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LAPD Chief Says Lindsay Lohan Is GAY

| Filed under: Legal Matters


As we mentioned yesterday, LA Councilman Dennis Zine is behind a proposal to put stricter laws on the ways the paparazzi operate.

And, today when the meeting took place as to what should be done, it turned more into a showdown between Zine and LAPD Chief William Bratton, who openly opposes the new legislation.

According to Chief Bratton, he decided to leave his morning workout and show up at 6am to be near reporters since apparently Zine's last live interview about the paparazzi aggravated him so much.

He decided to go and "set the record straight."

Bratton said, "I figured I'd come over and straighten out — we have no intention of participating in today's hearing. It's a total waste of time. We have sufficient laws on the books that we enforce to deal with this issue."

Well obviously the laws aren't working or your cops aren't enforcing them properly.

Is Batton getting paid off by the paps????

Bratton continued on by saying that he puts the blame on celebrities, such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, for the constant issues with the paparazzi.

He adds, "If you notice, since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving; Paris is out of town not bothering anybody, thank God; and, evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue."

Ouch. Outted by the Chief!

Bratton adds, "If the ones that attract the paparazzi behave in the first place, like we expect of anybody, that solves about 90 percent of the problem. The rest of it we can deal with. So as far as all this grandstanding and foolishness, waste of city time on this issue — and the fact that I felt aggravated enough about it to interrupt my workout to come over and set the record straight, LAPD has no intention of participating in this farce."

Ok, and what about the celebs that are avoiding the paparazzi and staying at home and have the paps trespass onto their private property? Such as what happened with Halle Berry?

What do you say to that?

[Image via WENN.]

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126 comments to “LAPD Chief Says Lindsay Lohan Is GAY”

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  1. b says – reply to this



  2. 2

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  3. TALOR says – reply to this



  4. morga says – reply to this


    oh gosh.

  5. spoot says – reply to this


    Firecrotch to firecrotch baby

  6. 6

    I think its sooo funny!

  7. sama says – reply to this


    he makes sense.

    why should law-abiding citizens go unprotected?

  8. 8

    eey perze another thing dude u r gay u self -.-
    so what is the problem that lindsay might be gay`??
    she might not want to say it yet !!!!!!!!!
    go lesbian go lesbian

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  9. cynth says – reply to this



  10. Mike says – reply to this


    This is no fucking news, Perez! Boy, I hear the clock ticking, someone 15 minutes are almost up….

  11. justi says – reply to this


    hahahah ilove what he said about beeee

  12. dsfd says – reply to this


    ugh rude

  13. flori says – reply to this


    oh no! dina is gonna sue him!

  14. Rhond says – reply to this


    some of us had that figured out a while ago, but if you need a cop to confirm it for ya. There ya go. Someone in Cali is finally making sense. He might have accidently just joined the mass right wing:)

  15. Kiara says – reply to this


    Um, I think the whole world knows these two hos are coochie-eating bitches…. Nothing new.

  16. ashle says – reply to this


    i think i might in top 5!! lindsay prob isnt gay

  17. kris says – reply to this


    hahahahah omg PEREZ!! i cannot beleive that cop said SHES GONE GAY just like that…..!!!!!!!! aahhh i really hope lohan sees this

  18. Emma says – reply to this


    i believe paparazzi SHOULD b allowed on sidewalks; and from
    AFARRR!!! and of course at events~ but don't run in the street,
    infront of cars, putting lives at risk: screaming "Lindsaay", just to
    takee a photo of Lindsay Lohan smoking a cigg! and
    shoppingg.. -______- it's stupidd. And Also, don't trespass on anyone's
    property~ They're trying to call Brad Pitt a "Bad Father", just because he
    rode around on a golfcart ON HIS OWN PROPERTYY, with his daughter on
    his lap, i'm sure he wasn't goin fast or putting her at risk..

  19. vagli says – reply to this



  20. lr says – reply to this


    HAHA! Too fucking bad for all of them! They can blame skanks like Slutney and Lindsey! They have left their mark on the world for sure. Only it's a really ugly black mark! And I agree they just need to enforce the existing laws - no special laws for the whores, i.e. Slutney. It's already bullshit enough the time and money spent on keeping these idiots "safe". However I'm not sure if it's from the paps or themselves.

  21. Mandi says – reply to this


    I call bullshit.

    I have the right (as a free person in a free country) to act the way that I want to without having the hassle of being harassed. The videos where they surround their cars to such an extent that they can't even drive make me sick. Why can't there be more laws around that?

    I thought we got past the era of blaming victims for their problems? I'm not into the old "poor me, I'm rich and famous" crowd. But man..if I had to deal with people in my face with camera's every day of my life as I'm going back and forth to work I'd be pretty pissed too!

    And..for the record. No one "goes" gay. This police chief seems to be chock full of ignorance..

  22. Ryan says – reply to this


    I completely agree with bratton, and for you to insinuate that he is being paid off is insulting. he is without a doublt the best police chief LA has had in a very long time and he has made tremendous strides in decreasing crimes and if this world wasn't so obsessed with celebrities there would be no need for papparazzi. on that note i adore your website

  23. mm says – reply to this


    Dude, LL could totally sue him.

  24. eep says – reply to this


    I agree with Chief Bratton.

  25. CHASE says – reply to this


    it's time for a trip to the ranch…….. GRAVEEEEEY

  26. rebec says – reply to this


    that guy is a total moron! we see pics daily of private matters, there should be a nationwide law not just a local LA law about boundries for the Paps!!

  27. sgg88 says – reply to this


    he said evidently she is gay… not saying that he knows it for a fact or anything. he knows just as much as we do.

  28. Elle says – reply to this


    "Ok, and what about the celebs that are avoiding the paparazzi and staying at home and have the paps trespass onto their private property? Such as what happened with Halle Berry?

    What do you say to that?"

    SO true. It's not fair! The paps are getting out of hand. I live in LA so I basically see them around on a daily basis, and it is reeeally not fun dealing with them. They do anything to get "the money shot"…not fair at all. To the stars and to the citizens of the city.

  29. 29

    Re: TALOR
    hahahah u not! u are in 3# lol!
    next time u might be 1# ;D

    remember guys
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  30. Caric says – reply to this


    You chose a profession where you make a lot of money, have a lot of explosure (exploding pap) and have more privies than most American's do. How about enforcing laws for rape victims, animal cruelty, children protection instead of advocating for more protection from something you signed up for.

    Today's Papparzzi Whores (men and women celebs) are spoiled **ucking brats. They think their shit does not stink, it comes in a different color.. I would not be surprised if they feel they are going to a different heaven.

    Cracks me up when these babies whine and moan about the pappies but tend to live in the areas known for hunting and shop at the stores known for hunting. Give it a rest…… do us all a flavor and do what you do best, entertain us and stop making this a YOU YOU YOU YOU issue

  31. Dear says – reply to this


    how can you say that and then post sooo many PAPARAZZI pictures on your site.? Im sorry but you are a bit of an idiot and the sad part is you don't seem to realize it. Your not kidding. Oh my god.

  32. abby says – reply to this


    Than halle berry has the right to sue. It is not the polices job to babysit the wild young celebrities. i think only one getting paid to sway his opinions is perez.

  33. loveL says – reply to this



    The pap's go to far. It's not the celeb's fault. No wonder LA is so fucked.

  34. lo says – reply to this


    Didn't you post both the Brange and Halle Berry photos?

    You are as much to blame as anyone.

  35. caric says – reply to this


    Re: Elle

    Then move. Dont live where the papps hang. There are a ton of celebs that are not hunted and live comfortable lives.

  36. Amy says – reply to this


    Does anyone know if Gewn Steffani has her baby, she was due in July and was always being seen around in parks and stuff now there has been no talk or siteing of her anywhere!!! Perez look into it!!! They will have the baby in London so maybe that is why the paps have not found out that Kingston has a baby bro/sister.

  37. bobdm says – reply to this


    This Chief is really a boob. If there are laws on the books that COULD solve the problems of celebs who are trapped behind closed doors and curtained windows then the LAPD should start enforcing them. Unfortunately these laws are of the "Quality of Life" type which the police can ignore if they are being their normally lazy selves or they can enforce if someone they consider a "lowlife" is involved. Bratton should be fired. He isn't doing his job. Most celebs are fairly normal people who just want to be left alone. Paps are accelerating the battle. Now they are dressing in camo like terrorists and infiltrating private property. They drive recklessly. They break laws. They assault innocent people. Paps don't have rights guaranteed to the press. They are not the real press. They are only filming entertainment, like a reality show. STOP THE PAPS !! MORE LAWS NOW !! FIRE BRATTON !!!

  38. 38

    Mario, I think it has become quite apparent that you have huge issues surrounding your own homosexuality, which you continue to transpose onto gay females in a pathetic attempt to "make yourself feel better." Big freakin' deal, you know? Lindsay Lohan is gay or bi. Who gives a shit? It's not like she turned you down as a romantic interest, so what's the deal?

    You need to get a grip Mario, come to terms with it and "man up" and grow up. Seriously, it's getting ugly with you.

  39. Chris says – reply to this


    Be careful - if a law like this passes, you wouldn't have a website. Papparazzi are the bottom-feeding douches of the journalism world, and your best friends.

  40. :( says – reply to this


    I totally agree with Bratton. He should have also pointed out that most of these celbutards call the paps before they go anywhere for publicity.

    I hope he gets in a good workout tomorrow!

  41. moon says – reply to this


    oh wow.

  42. 42

    Fuck Chief Dickhead…go back to New York and shut the fuck up. I hate cops.

  43. WOW! says – reply to this


    Bratton is RIGHT!!! They chose the limelight–not the public. As for Halle is concerned: BOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO Cry me a river. Move to Alaska if you don't like the publicity! I can't stand unappreciative celebs. When you choose to be a "movie star", you choose to lose privacy, too!
    GIVE US A BREAK, PLEASE!!! LAPD have better things to do than worry about poor Halle!

  44. WOW! says – reply to this


    RE: CARIC–

    WELL SAID-WELL SAID-WELL SAID-WELL SAID- WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jon says – reply to this


    Its not LalOhans fault she is sooo popular and famous… They really do need stricter laws so the celebs can live their lives

  46. ugh says – reply to this


    Isnt that postion of the police department paid with taxspapayers money.??? So why aren't taxspayers wishes not being respected ?? Every person has a right to walk down the street and enjoy, Including the CELEBRITIES !!! Most of these people wouldn't be NEWS except that every TV and MAG has them plaster on the front story. Troops are being KILLED all day everyday,but hell having all the reporters and paz on Britney lastest FART is more important to REPORT ..So blame them for all the B-UL-L-SH-IT we are forced to watch on every damn channel pretty much

  47. AHA!! says – reply to this


    Caric is soooooo right-on. These celebs love the attention—-please people–don't let them fool you. Bratton rocks!

  48. Lily says – reply to this


    I saw the interview this morning on channel 11 (HI JILLIAN!). He didn't say she was gay, he said "she has a girlfriend".

  49. perez says – reply to this


    I love the Chief. He's awesome. Zine just is looking for reelection. Idiots.

  50. Uker says – reply to this


    If it wasn't for the paps you wouldn' have a job so do us a fave and STFU.

  51. ceec says – reply to this


    perez, you are saying that the chief of police knows who is gay and who isn't? Maybe he knows the winning lottery numbers or who is going to win the election. I just can't believe that you of all people print rumors of who is gay.

  52. jenn says – reply to this


    there should be a law against them when it come to shots with people in their own private property, but i understand the police chief being fustrated with the careless young celebs wasting his and his officers time with their BS when there are more important things to deal with out there.

  53. 53

    Well, Lindsay's mother keeps insisting that "Samantha is a longtime good friend of the family"..>STOP THE LIES. Enough already, its obvious that this little 'boy' Samantha dresses like a David Spade CLONE WANNA-BE, and when do you ever hear about her 'dating' anybody? men or women? So, its stupid for the mother to perpetuate the lies about her daughter's sexuality, UNLESS SHE IS PREJUDICED, and ASHAMED OF A GAY IN THE FAMILY?

  54. LLOVE says – reply to this


    actually he said she "has a girlfriend".. not "gone gay" . I saw it on Good Day LA this morning

  55. Po says – reply to this


    But Perez and all of us that read this stuff daily are to blame as well! We've created this market for papps! So until we all stop reading Perez and TMZ and the like, and the sites and shows and mags stop using the product the papps are creating, the problem won't go away! Of course, it is ridunkulously hypocritical for Perez and TMZ and the rest to bash the papps who are their source for juicy content!!!!! Stop complaining about them — YOU ARE THEM!

  56. L. says – reply to this


    We need more laws? Are you kidding. Nevermind China, what are we turning this country into?

    As far as Halle, she can charge the pap who took pics on her property with trespassing, etc. The whole thing is foolish. More laws, tighter regs and more taxpayer money is not the answer.

  57. 57

    LA cops scopping 2 a new low-lame! :(

  58. Ally says – reply to this


    I have to say I totally agree that the Paparazzi has gone too far. An entertainer's job is to ENTERTAIN, and that's it. There's nothing entertaining about watching Britney Spears give birth or Angelina Jolie giving birth- because that's something peple do EVERYDAY, and really, when stars/musicians/people-who-shouldn't-be-famous-but-are-for-some-reason aren't doing their job and when they're on their own personal time, it's nobody's fucking business what they do.

  59. 59

    You know what? It's called the fucking 1st amendment! Why do we have to change what is in the fucking constitution? Just because of a bunch of rich assholes are complaining? Fuck them! They knew what they were getting themselves into when they wanted to be famous. If they hate the paparazzi so much then why don't they just leave LA and keep a low profile?


  60. KateM says – reply to this


    Perez- your comment at the bottom about Halle Berry deals the the left over 10% the LAPD guy was talking about

  61. daves says – reply to this


    >Ok, and what about the celebs that are avoiding the paparazzi and staying at home and have the paps trespass onto their private property? Such as what happened with Halle Berry?

    What do you say to that?

    Paparazzi are great, and there should be more of them if anything.. celebrities know how to not be spotted…. …. Trespassing is trespassing nothing to do with being a paparazzi

  62. jen' says – reply to this


    I think I just saw the first blatant lie on Perez Hilton site. The quote about Lindsay "Gone Gay" is completely false. He never said any of those things and I JUST WATCHED HIS EXACT QUOTE! Wow! I didn't expect this from perez' site. Pretty retarded. I think I'll stop reding it now. If I can't believe Perez then I guess I am on the wagon to stop the paps!!!!

  63. rosie says – reply to this


    And what about Toby McGuire who almost got into a car accident b/c the pap wouldn't let him drive safely out of the driveway!?!? Unreal.

  64. Nate2 says – reply to this


    This is retarded because there are PLENTY of celebrities that go on PRIVATE vacations and still get harassed and follow, with pictures of them in PRIVATE moments in the mags the next day. There are plenty of celebrities who go out of their way to live behind closed walls and the papz climb in trees and have extremely strong cameras to still capture every moment.

  65. momo says – reply to this


    Re: Dear

    How can you call Perez an idiot for posting the pictures, when you are on here yourself looking at them?! Pot meet kettle. By looking at this, you are contributing to the reason that the paparazzi take the pictures in the first place. I do agree that they should not be allowed to invade people's privacy by trespassing, etc. But the reality is some of them instigate it themselves by alerting the paps. And for the ones who are out just grocery shopping, they wanted to be celebrities, and that is just part of the package.

  66. Liz says – reply to this


    OMG this is too funny hahahahaha

  67. tina says – reply to this


    ok Perez, you're such a hypochrit!! you use paparazzi pictures all the time and now you "care" about celebrities' privacy?

  68. Jai says – reply to this


    Re: paps tresspassing on Halley Berry's property.

    It is a trespassing issue, already reflected in the law books. It is thus unnessary for new legislation to pass for a law that already exists!

  69. DIGBY says – reply to this



  70. jm says – reply to this


    I agree with the Chief. Granted, some paps are out of control (like what happened to Halle Berry) and they can pursue legal action for it. But, really, celebs play the paparazzi for their own gain, and then complain about the attention. Yes, this doesn't happen to all of them, but he's right, Britney Spears perpetuated the paparazzi insanity with her actions, which she knew would draw attention. Now that she's calmed down, you don't see too much of her.
    The point is this: it is a two-way street, and the Chief is right in suggesting that it's unfair to claim that the LAPD needs more laws to address the pap issue, when some concessions and behavior changes must come from the celebs too.

  71. Bebo says – reply to this


    SaMAN just looks like she STINKS! dirty hoe

  72. ME says – reply to this



  73. luke says – reply to this


    Re: Bebo – No Doubt. She is as ugly and dirty as a pigs ass!

  74. 74

    sure it sucks for celebrities, but at the same time they know the downfalls when they get into the business, id rather have the money with an invasion of privacy then worry about having a roof over my head when rents due, count your blessings be responsible and spend our tax payers money on real acts of voilence out there…..there are much more important things to be focused on

  75. Summe says – reply to this


    Whocares if shes Gay, shes happy! Get overrr ittt! Everyone! Its HER life. Not anyone eles!

  76. sam-n says – reply to this


    you're a disgrace to the gay community. you set the community back 50 years.

  77. 77

    who gives a fuck she's gay? the last thing she needs to do is pop out kids anyway. SAM needs to fix her nasty hair with all that money she has.

  78. 78

    Wow, um, I just guessed she was either bi, a whore, or both! Now I guess LEZLO IS A LESBO!

  79. DANIE says – reply to this


    he did not say gone gay ! He said " allegedly lyndsay has a new girlfriend" get your shit straight

  80. Nikol says – reply to this


    Way to blame the victims, chief.

  81. Jilli says – reply to this


    Perez, considering how many pap photos you use on an hourly basis to put food on your table, you lose your right to get on any kind of high horse when it comes to this issue.

  82. nat says – reply to this


    As much as I couldn't care less about that skank, Lohan should sue that cop for slander even if she is a lesbo lol.

  83. 83

    that was tight

  84. sss says – reply to this


    we need cops patrolling the streets to stop crime such as gangbanging, tagging, drug deals, prostitution (well maybe not prostitution), car jacking not to make sure Horry Berry makes her to her car with out having a picture taken for her darky face. If magazines stop paying $5-$15 million for baby pictures or paying outrages prices for pictures of Paris cunachi or Lindsays sex partner then the papz would stop being so aggressive.

  85. fuck says – reply to this


    Well I guess if you tresspass on someone's property, they have the responsiblity to charge the tresspassers. They don't need to have some special law to protect them because of what they do for a living. How about tougher laws for spouse abusers or child molesters. Really the rich and famous don't need anymore favors than they already get. Besides a lot celebrities call the paps then complain about how they can't get a moment alone. Hard to take them seriously. I really don't think someone who knows so little about law should be making judgements on what laws are made.

  86. Josh says – reply to this


    umm i wouldn't call that outing lindsay lohan i'm sure he is just assuming she is gay by the same evidence we have all seen in the press.

  87. sss says – reply to this


    Brits exboy toy papz was making thousands of dollars selling pictures of her. If pictures were only tops $100 each papz would not go to extremes to take pictures. If the pics of Angelina Jolie were not worth thousands$$ papz would not even bother.

  88. Klit says – reply to this


    Hey, Hey!!, Hey Hey!! Firecrotch is gay!! Firecrotch is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 89

    Wow. He's a douchebag.

  90. Usele says – reply to this


    Then Hally Berry can quit her self-important whining and sue the trespasser.

    Why does an entire city's resources and time need to be turned into a circus for Halle Berry (who hit and ran in an auto accident, and who ironically no one is much interested in anymore) ?

    If I had a trespasser on my property, you better believe the USELESS asshole LAPD wouldn't do a thing and would tell me it's a civil matter (although it's criminal.)

    Halle Berry needs to pursue legal action against whoever she's complaining about and stop sucking up taxpayer resources.

    Bratton is a joke, and an example of why this city has so deteriorated.

    Dennis Zine needs to put his attention to the very real problems in this city, and stop trying to get on tv.

  91. dave says – reply to this


    I'm with Bratton. We have trespassing laws, felonious restraint laws, assault laws, and numerous other protections for persons and private property whether you are rich and famous or not. As an LA resident I will note that our city has one of the lowest police officer:citizen ratios in the nation; our police resources should be spent fighting violent and organized crime, not playing bodyguard for the rich and famous. Additionally, Bratton cannot be sued for saying Lindsay Lohan is gay, that is protected speech.

  92. 92

    Your question is a good one but as for the LAPD chief outing Lindsay, I don't really believe he did. "…and, evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue." He's not exactly saying she's gay, just that it appears that way from what the media has to say.

  93. Novel says – reply to this


    Since you live in a closet and don't own property, you obviously don't realize Halle's case against the paps is a CIVIL one and not the police chief's problem. Why don't you just shut up about things you know nothing about>? Oh, yeah - - that would probably put you out of business…

  94. j says – reply to this


    fuck that guy!

  95. PFOP says – reply to this



  96. PR says – reply to this


    "and what about the celebs that are avoiding the paparazzi and staying at home and have the paps trespass onto their private property? Such as what happened with Halle Berry?"

    There are trespass laws. Enforce them. If paps stand in front of cars or block your access, charge them as public nuisances. But it doesn't require new laws. And the Britneys and Paris's and Lindsay's f the world brought this on themselves.

    Who didn't? Oh you know, working actors minding their own business. Like Wentworth Miller. Who you couldn't leave the fuck alone you worthless fucking hypocrite.

  97. Adam says – reply to this


    Ok, and what about the celebs that are avoiding the paparazzi and staying at home and have the paps trespass onto their private property? Such as what happened with Halle Berry?

    What do you say to that?

    Legislate on that, the law is pernickity for a reason.

    There is no point in pretending that the deliberate efforts of Amy Winehouse to court the free publicity of scandal and Halle Berry picking her nose in her house are the same.

    It is clear that Paris Hilton and Lowest of the low-ho are perfectly content with their press coverage.

  98. ugh says – reply to this


    You say: "That's already against the law."

  99. UGH says – reply to this


    The cop doesn't know she's gay, he's just saying that's what the reports are. Why would she tell him? God. Who outed her first, Perez? She better be fucking gay or bi after all this bullshit, or it's just completely insulting and disrespectful to flaunt it and not mention it at all.

  100. bunse says – reply to this


    Aren't the current laws about trespassing sufficient? What do you want them to do, Perez - pass a law making the penalties stiffer for trespassing on a celebrity's property? You'd have a field day with that, complaining about celebrities being treated better than other people.
    Seems to me that the Chief has a good point here.

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