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The Golden Boy: On His Way To Olympic History???

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So, did he do it again????

Warning: Spoiler ahead.

Do not read on if you don't wanna find out the latest on his progress!

Yup, Michael Phelps did it again!

The U.S. swimmer won his second gold medal of the Olympics on Monday as the U.S. team beat all their competitors to take home the 400-meter freestyle relay.

France took the silver and Australia earned the bronze.

Two down - six more to go for golden boy Phelps!

[Image via WENN.]

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108 comments to “The Golden Boy: On His Way To Olympic History???”

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  1. 1

    wow hes gorge!

  2. 2

    your not going to mention anything about how amazing the race was!!!!!

  3. 3

    Such an exciting race! The expression on Alain Bernard's face at the end was priceless! Great effort all around, esp. by Lezak to finish! :)

  4. 4

    that relay was insane!

    i hope he makes it!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    awesome race

  7. 7

    Perez, how is this a spoiler alert? if they just showed it like 20 mins ago?…hmmzzz….

  8. ZaZa says – reply to this


    first?? good on him and good luck

  9. 9

    he's kinda HOT!!

  10. 10

    This was the best race ever!!!!!!!! loved it!!

  11. 11

    OMG i just finished watching it and my heart is just pounding, Michael Phelps is amazing and i wish him the best of luck

  12. 12

    ooh yea by the way! THE RACE WAS AWESOME! THE GUYS DESERVED IT! and that shows the french not to talk bad about another team..karma can bite u in the ass! WOOO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Goofy face but he`s got a serious HOT bod.

    And I was almost fer sure that America wouldn`t win at the end.

  15. 15

    yay! phelps all the way!

  16. Gee< says – reply to this


    the french talked a lot of crap about the americans and we kicked there ass.
    deff an amazing race!!!

  17. 17

    Woot for Phelps. So glad he is doing well, but while were on the subject of Phelps. I know he's totally got a hot bod, but am I the only one who thinks his teeth look too small for his mouth. Kind of like those small mouths that popped out of the mouths of the aliens in the Alien movies. Look out Michael, it's Sigorney Weaver with a flame thrower.

  18. 18

    It was incredible…I just hate when they hype something like this so much. Even if he doesn't win 8 he is still amazing!

  19. 19

    Perez you can't forget that the Men's 400 relay team KILLED the old world record that was set by the French jack ass who was talking shit by 4 seconds. That's HUGE! They won by .08 seconds. The most amazing, heart pounding, edge of your seat race ever!

  20. 20

    U-S-A period.

  21. 21

    god he's hot

  22. Pezzy says – reply to this


    We're all watching the Olympics with baited breath! So thrilling! My day isn't complete until I get the updates!

  23. 23

    He looks like Bryan Greenberg.

  24. 24

    don't be hating on France!

    i still can't believe what just happened.
    respect USA, respect.

  25. 25

    that was one of the most exciting relays I've ever seen. I could watch again, and again, and again….I'm so happy for all of them…the entire USA group of athletes representing THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!

  26. 26

    he is AMAZING

  27. 27

    HA!! I don't hear the Frenchy talking anymore…they got their asses owned!

  28. 28

    yea you so gave us a spoiler….it is sad when a person is actually being productive is cut down by you…..the goldon boy of haters

  29. 29

    That was a fucking epic moment. The fact that the French trashed the U.S. before made it even better (though we did just BARELY beat them). In all honesty, the media needs to get off of Phelp's dick, though. I think Lezak doesn't get enough credit as he was the one who managed to power the team through to a win in the end. Though the media's mad wanking Phelps (seriously, did anyone else get any screen time afterwards?), I think Michael needs to get on his needs and take it from Lezak.
    And the thing is that I was a huge fan of Phelps back in '04, but he seems just way cocky this time around. I'm still rooting for him, though.

  30. 30

    this race was amazing
    i cried, screamed, jumped up and down!
    i lovee you michael phelps

  31. 31

    It wasen't just Phelps!!! It was a 400m relay with 3 other guys involved! You shouldn't give him all the credit perez! It was AMAZING though!!



  32. 32

    Re: bellavia – OMG…. U Are So Right….!

  33. 33

    eeew .. whats wrong with his smile ?

  34. 34

    hes so goodd !! and Has a yummy bod and hes not to bad on the eyes ;)

  35. 35

    Better swimming through Chemistry. His doctors deserve the medals.

  36. 36

    Yo! Fix them snaggle teeth.

  37. 37

    That race was amazing. My heart is still racing; see, yelling at the TV does work! Michael is a good guy and his long lean body is a piece of work. Mmmmmmmmm…. :)

  38. 38


  39. 39


  40. 40

    im loving him. he got my heart pounding while he was swimming so imagin if he kissed me.whoaaa

  41. Joker says – reply to this


    I for sure thought France had it, but I'm glad they didn't because of all that trash talking!

  42. 42

    I've never screamed "Fuck yeah America!" more in my liffffffe.
    P.S. Perez don't jinx him.

  43. 43

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm excited!!!!

  44. 44

    Peolpe, Russia - wich is one of the largest country in the world is bombing tiny Georgia! This is unfair! Russia should stop killing civilians and attacking it's neighbouring country. The world shoul stop Russia today or tomorrow it'll be someone else. Russians thing just because they have oil they can do anything! Open your eyes Europe and Western world, don't leave Georgia alone with this tyran!

  45. 45

    I missed the race, but is sounds like it was awesome!!

    U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!! :)

  46. Kam says – reply to this


    thats why i hate living in L.A.
    we always see things late! =[ lol
    im just now watching it and its 10 o clock here and 1 pm eastern

  47. 47

    "the americans? we're gonna squash them, that's why we're here" think again france!!!
    total phelps fan!!!!!

  48. 48

    SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49

    OMG HOT! yeah and the french had what to say?! nah ah

  50. 50

    Re: nonionas – I think it's "Phelps phan"! :)

  51. 51

    I did my olympic happy dance after this..seriously the most legit race ever! HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES FRANCE! FUCK YEAH AMERICA WHOOOO!

  52. mgr27 says – reply to this


    What a fine man he is! I beat he's hung.

  53. 53

    USA USA USA !!!!

  54. 54

    A. I'm insulted. I've been emailing you since 2006.
    B. Winning a relay is no big f***ing deal. Anyone can do it. Including myself. Let's see if he can win some individual events. It's too bad the U.S. is rocking the high-tech swim suits instead of just wearing a Speedo like everyone else. It's completely unfair to use technology that isn't available to everyone. In my day, you swam as hard as you could with as small of a suit as was legal.

  55. 55

    His reaction was PRICELESS.
    I adore him. Hes hot and he seems like a nice guy.
    AND hes mega talented.

  56. 56

    Such a close race!

  57. 57

    oh that race was soooo amazing!! all the guys on the relay team were so amazing!!
    but michael phelps is just sooooo hot!!!!!

  58. 58

    perez, shame on you for drawing dribbles out of his mouth. phelps is an all american good kid (not like the skanky people you draw on). phelps does NOT deserve your disrespect! asshole

  59. 59

    This Race Was Crazy…Loved It!

  60. 60


  61. 61

    maybe he can fix them teefusus, and get him one of them thar fancy speech therapists with some of that endorsement cash!

  62. 62

    usa dominates as always. phelps you rock!!!

  63. 63

    lol perez, they make fun of you on The big gay sketch show!

  64. 64

    i am so antiolympics right now, who cares? i dont
    it's like a bizilliony dollrs that could be used for
    better things, like giant donuts
    but mostly i was trying to catch letterman after soo long
    and i could not, like wtf

  65. SEER says – reply to this


    That was a BRILLIANT, breathtaking win, especially after all that French shit-talking!
    Jason Lezak deserves to be recognized as the hero of the race. His come-from-behind, down-to-the-wire finish was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!
    Congrats to US Men's swim team on a thrilling, hard-fought victory…it was truly a thing of beauty!!!

  66. 66

    Tae Huan Park is going to beat him in the freestyle…he got gold for 400m. Team korea or switzerland!!!!

  67. Puffy says – reply to this


    He is soo hott
    Go U.S.A

  68. 68

    thats what u get for talking trash about THE BEST country frenchies

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Re: Pebbles36

    1st off, relays are the biggest, team oriented swimming events of a competition. NOT everyone can do it, because the pressure is on the highest, everyone is counting on you. Secondly, the most those swimsuits can give you is probably .01 of a second. Nothing can make up for hard work. No one relies on those suits to make you faster. And pretty much everyone has at least a sharkskin.

    I don't know what your fucking problem is, maybe you're just pissed off that your old and flabby. I'm sure even if you did swim your practices weren't nearly as hard as Michael Phelps or Lezak.

  71. 71

    Maybe you should do a better job of hiding the results (i.e. not putting it in the title) when people in California haven't seen the race yet….

  72. 72

    Wait a minute - did my eyes deceive me or was it Eamon Sullivan of Australia who broke the 100 metre world record in the first leg of the relay!? Oh and he was swimming against Phelps in the same leg. Phelps is good but he's not the be all end all of swimming.

  73. 73

    1. love him!!
    2. what now france?!
    3. 6 more…and the nike is giving him a nice bonus, a cool one million dollars!

  74. 74

    shame of u Perez! Michael is such a good boy, what are u doin with his pic? okay, it doesn't matter at all cuz USA WON!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEZAK IS A NEW HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael should share with him his money is he will won 8 medals! hahaha… GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO MICHAEL AND USA TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Bush with his family was there again! it seems like our President really likes Michael! ;) and it is so important motivation to the whole USA swimming team! it is the first time I REALLY LIKE MR.BUSH! he shoul pay'em a lot of money after the Olympix! hahaha…

    PS2:Mike wasn't soooo good during this golden race, u know, that's why he was so happy after he knew the result. i bet he was sure that he lost his chance to win 8 gold medals! but THANKs JASON!!! :) We love ya! :) )))))))

  75. 75

    Re: Pebbles36 – I thought he did win an individual race himself pebbles?
    it was a great race - and especially since france bad mouthed them prior so the win had to have been so much more fulfilling to them. and yeah perez you should have featured all the swimmers.
    Really though, he needs to fix those teeth - he would look so much better.

  76. 76

    if you cut off his mouth and look at the pix he is a hottie he really does need his teeth fixed!

  77. 77

    such an epic race! That was sooo close! Way to go USA!

  78. 78

    To all the dads who walk out on their families, look what you miss out on. His dad left his family and really hasn't been in his life and he has turned out to be a stand up and a stand out guy, and he praises his mom every chance he gets. Good luck to him.

  79. 79

    So refreshing to see an athelete (from the united states shockingly) who is actually thanksful and talented. People with half his talent walk around like they are gods gift to earth..

    i think hes cute too!

  80. 80

    wowwww that race was unbelievable!!!!!! one of the best comebacks i have seen

  81. 81

    Such a fugly mouth. I was thrilled when USA won. Phelps looked like a monster cheering like a mothafuga with his mouth hanging wide open.

  82. 82

    Re: Pebbles36 – ewww. get that stick out of your ass old guy. NOT "everyone" can do it, that's why the OLYMPICS are such a big deal dumbass.
    Stop trying to steal michael phelps's thunder.
    GO USA!

  83. 83

    2nd comment:
    he's a fine piece of ass too.
    the four weren't too hard on the eyes.

  84. 84

    What the F is wrong with his teeth?

  85. 85

    The last 50 meters was SO INTENSE!!!

    Phelps's reaction was PRICELESS. Way to go, USA!

  86. 86

    pft phelps was kinda sucky in this race lol it was his teammates that helped him win

  87. 87

    COULD THEY CHOSEN ANYONE MORE IMBRED LOOKING …. bring bac ian thorpe he would wipe his ass

  88. 88

    Some people here have serious problems with the French. Why to be so hateful ? this is just sport not war.

  89. 89

    Yeah, Phelps can thank Lezak for that Gold for the Relay. Because Phelps sure didn't win his leg of the relay.

  90. 90

    Re: Krakenbwool
    If you were on your way to being the most decoorated Olympian of all time, tell me you would not be cocky?! He has every rigth to be cocky. Although, I think people need to keep the other 3 guys in mind when it comes to this race, becuase Phelps was not the fastest one when he was in the pool. It was definitely Lezak who deserves the most praise for this win!

    The most Awesome race EVER though! GO USA!!

  91. 91

    This race was CRAZY!! Man, as much as I love Michael, Lezak was the real star of this one! That ending was insane! That was awesome! And I'm so glad that Michael's goal of getting 8 gold medals is going smoothly! 6 more to go!

  92. 92

    {{{{{{{{{ when they won..it waz total ”JOY”}}}}}}}}}}}
    zzzz and they kept screaming..and that little zzzzzzzzzzzz
    ZZZZZ stop bragging..evidently CHINEZE..R NOT ALLOWED ZZ
    Z]]] 2 SCREAM LIKE THAT…SO EFFEN FUNNY ]]]]]]]]]]]]

  93. 93

    [[[[[[[[[ oh yea…fuk the french ..they sucked ]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  94. 94

    [[[[[[[[[[[ china zucked azz 2 ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]hahahaha

  95. 95

    How appropriate that Perez has posted a photo of this herpes-spreading fug showing his true corporate colors - what a disgusting shill, who only carea about whoring his accomplishments for money (and who only cares about his own sexual pleasure when he fucks girls without telling them ahead of time about his incurable STD)

  96. 96

    Re: krazihottkelli/bitchygrl – Keep on sucking your father that's the only thing you can do !

  97. 97

    Eat sh1t Alain Bernard!!

  98. 98

    Good that US beat up the French ones, Now He did it with his team not by hisself Ok, oh my God when he was screaming he looks so fucking Ugly this guy !

  99. 99

    unless you're going to report properly, stop talking about the olympics!

    1) this already aired live
    2) this race was incredible
    3) YOU of all people don't want to mention the shit-talking???

  100. 100

    That was an amazing relay! I really thought that France was going to win it, glad they didn't after their trash talking.

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