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Just Married!!!!!!

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Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

We've been fans of and friends with the boys from Chester French for quite some time now. We even had them perform at our big SXSW party this year.

So, we were completely shocked and concerned when we just heard the news that band member Max married British bad girl Peaches Geldof at some quickie ceremony in Las Vegas last week.

Will this marriage even last a month????

We ran into Peaches and Max about two weeks ago at a T Mobile party, and we were surprised that they even knew each other. Now, they're married!!!!!

This is the statement Geldof's publicist just released:

"Peaches and Max Drummey are delighted to announce their very happy marriage. The couple tied the knot in a simple low-key ceremony in Las Vegas last week, whilst holidaying in America. Peaches first met Max, 23, a Harvard graduate in anthropology, 2 years ago. Max's band, Chester French, played at the ITV iTunes festival, where Peaches was a co-presenter of the show. The acclaimed new Boston band were signed by Pharrell Williams to his label Star Track, a subsidiary of the giant Interscope Label. Their marriage has the full support of their family and friends. Peaches and Max did not want unnecessary publicity, but following growing media speculation, have decided to set out the facts. No further comment from either will be forthcoming."

This has MISTAKE written all over it!

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35 comments to “Just Married!!!!!!”

  1. 1

    It was SO quick that I didn't even have time to sing a chorus of "We've Only Just Begun".

  2. 2

    I love how they say "low-key" to make it look like they were in their right minds when they did it. I hope everything goes well for them, but it doesn't look like they've set themselves up that well!

  3. 3

    and regarding a 'mistake', mine was a huge one so I know what you mean. "I Don't Like Mondays" as a rule.

  4. 4

    A Harvard grad? So much for his parents getting their money's worth!

  5. 5

    It doesn't have *mistake* written all over it… more like *publicity stunt*!

    I'm taking bets…. I'm on 3 months, and thats being generous!

  6. 6

    I've never heard of either one of them.

    I love a good 'ole fashioned shotgun wedding though. Means one of two things…crazy kids living in the moment or ba…ba…ba…baby on board!

    Wishing them the best of Luck either way!

  7. 7

    …this is your brain on drugs.

    Hope she was smart enough to get him to sign a prenup.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    WHAT THE HELL. She was completely obsessed with the Farris guy she was dating. This must be a joke?

  10. 10

    Oh My Goodie Goodie Gosh
    If they are married then my is Josh
    (Not Really)

  11. viivi says – reply to this


    thats bollocks.
    she is still with faris badwin
    i saw them together last week.
    she is a complete idiot though, i hope she moves to live in america with you perez.

  12. 12

    could care less…

  13. 13

    You'd think they'd try to spell his record label right.. Star Trak.

  14. 14

    What the hell. I'm surprised at how she avoided the media more than anything else.

  15. 15

    I'm sure YESTERDAY she was still dating Faris Badwan!?

  16. 16

    well, everyone needs a starter marriage.
    They MAY make it to Xmas.

  17. 17

    If I decided to get married, quickie or not, I would be devestated and appalled if someone who called themself my "friend" stated publicly that it was a mistake…. even if it was… How about a quick congrats and good luck? that would be tasteful… but perez obviouslyt doesnt do "tasteful"

  18. 18

    they aren't married

  19. 19

    "simple low-key ceremony in Las Vegas last week"

    Any by simple low-key you mean it was at a drive through marriage window by someone dressed up as Elvis.

  20. 20

    im speaking on behalf of everyone from the UK when i say…
    we all HATE peaches!! shes such a wannabe bad girl and an attention seeking whore..

    I ask everyone from the states and beyond: is the feeling mutual??!

  21. 21

    Wait, isn't she dating Faris Badwan of The Horrors?
    Either they broke up recently (let's hope so, he's so hot) & she got over it QUICK….
    or this is just a silly rumor.

  22. 22

    hopefully, this is not a shotgun wedding. Didn"t peaches just have a little OD episode. I give it two months.

  23. 23

    lol she has boyfriend who is in a band called the horrors!


  24. 24

    'Peaches and Max did not want unnecessary publicity, but following growing media speculation, have decided to set out the facts.'

    BULLSHIT. What speculation? No one gives a shit Moonface Geldof.

  25. 25

    Re: LettyB – Letty-why the hell to you post on this site constantly, but are so freaking hateful? Take your ranting to some addicted to rage web site and let the rest of us who actually WANT to be here enjoy it?

  26. 26

    Peaches is a mouth breather

  27. 27

    Re: Luella

    No one I know has heard of her before.

  28. 28

    you are right perez, what a big mistake!! we will see in a few months how he faints for overdose, at least peaches doesn't have anymore her bitch eyes on MY daniel radcliffe now tha she is married

  29. 29

    Re: Luella – yeah!! she is just a paris hilton wannabe

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Yep - i live down the road from her, she was with Faris last week I saw her too

  32. 32

    Jealous Perez??

  33. 33

    isn't love grand…oh that we all could meet the love of our lives and run off to get married…who knows' they may prove you haters all wrong and live happily ever after.. peaches is one of the smartest people on this planet and although spme folk would love her to be a dumb blond that is way far from reality..if she has chosen to marry old maxie boy it must be love and i wish them a long and happy life together …she is no paris hilton wannabe..don't jump to conclusions and make judgements about people you don't know…peaches rocks..she kicks convention right where it hurts and does what she wants to do…go peaches !!!!

  34. 34

    Nobody likes Peaches. End of.

  35. 35

    Okay heres the story,

    Days earlier she is said to have left her previous boyfriend Faris Badwan, singer in the English band The Horrors.
    Peaches said in last weekend's Sunday Times she had a tattoo of a noose and a book dedicated to Badwan, which she explained 'symbolises me being owned by [him], for him to have a rope around me'.

    So she did split up with him, He's taken it pretty hard by stripping his myspace of like, everything and not appearing on his live cam (The Horrors have a live stream of them recording their new album)

    Im personly more interested by Faris xD