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Linda Hogan Speaks, Exclusively To Perez!

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Hulk Hogan revealed last week that he wished he was still married to Linda Hogan.

The Cougar's PR folks issued a statement on her behalf exclusively to PerezHilton.com:

Since the sexual assault charges that were filed against Hulk Hogan in 1996 by Kate Kennedy concerning a Minneapolis hotel room incident coupled with the most recent admission by Hulk of an on going affair with daughter Brooke's best friend Christine Plante right underneath Linda's nose, the pain and humiliation Linda has suffered could never bring her to want anything to do with Hulk ever again. Linda is going to do what she has done in the past, which is to focus working through the aftermath of the tragic accident of John Graziano, (that happened while son Nick was under Hulk's care.) Terry's on going public bashing of Linda only reflects his lack of interest in living up to his commitments or being accountable for his past actions. This week, Linda's lead attorney, AJ Barranco, will lead depositions aimed at locating Hulk Hogan's hidden assets.

Ouch. Burn!

In other words, fuck off.

[Images via WENN.]

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87 comments to “Linda Hogan Speaks, Exclusively To Perez!”

  1. Ruben says – reply to this



  2. Ruben says – reply to this


    WTF? That's not my avatar! D:

  3. 3

    Ouch. Burn! You can tell by the orange-ness of the skin.

  4. 4

    first ewwwwwwwwwwww

  5. 5


  6. 6


  7. 7

    we all know shes just after his money!

  8. 8

    shes just nasty

  9. 9

    I HATE that women..she is nasty & a money grubber! Face it Linda..you've had your day in the sun (obviously from your wrinkled ass) Leave Hulk alone….poor guy… :(

  10. 10

    pfft…she's not going back to him now that she's doing a 19yr old…i mean really..would you?

  11. 11

    Stay Stron Sista!

  12. 12

    who cares about that?
    I want to know about her toyboy and if she is at ALL sorry towards her daughter.

  13. 13

    TEAM LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (although I he seems so lost and pathetic without her, that I kinda wish she would take him back for her kids' sake. He really is a mess on his daughter's show.)

  14. 14

    That read like a bunch of gibbish to me. BORRING!!!

  15. 15

    ouch… she is so nasty…

  16. 16

    Everyone saw her reality show and hated her, but loved hulk.
    why would she now try to convince us she's a good person?

    She always looked like she's pms'ing

  17. 17

    At first I was thinking that this whole divorce thing was planned and was somehow related to the accident, so that if they were sued by the other family they would still have something left, but its obviously for real… unless they are really really good actors? lol

  18. 18

    worst. mother. ever.

  19. 19

    NOBODY who dresses like she does, with that fake tan and that ridiculous hair and make-up could ever claim to be humiliated or embarassed. If walking down the street dressed like a blond leather hula dancer doesn't embarass her then nothing her husband does could possibly do it.

  20. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I think Linda is full of shit! Didn't we find out that she made Brooke lie to a judge that her father was abusive?
    Just get divorced and go away.

  21. 21

    they are PERFECT for each other!

  22. 22

    why bring up something that happened in 96? Sounds like a smear campaign to me, if there was a problem in 96 she woulda left him then. Its always he said/she said stuff in divorces.

  23. 23

    team hulk….. whooooooooooo

  24. 24

    linda is so trashy..ick

  25. 25

    She is a nasty gold diggin ho!!!! Team Hulk all the way!!!!!!

  26. 26

    Sux balls.

  27. 27

    i feel bad for him, that sucks

  28. 28

    By the way, Linda actually looks pretty good for her age.

  29. 29

    Enough about these 2 assclowns. They don't deserve this much attention.

  30. 30

    Hinda Logan

  31. 31

    What a bitch…..why bring up shit from 1996????? What a dumb whore. And I love how she has to poing out that Nicks car accident happend while Nick was "Under Hulk's care". She is disgusting, I hope she gets NOTHING, because thats what she's worth.

  32. 32

    Re: Anonymous

    yes and because of LINDA making her say that.
    she is so fake and everyone can see through her but she is so clueless..

    ps: What IS on the go with her and her boytoy lately anyway

  33. 33

    Eh well they're all a bunch of tactless, spoiled brats. I mean after seeing Linda Hogan acting an immature teen whenever she didn't get her way, Nick being a complete douche, Brooke being an idiot and just plain annoying, and Hulk always creepily staring at his half naked daughter, the whole family is just annoying as hell and I don't see why anyone gives a crap about these people now.

  34. & says – reply to this


    their family is a whole different level of crazyy.
    I'm defending her side. It must be hard, having yer
    husband cheat on you, expecially considering, it was Brooke's phriend.

  35. val71 says – reply to this


    Oh Please this is one pathetic bitch. dropping John Graziano's name through out this divorce is not going to work on her behalf. first off we all heard the phone conversations and she was not sounding like a concern parent, friend at ALL!. second of all she needs to leave her ex-husband's money alone shit she aint sucking dat dick for it anymore so step with whateva u get.!!! bcuz in all actuality she doesn't deserve shit.!

  36. 36

    I am so sick of this family……

  37. 37

    Too bad, guess he had his chance ..

  38. 38

    it's a shame that people that used to be married act like this towards each other. shouldn't have gotten married in the first place if hulk was all about infidelity. what a dick

  39. 39

    Hey P!?! What's up with that 1996 stuff that his wife is talking about? I tried to look it up, but couldn't find anything on it.

  40. 40

    I think Hulk & Brooke need to move FAR away from creepy Linda & jacked up Nick….I just want to take nail polish remover to Linda's skin & see if she melts…blah she's NASTY!!!

  41. 41

    I know she was putting out there to take a shot at him, it worked. I am very curious to know what happened. Whats up, anyone on here know what she is talking about? Please, clue a clueless girl in…. :o )

  42. Bree says – reply to this


    Seems like she does a lot more bashing than he does though!

  43. 43

    Re: val71

    I'm glad you said that and I hope she is reading right now.
    You know she is, she is too vein not to

  44. 44

    I bet she has a big cock.

  45. 45

    Nice tan btw (cough noot cough, )

  46. 46

    sooooooooooooooo funny lol haha

  47. 47

    Her attorney is famous for sleeping with a Playboy bunny who was his client and in the middle of getting a divorce, the FL bar actually put in a rule for attorneys because of how sleazy he was!

  48. 48

    When is she gointo to talk to us perezzers?

  49. 49

    She is such a bitch. I hope she gets as little as possible in the divorce. You know that is the only reason she is leaving, she'd have more staying with him, and she'll crawl back when she figures no one cares about her without her hubby.

  50. 50

    Hopefully it all works out for them. Hard to tell who to believe.

  51. 51

    Check Mate!

  52. 52

    i dont consider anything hulk said "bashing" just honesty. shes such a monster.

  53. 53

    she looks orange.

    she's gross he could do better. move on!

  54. 54


    Your avatar is hot!

  55. 55

    so shes essentially blaming hulk for john?

    what a cunt.

  56. LEAH. says – reply to this


    As far as I'm concerned, I'm on Team Hulk. If Brooke is out there saying she doesn't talk to her mother and is supportive of her father, then there's no way that ALLEGATION of Hulk having an affair with her friend is true. She's a liar and I feel so bad for Hulk. :[

  57. 57

    It pisses me off that every time these people do a press release, they mention John Graziano. But none of them does a damn thing to help him or his family.

  58. 58

    Smell my armpits!

  59. 59

    So now she is blaming HULK for NICK'S Eff up? Seriously, can she be squeezing anymore PR out of this crap? Wasn't SHE the one caught on the video encouraging street racing?

  60. 60

    Money grubbing gold digging psycho hosebeast.

  61. 61

    anyone ever notice how Linda's new man looks like a young Hulk and Hulk's new lady looks like a yound Linda?…….

  62. 62

    just saaying.;
    if i waas her,
    i wouldnnt want anything to do with him either,
    dont want to offend anyone here.
    im just stating my oppinion. :)

  63. 63

    Touche!!!! Linda is knocking his d**k in the DIRT!!! And well deserved it is. AND she's hot enough to attract a young gorgeous men. I'm rooting for LINDA. Who needs that tired old cheatin' Hulk anyway? Obviously she doesn't.

  64. 64

    We are coming for everyone, beware!

  65. 65

    Ha! what a load of crap. she is a fucking crappy mother and was probably a horrible wife. he's better off without her. she needs to go back to her little boyfriend and shut the fuck up.

  66. 66

    funnily enough though, I really can't remember Hulk ever "attacking" Linda, except for to rebuff all of the asinine things that come out of her mouth.

  67. 67

    Hulk Hogan has some health issues that you can see on his show.He is carrying too much weight,doesn't do cardiovascular training,knees and possible hips need surgery overall this means a possible heart attack is in offing.

    So this latest issue in his life has really got him down with Linda doing some 19 year old guy who is living in his place,using gym,doing everything to his wife who has rejected him during a time he needs a solid woman.Yes,he ended up with some women for sex but any man couldn't blame him as he said on his show a real lack of sex with Linda.

    There he has worked hard and yes this is work! On the road takes a lot out of the body,intense workouts along with falls in wrestling ring can injure an older man.

    His disappointment having to go through this eats a mans foundations and inner soul as to say "Is that all there is in my life".

    His recovery if he ever does will take a long time.

  68. 68

    That is correct. She was living across the street from us in California for a month before the week that Hulk was buying beer in Florida for Nick and his friends. She flew back immediately after hearing about the tragic crash. Totally under hulks watch. Shame on him. Serial cheater too? Yikes!!!

  69. 69

    ewhh how old was brooke's friend in 1996 wouldnt she be like 8 or 10??

    i think they are both sick

  70. 70

    I guess our previous male comment is it is ok to cheat over and over again on someone and expect them to respect and love you. Man or Woman it is never ok. Don't try to rationalize it.

  71. 71

    In January 1996 a woman named Kate Kennedy claimed she was sexually assaulted by Hogan. Kennedy eventually filed a lawsuit and a few days later Hogan fired a counter suit saying that Kennedy was trying to extort money from him. The lawsuits went to court and the court went in favor of Hogan after Hogan's lawyer Geoffrey Jarpe convinced the jury that Hogan did not assault Kennedy and that she was indeed after his money.

  72. 72

    It's very hard for a man who has been married for many years to move on. Linda on the other hand, is taking it to the other extreme and hurting her daughter and I'm sure others around her. She's kind of a pig.

  73. 73

    I hate how they keep bringing Graziano in the middle of the story… none of them did anything positive for this kid, they are just using his name for their public feuds.
    If they were on the rocks then why on earth did they signed for that reality show??? Greedy too much??? Sounds like that, she knew that being just Linda Hogan noone will give her a spot on tv. Both suck and both need to shut it and take care of Graziano.

  74. 74

    Yeah right. Kate Kennedy got paid to be quiet. Ask Hulk for her number, I'll bet you it's hidden better than all his assets. Calling all women who have slept with Hulk in the past 24 years to write in and tell us about it. The where and the when. Bet you he broke Wilt's record.

  75. 75

    Re: Lovely – AWWW, thanx sweetie! Marilyn is hands down the most beautiful woman to work in H-Wood. I put that pic up bcuz I recently saw the movie about her with Poppy Montgomery in it. So I am kinda goin through a Marilyn phase..

  76. 76

    Come on folks! A guy who is banging his daughters best friend (and at every holiday gathering even) for years right under the nose of his wife, just didn't lose his morals overnight!!!!!! Or you think this might have been his first time as an amateur cheater? Brother please!!!!!!!! I was born at night but not last night!!!!

  77. 77

    the hulk is a sweet heart.. he can do better than linda

  78. 78

    orange people are crazy

  79. 79

    [[[[[[[[[[[ thiz couple makez me puke ]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zzzzzzzzzz if they were my parentzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    [[[[[[[[[[[[ I would of killed them by now ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zzzzzzzzzz GROW UP ..U EFFEN BABIEZ zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz no wonder u taught y'r ZON TO DRINKzzzzzzzzzzzz

  80. Big says – reply to this


    you know hulk is the one that went throught the pain and humiliation by being married to this dumb bitch..i mean look at her. fuckin clown. all she is, is an upgraded trailer park trash whore.

  81. 81

    I am so for team Hulk. Down with Linda. She will get what she deserves in the end.

  82. 82

    YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN…. if either were decent people, we wouldn't know jack about EITHER assclown.

  83. 83

    Shes disgusting,all she wants is his money/.Team Hulk all the way

  84. 84

    These people are a joke, seriously look at them. When did they join the circus? Oh wait they are from Florida, I forgot it's the Redneck Riviera.

  85. 85


  86. 86

    We've listend to the jail house tapes Linda come on you were more worried over your son in jail all i can hope is all the sows and money flops at once.

  87. 87


    Go fuck your 19 year old and remember; your children hate you!