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Another Scientolobaby?

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Could it be the explanation for the baggy, 90's jeans style she's been sporting? And all those sweaters!!!

A British paper is asserting that Katie Holmes could be preggers!

What do y'all think?!

On Wednesday, Katie was pictured doing the infamous hide-a-bump-behind-a-big-bag move.

And on Friday, she was spotted in a dress that seemed to highlight the beginnings of a bump.

Is another alien on its way?

It's babymania in Hollywoodland!

P.S. What do you think of her new super short do?

[Images via WENN.]

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112 comments to “Another Scientolobaby?”

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  1. 1

    told you sooooo

  2. 2

    yep..shes preggos

  3. 3

    i fuckin hate her short hair….not working. katie needs to be rescued from that crazy alien world…..

  4. 4

    She looks 40 instead of late 20's, she doesnt even smile anymore!!!

  5. 5

    She looks much older than her age with that hair.

  6. 6

    Oh god, please, the last thing this world needs is more $cientologists! Let's just hope she's getting fat or something.

  7. 7

    i dont see a bump whatsoever but good for her if she is. katie holmes is so cute.
    and i don't love her hair like that, i liked it a lot better when it was a cute little bob.

  8. 8

    I miss Katie! She was so much fun in her Dawson Days! She has changed sooo much! Still love her! Hope she's preggers! Suri looks adorable!

  9. 9

    the short hair would be cute on her if she punked it up a bit. Get some gel or hairspray.

  10. 10

    shes a trainwreck!

  11. 11

    I don't like her hair, liked it better when it was long. She is only 29, she should be wearing cute clothing -she has a good figure. Instead she dresses like a grandma.

  12. 12

    shorter hairdo's are more convenient when experiencing morning sickness. And when hubby isn't around to hold her hair out of her face ’cause he is sleeping with a…I meant still alseep in another room… you know…

  13. 13

    Tenth ^^ And yep, she's preggers. :D

  14. 14

    I guess I wasn't tenth xD Oh well.

  15. 15

    her hair is amazing looks really good… and even if she IS prego, she should still dress her part… not lookin too good lately. :S

  16. 16

    i like her short hair….. oh and nice avatar 1st comment.

  17. Aimee says – reply to this


    The Sun isn't known as the most reliable newspaper, so i couldn't count on it…

  18. 18

    Poor girl..

  19. 19

    the poor baby!

  20. 20

    Oh dear..I dont know what it is but I can't help feeling sorry for her. If she is pregnant atleast she will gain some much needed weight. She should also run as far away form cuckoo cruise as possible. That guy is a lunatic.

  21. 21

    ugly hairrrr

  22. 22

    Katie Holmes is a hollow elderly shell of who she used to be.

    Poor dear. Tom should stop knockin her up. Fo'realz.

  23. 23

    She looks horrible with her hair so short. It's obvious she's trying to appear older than she is & I'm sure that's Tommy's idea. Katie used to always be photographed smiling and looking happy but not since she married Tommy. She doesn't even look happy when she's holding Suri. Her parents must be worried sick about her. She's so thin now that any baby bump will be noticeable very early on in a pregnancy. I wish she'd get away from Tommy once and for all because from what I can see being with him has done nothing for her except make her unhappy. What a shame.

  24. 24

    I dont understand why she dressed like a hobo…..shes pretty but Tom* killed that part of her….there whole family is just weird….Baby Suri is beautiful though.

  25. 25

    Well, duh. Of course she's pregnant. $cientology recruitment is way down, and current members are realizing it's a cult and are secretly making plans to get the fuck out! The only way to bring up membership is through breeding. Or through Will Smith and his $cientology kindercult.

    Lisa Marie has 2 more $cientolotots on the way.

  26. 26

    Why not have another baby.

  27. 27

    Hate the hair, REALLY hate the jeans. I hope the tight-rolled jeans of the 80s aren't back, although I've seen some kids around here wearing them. UG UH LEE.

    She's most likely preggers, yep.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Who knows if she's pregnant or not but I don't care for this cut. I LOVED when she initially cut it! It looked amazing and so chic. This just looks terrible. Not sure what is going on with her fashion. Maybe she's roleplaying for her upcoming broadway debut??? Only time will tell if she's knocked up.

  30. 30

    they have the cutest celeb baby ever………Shilo is ugly

  31. 31

    Why would she get pregnant right before her show opened?

  32. 32

    There's a friggin' pregnancy rumor every month.

    The real explanation for her appearance? She's fuckin' dead on the inside.
    Tom Cruise and Oprah ate her soul.

  33. 33

    They are keeping it short so the connection ports to her electric shock therapies are in easy access.

  34. 34

    nice pinch roll. How did Tom manage to turn her so ugly?

  35. 35

    I don't know if she looks preggos, but she does look more and more like Tom. Ewww!

  36. 36

    That's the new trend. Bloated jeans and small cardigans. However; she is aging herself with the British boy haircut.

  37. 37

    Ok if looking as old and homly as possible is the look she is going for, she totally acheived it! I'm still totally baffled by her—she used to be just so cute and wholesome and personable, and then Hurricane Cruise hit and BAM…..total flip(fuckin scientologists) For her and her careers sake(if there is even any hope of ressurection at this point) I hope her contractual marriage to Mr. Fuckin Psycho is up pretty soon, it's time for her and spawn of L Ron to move with their lives

  38. 38

    she might as well pop out another baby I mean what the hell else is she doing? at least making a baby will be doing something….she's tomcat's souless puppet now anyways

  39. 39

    i like the do and as for another scientologist NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    Baby suri is the best dressed kid in hollywood!! I wonder if the older adopted ones are jealous that most people don't even know they exist…

  41. 41

    Re: terryeo – Tee Hee! I like what you said - it's probably true - they have to do something to get members - normal, intelligent people wouldn't get w/in 10 feet of Scientology.

  42. 42

    I just don't care. Tom, Katie, Suri, future offspring, Scientology, and the ever changing hairstyles has no place in my home, or life.
    When any of the aforementioned are willing to pay my bills, educate, clothe, feed and pay for medical and dental treatments for my son, fill up the gas tank, in my SUV, every week, and all of the other amenities….then, I may change my mind. But, until then….

  43. 43

    thats what i said!

  44. 44

    i like the new hair cut. i think its cute.

  45. 45

    ok - so his first wife Mimi got the chop as he claimed she was barren, she used science instead of scientology to prove it was he that was the jaffa hence the subsequent adoptions. Can scientology really cure sterility? Perhaps they should bottle that and sell it instead of making you use a machine to find out if you’re nuts or not.

  46. 46

    Katie really is like a robot now. Remember how she used to have a personality and be bubbly and full of life? Now she just looks like a zombie or something. Totally brainwashed by Scientology. It's sad.

    I think she is pregnant though, I know her show is coming up but sometimes things just happen. Or maybe she wants to use the pregnancy as an out?

    I think Suri is too overdressed. You never see her just in play clothes….it's like she's an accessory to Katie….plus she's still on her bottle—that's bad. Some mothers just don't want to have to put up with the crying when they take it away. Yes they will cry, but they'll get over it.

    And to the person that said Shiloh is ugly? That's just so wrong on so many levels. To say that a bay is ugly? Well that makes yo ugly. Shiloh is a beautiful little girl.

  47. 47

    Who cares she's a brainwashed hasbeen.
    When I get married I will never let my husband dominate me like her ass fucking scientologist husband is doing to her. She's a shadow of who she used to be.

  48. 48

    Someone please get this bitch a cheese burger and a shake and a new husband fast!

  49. 49

    suri is my favourite celebrity baby!
    she's the cutest too!
    stop with the alien talk, perez!

  50. 50

    i highly doubt she's pregnant
    because she looks skinnyskinny..no
    bump and boobies

    but hey, she could be.

  51. 51

    The hair is the least of her worries! Those jeans with the heels and the sweater….I wouldn't wish that outfit on a homeless person! The dress is a bit old ladyish but it's better than the hot mess on the right.

  52. 52

    I actually liked the way her new haircut looked in those pictures from the other day. I just wish she'd do something about those jeans. Isn't that stupid cuffed look from the 80s?

  53. 53

    I don't know why Katie is even fussed about. Tom Cruise needs to give it up or come out with a good movie. In the end though, does the way she dresses explain why her 2 year old is still on a bottle?

  54. 54

    It would not surprise me if multiple sketches and audio recordings were made of Katie, before Tom would marry her (fans of the original Stepford Wives, would know what I am talking about).

  55. 55

    I love her hair, it looks adorable, and I believe that shes pregnant, I mean with such a perfect little girl like Suri, they would HAVE to make a duplicate

  56. 56

    If KatieBot Stepford is preggers, then it's only because Tommy Girl is in a good mood due to great buzz over his performance in a bald cap and fat suit as Lee Grossman in Tropic Thunder. That in itself was probably motivation enough to jump her bones with his eyes closed, all the while thinking of John Travolta.

  57. 57

    her hair is fantastic.
    the truly posh realize they don't need to hide behind twenty pounds of extensions to look glam.
    yay katie!

  58. 58

    Man, fuck this bitch. I hope she suffers from secondary infertility.

  59. 59

    Maybe its Clay Aikens baby! LOL!

  60. BJT says – reply to this


    Well all i can say hey they have cute kids but this dude is gayer then the color of pink i feel sorry for her in the bedroom he probally watching himself in the mirrow while he is doing her. and then he thinks of the boys that's had his furry man whole. Whay dose she see him his wallet maybe.

  61. BJT says – reply to this


    dont like her hair cut makes her look like a old lady.

  62. 62

    i'd have said the sweaters were to cover up her superskinniness

  63. kL 82 says – reply to this


    Hate that hair.

  64. 64

    Good Job Katie! Have another one, get in deeper, stay in longer but then you better write a real good tell all when this $cientological baby breeding bullshit is done. Her stupidity is starting to get on my nerves.

  65. 65

    um… i bet she is but u never know ;]
    and she has gone wrong with the hair… =O

  66. 66

    The timing is perfect between Suri and another child. My guess is she is sperminated.

  67. 67

    And as for her hair… she's going for the Audrey Hepburn/Mia Farrow super-short look. Me no likey. :(

  68. 68

    She still looks like the mom in Home Improvement. Sad really. I hope she dosen't spawn another one.

  69. 69

    I think the haircut is cute on her, but the outfits are awful. I saw some pics of her recently wearing a tighter outfit, taking Suri to see the Little Mermaid, and she totally looked like she had a baby bump!

  70. 70

    JESUS CHRIST HANGING OFF THE CROSS is this 1991??? Her pants are fucking tight rolled! WAHOO!!!! Katie's bringing it back! Awh… takes me back to Middle School.


  71. 71

    LoL the other day I was just thinking about how odd it would be if Katie was pregnant again, I guess it would be cool that she was if the dad wasn't Tom LOL!!

    about the hair do, I absolutely love!! it looks a gazillion times better on her than it does in Rihanna and well it looks uber fierce en Rihanna lol

    I just wish Katie would leave Tom and he suffer a horrible un-merciful death while she goes back to her cool way (Dawson's Creek years you know)

  72. 72


  73. 73

    The 90's called - they want their hideous fashion and hairstyle back.

  74. 74

    ehhhh i hate it! the hair, the outfit, the whole thing! bleh!!!!

  75. 75

    Shit, I dress better than this and I am 40! Yup, she's knocked up. another tom-bot

  76. 76

    asserting and could be are kind of contradictory… if they are asserting means that is for sure and could be means there's a possibility so what's this about??? is she or not?
    She is not even close to be the same pretty innocent girl Tom fell for… she looks really creepy…. where are her parents? did they give up already? that fast???

  77. 77


  78. 78

    Re: YaGirl08 – Tom isn't knocking her up, he's sterile. Turkey baster. And she looks like she's programmed/controlled. Sad.

  79. 79

    katie holmes is a victoria beckham wannabe and her baby is not cute at all

  80. 80

    Why are her arms alway covered? It can't be cold outside. Is she hiding something?

  81. 81

    Re: papiyawn – Don't make unfounded abuse allegations, please. It demeans those who actually went through that horror, and de-sensitizes, and minimalizes the belief, of those who are doing their damndest to help the victims.
    Ever hear of the story about the boy who cried wolf?

  82. 82

    She seems too too skinny to get pregnant!

  83. 83

    I actually really like her short hair, it suits her, though I really don't like it on Rihanna…
    I hope she is preggers, Suri is soooo d cutest kid ever (followed by Violet Affleck and Cruz Beckham), so the more the merrier!!
    x x

  84. 84

    Perez, she seriously now looks like Trudy Weigel from RENO 911!

  85. 85

    I hate her hair!!! She looks 40 years old

  86. 86

    There's just less of her every day…less hair, less body, less brain, less identity…

  87. 87


  88. 88

    She seems so much older than her age. Sometimes when I look at her photos, it looks like she's playing dress up. Tom is mad old and all, but you can love him and still enjoy your youth girl!

  89. 89

    Oh great.
    Another Cruise, that's just what we need.

  90. 90

    …or, she's anorexic and layers up to cover up. i doubt she possesses the proper BMI to sustain a pregnancy.

  91. 91

    poor katie. she looks so unhappy since she got married.

  92. trix says – reply to this


    Dude, she's only 28-29ish..why does she look so old. I really feel sorry for her. Tom is stressing her out..They do make cute kids though.

  93. 93

    Have their been any UFO sightings in the vicinity of her vagina?

  94. 94

    hey hair is always hot but her outfits are another story…she was not even alive for the pegged pant. i was and it was awful then and it would be even more awful now…prego or not. ew

  95. 95

    ugly, her hair matches her crazy husbands. they're like a cult.

  96. 96

    i love the new hair cut! it's actually really cute. . .if i ever get my hair cut short (which will probably be like 10 years from now when i'm a mom) i'd definitely want it like that!

  97. Lilie says – reply to this



  98. 98

    What the f is up with the frenched rolled mom jeans??? UGLY!!!!!

  99. Apes says – reply to this



  100. 100


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