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The Young One Wants To Be The Star

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Rumors have been circulating for some while now of trouble over at the Playboy Mansion.

As recently as last week reports stated that trouble was brewing with Hugh Hefner's three main girlfriends over the introduction of a brunette Ukranian model named Dasha Astafieva.

Apparently Hef has been spending plenty of time with Dasha and it's threatening the girls.

But even more interesting are the rumors that Holly and Bridgette want Kendra Wilkinson out.

Though, in a calculated PR move, the ladies quickly took to their official website pages to deny rumors that Kendra was being kicked out.

However, In Touch Weeklyis now reporting some interesting news.

Looks like Kendra might be moving out after taping the fifth season, and most likely the show's last season, of the Girls Next Door.

An insider tells the mag, "Kendra Wilkinson has been offered her own reality show about starting her life over again when she moves out of the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner knows her time is coming."

Poor Holly and Bridgette. What are they going to do if Hef ever dumps them?

At least Kendra's young and cute!

[Image via WENN.]

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97 comments to “The Young One Wants To Be The Star”

  1. 1

    she is my favorite

  2. 2

    Kendra needs to get out of there.

  3. 3

    dude, i personally do NOT think kendra is cute at all.
    holly madison is absolutely beautiful and i would like kendra gone as well.

  4. Bucky says – reply to this


    Hef has nice problems.

  5. 5

    WHO CARES!!!

  6. 6

    Who really cares???

  7. 7

    First, Maybe. I don't like her and Holly is trying to hard.

  8. SOBE says – reply to this



  9. 9

    I'm not into girls, but I think Bridgette is the prettiest and from what I understand, she holds multiple master's degrees. so I'm sure she will be fine.

  10. 10

    i love kendra and i love olive garden lol

  11. 11

    So sorry…I have more to worry about (such as property taxes, electric/gas/telephone bills, school supplies and clothes for my kid, and Christmas is coming up way too fast). I can't be bothered if a playmate gets her ass kicked out of a mansion.
    Maybe she can rent a booth in an Olive Garden, what do you think? lol

  12. 12

    I LOVE Kendra, I love the other girls too but Kendra has so much personality and she isn't afraid to just be herself. I totally think her new reality show will do great.

  13. 13

    …you all know she's fiending for that black dick

    she's gonna be going with 50 cents when she breaks up with hef..

    he'll she's already fucking random rappers even with her marriage to hef…

  14. 14

    Kendra is young and energetic. She might just be happier on her own calling her own shots, and not having to share her man with 2 other jealous females. Right??

  15. 15

    1. I hate Kendra
    2. I hate Holly
    3. I hate Bridget
    they're all jealous of eachother
    and it's annoying ;] i think Hugh should
    just settle down with that Dasha girl, blondes annoy me.

  16. 16

    Re: DIJordan – if you have so much to worry about, why are you bothering to comment at all?

  17. 17

    who cares!?

  18. 18

    Maybe she can get a job at Olive Garden.

  19. 19

    Methinks she's got a face made for porn. That's about as far as her "career" will go.

  20. 20

    kendra is the most obnoxious girl on television, holly should just introduce a stiletto to her face.

  21. 21

    And Holly is not cute? She's the best looking one out of the bunch!

  22. 22

    Bridgette > Kendra > Holly. Not even close.

  23. 23

    Re: what what? – hahahha shes such a filthy whore i cant wait for her to get a reality show so we can all watch how much of a disgusting worthless cum guzzling slut she really is ;) !

  24. 24

    kendra is not cute, with her damn horse laugh!! i think she would be a little more successful than holly and bridgette, but then again i believe bridgette has her masters degree, so who knows..i think holly would be the one that would still try to be in playboy st the age of 70

  25. 25

    is this why they are releasing House Bunny? It's basically the story of her life. haha. Hey I still love you Kendra.

  26. Renee says – reply to this


    women can be so petty and bitches!

    Looks fade. Talent does not.

  27. shee says – reply to this


    I think he should kick Holly out imagine all the ratings the show would get then! Holly is waiting for her meal ticket baby and Kendra probably likes to be able to do nothing and party I mean she is only in her 20's I just wonder why Bridgette stayed around so long she had a degree! Hef will die soon enough and they will all be screwed… well not Bridgette she was smart and got an education!

  28. 28

    oh hell nah her own show! y! shes da nastiest one on the fucking show she has no manners! and she neva seems to fix herself up! just look at her nails! her nail polish is all chip n shit like cmon bitch u got money do somethin wit herself!!

  29. 29

    Kendra's the only one I ever found remotely attractive of the three.. and I knew their little blissful permanent menage-a-[French word for four?] lifestyle was bound to fall apart at some point. How can these girls, whose only basis for their proximity to Hef is their looks, not inevitably begin to compete and build up resentments? I'm shocked it lasted this long.

  30. 30

    Re: madison-ariel – Because I can.

  31. 31

    Kendra needs to be put down she irritates the living shit out of everyone. No, it's not cute to be a wigger or a raunchy whore.

  32. 32

    i like holly and bridgette better
    but chea if they're hating on her
    then she should get the hell out of their
    she's so young, and is lookin forward to so much more
    plus i read that holly is to receive 3 million when hef dies
    so hey , she's set, even after he'

  33. 33

    I LOVE KENDRA. Can't wait to see her show. She's the life of the party.

  34. 34

    i actually think holly's face looks super fake?

    i do love girls next door gossip, soo juicy!! im a kendra fan , and like somthing about all the girls, but kendra is a free spirit n doesnt like to be a caged animal in the playboy mansion, and be told to play dress up and have curfews.
    im a huge sports fan, n felt so bad she couldnt watch her playoffs; that hurts!!!

  35. 35

    She's not cute. She's pretty ugly, actually. Inside and outside.

  36. 36


  37. 37


  38. 38

    haaaa kendra may be stupidd but shes hilariouss..love her

  39. 39

    She looks like Avril.

  40. 40

    I would totally watch it. I could care less about the other two…Kendra is what makes that show worth watching. Holly will never be Mrs. Hefner.

  41. 41

    I never liked Kendra, she annoyed me on the show and I never found her funny. I think Bridgette and Holly are far more attractive and interesting than her so I don't care if she goes.

  42. 42

    Kendras the only funny one on there. Holly is beautiful and all and Bridgett is cute and has her degrees. I think Kendra should get a reality show, Holly work in playboy as the photo thing she does, and Bridgette get a job or show.

  43. 43

    Kendras freaking hilarious and is always her self. I loveee her laugh.

  44. 44

    Damn! SOOOOOOO disappointing if this is the last season of TGND! Even if it's not the same bunnies I'd still like to see a show about the glamorous life of Mr. Playboy himself and whomever is currently hanging around the mansion with him.

    I'd watch a show with Kendra. I'm hoping her interest in all things "gangsta" will eventually wear off a bit though, ’cause that does get annoying to see white people pretending to be black. Just be yourself! However, Kendra is cool and so I got to like her by watching TGND after a while. She does have a fun personality.

    Holly, however, is totally annoying and stuck-up and has a laugh like SpongeBob Squarepants (SpongeHolly - LOL)

    I always thought Bridget was the one that was *most* like you'd imagine a Playboy Bunny/Playmate to be - pretty and with a really sweet and friendly personality. I wonder what she'll be doing after she moves out from the mansion or if the show gets cancelled. I hope she at least would have a blog at her website for her fans to see what she's up to :)

  45. 45

    OHHH MYYY GODDDD kendra is sooo fucking annoying!!!! shes dumb as dirt has absolutely no style or class and worst of all she's a WIGGER!!!! its pathetic she's a poser but as far as the new girl goes i think its a good idea to have a brunette now i mean seriously!!! but i heart bridget and holly :)

  46. 46

    Re: peeeaaaccceee – I completely agree with everything you said. She has NO class. It is disgusting! Such a Wigger. I love Bridget because she is kind and actually has a brain. Unlike Kendra who has the I.Q. of butter.

  47. 47

    They are younger than you Mario! What the hell are you on today? You're not making sense.

  48. 48

    I love Kendra…. who cares about the other 2…. shit they need to get more gorgous ones on there who are really into being fame whores and have them doing all kinds of fun stuff…. kick the old foggies to the curb….

  49. 49

    I love you Perez, but her name is BRIDGET not Bridgette :)

  50. 50

    haha "at leat knendra'a young and cute" she's by far my fave gurl on the show dont care bout the rest holly acting like a mon and brigitte as nice as she is she's boring

  51. 51

    Never liked her. Can't wait for her to leave. Bridget is my favorite. She's definitely the smartest.

  52. 52

    Eh, Kendra will be fine. She's the most interesting of the bunnies, anyway. She's got spunk…not just another dumb ass blonde chick with fake boobs (well, she does have fake boobs and she's not really too smart) but I don't think she was in it just for Hef's money. She's more of a free spirit, it seems, and was given an opportunity of a lifetime to be a Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. No amount of money could keep me on his dick! Time to move on, Kendra. You're young and cute.

  53. 53

    Can this horny (but business savvy) old goat please hang up his weiner?

  54. 54

    she ain't going to be anything looking like that….and she's only leaving because she wants some mandingo cock…she's already had it though you can see in in her eye…

  55. 55

    I'm sorry but the other two girls are more real then Kendra. She's not cute, the girl thinks she's hood…uh..she grew up in San Diego ! How hood is that? Pff!

  56. Minx says – reply to this


    WHenever I watched I watched because of Kendra. she doesn't ptretend to be more than what she is. Holly and Brigitte on the other hand come across as truely conniving esp. Brigitte, I like Brigitte but she's clearly smart enough to get her Masters so why dumb yourself down???

  57. 57

    Kendra is my girl…. I cant stand how pathetic(=golddigger) is Holly and how annoyng nice is Bridgett.

    I wish I could shake my junk like she shakes her boodie….
    totally hot

  58. 58

    If Heff dumps Bridgett, she is old enough to retire herself at a proper retirement house. And Holly?
    What Holly would do?
    WTF who cares… she is so annoying…

  59. Chiki says – reply to this



  60. 60

    Holly only wants a kid with Hef so she will be set for life. Who is their right mind would be ok with sleeping with such a disgusting man for over 5 years? I personally like Kendra the best, but they are all dumb for being in such a "relationship."

  61. 61

    this girl's laugh kills me ~ total guilty pleasure

  62. auds says – reply to this


    haha… kendra is so lame. her show will fail.

  63. 63

    her own reality show?? are you kidding me??? she's dumber than a fucking doornail!!!! what the hell is she even famous for except "fucking" hugh…which I doubt she does! I fucking hate reality shows…this shit has gone too far!!!

  64. 64

    she looks like she doesn't take showers

  65. M_McR says – reply to this


    haha kendra's the best

    Holly and Bridgette are too horribleee!
    they suxxx

  66. 66

    She can come over and stay at my place… just as long as she dyes her hair red.

  67. 67

    eww. who in the crap would wanna do an 80 year old..?!?!?!
    hate them all.

  68. 68

    meh they all look the same to me. hasnt hte public had enough of moronic reality shows anyway?

  69. 69

    Kendra's Gonna Be Hugee.
    She ShouldBring Out A Rap Album.
    Shes So HOT!

  70. 70

    Bridgette is the best she actually wants to do somethign with her life besides wanting to marry hef and have his babies like Holly. Kendra acts like a man and is really annoying thats probably why they want her to leave. dont you ever notice the looks that Holly or Bridgette will give to her after she says something mind numbingly stupid!

  71. 71

    Kendra's a "wigger" because she likes hip-hop music/culture and black guys? Not all white people listen to Coldplay and shop at the Gap…wtf? Way to put people into a stereotypical box. I'm a white girl and I love all the same stuff Kendra does. I'm not trying to "be black" or deny my race, it's just the kind of music & stuff I like. Nothing wrong with that!

  72. BJT says – reply to this


    I think its sort of sad of a man touching her being so young so i hope she does get a fresh start away. Bridgette is my favorite i think she is better suited for hef holly acts like a major BBBB. Kendra is that nice either i dont know why hef took a chance on these two. Bridgette has a kind sweet spirit and nice heart i hope she has great success loved her radio show with her pooch hey paris try to get a interview with bridgette a day with her pooch and yours together with teddy hilton.

  73. 73

    Kendra is a star in her own right she's not as fake or needy as the others!

  74. 74

    No one cares what whore Hugh is doing at the moment. It's all completely gross anyway to imagine that old wrinkled man climbing on top of these gold digging bleached prostitutes. And that is exactly what they are. Whores/prostitutes. It's funny to watch people actually take these girls as anything else.

  75. 75

    Re: sparkys nemesis – LMFAO! GOOD ONE!

  76. 76

    And she has a wicked jump shot! :-)

  77. 77

    she may be cute, but that most definitely does not make up for how white trash she is.

  78. 78

    i disagree, her face is odd and her laugh is annoying.

  79. 79

    Kendra will do great on her own.

    Team Kendra!

  80. Aimee says – reply to this


    I'd watch her show…i love her, she's the main reason i watch GND.

  81. 81

    GOOd MOVE Kendra! You are too young to be living like that! Time to move on.

  82. 82

    She's a lez teenie bobber. What the hell was Hef doing with Her???

  83. 83

    she doesnt all of a sudden want to be a star ur not effing a 80 year old because u love him and want to get married, only for the resume baby!!!
    why is anyone surprised she has it all lined up after hes done with the saggy ass?

  84. 84

    Re: sparkys nemesis

    u mad me laugh!!!
    he totally needs to hang it up!!!

  85. 85


  86. AMO says – reply to this


    Holly's a bitch and a dumb one if she thinks "Puffin" is ever going to marry her bimbo ass. Bridgette needs to get out too. I mean, how old is she??? Kendra didn't fit in there and it never seemed she liked Hef as a boyfriend anyway; she'll be fine. I don't think Kendra can carry a show on her own though. She should be a cheerleader for the Chargers.

  87. 87

    good for her…she should use Heph to gain fame… he is old disgusting and perverted….have sex with women your age….they all use him

  88. 88

    Drop the wigger act honey, we all know you're from the suburbs. I've taken shits with a higher IQ than you. Being an obnoxious, empty-headed, retard is no substitute for personality. But I guess that's what you have to do to get noticed next to the prettier girls.

  89. 89

    she's cute

  90. AM24 says – reply to this


    Bridgette is so effin ugly. Shes old and she makes that nasty face all the time. you know, the one where her lips curl up and her teeth stick out? Holly is Plastic, hef bought her a new face. And Im sure Kendra will hit the pole back in SD when her shot at fame ends.

  91. 91

    ill watch the show i love kendra

  92. 92

    k- dubs is the best i have them glasses in gold

  93. 93

    Kendra is a stupid bimbo and should have been gone a long ass time ago. She can't hold a candle to Holly or Bridgette and is completely fake along w/her "feelings" for Hugh.

  94. 94

    another playboy hasbeen who really cares get on 2 some real gossip

  95. 95

    I think she is the least interesting… her stupidity makes me upset! No wonder why the other ones want her out… she is totally screwing the show with her idiots remarks and her lazy attitude… I hope she gets her own show, she will realize how hard life is and she will also realize that noone cares about her… total failure!

  96. 96

    She annoys me the most of the 3.

    At least Bridget goes to school and seems smart.

    It seems like Kendra is just going to rely on the fame from the show.

    BEAUTY FADES… but dumb is forever.

  97. 97

    Well good for her :D
    she's my idol and i love her.
    i think she deserves it.
    she can pull it off.