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James Franco… Like You've Never Seen Him Before!!!

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James Franco is the new face of Gucci's men's fragrance.

And, the actor looks HOTTER THAN EVER in the new commercial for the scent!

The ad also features one of our faves, Roisin Murphy, doing a cover of Brian Ferry's Slave to Love as the soundtrack.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

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76 comments to “James Franco… Like You've Never Seen Him Before!!!”

  1. 1

    He is pretty HOTTTT!!

  2. Pachi says – reply to this


    James Franco has been hot since Freaks and Geeks! He's just beautiful! :)

  3. 3


    90's Calvin Klein 'Obsession' ads much?

  4. 4

    oh man he is so on my to do list!

  5. bouge says – reply to this


    Very, very, very, very hot!!
    I want to gnaw on his ass all day!

  6. 6

    OMG … NOW HE IS HOT!!!!!

  7. 7

    i want to sniff him all over

  8. 8

    He is so hot and smart
    Gucci deserves the best………

  9. 9

    Hot! But I could totally imagine him cracking up as he did the shoot. Then again maybe not, he is a pretty good actor.

  10. 10

    He's hot, but I don't buy that image on him. Looks like he is trying to hot to be hollywoodesque. I'd still have his babies though.

  11. 11

    Re: bouge – Hell, motherf*cking yeah!!! Lemme go first, though!

  12. 12

    OMG! He's HOT… He's ALWAYS BEEN HOT!!!

  13. 13

    i hate roisin murphy! she 'performed' live at a festival i went to and it was shit. she came on stage 50 minutes late, stayed on stage for 35 and left abruptly without even an encore!

    however, i love james franco!

  14. 14

    I meant to say "he is trying too hard to be hollywoodesque" any way, he needs to bang me.

  15. 15

    He is Gorgeously seductive!

  16. 16


  17. 17


  18. 18

    james franco rules , he should take over the joker role in the batman movies !!!!!

  19. MICHA says – reply to this


    Gucci by Gucci is a hot fragrance and James Franco just made it 100 times hotter! He is gorgeous!

  20. 20

    YUM id let him split me :) haha

  21. 21

    i love how he says "gucci by gucci" lmao

  22. DH says – reply to this


    He's so HOT!!!

  23. 23

    yeah he's hot!!!

  24. 24

    It reminds me of Zoolander…

  25. 25

    He's soo HOT! He's looks good in the cover of GQ if you don't have it go get ur copy he's soooo HOT YUMMY YUMMY!!!

  26. 26

    Dude, he's gay.

  27. bouge says – reply to this


    Re: Andy27 – Oh, no way. I'm handcuffing him to my bed, and not letting him go.
    Ohhhh…. I could stare at his pretty face all day. And that smile- forget about it!!!

  28. 28

    Oh, he is hot. love the ad! He looks great in a suit! Very smart ad too.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    not hot enough if you ask me

  31. 31

    he is so damn sexy

  32. 32

    That was pretty dang sexy, although I hear he is gay…

  33. 33

    omgoshhhhh hes frekin hot

  34. LSD says – reply to this


    Wasn't a real big fan of James Franco until I saw him in a new setting such as Pineapple Express! HE was so sweet & stoned…ha ha. But yeah…..he is a HOTTIE!!!

  35. OSSIM says – reply to this



  36. 36

    Seriously. I love James Franco but how do people film shit like that without just busting out laughing at how stupid it all is. SO SERIOUS ABOUT PERFYOOOM

  37. 37

    Mmmm he's my modern day James Dean. mine mine mine

  38. Bree says – reply to this


    omg perez…THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! YUM!

  39. 39

    James Franco has ALWAYS been hot :]

  40. 40

    That's my future babydaddy right there….he is SO fucking hot!!!

  41. 41

    He's really grown on me. The older he gets, the better looking he gets. AND HE'S SMART! I love that he wants to get his MFA in fiction writing…I have my MFA in fiction writing, too. *sigh* …. my soulmate….. :)

  42. 42


  43. 43

    *Fainting* James Franco I LOVE YOU!

  44. 44

  45. 45

    Is this a clip from Zoolander 2?

  46. Anonymous says – reply to this


    My future husband keeps getting hotter!

  47. 47

    Seriously people? Franco is great, but are we sure this ad is not some promo for an upcoming SNL appearance? Kind of embarrassing really, but funny in how seriously we are suppose to take it.

  48. 48

    I generally am annoyed by fragrance commercials because they're so weird.

    He does look hot, though.

  49. 49

    I don't like this ad so much but i LOVE james franco!!!!
    His smile makes me melttttttttttttttt!!!

  50. 50

    He's always been fine YUM YUM indeed!!!!

  51. 51

    lol he doesnt seem like the person who would do a fragrance ad… XD when i saw this it reminded me of survivor by chuck palahniuk LOL

  52. 52

    he is soooo gorgeous.

  53. 53

    OMG it's just like that gay-ass (no offense Andy27) Obsession commercials that made no fucking sense except this one only has one person in it. LOL it's even in blk/wht. Wow Gucci you suck.

  54. 54

    oh goooooooooodness. i definitly just got the biggest bonr by watching that. more james franco please!!

  55. 55


  56. 56

    ADORABLE!!!! :)

  57. 57


  58. 58

    Re: Dazzler – That is so what I was thinking! LOL. I can't take this man seriously after Pinneaple Express. He's adorable though!

  59. 59

    this commercial is a HORRIBLE!!!
    James Franco is hot but it feels like he,s in the wrong place!!
    And Roisin Murphy´s cover is a mess!!!!
    What´s wrong with Gucci? Who did this STUPID COMMERCIAL??!

  60. lucia says – reply to this


    mm.. banana express???

  61. 61

    Yummmmy! i wish i had him to myself for a night! ha they dont burst out laughing because they wait and laugh all their way to the bank with their thousands of dollars!

  62. shaaa says – reply to this



  63. 63


  64. 64

    i love youuuuuuuuuuu james franco!

  65. 65

    He has always been very sexyy
    but isnt he an asshole or something?

  66. 66

    omg hes so hot in here but it is a little cheesey lol

  67. 67

    So fucking hot! I swear he could wear a paper bag and he'd still be hot as hell! ;)

  68. 68

    He is SOO sexy. Yummy doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm serious. I would have that mans baby in a nano second.

  69. 69


  70. 70



    broke the 69er ;)

  71. zwn says – reply to this


    boring ad.. but as for JF!.. mmmm MMMMMM…
    always LOVED his work!
    dontcha think he looks like JAMES DEAN!!??

  72. 72


  73. 73

    i love him :)

  74. 74

    James has always been a favorite of mine. He's a beautiful actor and gorgeous man.

  75. 75

    Re: katieeheals – oh yeah i heard that too. my sister told that he like spit at his ex gf or something. but i always say i believe it when i see it. he's fricken' hot! gorgeous!

  76. 76

    He's so sexy, I don't even know how to say it any more plainly.
    if he became any more sexy,
    I don't know if there would be any sexy left in the world.