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Tori's Out: Jennie and Shannen React!

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With the recent news that Tori Spelling will not be appearing on the CW's new 90210 because she wasn't getting paid as much as her former co-stars, Jennie Garth is speaking out.

Jennie is letting everyone know she is disappointed to learn that Tori has dropped out of the series due to money issues.

Seems the execs think Garth and Shannen Doherty are worth more.

Garth says the press thinks "we're at war over salary with Tori. I didn't know I was at war with Tori. I'm really bummed because I love Tori and I was psyched Tori was going to be on the show."

She continues, "I think she should definitely get paid as much as either of us is getting paid. Her father created the show. It just seems wrong if that's the case. I don't know what really happened because I haven't talked to her. I would like to talk to her."

As for Doherty, she says she's not quick to believe the numbers being put out there, which claims she and Garth are getting paid $35-$50k as opposed to $10-$20k for Spelling.

Doherty says, “They didn’t even get the numbers right so I don’t know if it’s about the money either.”

Garth claims she'll try her best to get Tori back in, saying, “I’ll try to butt my head in whenever I can and tell people what I think about it.”

Aws, how sweet.

The CW better pay up to Spelling. She deserves the same salary! Dontcha agree?

Should Tori be paid the same as Jennie and Shannen?

  • No (15%)
  • Yes (85%)

Total Votes: 92,227

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78 comments to “Tori's Out: Jennie and Shannen React!”

  1. 1

    if anything, she deserves more because her father created the show. she always gets shit out of luck with money.

  2. Crock says – reply to this



  3. 3

    first yeah

  4. AJ. says – reply to this


    THIRD BIZNATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. 5

    TEAM TORI!!!

  6. 6

    first !

  7. 7

    they should all be paid equally, i mean,
    that's what's fucked up in the industry..
    that's why people get greedy, and that's
    how strikes start, quit being pricks?

  8. 8

    who cares, the show is gonna sink faster than a lead filled turd.

    second bitches!!!!!

  9. NoBS says – reply to this


    I would give her a big ass gift certificate to AnythingNothing .com

  10. 10

    First of all, she should NOT get more money just because her FATHER created the show. She should get the same amount as the other members because Donna was just as integral of a character as Brenda and Kelly. Brenda LEFT the damn show after three seasons while Donna hung in there for all of them, and God knows the last several were awful. I'm sad to see this happen, I love Tori. Something better work out.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    She should never have cheated on her husband with a married woman and taken him away from his family. Karma for sure. She'll never have good luck and that creepy husband will soon leave when he can no longer mooch off of her. He thought he had hit the jackpot but he got hacked. LOL

  13. aes says – reply to this


    even though donna is like the most annoying character and tori spelling cant act for shit… she still deserves the same amount as everyone else.

  14. NoBS says – reply to this


    Give her a Giftcertificate to anythingnothing doth com She's too spoiled and needs something to take her back to normal…. whatsup bitches?

  15. 15

    I love tori i just read her book it was soooo good she deserves a lot more than she has gotten in this industry!

  16. 16

    nah! I always hated Donna's retarded ass! Jenny garth should get less than Shannen too.

  17. 17

    I totally agree with Jennie. Tori should be paid the same, not just because her father created it, but because they we're all on there together and deserve equal pay. I like Tori, and I like Jennie and Shannen too.

  18. 18

    The only reason Tori was on the original was because of her dad. I think she's a shitty actress, not to mention annoying and unattractive. Donna Martin doesn't deserve to be on the show!

  19. 19

    no brainer. Why is tori always getting Fuc.';3???? She is the sweetest, most down to earth person in bullshitwood. just sayin

  20. <= says – reply to this


    Um, seriously. How about people get paid based on their talent and not who their parents are….

  21. DREW says – reply to this


    she should be paid the same. !!

  22. 22

    b1tch already has like 800 million dollars from Daddy! She doesn't need or care about the money, she just doesn't want to be "disrespected"! Suck it up and do the show!

  23. 23

    You forgot to give us the option of who gives a shit, none of them can act worth a broke dick.

  24. 24

    Why would Shannen be paid more than Tori???? I don't get. I hope they, the show, reconsider. Would her mother have anything to do with this?

  25. 25

    Jennie seems like such a sweetie and I love Tori!

  26. Pezzy says – reply to this


    Let's face it: without shameless nepotism, the only gig Tori can get is her crappy "reality" show on Oxygen. No way should she get the same pay as the other broads. She's a hefty bug-eyed troll. In the 90s, she brought the hotness factor of the girls on 90210 WAY down.

  27. 27

    Tori's mother is a cheap creep. "Goodbye To Love".

  28. <= says – reply to this


    Um, no. How about getting paid based on your talent, or lack there of. Not on the coat tails of your father's work….just saying

  29. 29

    y'know it shouldn't be about the money, it should be about giving the public what they've wanted for years!
    like they don't have enough of it as it is…rich bitches never stop complaining

  30. 30

    Equal Pay!
    She has recentl had her Own Show. So,She should get more money actually!!

  31. 31

    Tori's show was the highest rated episode ever on the Oxygen network. That should say something in Tori's favor.

  32. 32

    Tori needs to be paid as much if not more than the others. If it is about the money, SHAME SHAME SHAME on the producers. Tori rocks.

  33. 33

    Without Tori, I ain't watching.

  34. DLA says – reply to this


    I agree with Kaytayy Tori deserves to get the most pay due to her daddy being the creator! GET WITH IT CW and quit being such CHEAP ASSHOLES…. :) ALL THE SHOWS ON THE CW ARE SHIT ANYWAY

  35. 35

    this is some dumb bullshit

  36. 36

    man thats so crazy that tori is not even getting as much as shannen or jennie.
    i agree with everyone saying that tori should get as much cause her father created the original show.

    plus shannen getting 35k-50k an episode over tori getting offered 10k-15k?
    whatever. tori is 100x better than shannen.

  37. 37

    Why exactly is Tori in need of money?

  38. 38

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  39. 39

    Re: Pezzy – Not to defend her, because I really am not a big Tori fan ( I dont outright dislike her, she's just not a fav of mine), but you make it sound like other 2 have big careers or something. What has Shannen done lately? Since quitting Charmed years ago, she's had, what? Oh, right, a crappy reality show on Oxygen, that lasted only a couple of months. (Breaking up with Shannen Doherty).

  40. 40

    TORI IS AMAZING…. i seriously will not watch the new 90210 if she doesn't come backk!!

    SHE 100% FOR SURE DESERVES EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Renee says – reply to this


    HI 90210 tightasses. Please fork over the extra $$. You know you're going to clean up in $$. So don"t be assholes and give her the cash. Thanks

  42. 42

    Gee, Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth wouldn't even be working today if it wasn't for Tori Spelling's DAD!

  43. Pezzy says – reply to this


    Re: gossipmonger – My main point was that Tori's a hefty bug-eyed troll. Who cares about careers — Shannen and Jennie are smokin' hot. Watching Tori makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a corkscrew.

  44. 44

    Hey Perez…..
    Yesterday you said she DIDN'T deserve the $$.
    Well, Fatass…..which is it?

  45. 45

    90210 will suck without the Virginal Donna Martin!! Seriously… after like 8 seasons you get over the Bitching about Dylan Mckay! She should be Paid the Same!!!

  46. BJT says – reply to this


    I thin there were paying her cause she just has a small part and is just poping in wyhen she wants to work the other gals are full time on the set i think this why? but i think Tori should own the 90210 series from her dad created it but im not a big fan of tori i just feel like this show should be hers and she should produce the show.

  47. 47

    Tori is too blah. Doherty is crazy and will drive ratings. Jenny is still hot. Tori is blah blah blah.

  48. 48

    Jennie Garth is an idiot. Nobody ever said that Garth, Doherty, and Spelling were at war…. the issue is the douchebag producers of the new lame-ass show that will only get ratings when the old cast-members are on anyway

  49. 49

    It was nice of Jennie to come out publicly in support of Tori. And of course we see that Shannen "I don't know if it's even about the money" is still her bitchy self. Of course Tori should get the same amount of money as the other two. She has just as much, if not more than, name recognition as the other actresses, and just as much talent. Obviously, Jennie has grown up through the years and realizes this but Shannen hasn't. Nothing's changed there. What a pathetic little bitch. It's just a matter of time before Shannen pisses off the producers and gets her skanky self fired just like she did on 90210 and Charmed. I hope these producers will reconsider and will hire Tori at the right price because at least she'll bring some interest and talent to the show.

  50. 50

    I feel sorry for Tori.
    Why don't people like her!? Is it cause she's not really good looking? Is she a bad actress? haha

  51. 51

    I am a huge fan of classic 90210 and I would MUCH rather see Tori again than Shannen. In fact, I may not watch at all because of Shannen. She has a terrible, ugly reputation and she's not even pretty. I liked the show for the cute clothes and blonde chicks. SD took away from that.

  52. 52

    I'm shocked that Tori wouldn't do it for less! She'd do anything for $$$!! She'll probably write a book now about it now about how unfair Hollywood is. But it begs the question. Who told her what people are making. If you look at the View ladies, none of them know what is in the others' contracts. Does anyone know what Bawa Walters is making? Hell no. I smell a Tori cop-out …because Tori wouldn't be privy to that info. I bet she'll still want to be involved in it somehow. Either that or she'll sue the network for non compensation of her plot ideas. I still can't wait until Candy's book comes out!

  53. blop says – reply to this


    Tori should get paid the same amount. All the actressesarel has beens. The show is going to sink with out two of it's stars.

  54. 54

    Tori deserve MORE than biatch Shannen.

  55. 55

    Without the three divas together, will anyone give a rat's ass about watching the new improved show?

    Boycott, baby.

  56. 56

    Who gives a fuck if her father created the show, that doesn't make her a good actress. That being said, that doesn't necessarily mean the other two are either. Anyway, I think celebs should be paid less than they are in general.

  57. 57

    all this drama and the show won't even be on the air all that long

  58. 58

    There wouldn't be a 90210 reunion show if it wasn't for Tori's dad. Tori is a darling and she deserves as much or more than the other actors.

  59. 59

    "The CW better pay up to Spelling. She deserves the same salary! Dontcha agree?".

    No. She sucks. I wouldn't even watch the show if she were on it.

  60. 60

    Having a Spelling on the show is the ONLY reason I might watch it. Too bad for the CW because it's their loss!

  61. 61

    When 90210 was on, whenever the story turned to Donna, I always got up and went to the bathroom, got some munchies, whatever. No offense to Tori, but I her character was soooooooo boring boring boring. That is why she doesn't get paid the big bucks, if it's even true.

  62. 62

    And also, so what if her father created the show, she did not.

  63. 63

    I don't believe any of that… all hype. Tori has more exposure nowdays than garth and doherty put together.

    Nice catty press releases though, go 90210!

  64. 64

    listen if tori's dad made the damn show then it should be fair that she gets the same fuck that tori lets protest!!!! lol

  65. babyt says – reply to this


    Tori should get the same amount of money b/c she is equally a good actor as the other two. Not only is she just as good as an actress, she is much better to work with (from what I have read). She also has a huge fan base. Wonder if Perez can get something together so our voices could be heard by the producers to get her on the show.

  66. 66

    Doesn't matter if her father created the show. Less talent less money! She should stick to the "reality" show she has on Oxygen.

  67. D-Bag says – reply to this


    As much as I like Tori, she would never have landed a role on the original show if her father wasn't the creator. She is ass-ugly and her acting was terrible. The only thing I've seen her in that was actually watchable was "So NoTORIous". That being said, I would still like to see her back on the new show just to see her interact with Shannen and Jennie's characters.

  68. 68

    i think so

  69. 69

    GET TORI BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. 70

    wtf, she should get the same! they should all get the same general number.

  71. ass says – reply to this


    Am I the only one that thinks that the people that HAVE agreed to do the show are even more pathetic than the people that DON'T want to do it?
    How sad is your 'acting' career when you have to revive a role from a billion years ago in order to get on TV?

  72. 72

    That really is not fair for Tori. I'm not a fan, but anyone can clearly see that this isn't fair. I agree her with someone who said her own father created the show, plus she's a mom too and needs money to support her children. Unless they feel that Jennie's and Shannon's careers are pretty much over and feel sorry for them because Tori at least has the reality show going. :P I don't know, I just feel if two of them are getting paid a certain amount then there is NO exception for Tori to have the same. It's very insulting and the people at the show should know better.

  73. 73

    Here's the deal - Donna's character was weaker than Kelly / Brenda. I think Tori is a fine address but the show didn't do her justice.

    Perez suggested Andrea was too boring. I beg to differ. She tackled all the tough social issues. Remember when she trained Brenda to work the teen phone lines and the drama that followed.

  74. 74

    Tori was boring and fug. No one cares about her, she was only on the show because of her father anyway. She's not worth what the other two are being paid. It's all about Brenda and Kelly! Donna Who? I could care less if she was in the show.

  75. 75

    is it just me or is she…..really ugly…and yeah, she does deserve the same pay but instead of making a stink, compromise, gawd, i do hate this woman

  76. 76

    Awww, daddy's gone so there's no one to make her feel like number one. Does she want a job or not, gdamn trick, go in there and talk with them. Use some business sense if you have any.

  77. 77

    I only plan to watch the show as long as Brenda Walsh is on, other than that I hate remakes.

  78. 78

    Here's a fun fact, my grandfather went to SMU with Aaron Spelling. They took Math together, and I still have the yearbook and yes, his eyes were just as big back then.

    Anyway, I kind of always wondered why Aaron decided to give his daughter the role of Donna. She was always — well, I guess everyone was always dramatic, but her role was smaller than the other two women. Did he do it to prevent favoritism, or did he do it thinking her character would prevail over the others? Who knows.

    Back to the story though, I do feel kind of bad that she's being denied equal pay. By the way, Tori, if you're reading this, I would gladly send you a copy of your Dad's yearbook photo. What are the odds she finds this?