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Anderson Cooper Hates The Lohans

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You MUST watch this clip!

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327 comments to “Anderson Cooper Hates The Lohans”

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  1. 101

    Oh Wowwee!!


    Nice try Kelly, but it's been said.. and it was gooooood.

  2. 102

    OMG!!! This video was hilarious…and so true!!! :lol:
    What a shame to the Lohan's family!!

    When Anderson talk, Kelly seems so embarrasing and lost all his words!! :D

    To much funny!!..And yeah Cooper is so sexy!! ;)

  3. 103

    LOL. Anderson Cooper is the man.

  4. 104

    god damn, he nailed that one right on the head!

    i have never ever heard a better take on that show, and the lohans.

    …must have been on the one i didn't see, fucking great Anderson!

    and i really like how he was describing them as they should be, nobodies with a semi famous daughter who is never around

  5. 105

    I love him.

  6. 106

    LMFAO! OWNED!!!!

  7. 107

    That was HIGHlarious….and all too true….I LOVE him, he is awesome ;)

  8. 108

    I love that he likes Denise Richards show. Hes so funny! I never knew!

  9. 109


  10. 110

    Oh, we love ourselves some Anderson Cooper & how funny was that clip!?!?!?

  11. 111

    That was so funny and nice props to Joel McHale

  12. 112

    That was hilarious and very true!

  13. 113

    I love Anderson Cooper.

  14. 114

    LOL, he is hilarious!

  15. 115


  16. 116

    i bet dina lohan is already looking to see if she can sue……ROFL…doesnt that lady always tend to sue someone

  17. 117

    Knocking all the Lohan's and giving a shout out to Joel McHale (The Soup)… Anderson is my new hero!!!!

  18. 118


  19. 119

    hahaha… love cooper!

  20. 120

    His response to the show actually made me crack up.
    HAHA. Stupid ass Lohan's.

  21. LEAH. says – reply to this


    HAHAHA! I now respect Anderson Cooper.

  22. 122

    Just testing this comment thing. :)

  23. 123

    God that made me laugh so hard at the "atrocious people".

  24. 124

    anderson cooper is the most amazing person on the planet!

  25. 125

    maybe that was the episode I didn't see

  26. 126

    "maybe that was in the show i didn't see"

    Best line Ever!

  27. 127

    I looove it!! haha!
    He is sooo right! :)

  28. 128

    LOVES IT!!!!

  29. 129

    Ohhhhhhhh ohhh that's hilarious, they're all skanks.

  30. 130

    funny 'cuz it's true!!!!!!!!!!

  31. meggs says – reply to this


    I L.O.V.E Anderson….. He is the perfect man….mmmmmmmm!

  32. 132

    Anderson is sooo telling it like it is. No one understands why the Lohans have a show. Their whole premise was to "show the world" what they go through. I havent seen anything special, poor little Ali is forced into a world that the mom would love to be a part of.

    Dina I know your reading this. Let Ali have a few years to grow up and mature. She is too young, and everyone knows this.

  33. 133

    LMFAO! ROTFL! HIGHlarious! I have always pictured him as so serious - I love this part of him and can't believe he said all of that! He said Ali looks like she's 60! Ha ha! I almost choked laughing!

  34. Lene says – reply to this


    He is completly right! hahahahah. HILARIOUS!

  35. 135

    Has anyone read his book Dispatches from the Edge? Its good.

  36. 136

    loves it

  37. 137

    i love anderson cooper!!! lol!

  38. 138

    Whaaaaaat? Anderson Cooper is soo funny!

  39. haha says – reply to this


    Dinah is loving every minute of this, remember there's no such thing as bad publicity..

  40. 140

    HILARIOUS! Just another reason to love Anderson!

  41. 141


  42. 142

    Christ that was an awesome burn!! "The episode I didn't see", CLASSIC!

  43. 143

    Oh my goodness! He's my new hero.

  44. 144

    Anderson is so cute!

  45. 145

    HAHAHAHAHA I love Anderson Cooper. He is so funny and he is so serious on his show. He's amazingg. Sexy.

  46. 146

    I love Anderson Cooper, but that was a little harsh. I mean Ali & Cody are 14 & 10? to call these kids horrific people is a bit much. Dina on the other hand, I mean you can bash adults.

  47. 147

    OMG I saw an episode of that and I was like, I want the last 5 minutes of my life back and then changed the channel. Totally agree with the Silver Fox. Might I add that he is HOT!

  48. 148

    LOVE IT! Although I find it hard to believe that he doesn't know who Lindsay is….hmm.

  49. 149

    love it.

  50. 150

    haaa i was watching this live and i just could nt help laughing. it was great :) and i love how he talks about politics but still watches shows like flipping out and project runway :)

  51. 151

    hahahaha oh how i wish he was straight

  52. 152

    He is hilarious! I love the way he talks about them as a first-time viewer, seeing them like the aliens they are! LOLOL!

  53. 153

    that is HIGHlarious!

  54. 154

    Re: jenniemomo

    That's what I said!!

  55. 155

    no straight guy watches living lohan and project runway…

  56. 156

    LMAO. Yup. He pretty much summed up the feelings of most people, myself very much included.

  57. 157

    i couldn't say it better myself.:D

  58. 158

    He is tooo funny! Good for him for saying how it is! LOL

  59. 159

    kind of feel sorry for Ali Lohan

  60. 160

    how doesnt hate the lohans?

  61. 161

    this is hilar

  62. 162

    ohhh how i looove him!

  63. 163

    I loved it!!! He's hilarious!!!!

  64. 164

    omg this just made me love him even more

  65. 165

    Mother looks weather beatin and the duaghter sounds like a old lady that msoked for years NEXT!!!!

  66. 166


  67. 167

    ohhhhhhhhh the lohans!

  68. 168

    I love how such a well-respected hard core news guy is so into pop culture. AC is the best!

  69. 169

    lol..mucho funni

  70. 170

    ha ha, Anderson cooper is da man, he hit the nail on the head, dina lohan is one fucked up mom, with 2 fucked up daughters. Ali Lohan is a talentless ugly troll and a future rehabbed whore and not even cute and wears those stupid blue contacts to cover up her dark brown eyes.

  71. 171

    This is just another reason to love this man!!!!

  72. 172

    "No, I say that with concern and love", "she allegedly wants to be a singer, and/ or actor slash performer of some sort; strip tease person I don't know", and "hey, sure, maybe that's in the episode I didn't see"…
    those three lines made me love him.

    And the fact that he was constantly interrupting Kelly Ripa, didn't hurt either.

  73. 173

    that show is trash : ( 9

    living lohan)

  74. 174

    Finally, someone who's not just kissing ass to make all of the celebrities happy, but is witty and funny at the same time!

    "Allegedly 14 year old girl"

  75. 175


  76. 176

    Oh SNAP Anderson Cooper! I love this bitch — he tells the truth. He's actually funnier than I imagined.

  77. 177

    now that was awsome.
    i think he sould guest host on other moring shows he is sooo funny!
    kelly ripa is evil

  78. 178

    I love him!!! He was too funny

  79. Jamie says – reply to this


    LOVE IT! You go Anderson!!!!! I have never laughed so hard!

  80. 180

    LLLLMMMAAAAOOOOO… omg that was a rant if i ever saw one! i used to like anderson, now i luuuuvs him, LOL.

  81. 181

    absolutely hilarious. absolutely accurate!

  82. 182


  83. 183

    Is Anderson Cooper going to replace Regis?

  84. 184

    hahaha, that's super

  85. 185

    Even thou Anderson Cooper is GAY, he is my hero for the day.

  86. 186


  87. 187

    Mmmm Anderson Cooper, lol

  88. 188

    just plain ol mean!!

  89. 189

    I didn't think I could love him anymore but he proved me wrong

  90. 190

    Coopie is a hot piece….

  91. 191

    that was awesome! I knew I liked anderson cooper….

  92. 192

    O M G,,, saw it this AM, too hilarious! when AC said,,, Lohan on line 4,,, thot I would fall over laughing! He is just too cute! Kelly and AC make a good team, sorry Reeg, think we found your replacement!

  93. 193

    Anderson hits it right on the nail. I love it !! Momma Lohan pimping out her family's name and its disgusting. Who gives a chit. All anyone cares about is Lindz.

    What a bunch of useless inbreeds !!

  94. 194

    wow wow wow
    i agree with everything he just said!

  95. 195

    YES!! that was freaking awesome

  96. 196

    who doesn't hate those ho's.

  97. 197

    Oh, Anderson. (;

  98. JET says – reply to this


    I hate Anderson Cooper, but that clip is priceless

  99. 199

    OMG he is hilarious!!!

  100. 200

    The silver fox rocks my sox!

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