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Everything Must Go!

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Avril Lavigne's fashion line for Kohl's is doing soooooo poorly well that prices have already been slashed - dramatically.

Good job!

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83 comments to “Everything Must Go!”

  1. 1

    lol….what a failure at life

  2. eep says – reply to this


    lol that's funny. But I still lalalalove Avril Lavinge

  3. 3

    what is khols? is that like a store or something? those clothes were way too overpriced for being at a sears wannabe store. the jumper thing is pretty cute, though.

  4. J says – reply to this


    I have Avril as much as the next person, but Kohl's actually always has things on sale. Like their Vera Wang line-even when it's brand new it's "marked down" I don't get it, but nothing is EVER full price at Kohl's. But Avril's line is hideous.

  5. Aimee says – reply to this


    Erm…so was yours on Hot Topic, Perez.

  6. 6

    I got a pink leopard shirt of hers. hehe I like it!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I'm not an Avril fan, but Kohl's eventually marks everything down super cheap. It doesn't matter what brand, wait a few weeks and its on clearance prices. That's just the way Kohl's pricing strategy is, period.

  9. 9

    ummm…..the clothing line was just introduced a couple of weeks ago, and the discounting is part of the normal back to school sales cycle.

  10. 10

    her line is gross and ugly…just like her.

  11. 11

    she's so lame, now. I remember when I wanted to be just like her. She's such a poser now.

  12. 12

    why would anybody want to dress like her ?

  13. 13

    MAJOR LOSER. The only kids that would even want to wear her shit are the one's who can't fork up the money , so you have 11 year olds saying that's so cool! and the parents dont want to buy her shit, even for the love of their kids! LMAO. Avril is lame! She bought Shanna Porker's old home, what does that say about her, except that Avril loves her sum sloppy seconds! I wonder if she got the cum spots off the walls yet from Shanna's lovers.

  14. 14

    I love Kohl's and her clothes are actually kind of cute… still too pricey for what they are though

  15. 15

    Figures… HAHA
    I kinda feel sorry for Avril…She should just retire now LOL ;D And give that nasty collection of rags to charity…if THEY even want it

  16. 16

    that shit she calls clothing is expensive

  17. 17

    get a tan & eat a sandwich……in any order you wish

  18. 18

    u know i was gonna write something like 5th!! which if i didnt read the article i wud maybe be. i really do like avril. i just think that she hasnt developed as an artist. she cudve either stayed true to her origin of music instead softening. as everyone cud see shes conforming. exactly the opposite of wat her ex fans like. everyone has their time to go and disapear from the public eye and hers is here

  19. 19

    i like the miniskirt… but it was all way overpriced to start with. who would pay 20 dollars for a plain purple tank top with some glued on plastic 'studs' that are all going to fall off in the washing machine right away anyway?

  20. 20

    Perez how is your clothing line doing???????

  21. 21

    Hey dumbass Louloubelle first of all learn to spell..it's KOHLS and it is DEFINITELY NOT a sears wanna be…I don't think any store is a sears wanna….and it's not overpriced, hence all the sales….

    And PEREZ…her merchandise is not slashed because it's doing poorly, it's actually doing great, atleast at the store I work at…check the kohls website, you will see EVERYTHING is on sale…get your info correct before you leave gay shit on your website

  22. CMT says – reply to this


    They're poorly cut, thats why. All of the shirts look like they would fit too short and too baggy

  23. 23

    OMG, all the crap was so fug the last time I went to Kohl's!
    There was like a magnetic forcefield of shittiness keeping customers away from her merch.
    The whole line is balls.

  24. 24

    It's Kohls. They always have big sales.

  25. 25

    The individual responsible for giving her the opportunity to even create the clothing line should be hung by his [or her] genitals.

  26. 26

    like your clothing line did any better, LOLLLLLLLL!!

  27. 27

    That's just like your clothing line Mario. I understand most of your line has been given to third world countries as a loss because no retailer wanted anything to do with it anymore

  28. 28

    It should be Abbey Yawn. Seriously, the whole emo/punk skull shit is getting old. And why is this woman dressing like a pre teen (tween) ???

  29. Minx says – reply to this


    Kohls always does major slashing during the back to school sale phase. They do it with ALL name brands. You shouldn't talk Perez Hot Topic slashed your shit to 70% because it simply wasn't selling.

  30. Rita says – reply to this


    I work at kohl's and her stuff is actually selling pretty well. We just have crazy ass sales, vera wang and tony hawk are all priced like this also. I don't think it's a matter if her popularity, even though i'm not a huge fan myself.

  31. DALE says – reply to this


    She looks amazing! I love that shirt looks hot too. It's been a huge success online selling 1.5 million articles of clothing, the purple zebra hoody is sold out! the clothes are really cool!. There's always "back to school" sales.

  32. 32

    Lol I wouldnt talk Perez you should check out how your sales are doing in washington. In Seattle the stuff you design is down to 7 bucks and thrown on the clearance pile. Im not sure if its even sold anywhere else anymore.

  33. 33

    that's one FAT ASS on the advertisement to the right!!!! better than the fat bitch in the thong the other day tho - jeez

  34. 34

    Your hot topic shit looks like it was made in sweatshop's, compared to Avril's Abbey dawn!. More Avril news once Avril finishes her tour in asia in 1 1/2 months, she's going home to begin writing her 4th album and talked about doing another movie! Also Avril's "the best damn tour" comes out on dvd early september! peace out everybody!

  35. 35

    Almost as fake as Miley Cyrus (if that's possible). But I would fuck her brains out.

  36. 36

    Not a failure - Kohl's always has sales - even new merchandise. Oh, and btw Louloubelle - Kohl's is so far away from being a Sears wannabe - Sears wishes they were anywhere near as good as Kohl's! They try very hard to be like Kohl's - check out their recent commercials - trying way too hard and Vanessa Hudgen's - get real!!

  37. 37

    UM I think the line is just "inspired" by her. Shitty Kohls designers….

  38. 38

    And just how well is your line doing Perez?

  39. 39

    I saw them whilst doing some back-to school clothes shopping…they were pretty low. Kind of cute but not made for girls with boobs!

  40. 40

    how's your hot tropic line selling?

  41. 41

    Perez, at the Kohl's I work at, her stuff is often sold out, I don't like her at all, but you have to eat crow here cause you are wrong on this one

  42. 42

    because its tacky shit.
    Because its kohls
    everthing goes on sale

  43. aj says – reply to this


    tsk Perez, are you one to bash failing clothing lines? just sayin

  44. 44

    And even with the price slashes, it's still too overpriced for what it is. I wouldn't pay more than $5 for most of that stuff. I understand that she needs the money now that she's slipping out of the limelight - but she could just become a lesbian or a druggie ..maybe even have a baby.. no need to rip people off with K-Mart rejects.

  45. meme says – reply to this


    Her line isn't selling poorly. The problem is you like to pick on Avril and you have never shopped at Kohls. EVERYTHING is almost always 50% off. I think that is their gimmick to get people in the store. In case you didn't notice - the entire place is on sale. Anyone who buys things at full price in that store is an idiot because if you wait 3 days it will be on sale.

  46. 46


    and to think its on stardoll..

  47. 47

    it's a discount for back to school- kohl's does this all the time perez even for high line clothing..peace

  48. 48

    i love you perez, but you should do some fact checking. avril's line is one of the top selling brands at kohl's. no joke. i think its super fugly, but youngsters are clearly into it. there is new product coming into the store soon, so obviously they mark it down!!! get it right! and how do you not know what kohl's is louloubelle? its one of the top retailers in the country….

  49. 49

    Her clothing is ugly, but this is Kohl's Pez they put EVERYTHING on clearance.. That store is awesome, best sales ever! Love Kohls…

  50. 50

    Side note: Even Vera Wang's stuff has bad ass clearances at Kohl's, and she is an awesome designer okay. FACT CHECK before you post please Pezzy.

  51. 51

    overpriced gar-bahge (make sure you pronounce garbage like how i spelled it please).

  52. 52

    Thank you Kiki - Kohl's is on the Fortune 500 list and it is one of the few retailers in the country that are still opening new stores (about 50 are opening across the country this October alone) and all of their stores are still comping last years sales (that means they are exceeding sales from the previous year). Avril's line, like it or not, is very popular, flies off the racks and restocks at least once a week. You can't fight it - it is what it is - it sells, Kohl's is a growing store and that is that.

  53. 53

    Know the facts, Perez!! Kohl's is famous for having great sales and that's what this is! Prices are not slashed or on clearance either!
    BTW the clothes are overpriced and would only be worth buying if they were on sale!

  54. 54

    that's because it looks like shit

  55. 55

    Uhm..How are those dramatic price slashes? Most of them aren't even 50%

  56. 56


  57. mint says – reply to this


    hahaha i went to kohls and saw her clothes, they're ugly. big mistake, kohls!

  58. 58

    I work at Kohl's, and that crap flies off the shelves like you wouldn't believe. I don't know why or how, but it's one of the hottest brands we have. Everything there is always on sale, and it brings so many people in… that's how they make money while still having everything on sale. I'll admit, it's ugly, along with 80% of everything else in the store… but if other people want to look like a hot pink retard walking around like Avril, then go for it.

  59. 59

    Maybe that's because she gave it a lame-o name like "Abbey Dawn"

  60. 60

    Yeah they will start selling them in vans down sunset boulevard along with the entire collection of Perez Hilton for Hot Topic… keep living in your sand castle Piggy!

  61. 61

    What………? NVM…. That is soooooooo sad, I didn't even know she made a fashion clothing line. I guess it ain't doin to good!!! Once again, 'SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD'!!!!!!

  62. 62

    Sorry Perez, as much as I hate Avril, I work at Kohl's and her stuff is all gone except for about 5 items. It's sold very well. Most of it is fugly, but we can't keep it on the shelf. And it's part of the normal Kohl's sales, it's not on clearance.

  63. 63


  64. 64


  65. 65

    what a horrible, horrible person

  66. 66

    So I work at one of the Kohl's here in Las Vegas and from what I've seen, her stuff is selling quite well. Even her jewelry line sold pretty much the same week we had gotten freight in. Kohl's does do the whole price drop thing, but that's normal for them. Her items aren't clearance yet, which would probably be the ultimate price slash and we do clearance probably around once a month, that's normal. We have all brands on clearance ranging from Vera Wang to Elle to the more less designer clothing like Sonoma. We did just have this huge back to school sale. Her line wasn't the only thing that was dropped in price. I'm not defending her or anything and I personally dislike the her clothes and jewelry. I'm just stating what I've seen happen at one of the Las Vegas stores.

  67. ktoc says – reply to this


    It's called a sale, I think you'll find most clothing lines have them at some stage Perez!

  68. 68

    aw, poor avril lavigne. so many people hate her now, and i dont get why??

  69. 69

    Kohl's puts everything on clearance, even their popular stuff like Vera Wang's line. That's just how Kohl's markets, nothing stays on the racks at regular price for more and 6 weeks.

  70. 70

    Those are normal sale prices. Never EVER buy anything at Kohl's without it being on sale!

  71. 71

    And if you want to complain about ugly clothes…their Vera Wang line is a-w-f-u-l

  72. 72

    poor avril!

  73. 73


  74. 74

    bc it's all shit she would wear..not anyone else

  75. 75

    Ohhh I love that picture perez!!!! It's AWESOME

    too bad that I can not buy this cause it's only availble at the US :( she should released worlwide cause for shure people and fans want to buy this all over the WORLD, prices get $10 low because the 2nd line is coming by next months!!
    but hey at least it was way better and 10 times more successful than your ugly clothing line perez! haaa

    Hey perez have you seen Avril's up-coming DVD comercial? it's AWESOME! you most see it and post it here in your blog as you always love to XD

    AVRIL ROCKS!!!!!

  76. 76

    She sucks at everything but sounding like a mouse with a dildo up it's ass. Maybe she wouldn't fail at doing cartoon voices. Her style is akin to a 4 year old girls and so is her undeveloped dwarf body.

  77. 77

    it's called abck to school sale you twat

  78. 78

    Her concerts might be bombing, but at least she has one thing left.

  79. 79

    kohls is like that. nothing is ever priced at what the tag says. that way you feel like you are getting a good deal but are actually paying the full price. her items are not on sale because they suck. both lines are awesome imo but dont talk shit when your stuff looks exactly the same.

  80. 80

    when will she stop dressing like she's 14?

  81. 81

    I don't like any of her line but it looks like the entire Kohl's website is discounted like that right now, you were probably just counting on your readers to click the link and see only her page discounted and agree with your opinion of her.

  82. 82

    Why, oh why, do ALL celebs want to put out stupid clothing lines !?

    And what's up with the glam rock thing ? I don't think she knows more about glam rock than she knows about punk..

  83. 83

    wow. I AM AVRILS BIGGEST FAN!! ID BUY IT!! but anyone know a place in Ottawa or Canada or a place or website i can order from?? PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!!!