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Bad Ass!

| Filed under: Solange

Beyonce would not have handled it this way!

Her little sis, Solange, was performing her new single, I Decided, at a recent concert when a crasher took to the stage.

So, how did Solange respond???

Click here to find out!

The action starts around 3:21.

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274 comments to “Bad Ass!”

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  1. 201

    AMAZING !…what a lady. to share the stage. she sounds great live. deff gonna buy her album!!!!!!

  2. Reg says – reply to this


    Great security at that gig then.

    That bloke looks wasted.

  3. 203

    haha awww he's such a little groover - yay to solange for being so cool

  4. 204

    haha wicked.
    Thats well cute

  5. 205

    That was so sweet of her. You can see that she doesn't take herself too seriously and knows how to have fun. Mind you we probably knew that when she got knocked up.

  6. 206

    I was watching that and thinking "man, Matt Knowles is workin hard to turn another daughter into a cash cow and misses by a mile" — and I expected her to throw a hissy fit when that bro got up on stage and started bopping like someone from sesame Street who hadn't realized he'd grown up.
    Her reaction was a surprise and I have respect for her that wouldn't have otherwise!! Looks like Beyonce got all the diva genes (to her detriment).
    I'll pay more attention to Solange after this… even though neither she nor her big sis have great voices.

  7. 207

    hahaha shit is funny. but thats good that she didnt let the bodyguards take him.

  8. 208

    oh lord! lol i rate him and solange so much.

    P.S i think beyonce would have have carried on with the show but ignored him until he was taken off, but she wouldnt have acted like a diva, stop hatin on her perez.

  9. 209

    Finally someone who isnt too full of herself!! imagine how akon wud of reactin…he'd probably shoot the poor fucker out of a cannon….xD

  10. 210

    WOW that was well cool of her , i thought she was gonna through a big diva strop stormoff stage ect ect

  11. 211

    That is pretty fabulous.

  12. 212

    well,she's only Solange..but voice is not bad …

  13. 213

    hahahaha that dude is funny shake it

  14. 214

    Soalnge is fabulous but sumtimes those dudes got 2 get off the stabe she has 2 let them go lmao

  15. 215

    I am in the corner of those who say she should have never allowed this to happen…forget that he might have been a crazy and harmed her or the backup dancers…just think that now any fool that sees this will think that they can jump on stage with her and repeat this at any concert she gives. Bad idea in my opinion.

  16. 216

    LMFAO … One Word … PRICELESS!

    Good For him … Nice of her …Mind you she looked like she was slammin' back some kind of beverage at the top of the tune?

    Heh Heh … It's all Good … No one got arrested right?

  17. 217

    Definitely a sweetheart for sure………….class act!

  18. 218

    Must admit … thought this was gonna be a "beat down" video or something before I ran it … *LOL*

  19. 219

    She handled that with absolute grace. Shows who she is as a person. Wow.

  20. Paty says – reply to this


    Very nice of her to let him stay. She even said he wasn´t hurting anybody…very nice indeed. We see so many crazy divas and she seems to be very grounded. For now. =)

  21. 221

    How sweet! She's so gracious! Good for you! You go, girl! :-)

  22. 222

    hah this is awesome, but perez i read what you wrote before watching it and you made it out as if solange was gonna flip out and beat the guy to a pulp, get your words right mate, get them right.

  23. 223

    well…that's quiet sweet from her … but this guy is weird anyway

  24. 224

    **** This dude was crazy. She could have been stabbed or shot **** They don't call DC the murder capitol for nothing. Sorry, but the security really should have taken this guy off the stage. They get an "F" but it's DC so I'm not very surprised. That's said - Solange handled herself beautifully. I also really like this song.

  25. Patsy says – reply to this


    Class act!

  26. 226

    I think this shows how down to earth and kind she is! I like both her and beyonce a lot more for showing that she would treat an unruly fan this way. She's very kind.

  27. 227

    Good for her. She handled that very well.

  28. 228

    I think she is awesome

  29. 229

    She handled it well. I kind of feel sorry for her though. Her voice is too similar to her sisters, so I don't think she'll really make an impact. She offers nothing unique.

  30. 230

    that's cool she could have totally been a bitch about shit and she was really cool. and she has a slammin voice! wowza! Beyonce… WATCH OUT! ahahahaha thats awesome!

  31. 231

    haha that's so funny!! I was sooooooooooooo expecting something diva-ish, but that was pretty cool of her! Go Solange! It's always great to see singers who are humble enough to spend time with their fans!

  32. 232

    Good for her!!

  33. 233

    She's beautiful and is amazing - but, she took a big risk - there's a lot of psychos out there - she could have been hurt.

  34. 234

    what a class act! I didn't know anything about her but I really respect her for that.

  35. 235

    thats awesome. everyone should be so nice. at least when they aren't hurting anyone or bothering anyone…

  36. 236

    Good Reaction!

  37. 237

    haha well done her

  38. 238

    that's great….

  39. 239

    She is going to do great! She handled him with class, although I would have been afraid of him!

  40. 240

    you could have warned us how totally boring the performance was. good god. that must have been a fee show

  41. 241

    that was cool…lol he looked drunk though kinda scary

  42. 242

    wow, i think she handled it great … i dont really listen to her stuff, but this makes me like her a little bit more :)

  43. 243

    Wasn't expecting that! I thought she was gonna beat his ass or something. It was kinda cool, but dangerous. He could have stabbed her or something.

  44. 244

    That was too classy!

  45. 245


    LOVED it..

    he aint hurting noone mannnn! :P

  46. 246

    I think she handled this pretty damn classy.

  47. 247

    fake fake fake fake fake. comeon people, use your head.

  48. 248

    hahahha that was amazing it was so refreshing to see someone act like a human!

  49. 249

    that was so cool of her.
    i would freaked out if that man suddenly came across me.

  50. 250

    That's sweet, Beyonce would have had his ass kicked out in seconds

  51. JHTK says – reply to this


    Haha, I expected her to loose it but she handled it great! I don't really care for her voice but I"m starting to like her more and more because of this.

  52. 252

    Lmfffffao that dude has got some nerve!! She handled it well. Beyonce would have had a major bitch fit and attacked him with her weave and microphone

  53. 253

    Wow, she's got class. I'm impressed with her. I'm NOT impressed with security.

  54. 254

    That's pretty funny. I'm sure had he actually touched her or got in the way of her "routine" it would have been a different story. At least she was nice to him…not that she would want anythind bad written about her snubbing a fan…she can't afford that right now.

  55. 255

    I was expecting some bigtime diva behavior, but she handled it very well, and she came out looking like a good sport.

  56. 256

    She handled the situation beautifully!!! Bravo Solange!!! And I think the title says it all!!! She handled that like a true pro. You go girl!!!=)

  57. 257

    Re: JuiCYb23 – i agree

  58. 258

    hahaha that's cute.

  59. 259

    I love her…. she's so down to earh , real!

  60. 260

    That's awesome! I'd do the same thing! Dude's just feeling the music! That's how it should be!

  61. 261

    now that's just delicious:)
    solange totally rocks!

  62. 262

    So adorable! She has a new fan in me!

  63. 263

    why she b lettin day cwazy drunk nigga on stage?! so if me go to her concert me can jump on stage and shake me booty!? now me kno!

  64. 264

    yeah and beyonce doesnt play family reunions either

  65. 265

    Fair play to her!! She must have made his day!!

  66. 266

    She handled that the good-ole fashion way our mothers, aunts and uncles use to do. "Let that boy do is thang!" and that he did. She is definitely a down home girl. She gained a fan with me.

  67. 267


  68. 268

    wow. i'm impressed!

  69. mai says – reply to this


    Just for the record…people keep saying that "she is no Beyonce." You're right! She isn't. She is SOLANGE. If you stop comparing her to her sister, you just might like her. From what has been shown of her in the media, she seems to be a lovely person. Stop the Beyonce comparisons. It's not fair to her. Give her a chance, guys.

  70. 270

    That was great. She handled that perfectly. Very classy and funny.

  71. 271

    This brought tears to my sensitive eyes. That was very cool. Her cuntiliciuos sister would've raped the poor guy.
    Go Solagnes
    or whateva her name is :)

  72. 272

    that was classy and smooth…it was very nice of her not to act bratty

    however, she should have been more carefull..where the hell as ecurity? he could have easily hurt her…

  73. 273

    She seems way cooler and more down to earth than her diva sister.

  74. 274

    She handled that like a professional :D
    I thought it was cute when she danced with him that was prolly the highlight of his life.

    He aint hurtin nobody lol
    I just gained alot of respect for her

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