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Bad Ass!

| Filed under: Solange

Beyonce would not have handled it this way!

Her little sis, Solange, was performing her new single, I Decided, at a recent concert when a crasher took to the stage.

So, how did Solange respond???

Click here to find out!

The action starts around 3:21.

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274 comments to “Bad Ass!”

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  1. 101

    i think that guy was a little uncalled for, but solange seemed cool with it and was actually nice. she probably made that weirdo's day.

  2. Aleks says – reply to this


    shes not all dat good
    B is still the shit

  3. Pezzy says – reply to this


    They should have tazed that motherfucker. What's the world coming to?

  4. 104

    Wow.. I have a new found respect for her. Good for her. Shes a class act.

    I hope other crazies (and stage crashers) dont get the same idea tho….lol

  5. 105

    I think she handled herself with professionalism and heart. And as far as her talent, were you listening at all? She has a wonderful voice. If she wasn't Beyonce's sister, none of this scrutiny would even be placed on her. She's pretty, classy, and has amazing stage presence. At least she didn't act like a complete diva. It shows that she knows her standing as far as the musical world is concerned and she's aware that she's normal. Haters can suck it. Hard.

  6. 106

    Yeah, it was sweet of her, but that guy made her entire performance totally awkward in my opinion. It was a distraction, he stole all the attention. I would've danced a little with him and then get the bouncers to pull him off. A little is okay, but not that.

  7. 107

    Thats sweet! She seems like a down to earth girl compared to her BITCH sister Beyonce. And a better voice and seems real,not fake.. I hope her career gets better each time..

  8. 108

    That was way kool i thought she would tellh im to get off. Kudos Solange!

  9. aj says – reply to this


    huh, good for her. she should respect the FAN she has. lmao. she sucks

  10. 110

    I think that's funny…that was pretty cool that she let him stay up on stage with her…

  11. 111

    She's not a Diva like B

  12. 112

    Part of me thinks it was cool… but part of me thinks he was up there just to cause trouble, not because he was a fan. I think she was smart to keep in on the stage though, he was the only interesting thing about the whole performance.

  13. 113

    She truely embodied the spirit of blues just by that very action. I LOVE THIS CHICK NOW!

  14. 114

    aww, solange is so fab!

  15. iieee says – reply to this



    i am now a huge fan of this girl!!

  16. 116

    hahaha shes funny!

  17. 117

    i think you guys are stupid. solange rocks- i love the new single. and mad props to her for letting that jackass dance on stage.

  18. 118

    she is better there than on the record, but she still does not have the thing, no special voice, just a good group of friends and powerful relatives!
    anyway the guy stayed too much on the scene and was obviously insane; security should have helped him to leave without too much force not to break the show!
    in any ways she sucks, with or without crazy bitches giggling around!

  19. AMO says – reply to this


    That was awesome; good for her! Hopefully she stays that grounded…

  20. Mello says – reply to this


    good for her

  21. Renee says – reply to this


    That was cool. The guy was funny.

    But in a way she could have gotten hurt if fans rushed the stage. Guess it's a bad situation either way…

  22. 122

    Re: Lizilicious
    they arent back up dancers
    they are back up VOCALISTS
    they are not hired as dancers, they are hired as singers.

  23. 123

    LOL that was cool! xD

  24. 124

    VERY VERY CLASSY. She saw that he was not a threat and decided to treat him very sweetly. Major props to her. Looking at him closely, I have a feeling he may have been mentally delayed, and Solange may have noticed too, and realized he was just having fun and not purposefully breaking the rules.

    Good for her.

  25. 125

    Aw, that's a great way to handle it.

  26. 126

    I'm so buying the single now. She handled that perfectly.

  27. 127

    Re: HeebieJeebie – LMAO!!!!!!! that's so true!

  28. 128

    aw thats awesome. more celebs should be like that.

  29. 129


  30. 130

    Haha his dancing is the best! Awesome, and Solange is awesome too.

  31. 131

    That is Absolutly Fantastic! Who cares if she sucks as a musician. That was GREAT, That is how you handle people who crash the stage!

  32. 132

    haha oh shit that was hilarious
    it was sweet of her to not go off on him.

  33. 133

    Ugh….She's a nobody trying to mootch off of Beyonce's name. They are all religious and stuff right? Didd'nt she have a kid at 14 or 15? Good morals! LOL And the way she's reacting to a fan onstage is pathetic…she's a nobody and alreayd has an attitude. What a dumb cunt!

  34. 134

    Re: jayray42

    Couldn't agree more.

    The guy didn't try to touch her or anything he just wanted to dance. Like she said, he wasn't hurting anybody. Everybody got to have a good time.

    I was lukewarm towrds her before but this clip actually speaks volumes!

  35. 135

    I like her
    "he aint hurt'n nobody"
    she's cool
    most people would kick them off

  36. 136


  37. 137

    She is a true performer……She's a good sport!!!!

  38. 138

    cute, awwwww

  39. 139

    Dats very nice of her

  40. 140

    aww that was so sweet of her!

  41. 141

    That dude is cool.

  42. 142

    I'm impressed. That's awsome!

  43. 143

    that's so funny. cool she didn't have too much of an ego to kick him off.

  44. 144

    I seriously did not see that coming, SO cute! She def gets points for that.

  45. nyx says – reply to this


    what the hell is up with the ronettes in the back…theys got to go! but that was very sweet of her. :-)

  46. 146

    That's amazing! She jsut got herself another fan!

  47. 147

    she handled that pretty well- i have a new respect for her:)

  48. 148

    She seems very down to earth, i didnt like her so much before, now after watch thise video i feel i was wrong, she is cool and i kinda like the song. Ill keep my eye on her

  49. 149

    Thats awesome!!! Shows you that not all celebs are stuuuuuck up!

  50. 150

    she handled it good! beyonce would have had the guy arrested!

  51. 151

    Now that was cool! Never alienate your fans! That made me like her a little bit.

  52. 152

    wow. that man had absolutely no rhythm.

  53. 153

    i think she handled it well

  54. LezLo says – reply to this


    solange's music is stupid, but what she did was SWEET and ADMIRABLE.

  55. 155

    Not a fan of her music but i liked the fact she let him stay… it was nice of her to not have his behind get dragged off

  56. 156

    Good for her!

  57. 157

    WoW. She has some killer gams!

  58. 158

    i love her i love her i love her. gotta commend her character, she's still real. the disgusting, botoxed madness that is hollywood hasn't sucked her up and spit her out yet, thank GAWD!

  59. 159

    I love the way they handled that, it was so kind and professional

  60. 160

    she sounded awesome…her voice isnt as strong as B, but she sounds alot like her….i have solange's first cd and it was very good for a first cd…can't wait to get her next one….and I Decided is a great song!!

  61. 161

    i like that she did that

  62. 162

    is he drunk or flying high??? I think both… lol

  63. 163

    b is kind of fat, i can't believe they're sisters and b performs on stage is short shorts and thunder thighs. I love solange, she sounds sooo much like b though but this song is so refreshing and cute. Yeah there's not need to kind the guy off stage she was ending her set so no harm. M.I.A. lets have the people in her concerts on stage to party with her!

  64. 164

    wow, veryy graceful

  65. 165

    2 sweeet of her!!

  66. 166

    Wow. Solange is so nice! She's gorgeous too!

  67. pina says – reply to this


    that was kinda sweet

  68. 168


  69. 169

    It was nice of her to be cool to the fan, but how scary! All those security guys in their yellow shirts in front of the stage and no one gets on stage to pull this guy for like 5 minutes?!

    No one would think this was so funny or nice if he was some crazy guy looking for a bit of fame and attention and ended up stabbing her! Hey, I killed Beyonce's sister!

    Think the organizers might want to consider using another security firm next year.

  70. n. says – reply to this


    She reacted wonderfully. Her sister would have thrown a diva-fit. Solange was very personable and charming.

  71. 171

    funny rude chick. that was good.beyonce would have been too stuck on being perfect.

  72. 172

    That's a typical wannabe reaction! She is not cute, not talented and not smart!

  73. 173

    ahahahahahahaha!!! That guy is the F3cking best!! Solange is cool as hell.
    Love her.

  74. 174

    thats awesome! its so refreshing to see a performer that has a sense of humor about something like that! that just made me like her a little.

  75. 175

    Haha, aww, that was so cute. I may have been a little creeped out if I were her, but she handled it great. I also liked when he got down on the ground and checked out her ass!

    "He ain't hurtin' nobody"

  76. 176

    well OF COURSE she's so "chill" about it. She didn't have to work as hard as big sis did and only has to ride the coattails. She basically gets the fame and whatever else thanks to someone else hard work. Also, it's damn convenient she came out with this "I'm so different" thing around the same time everybody else is doing it and everyone is sick of Beyonce. "I know, I'll be the anti- Beyonce"! Bull. Plus who knows how Beyonce would've handled it, I'm sure she has more than 1800 rent a cop securing her shit. Please and thank you.

  77. moon says – reply to this


    she shimmied, oh woww.

  78. 178

    Stop hating…that's his job.

  79. 179

    she's new, cut her some slack - she was asking to get groped by a weirdo by doing that though, i bet she wont do it next time - B would have NEVER done that. She would have let him have the 5 seconds, been cordial, then let the guards take him down

  80. 180

    Re: Andy27

    exactly - girl is paying her dues

  81. 181

    I don't know why but this seems planned.

  82. 182

    LOL "he aint hurting no body" Nice

  83. 183

    Omg, I love her even more now.
    That guy was a wacko.

  84. 184

    How cool. Really fresh! More of that plz

  85. 185

    Good job with just going with the flow…

  86. 186

    hahaha this is hilarious
    this really makes me like her though

  87. 187

    I smell a set-up, a publcity stunt, plus that guy seemed retarded. Why would they let a strange guy dance there? he could have stabbed or shot her at any moment

  88. 188

    I think that's great! She really appreciates her fans.

  89. 189

    aww I like her! She's sweet!

  90. 190

    lol cute

  91. 191

    That was soo cool of her! And she has a great voice - i don't understand why some people say she can't sing?

  92. 192

    aww shes nice i was expecting her to be bitchy or something.
    good job solange :D

  93. 193

    she is awesome

  94. 194

    Omg i love her!!!
    she not rude like her sister, her sis would of freaked out, shes happy to have her fans on stage with her! :D
    solange is my favorite knowles definatly :D

  95. 195

    Wowee - did not even see this coming, good on her

  96. edaj says – reply to this


    hahah! Brilliant! That brought the lols!

  97. edaj says – reply to this


    Re: Family_Guy – She had a kid when she was 18. Pipe down little Stewie!

  98. 198

    good for her, that was very cool. and he was being respectful, he didnt try to touch her. i have some respect for solonge now!

  99. 199

    that was pretty cool of her

  100. 200

    i like her she seems very down to earth! that self-hating bitch beyonce woulda called the police on him!

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