (which isnt really a bad thing)

  33. Ex-Li says – reply to this


    the hockey player???? he was hot about 13 yrs ago when he played for philly. then he became a whinny little bitch.

  34. Guess says – reply to this


    Right on, Perez. A lot of people in the Hollywood circuit know that this girl gets around like no other! What a slut!

  35. score says – reply to this


    eric lindros the hockey player????

  36. Andi says – reply to this


    It's not just any old "fellow" - Eric Lindros is a pretty famous NHL player…

  37. lawye says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros? Gross. Gross. Gross. I just totally lost respect for Kate. He's a disgusting dirtbag and a whiny, sucky prima donna to boot. Does anyone else remember that he had his mommy complain to the media when he didn't get drafted to his first choice team back in the 90's?

  38. what says – reply to this


    when she was on Conan O'brien she said her son asked her why people rubbed their bodies on each other and she said he is obsessed with her boobs.. He is gonna be majorly messed up when he grows up.

  39. 139

    ok where did kates boobs come from? lol

  40. jnni says – reply to this


    She may not be a slut, but he is….When I was in university, he slept with half of London, Ontario!

  41. b says – reply to this


    girl has some issues. needs to wait for the jizz to stop dripping before she hooks up with next guy.

  42. Shoeg says – reply to this


    Lindros- #88 on the Flyers from forever ago!!! He is sooo gorgeous and actually a nice guy!!! Go ahead girl!

  43. justi says – reply to this


    If everything we hear about her is actually true, then she is an incredibly needy woman (what a turn off!) She must have very low self esteem and derives much of it from having a man in her life. Sad.

  44. Jenny says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is a F'ing loser. She could do so much better.

  45. jutka says – reply to this


    Why do you hate women, Perez? You have huge double standards for women's sexual behaviour. If someone slammed the gays as much as you slam the women you would accuse them of being homophobes, but you are a misogynist asshole.

  46. Dayna says – reply to this


    she looks like stephanie pratt in that picture…

  47. Sly says – reply to this


    The hockey player??

  48. m87 says – reply to this


    what's with all these hollywood females dating CANADIAN hockey players?? Do they even know how the game is played… goodness… At least with Dion Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert are both Canadian so she must know the game unlike Hilary Duff who is dating Mike Comrie (another hot Canadian boy) had to get a book to learn about hockey…

  49. capit says – reply to this


    More evidence that Kate was just bearding for Lance Armstrong whose true love is Matthew McConnagay.

  50. Sly says – reply to this


    lindros is hawt

  51. rayra says – reply to this


    eric lindros destroyed the flyers for years. we gave up everything for him and he always got hurt when it mattered most. he def. cost us a cup or two. jerk.

  52. Holly says – reply to this


    He probably got a concussion from dating her…kinda like during every game he played with the Flyers.

  53. laa says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is a former hockey phoenom…quite attractive.

  54. dirty says – reply to this


    eric lindros…if you are going to pick a hockey player at least chose a HOT one…

    Hello NJ Devils…Zach Parise…..ewwww she is dirty

  55. mon says – reply to this


    calling her a slut is juvenile and sexist! couldn't you be a bit more clever perez?

  56. Tlo G says – reply to this


    Re: jnni – AMEN!!!! When he played for the Leafs he was the same way..also was charged with battery on some lady in a bar…his brother Brett also is a complete TOOL. All you people who don't like they way Perez is or what he writes I have an IDEA… stop reading his site IDIOTS

  57. shann says – reply to this


    first i have to say she actually looks pretty in that pic a first for her IMO and secondaly i dont get these celebs ur in the public eye eveyone is gonna kno ur business wiither u like it or not the fact that she moved on so quickly implies to me she doesn't like to be alone or she really is lookig for love *fake sarcasm*

  58. 158

    Going from Rocker Husband to Comedic film star to Champion Cyclist (and I probably missed a few) to has been Hockey Player who never lived up to his Potential.

  59. cw says – reply to this


    well, when i saw her at a restaurant on friday, she wasn't with eric… she was with his brother Brett, and they looked pretty cozy.
    maybe you got the wrong brother

  60. Tam says – reply to this


    Ugh, the hockey player? That guy is a notorious a-hole. Come to think of it, maybe they're perfect for each other…

  61. Krist says – reply to this


    You mean Eric Lindros?? Hockey player?? I wouldn't say a fella by the name of…. He was a HUGE hockey player (in his day). I don't even like hockey but I am Canadian so I do have to know certain things…. Definitely a step down from M Armstrong though

  62. bling says – reply to this


    love her top ..small boobage yum lol

  63. sarah says – reply to this


    She's such a whore… Has she ever been single?…

  64. ludz says – reply to this


    he's a hockey player… retired sorry.. and he was great.. stop hating perez.. love you but you hate way too much on people who dont deserve it.

  65. queen says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros?? When did they even go out before? He's a pretty famous Canuck Perez. He was in the NHL with New York Rangers until he couldn't play anymore. Really? I can't see them together. Think Lance's a better guy.

  66. Linda says – reply to this


    Stop with the slut stuff. It's getting so overused here!

  67. chris says – reply to this


    "Fella" is ex-nhl'er (retired) who gave away $1mill to the head/concussion treatment centre that treated him after numerous concussions. Maybe that explains his latest hook up. LOL

  68. lef says – reply to this


    OMG!! Love it!! Eric Lindros…he grew up near me…Great hockey player but had a lot of concussions….hit in the head quite a few times…GO CANADA

  69. NYNY says – reply to this


    Karma's a bitch Lance!!

  70. PinK says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is HOTTTNESS…and Perez hes not old! Check ur "sources"

  71. nash says – reply to this


    u continue to be such a bitch, perez. have you ever heard of being on the rebound?? this fuckin' misogyny continues….

  72. GO FL says – reply to this


    Lindros rules.

  73. Patty says – reply to this


    SLUTS ROCK!!!!!

  74. cw says – reply to this


    she was actually with brett lindros, his brother.
    i saw them a restaurant, they were eating at the table next to us.

  75. seb says – reply to this


    Eric is 35

    since when is that "an old man"?

  76. Dana says – reply to this


    Kate traded down, Lindros is a washed up old Flyers Hockey player. Lance was way hotter!!!!!!!!!

  77. chase says – reply to this



  78. kris says – reply to this


    great… can't wait to see how ryder likes this new dad!!!

  79. Allie says – reply to this


    So - she dates like a man.

    Good for her - If I were rich, famous and quite attractive the way she is,
    I would too!

    You go, Kate!!

  80. 180

    Kate is a hot Kitten. She makes me purrrrrr.
    What's wrong with Love em and Leave em? What's Love Got to do with It ??
    Purrez, please let us know as soon as John Mayer ditches Jennifer Aniston.

  81. Kenna says – reply to this


    LOL Our ex Broad Street Bully? That cracks me up-he totally went into obscurity when he left the Flyers-I think he had so many concussions he drools

  82. Fiona says – reply to this


    He's an amazing hockey player, kudos to her, he is sexy and talented.

  83. Saund says – reply to this


    I've been checking out this site for about a month now and this pic of Kate Hudson is where I had to draw the line…she is not a slut…It is so mean and hateful to label women with such titles… can't you be a little nicer?

  84. Donna says – reply to this


    Hot hockey player!

  85. meme says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is a HOTTIE!

  86. canad says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is a fuckin loser. Everyone up in the Muskokas thinks hes a giant asshole….

  87. charl says – reply to this


    She's only in it for the money! She's like an American version of Slyttysiennna Miller….

  88. Joce says – reply to this


    … and its Muskoka, ONTARIO , Canada bitches!

    Kind of like New York, New York, US

  89. a can says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros is a retired hockey player…he/his family has a cottage on the same lake as Goldie and Kurt

  90. golea says – reply to this


    HAHA! go lindros!

  91. yslut says – reply to this


    How exactly does dating someone else make her a slut? No one here knows the extent of Kate and Lance's relationship, either beginning or end, so labeling her a slut/tramp/etc is egregiously inappropriate.

  92. Sharo says – reply to this


    If it's an old boyfriend than perhaps Kate is trying to lick her wounds. Eric Lindros is the guy Mario Lemieux handed the orch to when he retired. Unfortunately, due to mutiple concussions has never been able to play up to his abilities.He could have been a superstar and actually was at one time when he played for the Philadelphia Flyers. Carry on Kate!

  93. Buck says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a good for nothing piece of s*it. Your website is nothing but copied material that you did not gather for yourself. You do nothing but steal info from everyone else and post it on this pathetic website. You make it look like you have gotten the material yourself. Your a thief and a skank!

  94. shann says – reply to this


    Eric Lindros, the hockey player?! lol lol lol

  95. Jenni says – reply to this


    Does anyone else think that Kate Hudson and Spencer's Sister Stephanie look a like? TWINS!!!!

  96. Jam says – reply to this


    Eric is conveniently straight for his family and career reputation sake. The pocono mountains in PA whisper a whole different story

  97. moon says – reply to this


    she looks good though
    hottie in that picture, no doubt.

    … get it kate.

  98. jessa says – reply to this


    ERIC LINDROS?!?! from the NHL???? hockey players are hotttt! i'm glad everyone has finally realized this!

  99. PSR says – reply to this


    This girl has major men issues….she skips from one to the other like she is playing hopscotch. Poor son of hers - does he ever see his Mom?? Does he ever see her with one man for more than a month? Another man is just a hop skip and a jump away. Sad.

  100. xxhab says – reply to this


    Woah - Kate & #88? Lindros the ex-Philadelphia Flyer whose parents and concussions ruined his career. Too bad - the legion of doom line was awesome.

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