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Gwen Pops It Out!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberGwen Stefani


After what seemed like FOREVER, Gwen Stefani finally gave birth on Thursday.

The singer delivered at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

It was a scheduled C-section.


Did she have a boy or a girl????

And, what's the name????

CLICK HERE for all the details!

It's another boy!

Little Kingston just welcomed a brother and his name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

What the fuck????

Zuma? Nesta??? ROCK?????

Why can't celebs give their kids normal names????

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347 comments to “Gwen Pops It Out!”

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  1. 301

    omg why would anyone name their kid that?? worst celebrity name ever! it's right up there with pilot inspektor.

  2. 302

    poor child

  3. SaLu says – reply to this


    Name is pretty crap but congrats!

  4. 304

    Zuma is the name of a corrupt politician who is hoping to be the next president of South Africa…Gwen should have brushed up on her current affairs before she chose this name!

  5. 305

    Zuma Nest(e)a Ogòsh it should be illegal to give your children embarrasing names. But i love that Rock thing xD

  6. 306

    that is such a cute and unique name !
    i love gweeen ! I cant wait to see some pictures !

  7. 307

    Zuma weird !!!! Isn't Nesta a girl's name??

  8. 308

    Nesta is Bob Marley's middle name, don't know where Zuma comes from though!

  9. DLR says – reply to this


    Hey did Gavin and Gwen name their newest child after that Internet game Zuma? I love that game. A pox on Yahoo and MSN for removing the game. It was so fun trying to get all the balls bounced off before they fell into the hole. Say, I got off track here. What was I typing about? Oh yeah, the kid's name being Zuma. What the fuck kind of name is that? I can see him at 80 years old in the assistive care home, "Zuma, here's your meds for today." Why do Gwen and Gavin think Zuma is a good name for this kid? Ugh, poor kid, his older brother has this way cool name, Kingston, and here he's stuck with…Zuma. Brill Gavin and Gwen. Real brill.

  10. 310

    Zuma is the name of an online little game…. Nesta… she likes Nestea… but not quite! and Rock… well … when she grows up and realizes the shitty name she has and injects herself a rock of crack… :-) oh man.. poor person…. you could not guess her gender…

  11. 311

    Poor boy.. How the hell did they go from a beautiful name as 'Kingston' to Zuma, Nesta Rock Rossdale??

    OH well congrats are in order.

  12. 312

    flip sake…can u imagine them callin him in for dinner or the teacher callin his name on the class register… Zuma Nesta Rock come for dinner! lol

  13. haha says – reply to this


    Re: lolololo – you must've been late to the party, because at first Perez reported she had a baby girl…then he changed it. So Perez is the retard…

  14. Paty says – reply to this


    Stupid….just stupid name.
    Poor child.

  15. 315

    Gawd!!!! Reminds me of MonteZUMA's revenge!!! Should have called him Perez!

  16. 316

    HIS NAME IS FUCKING ZUMA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. 317

    Aaww congrats to the happy family :)

  18. 318


  19. 319

    ZUMA?!? WHY OH WHY???

  20. 320

    Zuma Nesta Rock ! … Damn she took our name away for our child. Crazy ….

  21. 321


    but i don't like his name

    awww poor Zuma

  22. 322

    "The meaning of the name Zuma is Lord Frowns In Anger"

    Did she mean to name him after the 90's beer you dump jolly ranchers in or…?

  23. 323

    zuma is a fun game to play on xbox360 arcade!!!

  24. 324

    Life's a beach, Zuma…..

  25. Sammy says – reply to this



  26. 326

    I think Zuma is a good name, other people will respect him! lol

  27. 327

    didn't that used to be a malt beverage?? I remember drinking that when I was in HS . . .

  28. 328

    kingston is such a cute name…now she has to be like those celebrities who name their kids stupid stuff. Rock's alright, but Zuma Nesta? Come on now…

  29. 329

    omg.. i thought that was retarded when i was under the impression that it must be a girl being called "Zuma Nesta” but a boy? que?

  30. 330

    I love Gwen, but come ON. I'm sure they picked the name for a reason…like Gwen played Zuma a lot during her pregnancy, or they conceived on Zuma Beach or while listening to Neil Young's album of the same name…but it's a ridiculous name for a child. Nesta I can get behind because of the Marley connection, and Rock makes sense considering what Gwen and Gavin are famous for in the first place.

    I just joked to my boyfriend that I'm changing our 2 year old's name to Poppit! (with the exclamation point included). or maybe i'll have another baby and name her Call of Duty 4, or Grand Theft Auto 4.

    I have an unusual name, and it was hell growing up always spelling it or explaining where my parents came up with it. I LOATHE "wacky" names now. My kids have traditional names (spelled the PROPER way) and that's the way i like it!

  31. juju says – reply to this


    kingston was a cool name but zuma??? what the f?

  32. 332

    Nesta's a girl's name, I thought…
    It just sounds weird for a boy…

  33. 333

    Yep WTF is right, Perez. It's a good thing Zuma's parents are rich and famous b/c he'd be beaten to a pulp regularly on the playground if he came from regular folk. BTW where did G&G come up with this shit?

  34. 334

    I must say that I like Gwen. But her choice in a baby name is THUMBS DOWN. These poor celebrity kids with their god awful names.

  35. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Nesta was Bob Marley's nickname.

  36. 336

    The more i read about Gwen the more i learn she is a fond of reggae, bob marley (who's real name was Robert NESTA Marley), Jamaica, who has Kingston as their capital. Zuma does sound african/jamaican too. Very sweet and creative.

    congrats to the Rossdale family for the new baby! Kingston must be happy to have a brother.

  37. 337

    Re: Anonymous – it was not his nickname, his nickname was Tuff Gong, NESTA was his middle name…. he was born as Robert Nesta Marley.

  38. 338

    Re: Anonymous – BTW Nesta was Bob Marley's middle name and also how everyone was calling him as a child, he was born Robert Nesta Marley. Was firstly named Nesta and then Robbie and then became Bob as he became popular.

    His Nickname was Tuff Gong.

  39. 339

    Re: browning – to anonymous:

    Nesta was not bob's nickname. its his full name: robert nesta marley. his mother and family always called him nesta as a child… as he grew up he then was called robbie and as he became popular it changed to Bob…. his popular nickname was Tuff Gong

    I completely understand as a reggae fan myself and knowing a lot about Bob Marley, why she called her baby that way.

  40. 340

    Good now she can finish the damn No Doubt album lol

  41. 341

    wtf ?!

  42. 342


  43. 343


  44. 344

    CONGRATS to a great Couple!!!

  45. 345

    Perez, not too many Women would describe it as "POPS it out!" Very painful, but worth it for a Great Miracle Baby!!

  46. 346

    Re: Friend of P – so u are either little girl or gay guy since you've been there as well.

  47. 347

    I thought zuma was a game with some stone frog throwing beads all over the place ?

    I agree, why do they give them those ugly names ? Who wants to be called like that !!

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