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Not So Blind Item

| Filed under: PlayboyCriss Angel

Which one of Hef's main girls has been getting very close to magician Criss Angel recently????

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160 comments to “Not So Blind Item”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    Re: luvsmesomeperez
    LOL!!!! good answer…poor Mary she doesnt get the credit she deserves…

  3. 103

    I thought only one was the main girl?

    If so obviously it's her.. although I thought she seemed smart enough to go without for a few more years until he dies.

    Isn't he like 80? Because seriously that is old.

  4. 104

    NOO its not kendra…
    Its Holly Madison.. the main gf..
    she has a pic of her and criss on her myspace page and she doesnt even have a pic wit hef in it lol

    ITS HOLLY!!!!!

  5. 105


  6. 106

    ohoh i know! the bleached out blonde one…uhhh ok wait..the one with the big fake boobs…uhhh ok wait…the one with the annoying laugh…uhh ok wait…now i really know, the middle one Bridgetteeeee starfuck

  7. 107

    kendra duh!

  8. 108


  9. 109

    id say bridget just because she loves magic and stuff!

  10. 110

    That would be Kendra. Believe it or not, Holly and Bridget aren't skanky/trashy enough for Criss Angel. Lol!

  11. 111

    gotta be the kdub!

  12. 112

    duh kendra

  13. 113


  14. 114


  15. SDawg says – reply to this


    who is it already?????
    kendra is stupid enough to be with that douche bag.
    but so is bridget.
    I'm voting it's bridget. Because she's the dumbest and most into magic I can think of…

  16. 116

    i really dnt give a shit but its not holly cuz shez pretendin 2 love that old grandpa 2 get his money nd she wldnt fuck it up wen hez gona die in a few yrs
    it mite b bridget but shez so quiet nd sweet i think shez the only 1 that actually likes old gramps
    kendra idk maybe but she sounds nd looks like a man so unless the magician guy is gay idk y he wld want her
    and btw hez a total man slut

  17. 117

    Holly used to talk on her blog about how much she liked his tricks!

  18. 118

    probably bridget, wit kendra..

  19. 119

    I say who cares.He is really freakin ugly.I think they all need psycho pills.HA HA

  20. 120

    about time one of them saw someone their OWN AGE. haha

  21. 121

    if criss angel wasn't on tv he'd just be "that creepy guy at the club" trying to score chicks. you know…….the guy that came alone, stands in the corner and tries to make "mysteriously" deep eye contact all night long, then when you think he's finally gone home…..he magically appears right behind you.

    ladies know what i'm talking about.

  22. 122

    def. not holly.
    bridgett loves magic and halloween stuff so i would think her
    kendra loves sports and gangstas haha but its between kendra and bridgett

  23. 123


  24. 124

    kendra… fo sho.

  25. 125


    prob kendra

  26. 126

    Criss Angel is a big ho. He will due just about any blonde with fake tits!

  27. liz(: says – reply to this


    Bridget it seems hah!

  28. 128

    criss angel is fucking awesome, go kendra!

  29. 129

    actually i think its MARY!

  30. 130

    ummmm KENDRA

  31. 131

    MARY FTW!!!!!!!

  32. 132

    Hello!!!! Kendra only likes black dudes so it's got to be Bridget.

  33. 133

    Maybe Criss can put some magic and make her disappear!

  34. 134

    Is it Olive Garden?

  35. 135

    It has to be Bridget because Kendra the whigger loves dark meat.

  36. 136


  37. 137

    Bridget. She loves all things paranormal/supernatural, so my guess is that she's got a thing for magic tricks, too.

  38. 138

    Re: brandy – LOL that doesn't narrow it down much. There's a ton of those losers!!

  39. Sal says – reply to this


    Go Kendra…Hey anything is better then a man that has to have three women at once! YUCK!!! OLD FART!!!

  40. 140

    I'd say Bridget, who I can't stand… who's that happy all the time?

  41. 141

    kendra, no doubt

  42. 142

    Bridget she loves magic and I heard Kendra dates black dudes…and holly is head over hills for Hef, so Bridget obviously

  43. 143

    Does anyone really care….. he is going to die soon. They need to find a new sugardaddy!

  44. 144

    I think it's Kendra.

  45. 145


  46. 146

    Re: luvsmesomeperez – Mary - LMAO!!

  47. 147

    id have to say bridget. yea she may love playboy but she is a HUGE magic fan.

  48. 148

    ….Question should be…"Who else is getting closer to Criss Angel….he's such a skank….he's the town bike…everyone's had a ride…..

  49. 149

    I so agree with this person its funny but tru poor hef CANT keep up lol but danm chris angel is so HOT y kendra shes not very pretty ewy ewy i no im a HATER! but watever i hate her freakin laugh…

    Debaucherina says – reply to this Probably Kendra. Give those girls a break, Hef can't get it up enough to please 3 chicks. He's one hundred years old for gawd's sake. They have needs too!

  50. 150

    Riiight. Well if it's true, then Criss Angel is just as big a whore as she is. We stayed at the Luxor last weekend and saw him Thursday night with a little Asian skank groupie walking to the elevator and they didn't seem to be shy about feeling each other up. Saturday night we saw him again, this time with a blond hoochie… again… not shy about copping a feel in public. boohoo looks like Kendra herself isn't enough to satisfy a man

  51. 151

    I would think Kendra would be more into Chris Angel, BUT doesn't Holly have a picture on her myspace account with Chris Angel? Hmmmm….

  52. 152

    Obviously she took the picure down for a reason - But up until yesterday, Kendra had a picture on her official MySpace page of her and that dirty magician guy.

  53. 153

    It's not Kendra, Cris Angel is white!

  54. 154

    I say Bridget cause she loves Halloween and creepy stuff! and that guy is definately Creepy

  55. 155

    You all were wrong suckers! It's Holly! HA!

  56. 156

    Holly Madison!

    the little trampp

  57. 157


  58. 158

    Doubt it!
    Probably for a Magic trick only!!

  59. 159

    Just a magic trick-nothing more!
    Hef wouldn't stand for it. Maybe Lie/sit but not stand for it!!

  60. 160

    isnt chris or wasnt chris married or someting and its gotta be holly

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