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Blonsky's Beat

| Filed under: Legal Matters


We bet they're wishing they could take back anything they did to provoke that insane airport brawl!

Bad news for Nikki "Hairspray" Blonsky and her family. Poppa Carl Blonsky has been ordered to stay behind bars in Turks and Caicos until a trial can begin on August 19th.

As y'all know, he's behind bars for beating on the mother of America's Next Top Model contestant, Bianca Golden, over a week ago.

The Blonsky lawyer argued that his client is a sewage plant worker with a clean criminal record who suffers from health problems: "He volunteers at his local church, coaches softball, baseball and soccer. He is taking Xanax, Crestor, and has nerve damage to his arm. He takes Percocet."

Oh, boo hoo.

However, the judge said that pops' bail was denied because he's a 'flight risk'.

The elder Blonsky should have known better!

Guys should never beat down on ladies!

[Image via WENN.]

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38 comments to “Blonsky's Beat”

  1. 1

    what an idiot

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Some Bitches Need beatdowns at times! she prolly deserved it!

  4. 4

    Is he as fat as Nikki? Just wondering………..

  5. 5

    she has a really pretty face.

  6. 6

    He may "suffer" from some health problems but obviously not enough to stop him from whipping some butt!! Keep him locked up!

  7. 7

    It sounds like self-defense to me… If a ghetto woman was attacking me, I would have to defend myself. Self defense is a human right, and we need to remind ourselves of this.

  8. 8

    Good God! She blew up again! What happened to all the weight she lost? I guess she found it… plus some.

  9. SuzyP says – reply to this


    Seriously, there is no reason for any man to throw a beat down on a female. That is W-R-O-N-G!! I don't care what that lady may have said or done, he had no right to get physical. Leave him in jail and let him think about it….loser.

  10. 10

    I'd bitchslap all of them. Like I said before, thank god she didn't sit on anyone. Then someone may be on trial for murder. Be thankful the guy only physically attacked the mouthy bitch. Having a daughter with 'sitting power' is scarey.

  11. 11

    yeah thats kind of stupid. but poor them neways

  12. 12

    Wait so if you are breaking up a fight you deserve to get beat up now? And who said she was a ghetto woman?

    He deserves to stay there until trail.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    I'm glad her father is in JAIL. He deserves to get his ass whooped by a man. He left her seriously hurt and all over a damn chair. I believe Her family did call them the N word! BUNCH OF COWARDS !!!

  15. 15

    Flight risk?
    More like a FIGHT RISK!

  16. 16

    The woman has a fractured skull!! He should stay in jail, and if the woman is ghetto or not, she still is a woman. Men are just physically stronger than women bottom line and they shouldn't be pounding on them with their fist.

  17. 17

    Go to Jail!
    Go directly to Jail!
    Do not pass Go!
    Do not collect $200 dollars!

  18. 18

    If I saw any women in my family being ganged up on, I would have no problem as a man beating down a bitch.. It's human nature for any man or women to protect it's own kind..

  19. 19

    I agree with the last line.
    Keep it clean. No one cares if you can beat up some woman.
    Use words and call her a f#$&ing W%^&*.

  20. It' says – reply to this


    She looks like she is so nice, who would have thought that with such a relatively short career, she would already have such DIVA attitude. Whatever!

  21. 21

    We don't know what, EXACTLY, went on in that airport, do we? Granted, if seats are limited, it is only courteous to keep baggage and packages, off of them….so that other patrons can have a place to rest their feet.
    And, to be perfectly honest…I have been known to lose my 'cool' in an airport (if I told you about the last time, I lost my composure, you would agree with me…guaranteed).
    I have no idea who instigated the fight, between Bianca's mother and Nikki's father. But, if it was Bianca's mother…could you honestly blame Nikki's father, for defending his kid? I know, for a fact, that I would have jumped in, if it was MY kid, in that situation….and, I am a mom. Would one mom beating on another mom, or dad, make it a more justified, less controversial, bailable offense?
    We, as a society, need to forgo the idea that ALL male on female attacks are based on domestic violence….some of them are simply based on the need for survival of selves and/or family.

  22. 22

    Dang, what was he thinking?

    Maybe ol'girl can hide a file in the folds of her skin next time she visits him.

  23. 23

    Ha, they are not famous enough to qualify for 'celebrity justice'!

  24. 24

    Does anyone care about this so-called actress?
    She's famous for being fat, and she's damn proud of it.
    but woops, no one gives a damn fuck.
    we don't give a fuck about her future projects, her future singing (which sounds so fuckin bad), and no one gives a fuck about what happened during that fight.
    She wants attention so bad, she's willing to go this far.
    that goes for Bianca too, there both attention whores.
    they probably planned this stupid charade.

  25. 25

    Since when do you become the patron saint of chivalry, Perez? You, who routinely call "ladies" whores and cunts??? You don't know what happened - the facts aren't out yet. Maybe Bianca's mother was using a weapon. Maybe she was strangling his daughter. Maybe he's just a short-fused pig. Why don't you try waiting for facts before you start slandering and lecturing? Oh, I forgot. That's the best you can do to keep this site going.

  26. 26

    I really hope that Nikki is ok during all this. We don't know what happened, different stories are coming from all different directions. My thoughts are with her family while this gets sorted out.

  27. 27

    Her career is over! I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted. She can go back to work at Cold Stone Creamery.

  28. 28

    Not just any beating - he broke the poor woman's friggin skull - that's just crazy ass nasty!!

  29. 29

    Re: alicebahralandx – "Does anyone care about this so-called actress?"
    Why, yes, I do….as one human being, generally, cares for another. It's called compassion.
    "She's famous for being fat, and she's damn proud of it.
    but woops, no one gives a damn fuck."
    Whether she is overweight, anorexic, or anything in between….does it affect your personal life? How about your bank account? Your job? No? Then your prejudice holds , absolutely, no credence.
    "we don't give a fuck about her future projects, her future singing (which sounds so fuckin bad), and no one gives a fuck about what happened during that fight."
    I hope that you looked at the clock, when you were typing this…since, your Doctor will want to know, exactly, when your meds start to wear off.
    "that goes for Bianca too, there both attention whores.
    they probably planned this stupid charade."
    Honey, the T should be capitalized (in both 'sentences'), 'there' should be 'they're'…and, your EVERY social, and personal, deficit is showing. No need to look down, and adjust your clothing, though. Your deficit can NOT be hidden by any clothes. But, I don't expect you to understand what I am saying.

  30. 30

    If someone would have beat down that loud mouthed bitch for a momma earlier in life — she might have assimilated some MANNERS instead of big goddamn mouth.

    No, I'm not saying what Mr. Hairspray did was right - he deserves to answer to the crime, but those people were OUT OF LINE - saving 5 seats when the people were not there. And then to argue about it - like they were right???

    Perhaps there might be a medical reason for someone ELSE to sit? I see this all the time and it's completely RUDE and WRONG. There are 100 reasons not to be that rude when you are waiting. Everyone is WAITING. Be reasonable - not RUDE

  31. 31

    Re: Novel1 – You were in that airport, at that particular time, to witness the onset of the ruckus? No? Then, you should not speculate on who was to blame, and who was defending themselves (it's bad karma, to spread falsehood).

  32. 32

    I have to comment on your last line, "Guys should never beat down on ladies!"
    I was in an abusive relationship that ended 10 years ago. He had hit me on several occasions & I was ready to leave, but he said something. He said that he hit me because I was so vicious with words. I thought about it & realized that if I said the same EXACT thing to another woman, I'd fully expect her to beat me down. That's not right either. BTW, there are women who hit their men too. It's not that "Guys should never beat down on ladies!" People need to learn that any form of violence is wrong. You might feel a little better, but it doesn't resolve the problem that made you become abusive. Make love - not war ;)

  33. 33

    Re: DIJordan
    Why, yes, I do….as one human being, generally, cares for another. It's called compassion.
    You speak of compassion, yet you seem to show none for the woman who ended up in the hospital. You speak of a parent coming to the defense of a child and family, yet apparently the mother of Bianca Golden was wrong to come to the aid of her child and family. You criticize those who speak of events by telling them they weren't there and we can't know what happened.

    The only thing we do KNOW is that a member of the Golden family is in the hospital and a member of the Blonsky family is in jail. And no weapons have been revealed as having been used except for a man's fists.

    As it currently stands now with the details that have so far been revealed, is that the only one deserving of compassion is the woman in the hospital. All over seats in the airport. That's a ridiculous reason to have you head bashed or to bash someone's head in.

  34. goeze says – reply to this


    There is no excuse for all of this madness!! Even if he was provoked into "defending" his "child", he used excessive force and for that he deserves to be kept in jail.

  35. 35

    I totally AGREE with you on this one Perez!

  36. DMAN says – reply to this



  37. 37

    Sounds like McBain is just as ignorant as the Blonsky team. On another note, whether he has health problems or not, his dumb ass should should have thought about what he was about to do before he did it! He probably beats up his wife behind closed doors too. I don't know how big Carl is, but the ATMN flunky's mom is hardly physically scary!
    Keep his ass in jail over there and miss think Nikki is full of ish too. She sucks as much as her dad does… big girl just got lucky. She can look forward to being type cast in sterotypical roles. She is NOT Ricki Lake…

  38. 38

    Re: Milli V – I confidently stand by my beliefs and comments…which comes with age, experience and values. I would not expect anyone with the ID, and photo, of Millie Vanilli to understand that concept.
    No worries, though…if, and when, you get your head bashed in, down the road, or if you attempt to defend a loved one, in a similar situation….I won't make one utterance, on your behalf (I won't even clear my throat)…since that is what you seem to want.