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The Retirement Fund

| Filed under: Cher


Celebs are just selling their mansions all over the place, but now's not the time to sell. Is it????

Cher is the latest star to put her home up for sale.

The singer auctioned off most of the contents from her Malibu, CA mansion about two years ago.

And now she's ready to sell the property.

Cher is selling her Italian Renaissance-style villa, which was built back in 1992, for $45 million.

Yes, FORTY FIVE million!

The 14,000 square foot villa sits on 1.7 acres of land and overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Her home was also featured in Architectural Digest back in 2002.

It's a three-story villa featuring six bedrooms with seven bathrooms.

There's a pool, tennis court, and guest house. It also has a gym, a theater, and multiple verandas.

Must be nice to be that rich.

[Image via WENN.]

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91 comments to “The Retirement Fund”

  1. kILAR says – reply to this



  2. yes says – reply to this



  3. first says – reply to this


    old ugly bitch

  4. Oops says – reply to this



  5. Asssh says – reply to this



  6. your says – reply to this


    that… is too much.

  7. syap says – reply to this



  8. kris says – reply to this



  9. lake says – reply to this



  10. Steve says – reply to this


    still love her!

  11. Madge says – reply to this


    yeah, but she had to sleep with Sony Bono, so it all evens out

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Did Madonna get the same type of cheek implants as Cher?
    They really plump out saggy skin and wrinkles.
    Purrez, it's nicer to be young than rich.

  14. 14

    i love that bitch!!!

  15. 15

    Share the wealth, biaaa

  16. trish says – reply to this


    cher is disgusting and does not deserve any money

  17. trish says – reply to this


    and really…why do people comment "first" just to try to get on there first? it's really lame…and you should probably get a life.

  18. JENN says – reply to this



  19. aj says – reply to this


    I'll take it! lmao

  20. Susan says – reply to this


    I love to watch Cher cos she shares

    PLSZ lemme know how much it cost to bild it

  21. swat says – reply to this


    Funny, I remember that article in Architectural Digest.

  22. dee says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ…right Perez, it must be nice to be that rich when there are people in our very own country losing their jobs and being evicted on a daily basis. 45 million?? What a selfish bitch! How about taking some of that money and giving to a family so they can avoid foreclosure??

  23. WTF?? says – reply to this



  24. Porty says – reply to this


    Re: Susan

    LOL u mean "bild"?

  25. chic says – reply to this


    Great Shabby Chic stuff

  26. Rain says – reply to this


    sounds like a fun pad…

  27. porty says – reply to this


    Re: chic


  28. Cher says – reply to this


    selling ur big house



  29. Porty says – reply to this


    selling ur big house


  30. wooti says – reply to this


    Maybe all these wealthy people putting their multi-million dollar homes up for sale truly do not understand how bad the economy is for the rest of us. They are living in their sheltered world.

  31. mat says – reply to this


    I remember her Malibu house in Architectural Digest and its just as goudy/vulgar/tacky as she is. However it does have a gorgeous view of the ocean.

  32. midi says – reply to this


    uh, yeah, and doesn't it also have a recording studio??? oh, and those god-awfully symmetrical rows of palm trees.

  33. Diva says – reply to this


    I dont need to be that rich. I just wanna eat and maybe send my kids to college. Is that asking to much. I dont need 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

  34. jeff says – reply to this


    I've driven past her house before….it's big. It's nice. It's ON the ocean. But $45 million!?

  35. redso says – reply to this


    this house is gorgeous, drive by it often…. not sure it is 45 mill gorgeous, but hey it is prime malibu property

  36. Oofah says – reply to this


    She's a man baby.

  37. rip says – reply to this


    That pink/red eyeshadow makes her ugly eyes look even worse and makes her look ill… is she blind or what?

  38. truth says – reply to this


    She's half Armenian like the Kardashian sisters, Kim's butt would be as flat as Cher's without the plastic surgery, so quit fronting that Armenian women are curvy, it's a lie!

  39. InThe says – reply to this



    you can bet that the "timing" has been hastened by the little temblor the other day. i don't think she'd get her $45m out of her earthquake insurance when it falls into the ocean, that's for damn sure!!

  40. InThe says – reply to this


    that's now to say she wasn't planning on selling it eventually. . .

    with mudslides and fire, she'd still have the property, even if the structure was destroyed.

    after checking her policy (and the economy!), you can bet she found out that she'd only receive a fraction of it's worth should 'The Big One" hit. how do you insure a piece of real property that no longer exists?

  41. Babs says – reply to this


    Now this is a girl who with even all the plastic has not ruined herself like Madonna and Pam.
    She is a classic beauty, with the best voice in the business.

  42. JAMEZ says – reply to this




  43. Mr Be says – reply to this


    Speidi should make a bid on it. They are already so rich! LOL

  44. what? says – reply to this


    Re: dee
    She worked for it. I'm also sure she donates to charity. So, stfu.

  45. perez says – reply to this


    Too bad the house is butt ugly and stands on the cliff like a fucking sore.

  46. fitzz says – reply to this


    Poor Ol Slut,
    bet she ends up back doing her TV Infomercials

    Remember them ??
    She was selling hair products, was a hoot

  47. Phil says – reply to this


    Cher is awesome and deserves her vast wealth.
    She is multi-talented, has worked hard for what she has amassed, and has given pleasure to millions for the past 43 years.
    Go, Cher!

  48. isabe says – reply to this


    I love Cher, and hope she gets what she wants for her home. It's a beautiful house, as she is as well. She's worked hard for her money.

    All you jealous bitches STFU! Do you think ANY of these stars realize what it's like to live pay check to paycheck? It's just stupid to even contemplate it.

  49. alfad says – reply to this


    More bathrooms than bedrooms. Really.

  50. Missy says – reply to this


    HUmmm…this is news??? I have been a big fan of Cher's since the Sonny days!
    When that marriage broke up, she made most of her money buying and selling Houses and hot property.

    She's always been one Smart Lady!!!!!


  51. 51

    I LOVE CHER!!!
    Give her a Break peeps!!!!

  52. P says – reply to this


    I just don't understand homes that have more bathrooms than bedrooms.

  53. D says – reply to this


    Cher is the best evidence of god there is!!!

  54. Lard says – reply to this


    She should bow down to a Sonny Bono shrine everyday, thanking him for making her get off her lazy ass when they were married.

    Save the planet, Cher. You and all the other celebrities don't need to live in such big status symbols. You're sucking up all the energy!

  55. Brave says – reply to this


    Look douche bag….Cher has been buying and selling real estate for years. Any respectable gay would know that. Get off her back already!!!!!

  56. Berry says – reply to this


    Actually Sonny was a very good invester from lthe get go, Cher learned alot from him..

  57. Peppy says – reply to this


    Cher looks like she could be Marylin Manson's mother. They look so much alike. Cher is the best, I love her!

  58. silva says – reply to this


    .. well … and ….
    the brothers Jonas
    if they see this …
    I want you to know that I am very fan
    very much
    I love a lot of
    and I hope to continue so always nice!
    jaja want the good guys
    I hope you read this!
    Ah .. I'm from Argentina ….
    good to know that I would much …
    I'm good ja
    big kiss! =)

  59. NEW Y says – reply to this


    I love this woman she has always done what she wanted without caring what anyone else said or wrote. She is a true Star, not like some of these horrible girls that are around today. She invested her money in Real Estate wisely over the years, buying and selling homes and made her fortune grow, Cher worked for this money, and I say GOOD FOR HER!!!

  60. Larki says – reply to this


    Actually, the market for the super expensive homes is still strong and it isn't a bad time to sell those, but don't be too surprised when a super rich Chinese or Middle-easterner buys it.
    The market for normal peoples homes is the one that is in trouble.

  61. aimle says – reply to this


    Well at least it's not just the top crop of a building!

  62. MomV4 says – reply to this


    I have grown up with Cher, and back in the day she was anxious about being poor and not having enough. I am proud of her accomplishments, but I don't understand the constant building, selling and moving of houses. Find one and stay. You are there, Cher, settle down. You can rest, and it's o.k. XO

  63. jenbu says – reply to this


    i'm not a fan, but haters aside, cher looks 20 years younger than her age. yay!

  64. Angel says – reply to this


    you know some young Queen is going to get his sugar daddy to snatch that up!

  65. 65

    [[[[[[[[[ I have alwayz luv=d Cher ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    [[[[[[[[[ wrong time 2/zell…won't get what zhe wantz ]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  66. kitty says – reply to this


    Re: dee – no dought Dee, thats a good point.

  67. Pipi says – reply to this


    Who the hell needs 7 bathrooms ? Things are going too far with those wealthy people. Get real. To think that some people dont even have 1 bathroom. Share your money with the needy you heartless brainless persons who made it big, many of them even without talent. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE dear CHER

  68. mikey says – reply to this


    How idiotic, 6 bedroom for 1 person… even with her dog she only need s two??

  69. best says – reply to this


    Sounds great. Wish I could afford it.

  70. Darre says – reply to this


    Most of you are little children. Cher has been working in showbiz since 1963. According to Forbes her networth is 600-800 million dollars and she earned it all. So what if she has had some work done. All these "celebs" we worship HAVE had work done and MOST of us would too! I think some people honestly are jealous. When we begrudge someone or say crappy things about anyone that is successful… that is not america. Cher is obviously very talented and has worked her butt off for 45 years! She also has donated tons of money to Children's Craniofacial, operation helmet for the troops and 350,000 to help build a hospital for wounded vets. (Most recent printed) She also gives millions of dollars but only with the restriction that is CANNOT be publicized! So grow up. I have met the woman backstage and I will tell you that she is as down to earth as you or I. She just doesn't have the nasty attack act that a lot of you online trolls have with people you do not know. Whether you are a fan or not she does deserve some respect with the many millions upon millions she has given to charity and got involved with. ***For Perez, Love ya but write the whole story before people start crap***

  71. simon says – reply to this


    I like Cher, don't get me wrong and I would probably have a little work done too but she looks like she drank formadhelyde( can't spell-lol)

  72. jonsi says – reply to this


    Jealous people can be so mean and thoughtless…just remember, what goes around comes around…God is watching!

  73. Marsh says – reply to this


    She looks a hellova lot better than Madognutz that old dried up evil whore.

  74. yep says – reply to this


    Re: Pipi – I totally agree, fuck these asshole greedy celebs who don't help out the poor. I hope they lose everything they have!

  75. Trish says – reply to this


    I'd of slept with Sonny back in those days. I thought he was kind of a cute little Italian guy. Nobody forced her to sleep with him anyway, did they?

  76. dj says – reply to this


    Re: first – you may not be old but you sure are U-G-L-Y and you aint got no alibi. you should be so lucky to look half that good at 62….bitch

  77. dj says – reply to this


    Re: trish – you're disgusting and don't deserve to live….you ain't nothing but a jealous hater.

  78. Uptow says – reply to this


    I just her house in May when i was in Malibu over Memorial Day. It's surprisingly open on the North side and people can see into the yard. I thought, "Wow—what if Cher wanted to be in the yard to fly a kite or play croquet?"

  79. joe says – reply to this


    I wasnt a fan until recently saw her Vegas show. AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! She looks and sounds GREAT!

  80. Kolin says – reply to this


    I Love You Cher!!! Cher Rich!!!!!

  81. 81

    i wonder how many times this old girl's had her vagina tightened?

  82. size0 says – reply to this


    Old horse face.
    Yee haw.

    I eat haw babe
    I eat haw babe
    I eat haw

    I have been looking for a
    Perez costume. Does anyone
    know where I can find a
    a costume made of lard, shit,
    bear hair, marshmellows, ass,
    fat, weeds, Kate Perry, cunt,
    pig, retard genes, more fat,
    more shit, Solange Knowles,
    funky ass, ear wax,
    Jay Leno chin, roaches,
    pee, horse, cum and socks??

  83. mihky says – reply to this


    the one who's asking is not stupid, the one who's paying is..

  84. cherf says – reply to this


    Okay ppl cher does give some of her money to ppl in need!!! She gives money to the cca which is a foundation that helps kids with facial deformitys get surgery to fix that!!! Also she auctions off a lot a lot of her stuff and gives it to various foundations!!! And she is also helping this one guy build a school or something like that in a 3rd world country!!!!and she does that cause as a child she went through a lot of hard times!!! Shit she at one point all that her mother could buy for them to eat were soda crackers so hell with the ppl who think that cher does not give enough money to charitys!!! And u know what there are plenty of stars that make a ton of money and keep it all for them selves!!!

  85. 85

    You go Girl!!

  86. 86

    Re: first
    you are just jelous cuz you dont have
    that much money

  87. 87

    cher should get all that money
    cuz wat has she ever done wrong
    to not deserve it she works hard

  88. 88

    Re: NEW Y
    i agree with you 100%
    at least this woman worked for it

  89. 89

    Re: Babs
    i agree with you too
    she actually suceeded in life

  90. 90

    Re: cherf
    yep i agree with you too
    atleast she has her lovers that actually have a piont

  91. 91

    cher has been through alot growing up and i know how that feels
    she should get her moneys worth
    and she deos do charitys
    and works hard for her money sry i keep repeating my self but im just trying to make my piont