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Does She Make You Wet???

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aorphea_han_sronson081808_0.jpg aaorphea_han_sronson081808_.jpg

We just don't understand the appeal of saMAN Ronson.

What does LezLo see in her????

Is it her personality?

Her cheery disposition?

Her stunning, super model looks???

Her amazing talent???

What is it????

Cuz she has NONE of those things!

Despite that, Lohan seems attached at Ronson's hip MANgina.

The pair spent Monday walking saMAN's bulldog and shooting the shit in L.A.'s Larchmont Village.

Amy Winehouse-a-like Courtenay Semel would have been a better choice!

[Image by Adams-Rayne via JFX Online.]

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182 comments to “Does She Make You Wet???”

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  1. 101

    You were so much more fun when you were fat. Now you're just getting skinny and bitchy….like the rest of hollywood.

  2. tman says – reply to this


    Are you really calling her a man? Making fun of her gender representation? Internalized homophobia happening here?

  3. tman says – reply to this


    Re: Missy Marie – I agree.

  4. 104

    she looks disgusting…she is so ugly

  5. 105

    She looks 20 times better then your greasy ass. Kinda lame that you're forcing people to register on this site now. You gonna go cry to the cops now if someone hurts your feelings?

  6. 106

    She's cute as can be!

  7. 107

    give her a break. sometimes i think she sort of resembles winona ryder (in a way grungier way…but sometimes, i see it). you know not everyone in hollywood has to date a supermodel…and everyone has different tastes…and some people *gasp* love people for their personalities!

  8. 108

    perez.. neither you or almost everybody here knws the ans… only lindsay does.. but oh well.. let the lesbians beeeee

  9. 109

    For sure she has the right amounts of pepsi and coke for tha Lohan!

  10. 110

    Wow that's the first photo I'd ever seen of her without black jeans and a hat. She isn't very attractive that's for sure, maybe she treats Lindsay well and lord knows Lindsay will do anything for what she percieves as love- she never got any as a child.

  11. 111

    She's the man. She's probably hung like a race horse :)

  12. 112

    I think she's cute!

  13. 113

    OMG you really dislike Sam for scoring big with a Hollywood celeb prettier than her… you must want that sooo bad and you know you will never get it hahahaha get over your jealousy and maybe you can fuck a whale or other poor indefense animal… you are a horn dog douche!

  14. 114

    Both of them are nasty, poor Lindsay. This is what happens to a woman when she doesn't have a strong man in her life.

  15. 115

    I think samantha ronson is hottttttt and Im not even a lesbian

  16. 116

    Also isnt it funie how Sam now doesnt wear her fedora hat too often?It seems everywhere you look now everybody wears a fedora.Nicky Hilton even wore Lindsays very short pants today with Sams fedora.?Now that all Hollywood wears them Sam doesnt.

  17. 117

    This pairing drives me nutz! I mean man or woman Lindsay can do so much better in looks and personality!

  18. 118

    Straight girls like girls who look like boys.

  19. 119

    Would this be the equivalence of an ugly dude with a gorgeous chick, or gorgeous guy with ugly chick? Who knows, maybe it's the great lesbian sex and maybe just maybe SamRo is a great listener…….she is a sore sight….yikes…..S~

  20. 120

    Holy crap she looks ugly there!

  21. 121

    WELL, WELL, WELL….. I guess sam does wash her hair from time to time,!!!

  22. 122

    If I were to get a divorce and become a lesbian, I would totally be superficial about it…

  23. 123

    sooo true perez!!1 she has none of those things!! even courtenay looks like a better person

  24. 124

    it's the magic behind closed doors that the photo can't reveal. Lezlo is learning some stuff and enjoying the experience along the way. Good for her. It takes a good dyke to share these experiences. And the looks don't reflect the emotion. Personally, I wish they were both hot thou. Cause, in my imagination, it's still straight sex to me.

  25. 125

    i think you secretly love her. love them both for that matter!

  26. meh says – reply to this


    what does she see in Lohan? she's a walking std. What about showing a pic of her bulldog Perez? oh yeah I think you have a crush on her Perez you are obsessed.

  27. 127

    i like her, i htink she so fit.
    im jealous of lindsay, im bi!

  28. 128

    she kind of looks like wyonna ryder with very strong features

  29. 129

    Where to begin… is that a cane she's holding? This girl isn't even remotely attractive. I don't get the deal with lohan? Or maybe it's a cover up??

  30. 130

    Re: shelbz115
    haha. home alone. my first thoughts exactly

  31. 131

    saMAN shes' an ugly-amateur-dildo-fucker ….. GROSSSSSS

  32. 132

    Looks aren't everything you fucking losers.

  33. shee says – reply to this


    She looks better than I have seen her look in the past. And she does look way better than Courtenay (stupid way to spell that name) Semel! It's all personal opinion, good for both of them, they look happy… maybe Perez is mad he can't get a date with her I mean he does call her a man!

  34. 134

    Gee, is it possible that someone looks deeper than skin and judges by personality, intelligence or anything else that can't be seen by the eye? How unique and wonderful! If they're happy together, more power to them!

  35. 135

    There are no rules for attraction. Sam looks sort of boylike and is probably the boy-role so it makes sense to me…and it seems she is quite protective of linday and also very attentive (i.e she always texts her while working etc.) It is an amazing thing when someone makes you their #1 priority

  36. 136

    Samantha has a lot of sex appeal. I guess it's not a mainstream aesthetic, but a lot of women are attracted to women with thin, boyish/impish looks. It totally makes sense to me that Lindsay would be attracted to her.

  37. 137

    I think shes hot.

  38. ethel says – reply to this


    Doe anyone else see the resemblance between Sam and Princess Diana? She is not as pretty as Diana, but she sure does look a lot like her!!

  39. 139

    For once I disagree withyou,Perez. Samantha is a natural beauty. Her new look is sexy! ;)

  40. 140






  41. 141

    Don't these 2 tragics ever spend time apart? Not even married people spend that much time together. Saman probably thinks lezlo will be tempted by other people if she's not glued to her hip. I mean lezlo has double the amount available to her now that she likes women as well.

  42. 142

    I too cannot understand why these two whores like each other. Just more white trash morons.

  43. 143

    perez ummm relationships are not always about LOOKS…………

    i mean they are something.but not EVERYTHING.


  44. 144

    i love samantha ronson i dont know why u heat her some much!!! u r kind of homophobic man!!!!!!!!! i think she is cute

  45. 145

    Somehow, in a weird way, SaMAN looks a bit like Princess Di in this picture. I know that is a horrible thing to say but put them up on a seperated at birth pic Perez. I apologize because I know those are probably fighting words..

  46. 146

    She is too old for Lindsay, it's just gross.

  47. 147

    Or could it be that you're gay so obviously you wouldn't see the appeal in a woman? Samantha is quite attractive in a boyish, androgynous way. I'm not saying that makes her talented or a nice person, but since when is Lindz a nice or talented person? They're likely perfect for each other. And Samantha's probably a helluvva lot better for Lindsay than any of those man-whores she was dating.

  48. 148

    Perez…Winona Ryder and Sam.. Separated at Birth. She looks like the pic of Winona u posted a couple days ago. Smiling then evil winona!!!!

  49. 149

    Stop picking on these 2 girls, at least they have someone, do you Perez???

  50. 150

    fugly meth face. access to drugs must be her appeal.

  51. 151

    i thinl she is sexy but the pic is bad

  52. 152

    How superficial, Perez. Looks don't bring you love. They look happy … happy is a million times better than pretty. And besides that, I think Sam has a beautiful smile and is really cute.

    That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

  53. its5 says – reply to this


    her hair ages her, quite ellen degeneres

  54. 154

    Hilarious!!!…that you would imply there could be any reasoning behind the actions of same-gender partners when, in fact, they are suffering from a mis_wiring in their brains. The syndrome is called "gender dysphoria". Perez has a very severe affliction. His Profile at Man_Hunt listed his turn-ons as:
    Jacking Off, Fucking, Sucking, 1 on 1, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Leather, Toys, Role-Playing, B&D, S&M, PigPlay, Water Sports, Nipple Play, Rimming, Fuck Buddy, LTR (long-term), Friends, Dating, Kissing.
    [Rimming is defined as the popular term for analingus; to lick or kiss the anal opening of the ass for erotic stimulation].
    [PigPlay is defined as outrageously dirty sex acts such as water sports (peeing on each other), defecation (pooping on each other), male on male bondage, Group-Sex and Bestiality] (makes you worry for poor Teddy).
    It's not a freedom of choice issue; it's a mental health issue.

  55. 155

    who are you to judge people ?
    maybe they have a special bond that others dont understand .
    maybe she treats her well , and doesnt take advantage of her like past realtionships have . it's easy to tear people down , to make yourself look bigger, but at the end of the day…it's just you alone in that mirror of yours !

  56. 156

    oh my gawd she looks like such a SLEAZE

  57. 157

    for someone as ugly as you, you sure like to pick on other people's looks.

  58. 158

    I don't know your obsession with these 2, but they look HAPPY, so why can't you give it up!???

  59. moon says – reply to this


    sam has her moments.

  60. 160

    Perez how do you know she dosen't have a good personality?? Are you friends with her?? You always talk so much shit but you can 't back it up so what if she looks like a man who cares as long as they are happy why not just let them be. Why do you feel the need to out them or anyone for that matter? For once put the shoe on the other foot and ask yourself how would you feel if someone was talking so much shit about you?? Fuck you piss me off sometimes!

  61. 161

    Perez how do you know she dosen't have a good personality?? Are you friends with her?? You always talk so much shit but you can 't back it up so what if she looks like a man who cares as long as they are happy why not just let them be. Why do you feel the need to out them or anyone for that matter? For once put the shoe on the other foot and ask yourself how would you feel if someone was talking so much shit about you?? God you piss me off sometimes!

  62. BJT says – reply to this


    She must be really good in bed and the best poo licker in the west. maybe she has the best strap on around the block. Lindsay is always happy and smiling her poo gets licked everynight probally her butt to. LOL

    Amazing lesbian lover you need to find a girl that has went out with sam and find out is she good in bed i would say so by the looks on lindsays face.

  63. 163

    I feel like the more people call that "girl" a man, the more she TRIES to look like one. SaMAN enjoys the publicity.

  64. BJT says – reply to this


    Re: Jerryb – so funny man

  65. 165

    Who knows!

  66. bhaha says – reply to this


    maybe shes not as shallow as all of you

  67. 167

    It's not all about looks, oh who am I fooling, yes it is, and this woman is just not attractive. Maybe she's very very very nice?

  68. 168

    I think they are adorable together! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  69. 169

    "LEZlo and saMAN" ROTFLMAO!!

  70. 170

    Why do you think all dykes should be FEM? Are you for real? I don't even think you're really GAY or you wouldn't persecute your own kind like this. I'm seriously considering legal action against your slander again. This time, I'll win. Why don't you like me Perez? Can't you just leave the lesbians alone? What's wrong with a nice soft butch? Why does that make me a man? You're so clueless and you have a tiny dick -


    ps; you're 15 minutes are almost up!

  71. 171

    Lindsay seems to have dealt with enough jerks in her life…so she deserves someone good! If Sam makes her happy then good for her, she needs someone that'll keep her grounded. They're cute together!

  72. 172

    I think Lindsay likes the whole androgynous thing. Think….Shane from the L word. I know sooo many dykes that love that! It's almost like Sam is keeping with the fashion for lesbians really. I think they suit each other and wish them the best of luck.

  73. 173

    maybe it's her shenis

  74. 174

    It's the way she gives it to her in bed??

  75. AMO says – reply to this


    Oh she's ugly alright, but not as bad as Amy Wino or Courtenay - gross. SaMan's starting to look like a guy though.

  76. DLR says – reply to this


    Well, Perez, it could very well be Ms. Ronson is way wicked with her tongue and fingers and that is why Lindsay is with her instead of a guy coz guys are pants when it comes to knowing what a woman wants in the sack. ;)

  77. 177

    I'm not a lesbian but I still think she's pretty!!

  78. 178

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in this pic Sam looks like she's about 50 years old. Happens in sitcoms all the time though, even with straight couples. You know the formula…hot wife, ugly hubby. Oh well, I hope they're happy.

  79. 179

    Feeling great is not about look, anyway, Sam looks ok, are you better looking? or real amazing with girls (man)

  80. 180

    Lindsay isn't exactly gorgeous…

  81. 181

    Re: Mandy Dandy – lmao i knoee:P

    she must be rlly good with her fingers and tongue.

    lindsay ameks me wet but not sam. id liked to be fucked by her

  82. 182

    We just don't understand the appeal of saMAN Ronson. (don's speak for all, some of us understand)

    What does LezLo see in her???? (many things that you don't know in person)

    Is it her personality? (that is for sure, Sam has personality)

    Her cheery disposition? (maybe, why not?)

    Her stunning, super model looks??? (Sam is androginous, and that look is very succed in this moment, remember Shane?)

    Her amazing talent??? (do you play any instrument?… not dicks of course)

    What is it???? (so many things that you can even imagine, likes suport, inteligence, sense of humour, be a partner, understanding, the feeling of being super special for someone)

    Cuz she has NONE of those things! (are you sure?. you know her?)

    Despite that, Lohan seems attached at Ronson's hip MANgina. (She likes her or loves her, is that so wrong?)

    The pair spent Monday walking saMAN's bulldog and shooting the shit in L.A.'s Larchmont Village. (Like a good couple they share anything)

    Amy Winehouse-a-like Courtenay Semel would have been a better choice!

    (maybe for you, those are really a problem girls, Winehouse for sure is a bad selection, but coming from you, is not surprising)

    (sorry my english I'm not native)

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