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Jessica Simpson Is Psycho! Or Maybe Just Insecure??? Or Maybe Just LYING????

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Jessica Simpson was being interviewed by a Nashville radio station The River yesterday and the Proactiv spokesperson was asked about Carrie Underwood's assertion to Allure magazine that Tony Romo (her ex and Simpson's current beau) still calls her.

Well, Jessica found Carrie's remarks laughable.

"Tony and I both laughed at that," says Simpson. "We got a chuckle out of it."

Jessica DEFINITELY knows Carrie is lying.

Why? How????

Listen below!

[Image via WENN.]

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169 comments to “Jessica Simpson Is Psycho! Or Maybe Just Insecure??? Or Maybe Just LYING????”

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  1. 101

    who the fuck is anyone here to say that Tony does call Carrie what you were all there to hear the convo!

    Who gives a fuck anyway

  2. D-Bag says – reply to this


    Carrie Underwood has more class and talent in her clitoris than Jessicunt Simspon.

  3. 103

    She is a moron. She must have been worried or she wouldn't have checked. He probably deleted the calls and destracted her by a swin in the cement pond.

  4. 104

    I didnt know it was possible for her to make herself look even more functionally retarded.

  5. A Rod says – reply to this


    Psycho! There should be no need to check the call log if you completely trust your man. She's obviously intimidated by Miss. Underwood. Carrie is a much better singer, is cuter, and doesn't seem as needy and whiny!

  6. 106

    haha crazy woman.

    creepy. if i were tony romo i would get the hell outta there. she's lonely and desperate. blehh.

  7. 107

    its so funny how she's all cool and says she laughed about it…then a second later…she's all like i check his call log…um…does anyone else find that contradicting?
    I don't see Carrie Underwood lying about something like that…and i'm def NOT a fan of hers either.

  8. 108

    Jessica is getting more and more hatable. And she is also getting too old for the ditzy act.

  9. 109

    She trusts him so much, she "checked his call log" - now that's just funny!!

  10. 110

    Tony probably used a different phone. ;)

    -Team Carrie

  11. 111

    Jessica literally makes me sick…she's totally in denial. I think it's funny how she calls Carrie classless, yet Jess is the one talking crap about her every chance she gets lmao. Oh well, Carrie's too focused on her career and probably couldn't care less what Jessica thinks…

    As for Jess, she has no career to focus on.

  12. 112

    yea, you can delete comments, plus male athletes are probably the worst liars in the world!

  13. 113

    You know, Jess, there is a thing such as a DELETE function on a phone! If your man is going to call his ex, he's going to delete it from his call log.

  14. 114

    Jess, honey people can have more than one phone. Check that out!

  15. 115

    what a dumb blonde!

  16. 116

    Well the fact that on the entire clip jessica says she is just kidding and laughs her ass off doesnt mean anything? She is making a joke on possessive girls. And says that she thinks if Tony really wanted to be with Carrie or really wanted to talk to her then he would. Can you not tell by the way Perez cuts the clip immediately after she says it? I love my Jessica. :)

  17. 117

    jessica u dumbass, not even u can stop a man from being a man. i bet he sill calls her cuz carrie doesn't seem desperate like jessica.

  18. 118


  19. 119

    I fucking hate Jessica Simpson so much. Hate her, hate her, hate her. Psychotic bitch. I hope Tony cheats on her.

  20. 120

    They look the same back to back. Tony really goes for one type of girl.

  21. 121

    Re: CottonMouth – Can you read? I never said talented..She is talented tho..I mean how many Millions has she made? And how many millions have you made? Either way good or bad her name is in your mouth now isnt it?

  22. 122

    I really feel for Jessica Simpson. I think she gets a raw deal. She is clearly beautiful and has a great voice. She just seems insecure, but so are a lot of people. It is definitely difficult to hear to hear about an ex gf speaking with your boyfriend. I think she needs to speak less about her relationships. Jennifer Anniston is a great example of how to handle relationships. Love her! I also think Jessica Simpson needs to carve out an image and a niche that she feels good about. The bimbo thing gets old and I think she has more going on upstairs then people give her credit for. I give her credit for her honesty though. She seems to be an honest person or at least at this point in her life

  23. 123

    Okay Jessica this sh*t is getting old—–You have called Carrie classless, not cool, and now laughable all the while KNOWING this interview was given in MAY and you are commenting to radio stations like it was NOW in AUGUST. You disgust me

    Tony was SINGLE in MAY. He and Jess were broke up. Carrie has said nothing wrong at all. She wasn't saying anything about anyones bf. Tony was single.
    Jessica is just pissed as h*ll and embarrassed that her man would be calling up someone just days after they split when he was suppose to be thinking about their relationship. So the only thing Jess can do NOW is pretend the
    article is from AUGUST and diss Carrie to cover her bf's behavior in MAY.

    Just when you think you have seen it all Jess has to say she checks his call logs. WTH Did she check MAY? Did he erase it? Is Carrie listed as Robert??

    Tony WAS calling Carrie in MAY and I know this as a fact. I know them. He was doing the calling but Carrie WAS NOT interested.

    Jessica you are pathetic to try and fool America into thinking Carrie said he called him NOW while he has a gf. Totally not the case. Carrie is a sweetheart

    Tony is probably p*ssed at Jess for saying such lame things and lying about
    Carrie because she was one of his closest friends.

  24. 124

    Tony definetly getting some poon behind jessica's back. She's the dumbest country wannabe hick out there!

    Take away the boobs and you get the dumbest blonde on the planet, oh wait. She already is that!

  25. 125

    i guess the stupid bitch is just as unfamiliar with the delete button on a cell phone as she is with real talent. poor dumb bitch

  26. 126

    I dont really like either of these 2 sluts, but if I HAD to pick, I would say, Team Jessica! I think Carrie is an nasty whore. Cant really pinpoint it but she just looks the part of a total bitch! Jessica may be a dumbass blonde but at least shes nice! Carries just a jealous skank trying to stir shit up. she tries to get everybody to think shes just so innocent and sweet. what a fucking joke. every girl Ive ever known named CARRIE HAS BEEN A STD SPREADING CUNT! Im sure shes no exception!

  27. 127

    MEN LIE!!!!
    MEN LIE!!!!
    MEN LIE!!!!

  28. 128

    Re: Caring – lol. i guess not :-)

  29. 129

    I really don't believe for a second that Carrie is as innocent as she thinks she is. She seems to be incredibly insecure. Lets face it, she was some mousy little girl from a hick town in the middle of nowhere. She probably has no idea about men. Besides, she she were over Romo, she wouldn't talk about him in every interview.

  30. 130

    Perez, you left out the rest of the interview! Afterwards she said just kidding. But perez cut the tape off before she finished. ASS

  31. 131

    i love jessica SOOO MUCH!

  32. 132

    yeah because it's not like there is anyway he can call from another phone…..

  33. 133

    Perez, you are so shady. You left out the part of the conversation where she says she is just kidding. And of course, all the dumb little groupies you have on here believe your stupidity.

  34. 134

    Carrie shouldn't have said that… but Jessica is just soooo in denial!!

  35. 135

    Jessica is PATHETIC. 8/20 107.5theriver Jessica is saying Carrie is a liar and Tony isnt calling her. Take a look at what she is doing>>>>>>>>>

    I have had it with Jessicas bull sh*t. To all of America: Jessica knows that comment that Carrie made was from MAY and Jessica keeps going on radio interviews and dissing Carrie by making you all think its right now. NO Tony is not calling Carrie now. In MAY he was calling her the minute Jess and Tony broke up. Jessica is just so p*ssed and embarrassed that her BF would do this she is taking it out on Carrie. Carrie has done nothing wrong. Jessica keeps saying if Tony wanted her that he would have her. WRONG Tony called and Carrie said NOT interested. Therefore Tony went back to Jessica. This is the truth because I know them. NOW you see who the classeless person is.

  36. 136

    If I could get my hands on Jessica Simpson right now I would strangle her as*.

    She is the biggest liar on the Earth. Pushing this story which is not true to hurt Carrie.

    If I ever see her at a Cowboys game or on stage, she will get the biggest boo's, other names, and whatever is close enough to throw at her. I hate her with a passion for doing this kind of sh*t. And she wonders why no one likes her. ewww weeee I'm p*ssed at her.

  37. 137

    fuck carrie, she is so ugly….

  38. 138

    Re: Jenafreaka – ha! i know what a thick bitch. she shoulda been all "oh no really? i don't know about that. Carrie is a really nice girl." i love carrie, i hope she is lying and that she she carries this on just to wind the simpson up! :o )

  39. 139

    Jess Simpson is just plain CRAZY!! She's like the type of girl to threaten suicide or something if you are going to break up with her… Jesus!!


  40. 140

    this is so tipical of jessica i mean that woman couldn't differentiate between fish and chicken!!

  41. 141

    not only a physco but also a stupid dumb bitch that she is!!! there's a way to delete call logs you fucking moron!!!

  42. 142

    Jessica Simpson or should I say HAS BEEN Jessica Simpson. She stunk it up so much in POP that she had to go to Country!

    When you look at photos of her and Toni she is like a puppy on a string. LAME.

    Carrie had him first, Jessica got sloppy seconds… and Jessica is stupid.
    Carrie performs better, is prettier, has a better body, etc.

  43. 143

    Is she really that insecure that she has to check her boyfriends call log? Doesnt she know you can delete numbers after you call them? She really is a stupid blonde bitch. Carrie is a whole lot prettier and classier than she will ever be. If Tony didnt delete his numbers then he for sure will now.

  44. hlynn says – reply to this


    "I looked at his call log." LOL -Thata girl!!

  45. 145

    LMAO!! Carrie has nothing to lie about. Trust me, she can do a whole lot better then Tony Homo. She can get any guy in the world, why would she want some dude she DUMPED?

    She was simply telling the truth. That sometimes Tony calls her. There isnt anything wrong with two friends talking on the phone. Or Tony really is trying to get back with her, and now hes just mad that Carrie called him out on it. Either way, Carrie did no wrong in this situation.

    Jessica and Tony are too stupid to realize the interview was done 3 months ago…wow.

  46. 146

    Soooo how much longer you think till we get the "Team Carrie" "Team Jessica" shirts sold in stores???

    TEAM CARRIE all the way.

  47. 147

    Carrie Underwood is so fucking lame ass. She wishes she was Jessica Simpson, as evinced by the fact she goes out of her way to look just like her. Copycat.

  48. 148

    You missed the part about Jessica CHECKING TONY'S CALL LOG. Fucking lunitic!

  49. Mars says – reply to this


    if tony called carrie, that's enough for carrie to feel haughty about. jessica's catty little "we both got a chuckle" remark shouldn't phase carrie in the slightest if he did in fact call her. it just makes jessica look stupider. man, jess shoulda just kept her mouth shut and acted classy about the situation. why's she gotta be such a cunt?

  50. 150

    wow, just when i thought she could get more pathetic. i almost feel sorry for her. she has become such a laughing stock.

  51. 151

    hmmm first of all jessica simpson is a fat ass who will never make it in the country industry…and guess what we all chuckle and giggle at the radio station i work at when she tries to compare to carrie. SHE SHOULD BE THE KFC SPOKESWOMAN…oh how i love perez!

    No one liked her as a pop singer and no one likes her as an actress or a country singer. go home bitch

  52. 152

    why cant she go through his call log? come on girls we all do it!

  53. 153

    I don't see Carrie Underwood lying, she seems so innocent, and as far as call logs go believe me Jessica they can be easily be deleted!!

  54. 154

    Uhh why don't you add the whole clip… go to TMZ, they have the video and the whole clip where she says shes just kidding. Quit trying to make her look desperate. She even says that if he wanted to talk to Carrie or be with her, he would. Carries just jealous.

  55. 155

    Carrie is totally in the right here- jessica is trash and is just jealous of carrie. Carrie gave the allure magazine article in MAY, months ago– when tony was in fact calling her as a friend. Jessica knows that magazines interview you months in advance, as she is on many magazine covers and knows the deal. She pretended not to know this– and twisted it all around to make it look like carrie was saying tony calls her now, when carrie was saying that he called her months ago. Jessica is gunning for carrie ina big way– and she won't stop until she is put in her place but good. She will never be half the singer or person cArrie is. Jessica is trash and pathetic. Carrie just needs to fax jessica's lawyer the phone records and threaten to sue for defamation of character– she shoudl too! lol

    I bet carrie has the phone records and is just too classy to use them.


  56. auds says – reply to this


    she looked at his call log LOL… as if he'd use a phone that she could trace him on.

  57. 157

    yea like totally…Jessica…get a clue.

  58. 158

    they're both stupid shitheads. carrie(ugly name) for mentioning that he still calls her. really, that's necessary? bitter bitch. and jessica, c'mon girl, he's not all that..chiiiill dude

  59. Dshiz says – reply to this


    Wow that's pretty sad, she actually admitted to checking his call log…IDIOT!

  60. 160

    I don't blame her for looking at his call log. That doesn't mean she's psycho. Guys are assholes and liars.

  61. BJT says – reply to this


    I think Tony is a major player and he likes jessica's boobs and carrie beautiful mind. I can imagine what him and jessica talk about she can barely talk and is so boring to. he should call carrie to get some brain stimulation to leave that tramp with no talent.

  62. BJT says – reply to this


    man jessica is so stupid and is barking up the wrong tree carrie is successful in country music and well liked which this biatch is not i have no clue why she is famous so stupid and dumb she cant sing she cant act and is so full of herself and full of shit i never liked her music are her. self absored people will get whats coming to them.

  63. 163

    Jessica is a twat. Whenever I call an ex on my phone, I'm always smart enough to delete so that my bf doesn't see it. Surely Romo does the same. And Jess just revealed herself as a bit of a stalker, btw.

  64. 164

    omg i want to hear more!!! you hear her like…"well i check his call logs…." girlfriend is insecure about her relationships! poor jessica is the next jennifer aniston :(

  65. 165

    I doubt the guy still calls carrie she just wanted to get back at jess for the meat comment…i don't really care for carrie.

  66. 166

    Jessica is the Liar. Tony was calling her in MAY and MAY is when Carrie said that. Jess knows it was said in MAY and didnt come out til now in the mag. She is trying to make Carrie look bad. She's just pissed because her BF went running back to his ex in May when they hit a rough spot. Now everyone knows about it and she's embarrassed. So all she can do is call Carrie a liar on the radio. She needs to get a life and some talent. Carrie didn't want him! He went crawling back to Jess, his second choice.

  67. 167

    ha, make team underwood and simpson t-shirts.
    i will proudly wear team underwood :D

  68. 168

    Jessica Simpson is soo jealous of Carrie Underwood. She wants to be a country singer like her, but unfortunately for her, she not as talented. I'm sure Tony Romo still calls Carrie Underwood. Jessica is an idiot.

  69. 169

    Shame they fight they are both some of my favorite singers :P

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