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Anderson Cooper Hates The Lohans

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You MUST watch this clip!

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327 comments to “Anderson Cooper Hates The Lohans”

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  1. 201

    I love that man!

  2. 202

    I wish Regis would just retire already so Anderson and Kelly could do the show together everyday. He is so right about the Lohans and he can get away with saying it too!

  3. 203


  4. 204

    lol… i loved the way she was stuttering lol she wasnt digesting his comments really well, they where BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! all she did was

    AH AH YE… YE… YEAH… NO.. AH… AH.. UH… rotfl

  5. 205


  6. 206

    haha! loved tht last bit! hes pretty kewl and very attractive! funny and hot, my kinda guy ;)

  7. 207

    oh anderson…i love you more than i could ever say.

  8. 208

    This is awesome…I love him even more.

  9. 209

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that show/family is a train wreck! ROFL

  10. 210

    Okkkkk……..I used to LIKE Anderson Cooper. Now? I ADORE ANDERSON COOPER!

    Finally……..someone with big enough cajones to SAY OUT LOUD what every other person in American is THINKING!!!! But, Perez has been saying it along too, ya know…….

  11. 211

    That is too funny! Anderson cracks me up. To think he is this serious news guy and then goes and watches reality shows makes me laugh. He sums up the lohans pretty good too!

  12. 212

    mmm..hes soo HOT.. love him.. plus hes right about the lohans :p

  13. 213

    I now LOVE Anderson Cooper!!!!! HE IS AWESOME!!!!!

  14. 214

    This is sooooooooo gonna be clip of the week. I know Joel is gonna talk about this on The Soup. LOL.

  15. 215

    ahahaha that's so true!
    Ali's persona is being so pushed by her mother.
    For Christ's sake she's effin 14 going on 28

  16. 216

    LOL!!! I LOVE Anderson Cooper even more now. :)

  17. 217

    I hate them.

  18. 218

    Anderson had me falling of my chair laughing this morning! No matter how Kelly tried to change the subject, he wanted to discuss how disgusted he was! It was fabulous!

  19. 219

    I love Anderson!

  20. 220

    SO funny! I never thought Anderson Cooper could ever make me laugh like that.

  21. 221

    Good God, Anderson Cooper is my #2 GILF (Gay I'd Like To Fuck)……Perezito being #1………….call it like ya see it, brother!! Heart him even more now that I know he has watched "Living Lohan"

  22. 222

    OH! And the fact that he quoted The Soup makes it 10 times better. I can't wait to watch The Soup on Friday to see what Joel has to say about this.

  23. erlew says – reply to this


    love, love, love anderson cooper! total burn on the lohans, which i love even more! i find myself thinking the exact same things when i watch that shit!

  24. 224

    there was another time in the show where he referred to ali and dina in a negative way, too.

  25. 225

    Love the silver fox!!! I am glad that someone finally said what everyone is thinking about those stupid Lohans.

  26. 226

    My sides were splitting when watching this this morning!!! HAHAHA!

    p.s.- Your welcome Perez, for telling you about this in an instant message this morning ;) …I'm the one who broke the rosie/elisabeth fight to you also! …you should pay me to work for you! :)

  27. 227

    ok, no STRAIGHT man watches 'project runway, 'it's complicated' and 'living lohan'

    just come out already anderson! i love him :)

  28. Bina says – reply to this


    Andy's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 229

    spot on! lol its so strange seeing him be funny

  30. 230

  31. 231

    SilverFox: 1 ; Lohan's: 0!!! Nuff said!

  32. 232


  33. 233

    this is too hilarious!
    i was laughing so freakin hard..
    and hes pretty SEXY for his age lol

    good post perezito!

  34. 234

    The Silver Fox is soooo dreamy. It's like he read my thoughts. That girl Ali looks like a 40 year old skank. And I cannot stand that hideous black choker she always has on.

  35. 235

    Yeah! Take that, Orange Oprah!

    It's official. I love Anderson Cooper…

  36. 236

    Kelly: They're this multi-talented family….
    Anderson: Well, maybe that's the episode I didn't see.

    LMFAO. That was awesome. Hey, someone had to say it. And on national TV nonetheless. And to make it even better, Dina completely knows about it. That kicks so much ass.

  37. 237

    Man I love Anderson!

  38. 238

    He is so funny and sexy!

  39. 239

    Why is the Silver Fox so perfect? Haha, it's nice seeing a political man with a sense of humor. Anyone remember when he use to host the reality TV show The Mole? How random!

  40. 240

    It goes without saying that I love Anderson–but WOW–QUEENIE MUCH???

  41. 241

    Re: BJT – Simmer down, Dina.

  42. 242

    Oh, Anderson Cooper, I do love you so… you witty little biatch!

  43. 243

    Kelly: There a multi-talented family……Anderson: I must have missed that episode! When is that crazy bitch ever going to see she is turning her youngest into a confused slut just like her cokehead daughter who ISN'T ON THE SHOW!! Beautiful!! Cooper for President!!

  44. 244


  45. 245

    I LOVEE Anderson Cooper… Dina can be mad all she wants..EVERYTHING he said was true!

  46. 246

    OMG. That was frickin hilarious. I cant wait to see what sort of garbage michael and orange o! want to spin from that. Oh, and the comment about ali being 60. priceless.


  47. 247

    Anderson Cooper is quite the hottie…and has been since the old days at Channel One News! Kudos for speaking the truth about the Lohans. Yikes that show is torturous!

  48. 248

    My respect for Anderson Cooper just went through the roof!

  49. 249

    I love Anderson Cooper, he is so fine! I completely agree, the Lohans either need to find a talent, or leave the television screen because frankly, they're an annoying and untalented bunch!

  50. 250

    ha ha ha I loved what they said about "leather" lady from Project Runway too

  51. 251

    this just makes me love a-coop even more!!

  52. 252

    I am officially in love with Anderson.

  53. 253

    I pretty much laughed my ass off this morning when i saw Live with Regis and Kelly! i Love this show normally and i love it even more when Anderson is the co-host…it was freaking spectacular =) LOL

  54. 254

    Just as Kathy Griffin says, "Some of these talk show hosts are in this business to kiss celebrity's ass." Kelly Ripa is one of them! She SO didn't want to talk negative about the Lohans. So annoying!!! GO SILVER FOX!!!

  55. 255

    Priceless… Kinda makes me love him more. :)

  56. 256

    Cooper nailed this one! The Lohan's are so annoying!! The fact that Cooper quoted Joel McHale from The Soup made this clip even better!!

    Can someone please forward this clip to E! so they can see how America feels about this non-talented family?

  57. 257

    Nailed it! Totally funny

  58. 258


  59. 259

    oh my god, i just fell in love

  60. 260

    The audience totally clapped….case closed! :)

  61. 261

    you obviously did not watch all of the shows, because she doesn't push her kids to do anything. Of course watching your big sister be a famous star makes you want to do exactly what she is doing. Ali looks up to Lindsey…i think this show helped clear up the non-sense people think about them!

  62. 262

    Anderson Cooper is hilarious, brilliant, and so on-the-money!!!
    I hope those Lohans don't demand some apoligy or something ridiculous like that…

  63. 263


  64. 264

    sooooo funny!! he is so right on!!

  65. 265

    OMG, I fuckin' love him….He is awesome!!!! He is so hot too.

  66. 266


  67. 267

    i never knew how funny he was lol

  68. evey says – reply to this


    This is one of the funniest tings I have seen anyone say, ever. He just doesn't give a fuck! I love it.

  69. 269

    OMG this video makes me love anderson cooper even more =) hell yeah bash those untalented whores =) haha

  70. 270

    haha! That is sooooo funny! and Lindsays mom just needs to understand that its his opinion about the show. He's right though, its boring.

  71. 271

    Mr. Cooper isn't only incredibly witty, intelligent, and dead on in his commentary…but he is ridiculously sexy, in a pocket protector kind of way!

  72. 272

    ANDERSON ROCKS!!!! He has nailed Dina to the wall. And Perez, PLEASE stop putting dina and Oprah in the same context. As much as I despise Oprah, Dina does not deserve to be in the same breath at Oprah. In fact, at what point is Child services going to put a stop on Dina exploiting her children for personal gain. She claims she's a manager, but she's a mother first, and someone should terminate her parental rights. Then let's see how fast Ali finds a new "Manager."

  73. 273



  74. 274

    I love Anderson Cooper. He is SUCH a diva. I love it when he gets bitchy.

  75. 275

    OMG!!! SOOO FUNNY!!!! But Its True! Dina is pushing ali most likely cuz DINA wants to be in the lime light to and ali is the only way BAHAHAHAHAH!!!! PATHETIC!!!!

  76. 276

    I love Anderson Cooper! Haha!

  77. ag says – reply to this


    that is the funniest moment in the history of Regis and Kelly.

  78. fiera says – reply to this


    I LOVE ANDERSON COOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 279

    anderson cooper is my here!!!! lol lol lol lol

  80. 280

    [[[[[[[[[[[[ I think ”'kelli ripa” needz 2/go home ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ and freakin ”'EAT ZOMETHING”' IDIOT ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ZTOP ZTARVING Y'RZELF..U LOOK BAD ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  81. 281

    Any press is good press to her. She's acting mad, but eating it all up. how about stop talking about her?

  82. 282

    Oh hell! Anderson Cooper is the shit!! He needs to be the new host!

  83. 283

    OMG. you must. have. gots. TO LOVE AC!!

    thank god someone doesn't hide behind shit and call these people for what they are!
    and personally, i do love reg…but he has got to go before it gets worse. ANDERSON COOPER IS HIS RIGHT ASS REPLACEMENT!!!

  84. 284

    That was the BEST!!

  85. 285

    I love him…..

    Truth does hurt.

    Isn't it time for the Lohans to stay away from the lime lights?

  86. 286

    I officially love Anderson Cooper.

    I love your icon too, iheartperez.

  87. 287

    I LOVE HIM!!! This is hysterical, for him to go there on television, on a show like Live W/ Regis and Kelly, ITS AWESOME!!!

  88. karma says – reply to this


    Seriously, could he get any effing hotter!?

  89. 289

    AHahahaha! Thats amazing. So funny.

  90. 290

    HELL TO THE YEAH! GO COOP!!!! amen, brother.

  91. mo says – reply to this


    lmao. love it.

  92. 292

    Dear Anderson Cooper,
    You are one awesome guy for saying what everyone is thinking! Thanks for the laughs.

  93. 293

    hahah, thats amazing.

  94. 294


  95. 295

    Dina is going to bust an aneurysm over this one. It sucks when someone more famous than calls you a stage mom and fame whore all in one go. Thank you Anderson Cooper for telling it like it is.

  96. 296

    I Love Anderson Cooper! This was hilarious :)

  97. 297

    Love this guy!!

  98. 298

    I heart me some Anderson Cooper!!

  99. 299

    I LOVE Anderson cooper he is the perfect specimen. Hot, Funny and Intelligent.

  100. 300

    They just got Coop'd!

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