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Gwen Pops It Out!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberGwen Stefani


After what seemed like FOREVER, Gwen Stefani finally gave birth on Thursday.

The singer delivered at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

It was a scheduled C-section.


Did she have a boy or a girl????

And, what's the name????

CLICK HERE for all the details!

It's another boy!

Little Kingston just welcomed a brother and his name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

What the fuck????

Zuma? Nesta??? ROCK?????

Why can't celebs give their kids normal names????

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347 comments to “Gwen Pops It Out!”

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  1. 101

    0H-two-ONE-three-FOUR! Send it to ZUMA!

  2. 102

    reckon its a girl. she'll be even cuter than kingston! :D

  3. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Suze – thank you - I was just trying to explain this to my British hubby who looked at me like I was nuts!!

  4. Eva says – reply to this


    Zuma and Rumer could start a little gang with their rhyming names. I'm sure Zuma won't look like a spud though

  5. 105

    Aw shut up Perez you big ol bumhead, I think Zuma Nusta is a totally lush name!! Who wants to be called MARIO? Mario is the name of a stupid nintendo character with a red hat!! And Perez? Well that's hardly normal is it. ZUMA NESTA! That's an uber cool name actually so SHUT UP FAT BOY!

  6. 106

    So Zuma, Suri, Apple, and Shiloh walk into a bar…

  7. 107

    Well thats diffrent.lol

  8. 108

    That poor child. I would change my name

  9. 109

    zuma is my favorite computer game.

  10. 110

    Horrid thing to call your child.. However looking at Kingston i'm sure he will be adorable..

  11. 111

    Their names really do sound like drink ingredients.

  12. Anonymous says – reply to this


    She has always tried waaaaaay too hard to be different and now that effort is going to get her son's ass kicked his whole life. Good going, idiot.

  13. 113

    what a fucking IDIOT she is. being a celeb fucks your brain up..

    no one in there right mind would name there child ZUMA NESTA ROCK

  14. 114

    Maybe Zuma Beach is their fave spot. And Nesta, kinda sounds like Nestor, Rock cuz he's sold as a rock. Next baby's name should be Lunesta Balboa Rap Rossdale.

  15. 115

    What the hell is wrong with them??? that poor kid is going to get the shit kicked out of him when he is older. What the hell kind of name is that???

  16. 116

    Zuma? Good name…for like an energy drink. Nesta? That's like a weird protein bar name. Rock? Whatever happened to people just naming their kids Bob and Susan?

  17. 117

    zuma nesta rock rossdale !!! nesta sounds like the ice tea ! lol. i do like rock in the name that's cute !!! aaw congrats on the baby boy!! i hope the next one is a girl but it seems that this couple is boy makers just like victoria beckman!

  18. 118


  19. 119

    Congrats mama Stefani!!!
    But Zuma? Reminds me of Zima, that crap nooo one drinks anymore.

  20. 120

    Isn't Nesta a female name…at least around the UK??

  21. 121

    Re: meggs – Your pic looks just like my Tacori engagement ring. :)

  22. 122

    Ah. How cute. (fakin' a smile)

  23. 123

    What an F'in idiot. Do they have any idea what that poor kid will go through in school. Probably will not matter as he is privileged and will got to one of those, not public. I had an off the wall name and it made me a wallflower and it is not even that complicated. No, I don't understand why celebs can't give kids normal names. At one time I felt sorry for Anne Heche's kid, Homer, but now it seems quite normal. They always want to be in the spotlight! This is absolutely horrible and reeks of femininity. Sure she didn't mean Zima and just couldn't figure how to spell it?

  24. 124

    nasty name, the kids gonna be so pissed off.
    u sure they are not just f…ing with everyone?

  25. Eva says – reply to this


    Zuma's a restaurant in London. Maybe he was conceived in the toilets???

  26. 126

    ZUMA what kind of name is that

  27. 127

    Ummmm what's goin on with the name!!! not even too sure how to say it .. i'm such a retard lolXOXOX

  28. 128

    Huh?? Is it a boy or a girl??? How come everyone is saying it's a girl when the post says its a boy?? Did I miss something?

  29. aj says – reply to this


    damn. that is a little much, geez. bet he'll be a cutie though!

  30. 130

    Zuma is a rock album by Neil Young with Crazy Horse and Nesta is Bob Marley's real first name. Rock is just plain stupid. Shes from Anaheim, OC..she needs to keep it real.

  31. aj says – reply to this


    why is everyone saying girl?

  32. 132

    Zuma would be more fitting for a girl . . . but still a little odd. Reminds me of the drink and the game of similar names. Nesta reminds me of a black nurse maid from Civil War times. Congratulations to them anyway. :) I'm sure he'll be just as cute as his brother.

  33. 133

    i was thinking earlier when i saw the report on E! that it had to be a boy…dont know why

  34. 134

    That was in fucking time. I was starting to get tired of seeing her balloon belly getting ever bigger.

  35. 135

    I kinda like it…nah nevermind its fuckin weird! but I LOVE Gwen and I LOVE her first childs name. And honestly when your mom is gwen stefani, your name could be turd fucker rossdale and it wouldnt matter, because your mom is FUCKING GWEN STEFANI.

  36. 136

    i don't care about the name, all i care is Gwen is healty!!

    congratz for the rossdales! can't wait to see the pictures!!!!

  37. 137

    That poor kid. It reminds me of the song Rump Shaker. All I wanna do is a zuma zuma zuma and a boom boom!

  38. 138

    Selfish celebrities. It sounds like a fucking medication. "Talk to your doctor before taking Zuma Nesta…"
    They only think of themselves, never the children. Kingston is a fine name, and he is so cute—-what went wrong this time!?

  39. coco says – reply to this


    Zuma Nesta sounds like either a strong sleeping pill or a Yummy MilkShake. Either way congrats. She has a house full of boys.

  40. 140

    that is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

  41. 141

    It's a boy! Zuma Nesta. I'm sorry but it sounds very girlish.

  42. 142

    I feel so sry for the boy with he grows up and goes to school

  43. 143

    I love Gwen and was totally hoping she would have a lil girl.
    But WTF is up with that name?? I mean Zuma, the beach in Malibu i assume but thats a terrible name.
    Rock would have been better - zuma sounds like they were smokin some rock!

  44. 144

    i dont get that name?!?!???! it must be a europeon thing.. but wait shes from cali?!?!?!

  45. 145

    Can't you dumbasses read? Its a boy not a girl although a name ending in A you would presume to be a girl. Gwen is keeping up the Hollywood tradition of calling their kid an idiotic name.

  46. 146

    I'm sure the kid is adorable… but really? It sounds like a bunch of have formed beverages

  47. 147

    what???????? i hope that means something lol and i hope he's as cute as kingston!

  48. 148

    I love how celebrities are just to good for "natural child birth". Heaven forbid they do anyhing to ruin their perfect vaginas. Do they not know that it's healthier for them and the baby to deliver naturally? Stupid rich bitches. Naturally they'd name it something dumb. Hell, these kids are the next generations of Hiltons and Kardashians so who cares if they're named "monkey shit" or "Zuma", they'll wipe their eyes with $100 bills in therapy.

  49. 149

    Nesta was Bob Marleys middle name.

  50. 150

    Poor thing.

  51. 151

    Congradulations! They seem like a well put together family. I mean you never hear or see any negative shit about them.

  52. 152

    hey .. my son's name is ROCK - and it's a cool name and he's a cool guy

  53. 153

    Re: hells.bells.misa – hahahahahhahaha….

  54. 154

    The name sounds like an allergy medication…. "Excuse the sneezing and sniffling, I still need to pick up my ZumaNesta from the drugstore."

  55. 155

    that name is over the top…not real cute for the kid…damn i wish she was havin a girl…i wanted 2 see the cute clothes shed have her baby girl in

  56. 156

    Why do all those divas have C-sections instead of natural delivery ? Afraid of the labour pain ? This is gross. Those pampered so-called celebrities give me a pain in the neck. Have your babies the natural way, you sissies. It won't kill you. C-section is bad for the baby because of the medication given to the mother. Shame on you.

  57. 157

    OMG, another gay-ass name for another celebs kid. Poor child.

  58. 158

    Re: KeLBeE – his name was NESTA ROBERT MARLEY asshole. and PS wtf is gwen an elephant pregnant for 3 years??

  59. 159

    Re: Sharon Mirrors – It's ZIMA you twit.

  60. 160

    No disrespectful judging of her choice of names. I dont' know about the other two names, but Nesta is Bob Marley's middle name so nuf respect due, excellent choice, Gwen!

  61. 161

    Can you smell what the Rock is poopin'???

  62. 162

    i thought she had a boy. why does everything keep saying girl? strange name.. but hey they are celebs.. there are stranger names out there right.

  63. 163

    Kinda partial to Nesta…………….The great Bob Marley's middle name!!!!
    I think I would have went with Nesta Zuma Rock Rossdale……..but it is not my kid!!!!!

  64. 164

    ????????? zuma???? nesta?????

  65. 165

    What is with the retarded celebrities Zuma Nesta??? sound like a bad tasting tea. effing morons.

  66. 166

    Friends of Jolie and Brad,, future pals of ZUMA… PAX> ZAHARA>KNOX >Maddox and SHILOH,,,,,you have to have the right ethnic, exotic name now to fit into the high society of the rich and shameless stars!

  67. 167

    why do people keep saying its a girl? isn't it a boy??? still the name is retardo.

  68. 168

    It wouldn't be so weird if it were a girl because that name is definitely girly sounding. Hm. Oh well, thank God she finally had it, it took FOREVER!

  69. Vivia says – reply to this


    why can't you just post this on the main page?
    why the unnecessary link bullshit?

  70. 170

    zuma is cute i guess, like zuma beach but the rest is horrid! nice going Gwen! btw i thought she was having a girl and whats with the Csection! all celebs do it and i dont understand why. they are too above labor pains or what?

  71. 171

    hey– Zuma is one of my favorite games on reflexive.com games!!! LOL

  72. 172

    are u all retarded, can u all not read PEREZ said its a f#*king BOY! Gosh TARDS!

  73. 173

    I'm pregnant and happen to have baby name books on hand. . . get this:
    The meaning of the name Zuma is Lord Frowns In Anger. WTH?!?! Didn't they look this one up? It's also Aztec in origin, which is odd too. Nesta means pure. I can kinda see someone liking that one. . . but ZUMA? She has lost her mind!!

  74. 174

    Nesta is Bob Marley's middle name…and Marley is from Kingston. Interesting.

  75. 175

    Congratulations to them on the birth of their son. :)
    I can't understand all these weird names, Zuma is bizarre.

  76. 176

    It's AFRICAN…..y'all…very rare name. There was also a Zuma clan in Scotland way back…the strange thing is that from what I can see it's a girls name - not a boys……

  77. 177

    Oh that is just horrendous!

  78. 178

    I think Perez messed up big time. Earlier Perez it said it was a GIRL. I was so excited to see this kid's clothes. Then I was watching E! and it said a BOY. So I checked back to see if my eyes were right and now it says she had a BOY. WTF???? That's why everyone is saying girl.

  79. 179

    - and nesta reminds me of nestea instant iced tea- disgusting stuff.
    zuma sounds like a spaceship taking off-


    I like unusual names- however, this is an ugly name for anyone and always will be.

  80. 180

    This Jamaica/Bob Marley obsession seems a little forced. Of course, I hate Gwen Stefani so everything she does irks me. Overcompensating White Dork Syndrome is always obnoxious.

  81. Feela says – reply to this


    Nesta is cool. That's after Bob Marley, Robert Nesta Marley…which makes sense as they named their son Kingston. I say cool name! Roots, Rock, Reggae! YAY Gwen!

  82. 182

    Rando name yo!!

  83. Feela says – reply to this


    Re: Hawkeye – Pretty insensitive and racially charged comment! Do your research…Nesta is Bob Marley's middle name!

  84. 184

    Hey, I bet she feels better now! Great Gwen as long as he is healthy and happy! You can work on a girl another time. Now treat yourself darling
    you deserve it! Way to go!

  85. 185

    omg i love gwen and gavin but that is the DUMBEST name…..and it's just dumb for the sake of being dumb.

  86. 186

    zuma wasn't that the name of a beer… like in the late 90's……

  87. 187

    That is a really strange name. And you know she's going to keep having babies until she gets a little girl she can dress up.

  88. 188

    I would be so pissed at my parents if I was named Zuma Nesta Rock. Not even one of those words is actually a known name except for Rock and I only think of Rock Hudson a gay man who died of AIDS when I hear that name.
    At least Kingston James McGregor has three proper names.
    I love Gwen but this is too far out!

  89. 189

    Oooh so tháts why Kingston was hangin' out with Sean and Jayden at Britney's today!

  90. DALE says – reply to this


    Why didn't they name their kid "fuckin retard" it's gonna get it's ass beaten down anyway, but then again it comes from the same bitch who made asian girls an "accessory" there used to be a word that it was called SLAVERY!.

  91. 191

    nesta was bob marleys middle name

  92. 192

    crrazy ass name…more mamas boys great

  93. Pepa says – reply to this


    coco loco

  94. 194


  95. 195

    do what now huh? zuma? isn't that a beach in cali? and nesta is some sort of tea brand and rock was a gay actor back in the day. not exactly the most well thought out of names.

  96. 196

    oh god. thats no good.

    i love gwen with all my heart but zuma nesta sounds like a sleep aid.

  97. 197

    I love Gwen and Gavin, but seriously w.t.f.? That's just mean to the poor kiddo. Ah well, what ya gonna do, congrats to them though, wishing mom a speedy recovery.

  98. 198

    i dont blieve you just said that it was a girl which one is it u fat pig

  99. 199

    I KNOW WHY THEY NAMED THEIR KID THAT…….. cause they knew we would be talking about it, thus promoting the couple more, thus getting more money. isnt it nice how hollywood works

  100. 200

    WHAT THE FUCK kinda name is THAT!!!

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