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A glowing Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie were seen making their way out of the Queen of Pop's 50th birthday celebration, Saturday in London.

The Material Mom and her man partied it up at hotspot Volstead.

Guy is said to have commissioned top graffiti artist Banksy to create a $900,000 portrait of the M to mark her milestone birthday.

There, she's 50. It's over.


Less than a week until the start of the world tour!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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154 comments to “G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S”

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  1. 1

    She really looks like a man.

  2. 2

    Oh, but Happy Birthday!

  3. 3

    Can't Wait for the tour!!!!!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    God I love her and I cant believe this bitch is 50. I cant wait to see her concert. I love you girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    but now that we know madonna's
    not a natural beauty, it takes away
    from things, yes?

  7. 7

    Fab at 50!

  8. 8

    Hilton must love tranny's.

  9. coco says – reply to this


    ugh what kind of outfit is that? I know it's Givenchy but still. Those boots I mean give them a rest. I do like her with long hair though it tends to soften her up. I hope her concert is good. I'm skipping it. Went to see Kylie in Paris and decided that was the best show of the year.

  10. 10

    Madonna looks great!!! She's the beautiful Queen of pop! LOVE HER!!!

  11. 11

    she looks AMAZING for 50

  12. coco says – reply to this


    Oh and another comment. This is how you know all the "good" gay men are out of Madonna's life because she's dressing pretty awful lately. I mean that clutch with her name "tacky". The chains are off the charts because I love Givenchy but that mess of a dress with shorts pretty tragic

  13. 13

    Re: MJ0497 – You're just jealous, You wish you looked as good! She looks Ferosh!!!!!!! :P

  14. 14

    good to see she was out with her hubby for her b-day

  15. 15

    Arent they divorced yet?Money keeps them together i guess.I read her brothers book,they lead separate lifes for years while Perry,Guy is a seriously gay hater.You got to read Madges bro book.A zero who married Madge.Since that mariage i stopped liking her.

  16. 16

    Happy Birthday Madonna! Ignore the haters. They're just jealous of your incredible success!!

  17. 17

    Re: Mstiatiarra – You're an idiot! Grow up..GIRLFRIEND…

  18. lili says – reply to this


    mario, you are such a tool…really your site is getting to be such bullshit now that you have gone "corporate" and also since you went from severly morbidly obese to just morbidly obese…

    Madonna looks like SHIT, yeah I said it! You know this Bitch does not look good, although you did post one of the better pictures…if it was someone you DIDN'T like you would have posted the pictures showing her nasty ass shrivled up hands, her fucked up facelift that made her cheekbones look so harsh, or her weird outfit with the knee high hooker boots and old lady slip.

  19. 19

    Loves Madonna !!

    Happy 50th!

  20. 20

    Madonna is still hot! Can't wait for the tour. Hope she had a great birthday!

  21. 21

    Madonna is hotter than all of your ugly fat moms!

  22. 22

    All Hail the Queen!

  23. 23

    Like Madonna said herself..
    "fuck you I'm 50"
    who the fuck cares. And she looks beautiful and feminine. Those who say otherwise are blind!

  24. 24

    Even though I Love Madonna, being 50 has only made her look like BD in Baby Jane…..

  25. 25

    She's got man-arms baybee.

    And who pays 900k for crappy graffiti? Rich folks are stoopid.

  26. lukey says – reply to this


    YAY!!! I LOVE MADGE!!!

  27. 27

    She deserves all the happiness in the world as she has made many of us happy….
    Happy Birthday Madonna love!!

  28. 28

    she looks fantastic!!….can't wait for the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    lazy eye!

  30. 30

    seems like all the money for surgeries were well invested.

    but fuck it, she's madonna. she'd even be fabulous if she cut off her nose.

  31. 31


  32. Anonymous says – reply to this


    love! she's the best!

  33. 33

    she looks like a hag!

  34. 34

    Why are her roots always black. With as much money as she has, you'd think she could afford to keep up with touch ups. Old Fucking Hag…bitch looks like hell.

  35. 35

    Yeaaah Your Rock Girl !!!!!!
    Guy's sooo hansome (L)

    Long Live the Queen ****
    Can't wait for the Sticky & Sweet Tour !!!!!!!!!!
    It's gonna be amazing !

  36. 36

    TIME OUT… you can't be gorgeous if you're HALF PLASTIC… no Gorgeous people are natural… natural beautiful… MADONNA IS NOT GORGEOUS… don't abuse that word just because you want to suck Madonna's Dick Perez-Z

  37. 37

    Plus she can't be Gorgeous with ugly roots showing

  38. 38

    her tour will WILL be kick ass……

  39. 39

    She looks fabulous and happy.

  40. 40

    Your readers like her hair? Sure, for a college girl it would work. Or, like, in the 1940's. Parted in the middle with a dip on each side? Posh or Katie are the leaders there. Anyway, happy 50th Madge. Your hubby does not look happy.

  41. 41

    $900,000 portrait? Give Me a Fuc*ing break!!

  42. 42

    Her face looks like a mask.

  43. 43

    In every picture I see her in lately, she looks glassy-eyed and totally out of it.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    It's nice to see Madonna and Guy out together and both smiling.
    I think it is possible but most unlikely they will ever divorce. It is very common among the English aristocracy for husband and wife to lead separate lives. Once the children necessary to carry on the family name have been produced a lot of marriages are pretty much finished, like Charles and Diana.
    $900,000 to immortalize perennially dark roots. Guy, you are a filthy rich devil.

  46. 46

    There is nothing more pathetic that aging rock stars. She is 50, already elegible for senior citizens discounts and AARP insurance.

  47. 47

    He is quite possible the most repulsive man on the planet.

  48. 2Cute says – reply to this


    Gorgeous my ASS

  49. 49

    Re: coco

    you just lost all credibility for having musical taste if kylie was the best show of the year. as for her boots, id say you should give your UGLY HOLE YOU CALL A MOUTH a rest.

  50. 50

    "glowing" and "radient" eh? Not two words I would use to describe her but um ok.

    I think you're a little bit too far up Madonna's ass.

  51. 51

    Re: Devil worshiper


  52. 52

    Re: Jane Doe

    oh jane joe is jealous cause she works in a cubby and is underpaid. dont worry, you may get a good xmas bonus, you stupid bitch.

  53. 53

    Oh! She smiles?

  54. 54

    So we should only like twenty year old rockstars and younger? why? no really, why? you know what? i can't wait for your boss to fire you at age 35 and have everyone tell you how ugly and old you are.

    shame on you for being so close minded and ignorant. SHAME ON YOU.

  55. 55

    I'm glad to see the two of them together. That seems to be a rarity lately. So glad the rumors of a divorce seem to be over.

  56. 56

    I think she looks tired and worn out. And why do people with so much money have roots? Annoying!!

  57. harle says – reply to this



  58. 58

    GORGEOUS?! Are you high? She loooks like Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

  59. 59

    Blaaa-aaaannnnnnnchhh! Are ya hungry Blanch??????????

  60. 60

    HA! Based on the photo—I think we know what Madonna was up to during her "broken ankle." SOMETHING'S been "filled in."

  61. 61

    okay, she's not actually that great. she's good, she's famous, she's madonna. not god. age gracefully, jesus christ.

  62. 62

    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Happy Birthday/your MAJEZTY [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    ……………….NOW….GET THE EFF AWAY FROM HIM……………..
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ HEZ NOT WORTHY…SERIOUZLY ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ………………..NO MORE PLAZTIC SURGERY……………………

  63. 63

    Fuck all you haters! Maddy looks FANTASTIC. You should look this good at 50, idiots. She's the Queen and all of you haters can't do ANYTHING about it.
    The tour is 90% sold out, Hard Candy has sold over 3 million worldwide (to Mariah's 1.5m worldwide) and all the trash talk isn't going to change any of that. We love you "M"! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  64. 64

    ………………….checking……………….juzt checking……………………………

  65. Uker says – reply to this



  66. coco says – reply to this


    Re: farck on farckle

    Ha your comment makes me laugh. I'm not hating on Madonna I just don't like the way she dresses. Yes Kylie show was awesome. It was worth the Euro's . That's not the best show I've seen though. The best show I've seen was Siouxsie and the Banshees, at the Hammerstein Ballroom and New Order. I've outgrown Madonna I don't relate. Come on though those Stella boots Madonna is always glued in are just an opening for ridiculing her.

  67. cmgkk says – reply to this


    just teasting out my new avatar….

  68. 68

    I can't stand Madonna, but I have to admit she looks pretty here. I like the top and chains, but I would have paired it with something else on the bottom. She really needs to stop working those arms out, she looks like she has man arms. Gain a little weight to soften out those hard edges. She'll always be a hag though.

  69. 69

    This is problem with plastic surgery - even the "good" jobs. Her face looks odd, like it is melted wax or something. It doesn't look right; it looks off. Not gorgeous at all. Not gorgeous at all.

  70. 70

    Her left eye looks kinda saggy and tired. Are those her new cheek implants? Her face isn't but her hands sure 50 years old.

  71. 71

    She could of at least got her roots done….hair not so good

  72. 72

    Sorry, Love her but this look is a fine case for "Separated at Birth" Think "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" "But you are Blanche, you are!"

  73. 73

    Re: Moluver

    She looks like shit, and there's nothing YOU or HER can do about us talking trash about her OLD, fugly, ass.

  74. 74


  75. 75

    She looks gorgeous indeed.. i cant believe this woman in 50! WOw

  76. 76

    Nice black roots. NOT.

  77. 77

    Re: Steve Drill – Who pays $600+ too see a 50 year old hag who refuses to accept the fact that she's way to damn old to be showing as much skin as she does.

  78. 78

    Madonna is 50 her vagina is 150. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD WOMAN!

  79. 79

    Portugal luvs ya xD

  80. 80

    Wow she looks so much better than that skeleton that was walking around posing as her lately. Happy 50th Madge!

  81. 81

    fuck old people getting their fuck on

  82. 82

    Re: Different

    I imagine it's the same people who'd pay 900k for some "artist" to smear feces on their wall and call it: "graffiti art"

  83. 83

    luV mAdOnnA

  84. 84

    Congratulations! Banksy rocks. Guy can afford it and I'm happy they keep their marriage in tact by embracing Kabbalah, their children… (and lots of $) ;)

  85. 85

    Re: Schwanzluetscher – Loved that old classic. And you're absolutely correct - it would make a PERFECT, "Separated @ Birth!"

  86. 86

    The worst review is NO review.

  87. 87


  88. 88

    I used to have a lot of respect for Madonna (emphasis on USED TO). Aside from her explosive talent, I thought she was an intelligent and caring woman. Any respect I had for her flew right out the window when she made that endearing video to Perezite. Her celebrity position was a major endorsement. Either she doesn't know, or she doesn't care, that her celebrity culturehood is being insulted, humilated and degraded, just for sport, and based only on the lies and hatred of a selfish, self-important blogger, who steals the articles and photographs from other websites that he then posts in his own.
    Madonna and Perezite share the typical arrogant American attitude… as long as I get what I want, screw everybody else, and to Hell with their pain.

  89. fiera says – reply to this


    Re: 2Cute – I hope your ass is as gorgeous as hers when you turn 50!!!

  90. fiera says – reply to this


    Re: Steve Drill – Well, her old, fugly ass at 50 is probably a hell of a lot better than yours could ever be in a lifetime!!!!!!!

  91. 91

    Why aren't my comments showing up? This whole new "Perez Posse" feature ain't working worth shit homo!

  92. Wrenn says – reply to this


    If she wants to improve her looks, and she obviously does with all the work she's had done lately, she would get those nasty roots done and fix those ugly gapped teeth. I guess you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.

  93. 93

    …..did you die perez?? you havn't had a new entry up in ages…

  94. 94

    love them togueter love I LOVE MAMI MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. adt says – reply to this


    Banksy is way better than making a portrait of Madonna. She exemplifies what he is against.

  96. 96

    she's 50 and still lookin' great .. thats really awesome ^^

    but she's working a little harder and thats not good 4 her health .. hope she well be fine

  97. 97

    Yay! my updated profile worked. Sunday nights aren't exactly a hot-bed of activity. Time to get sloshed, maybe then I can look like Madge and Guy at 3 AM.

  98. 98

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  99. 99

    Celebrities past and present come and go, true legends are few and make their mark on history

    Madonna Ciccone was born to be a legend

  100. 100

    Re: fiera – Nope, and some advice, next time speak for yourself, you silly fantard.

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