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Gwen Pops It Out!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberGwen Stefani


After what seemed like FOREVER, Gwen Stefani finally gave birth on Thursday.

The singer delivered at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

It was a scheduled C-section.


Did she have a boy or a girl????

And, what's the name????

CLICK HERE for all the details!

It's another boy!

Little Kingston just welcomed a brother and his name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

What the fuck????

Zuma? Nesta??? ROCK?????

Why can't celebs give their kids normal names????

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347 comments to “Gwen Pops It Out!”

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  1. that' says – reply to this


    what the fuck is zuma????? that's horrible.

  2. 202

    Doesn't this story say the baby is a boy, why did so many people say it's a girl?? I really like Gwen and congrats to her and Gavin but…this takes the cake as Worst Baby Name Ever!!

  3. wow! says – reply to this


    I love Gwen with all my heart but zuma nest rock is the weirdest name I have ever heard. And I though Kingston and Appl were wird names. WTF? Congrats Gwen. But seriously, these Celebs. need coaching on baby names. I agree Perez, why can't Celebs just name their kids something normal. I know they wanna, or are tryna be, unique or whatever, but there's a difference between being unique and standing out and being weird and standing out.

  4. 204

    Don't these idiots realize these children have to grow up with these dumbass names. i really think these celebs who think its so cute to give names like these to their kids should change their names and give their children normal names. i also bet this child will be picked on with a name like zuma.

  5. 205

    Zuma is a hell of a lot better than Coco or Apple.

  6. 206

    lmao! zuma?? poor kid.

  7. 207

    wow poor child

  8. tia says – reply to this


    what the hell is a zuma nesta??? it almost makes me laugh a little when i say it lol

  9. 209

    Re: sssara

    Maybe Zima, Sunday Roast, Coco and Apple can all hang out together, happily ever after, in douchebag snack land.

  10. 210

    Oy vey. You know, way back in the early 70's, Keith Richards named his daughter Dandelion. She now goes by the name Angela. What's with celebs?

  11. 211

    Hopefully they have a normal nickname picked out for him?

  12. 212

    HUH??? WHA????

  13. 213

    Re: Sharon Mirrors – I think those were called Zema's… fond memories though!!

  14. 214

    Why not Nesta uh, Nesta Michael?
    or something. Nesta Michael Rossdale's cute.
    Nesta, i like. Bob Marley. But Zuma and Rock?

  15. 215

    NO!!! Why did she have to name it such a weird name???? Please tell me this is a joke.

  16. 216

    People in general don't give their kids normal names these days.

    Oh well. It ain't my bastard!

    Congrats to the 'rents!

  17. 217

    Zuma= video game
    Nesta= Bob Marley's middle name
    Rock= well, Rock
    Interesting…..I woulda bet she was having a girl. But another boy is cool!

  18. 218

    Absolutely RIDICULOUS name. And I thought Kingston was bad…

  19. 219

    Cute family!!!! Welcom Zuma!!

  20. 220

    Most of these celebrites need mental checks for what they name their poor children. Some of them give nice names Shiloh, Vivenne, Liam, Stella, Savannah or Eden are pretty, even violet is a nice name. However then you get these names like Zuma or Pilot Inspector, Moxie Crimefighter or Blanket. I really think that they are just so out of touch with Normal America that they think these names are cool and wonderfu. Also of course they have "their" people telling them how wonderful the name is. All I can say is thankfully their parents are quite wealthy and the kids shouldn't be made fun of on the playground. The real problem is when regular people copy them and their poor children are hugely made fun of. Nowadays to be different people should name their children older names,like Julia Roberts, and they will be incredibly different. Also People Need to name their kids the way it is supposed to be spelled instead of phoentically! There is a way to spell a name you know the rules of the English Language, Don't spell it the way it sounds! Sorry just a huge peeve of mine.

  21. DaLa says – reply to this


    Zuma Beach, people. Gwen IS a SoCali girl after all.

  22. 222

    That kid's gonna be "F'd" up. And for crying out loud Perez…can you please take that ad off of the girl with the cottage cheese ass?

  23. 223

    Congrats Gwen, but uh, the name is really weird….

  24. 224


  25. 225

    Re: PommyMama – i love love love love Moxie Crimefighter,
    i would name my daughter that, in a heartbeat. i never understood why people
    hated that name, or Apple, those are cute names! with personality!

  26. 226

    PUMA? NESLAC??? what the fuck… is it a baby or a product!!???

  27. 227

    I'm thinking ZUMA is short for MONTEZUMA. I mean, they already got a KINGSTON…all royal and what not. Montezuma was the famous Aztec emperor. As for NESTA…I am thinking ALESSANDRO NESTA…the famous italian footballer. So maybe Gavin Rossdale is a fan. Or maybe I am just talking out of my ass and need to remind myself to name my kids after deceased family members.

  28. epi says – reply to this


    It's another boy!

    Little Kingston just welcomed a brother and his name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale
    Am I reading this wrong or did Perez say she had another boy? Why all the comments say Re: Mafalda

  29. 229

    Nesta is Bob Marley's middle name

  30. 230

    yet another amazing baby name from Hollywood…

  31. 231

    thats a reallly weird name.. o_O

  32. 232

    zuma nesta. hmm.
    zumanesta sounds like some sort of medication.

  33. 233


  34. 234

    Zuma sounds like Zima that stupid alcoholic drink. That's a dumbass name.

  35. 235

    Oh Gwen, honey… sometimes there's such a thing as trying too hard to be different.
    "Zuma" may trip your wire and make you and your hubby feel so much better than we little people who name our kids things like "Henry" or "Fred", but taking your fricking vanity out on a poor, viulnerable little kid who's going to have sh1t to deal with from day one. Every time the poor little kid has to introduce himself he'll be announcing "i'm better than you because my parents are rich celebrities". Here's a thought Gwen: how about you rename yourself "Zuma" and let the little kid have your name — "Gwen" may be feminne but at least it not the name of a video game.

  36. 236

    Rock? Oh Jesus…

  37. 237

    God bless all of them!!!!!!


    Slater Granite

  38. 238

    that's a stupid fucking name….glad I'm not their kid.

  39. 239

    it's unique

  40. 240

    perez isn't a normal name, and you chose it bahahaha!!!

  41. 241

    Love her but she needs her fucking head examined. NEVER name your kid when you're still high on the GOOD STUFF they give you during delivery!

    Hey kids, commence the torture of little zuma zippee dee.

  42. 242

    finally lol =]

  43. Sassy says – reply to this


    Zuma? really.

    Thats a friggin name of a game they played on big brother after dark season 8.. with jessica, eric… dick, danielle.. etc.
    Zuma zuma. wow.

  44. Renee says – reply to this


    Zuma Nesta

    Sounds like a weird ass prescription pill to help you sleep…

  45. 245

    w…t…f? well its definitely a unique name lol

  46. 246

    Maybe she named him partially after Bob Marley with the Nesta part.

  47. 247


    it is a girl.
    not a boy.

    i'm sorry. but its true. :]

  48. 248

    What is wrong with your readers, Perez?!? All these comments about a girl???

    ITS A BOY!!!

    But I do think Zuma is tacky and sounds like a female name. Most romantic languages feel "A" endings are feminine. I guess Gwen has chosen a name to help the child know who she wants him to be. She wants him to be a feminine, pot smoking, beach drinking, rock-n-rollin rastafarian.

    Poor kid, that's entrapment into a sterotype. She should have chosen a name thta left him more free to grow up into who HE wants to be. Should he choose to be a masculine country singing cowboy, he's going to have some hurdles.

    The name choice was selfish. Stupid. Nesta Robert Marley went by Bob for a reason. I like Gwen but this makes me angry. I would expect this from a 16 year old child, but not a grown woman that shoud have more depth and insight. Pick a cool rare name, sure…but this one is ridiculous.

  49. 249

    That's fucking horrible.

  50. 250

    zuma would be ok for a girl but a boy it don't fit but i love gwen she is the best ever

  51. 251

    Zuma is pretty bad but follow the by Rock Nesta Marley and you have an absolutely SHITEOUS name for two completely waspy people to name their kid. She should have just called her brat Rock Steady or Saturns Return, hell - call it Spiderwebs. The whole name sounds like it's promoting something anyway…why disguise it. Welcome Zuma to a world that will ridicule you because of that dumb name until you're old enough to want to change it - legally.

  52. 252

    wtf????? I liked the name Kingston but Zuma Nesta Rock??? what is this world coming to.

  53. 253

    Zuma means juice in Spain. Stupid name. Stupid people.
    Who calls their kid Roberta Nesta Rock Marley anyway.?
    She should've called him: "I am an aging rock star who's music sucked nuts anyway and I'm having a midlife crisis so here's your curse you little postpartum inducing embryo - "

  54. 254

    i wish it was a girl

  55. 255

    ZUMA takes the cake.

  56. DALE says – reply to this


    Zuma is a great name! especially when he grows up doing gay porn!

  57. 257

    i pity that boy?
    zuma? nesta? rock? doesnt even go well together
    zuma sounds like an animal
    nesta remind me of footballer name
    rock??????? i love rock music but wtf??? rock???
    bad choice

  58. zach says – reply to this


    Hmmm… Gwen and Gavin _might_ just have topped Shannyn Sossamon, who named the son she had in 2003 'Audio Science' (seriously).

  59. 259

    Nesta is an homage to Robert Nesta, not sire what Zuma means. Sounds cool.

  60. 260

    Terrible name. Just terrible.

  61. 261

    its a boy not a girl!!

  62. LezLo says – reply to this


    the name sucks.

  63. lukey says – reply to this


    Aww, congrats to the Rossdales!
    But whats up with Zuma?!?

  64. 264

    i love the name kingston, and i was soooo excited to hear what they would come up with. ZUMA is horrible. WHY! hes going to be so cute but with an ugly ugly name.

  65. 265

    The report I just read had this absolutely adorable mention:
    "A clean-shaven Rossdale, clad in jeans and a black shirt, was spotted earlier this afternoon running through the maternity ward, looking for his wife's birthing suite.

    'Run, daddy, run!' shouted a super excited Kingston, who was leading his father along."
    Love love love the Rossdale family but wish Gwen and Gav had reality-checked their baby names choice. "Zuma"?! What a stinker…

  66. 266

    What the hell is wrong with all of these celebrities that feel the need to give their kids horrible, horrible names?

  67. 267


  68. 268

    Oh shit! That is a very ugly name!!!!!!! WTF?

  69. 269

    wtf, isnt zuma a game on pogo.com?

  70. nyx says – reply to this


    horrible name…but congrats to Gwen and Gavin anyway..:-)

  71. 271

    celebs aren't normal.. thats why…

  72. 272

    ok this bitch is seriously smokin crack!!! oh well its her kid and as long as the baby is healthy all is well. congrats.

  73. SKB says – reply to this


    You morons, READ. Zuma is a BOY.

  74. 274

    Such a ridiculous name!
    i agree, celebs always named their babies with weird names…. they want to be "special" or what?

    anyway, i think that baby will be a pretty boy.

  75. 275

    i probably would have hot myself if that was my name.

  76. 276

    Zuma Nesta, la fiesta!
    ~*~~ ~*~~ ~*~~ ~*~~
    Roses are red, his name is tarded.
    Let's move on
    ’cause I just farted.

  77. 277

    are you people stupid?…its a BOY. not a girl.

    "It's another boy!

    Little Kingston just welcomed a brother and his name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale."

  78. 278

    That's a very bad name… i guess she must hate this baby for staying that long!!!

  79. 279

    Jesus CHRIST- that name sounds like a foofy wine cooler. What dumb shits.

  80. 280

    I love Gwen but Zuma?! Oo

  81. 281

    The only upside I can see about what they named their sure-to-be-cute son is that people will Google the name "zuma" and it will be a nice little blip of free advertising for the sellers if the Zuma video game.

  82. 282

    Zuma… it´s a game

    please vote for my slogan at
    my slogan is "reaching new shores"
    Voting ends August 22nd
    thank you ;) )

  83. 283

    What kind of a name is Zuma. Poor kid. Do they even think about how their kids are probably going to make fun of them. Where have all the normal names gone?

  84. 284

    Zuma? Apple? Sunday? Pilot? I'm waiting for someone to name their kid Pizza Glass Fishtoll and even then I won't be surprised

  85. 285

    WTF PEREZ U SAID IT WAS A GIRL!!!! U BIG LIAR!! NEXT TIME CHECK UR SOURCES!!#@$(^@@!@(*^$@!(!*^$@(^@!946735…………………..iTS OK PEREZ I STILL LOVE U

  86. 286

    Nesta is Bob Marleys middle name. I almost named my cat Nesta after him.

  87. 287

    Zuma Nesta Rock??? … what the fuck is that??

  88. 288

    Zuma Nesta sounds like a sleep aid med.

  89. 289

    what kind of sick name is that??? why do celebrities give those shitty names to their ugly kids? I don't get it.

  90. 290

    Zuma? buhahahahahahahah

    Thats a ZULU name here is South africa.

    Whats more Gwens babykins shares the name with someone who will more than likely be our pres… that is unless he isnt arrested for being a corrupt douche…


  91. 291

    at least it's not pilot inspektor. still…zuma's way random

  92. 292

    lolol that sounds like a kind of drink. "Have a nice refreshing zuma nesta!" Celebrities are retarded lol

  93. 293

    That's is one fuckly name:-S
    But.. CONGRATS to Gavin and Gwen and of course Kingston!

  94. 294

    omg! i feel bad for this kid.

  95. 295

    Re: bensgirl – nobody's going to make fun of Zuma since he's the coolest kid around. haha

  96. 296

    like "monte zuma"? a severe kind of diarrhea?

  97. 297

    Um….I must be an idiot. Way earlier today you said the baby was a girl. At least you got the first name right.

    I get my celeb news from you….check it for ya spread it.

    WTF????? Zuma? Odd. Apple seems normal now.

  98. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Yeah, the name is kinda awkward, but who cares? Let them be happy, Gwen and Gavin are amongst a few NORMAL families in Hollywood. I love them for being good parents and not whoring out their son to the media like the rest of celebs do. Congratulations, Gwen and Gavin!

  99. Lyns says – reply to this


    Zuma is a game. It's also the name of a Neil Young album. Weird name for a kid, though…

  100. 300

    sick name

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