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Alabama Trimming The Fat

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If you're overweight in Alabama, you better start getting in shape or the government is going to start charging you fees!

That's the case for their over 37,500 state employees. The state government is giving all of their employees one year to start getting fit.

If not, they're going to be charged $25 a month, basically to pay for insurance which is otherwise free.

It's similar to the legislation they already have where they charge employees that smoke a fee of $24 a month. Though that resulted in some success in getting people to quit smoking.

But it's going to suck if Alabama thinks you're too fat and smoke too much. Double the fees!

This will be the first state ever to charge overweight state workers who don't try and slim down.

Why can't Alabama be proactive like other states and just reward those employees that "adopt healthy behaviors"?

Alabama is the currently the second most obese state in the country. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30.3% are now obese. But is this the right way to go about things?

Just this week, the State Employees' Insurance Board approved a plan to charge state workers if they don't have free health screenings starting in January 2010.

And if those screenings show that there are any serious problems with obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure and the sort, employees will have one year to see a free doctor and enroll in a wellness program.

If not they can take their own measures to improve their health. But if they don't show any progress in a follow-up screening, they'll have to start paying the fee starting the following year.

Anyone found with a body mass index of 35% or hight, or who is not making progress, will be considered obese and be required to pay up. A BMI of 30% is what's considered "the threshold for obesity."

Robert Wagstaff, a state employee that serves on the insurance board, says" We are trying to get individuals to become more aware of their health."

Many employees are not too thrilled with the decision.


College professor and founder of a body acceptance workshop, E-K. Daufin, says "I'm big and beautiful and doing my best to keep my stress levels down so I can stay healthy. That's big, not lazy, not a glutton and certainly not deserving of the pompous, poisonous disrespect served up daily to those of us with more bounce to the ounce."

What do U think?

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180 comments to “Alabama Trimming The Fat”

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  1. 1

    I am a total libertarian,
    so I don't think the gov't should be telling us what to do in our personal lives.
    That goes for:
    What we eat.
    How we love.
    How we spend our money…
    And on ANOTHER note: Some people can't help their weight. I know entire families who are overweight… or people on seizure medication usually put on weight.
    The MAN needs to say out of our PERSONAL LIVES!!!
    all as long as we are not breaking the law.
    I am all for small government!!!

  2. Sammy says – reply to this


    WOW very uncool!!! Another reason to not like Alabama!!

  3. 3

    That's just wrong. I can see where they're coming from, but, it's still kinda wrong. Sure hope Ruben Studder(sp) doesn't still live there.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    i think it's a good thing to make people start taking better care of themselves

  6. 6

    The obese and their health issues drive up insurance cost. I say lose it or pay.

  7. 7

    Re: ChrisInKy – But…..free FREE…healthcare. Shit….Alabama here I come.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    They should be charged more because unhealthy people cost more to insurance companies.

  10. 10

    Kirstie Alley's gorgeous, haters.

  11. 11

    They should change the word from "Fine" to "premium", then it would sound better. Life insurance rates are higher if your fat, why not Medical insurance?

  12. 12

    Re: ChrisInKy – Haha, hell yeah.

  13. 13

    are you kidding me.
    overweight people are the ones that make the world go round.
    without them, places like mcdonalds & taco bell…
    will vanish.
    …and paying a fee for being overweight
    is like asking gary bussy to be your AA counsiler.

  14. 14

    this is fucking ridiculous. if this comes to my state i will be contacting my lawyer and cutting bitches left and right. YOU WONT TAKE MY ICE CREAM FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  15. 15

    I hate everybodies sense of entitlement. Why should I be punished cuz i am fat? because you are a high RISK! HELLO STUPID!

  16. 16

    i think it's a good idea. people don't realize how unheathy being overweight is and there slowly killing themselves. this is a good way to get our country into shape and healthy so we can all live longer. if drugs and other things that can kill us are illegal why not being over weight??

  17. 17

    i would absolutely LOVE it if other states did this. think of the economy boost. people would be eating more healthy and so farmers would benefit, and then chicks would be buying bikini's and guys would be wearing speedos…retailers benefit. everyone benefits! and people live longer healthier lives. it's cool to be skinny!

  18. 18

    Im soo pissed I missed Fat Actresss….didnt see one episode….did anyone else see it? was it good?

    oh and Andy I was reading some older posts…lol people seem to think we're the same person! lol how funny!

  19. 19

    Hmmm…I do think it's good to motivate people to live healthier and carry themselves in a presentable manner, but at the same time, I do believe everyone has a choice to eat and weigh however much they choose to eat and weigh. It's a personal and private choice, so why should state laws penalize those decisions??? And there are people who have very little or no control about their weight issues. I just don't think it's fair.

  20. 20

    I think it's more than fair. The gvnt is paying their health premiums. If an employee wants to be obese and smoke, they can pay their own damn health premiums. Not to mention that they are giving people a whole year to get on the wagon. I think it sounds like a great program that will help and motivate people to get healthier.

  21. lolia says – reply to this


    This is difficult but we are talking about FREE health care. People should be mindful of what they eat and what they put into their bodies. The facts are obesity leads to health problems. Eat less/more often and exercise and most people will lose weight. Yes some people are overweight because of health reasons, thyroid and medications. But most people can lose weight but never try.
    Let's not forget over 60 percent of the United states were not obese 30 years ago. Most of this is due to Soda, Packaged foods and tv.

  22. 22

    Re: williexwhip


  23. 23

    it's just another way for the man to control us… good job america… and why are we better than communists? it's all about control… some people LIKE being fat, or can't help it… there are health issues that can keep you from losing weight. c'mon! this is just retarded.

  24. 24

    I think it should be conditional….if you opt for free healthcare..be prepared to consequently manage your weight/health, if you opt out of free healthcare then live by your own rules

  25. 25

    If its that person's choice to be the weight they are, then obviously they don't want anyone else's help in being "aware" of the health risks. It's not fair to make people pay a fee just because they are overweight. If they want people to become more aware, talk a little more about how many overweight people are sick. Making them pay and invading their personal choices and habits is just wrong. I don't think the gov't should have any say in what we eat or how much we choose to eat it.

  26. 26

    Re: alexis760Re: alexis760 – ….ah….’cause you're fat.

  27. 27

    About time,if the smokers are nailed they should be as well. This country needs to get with the program and get affordable health care for all.

  28. Sammy says – reply to this


    I just think people should live the way they want to, if you chose to be fat so be it the government has no right to say crap. Being my self not a size 2 anymore due to just having a baby, I see how hard it is to lose those extra pounds. I would hate for someone to force me to lose weight right now after a c section and breast feeding. After one gains a few pounds you become sympathetic to those chunky folks!!!

  29. 29


  30. 30

    I am a large man and probably considered obese. I go to the Dr once a year for a check up. I am never sick and never miss work. But I would be subjected to yet more humiliation because of my size and required to prove I am healthy. The skinny people where I work are always out sick and going to the Drs office and if it is closed they will run to the ER to get treated for minor stuff. Why not do something about the people that abuse the heath care system and health insurance and leave the ones that do not abuse the system alone!

  31. 31

    well, morally this sounds awful, but some a business perspective it costs more to have unhealthy obese people working for you, it's like life insurance. Maybe it should be like.. if you're not trying to be healthy and costing the company money by being a lazy ass then start paying for it.. not that there is any way to track that.. hmm. I think it might be a good motivator tho a lot of people don't care about themselves because they have no reason to. This is kinda like saying if you have a disease or are a woman you will be fired tho so i don't see this working lol.

    and for all you people that are whining about not being able to eat junk foods… MODERATION! you can still eat them.. geez

  32. 32

    Re: abercorey – LOL…yeah, I read that, too. They think I created YOU, in an effort to make it appear I have someone who approves of me and my crazy comments. LOL…my guess is that the "other" haters are all LettyB. That individual there seems desperate and retarded enough to go out of its way to create other identities. Whatever!!! I just think it's flattering that somehow you and I have become the focus in these comments. If people could mind their own business (as opposed to sweating our asses) they'd post a comment about the topic at hand, and not chase us all throughout these posts. Loves it.

  33. 33

    Are you f!@kin kidding me!? This is just getting ridiculous. Why does the government feel the need to tell us how we should live?

  34. eep says – reply to this


    I don't like that the goverment should be telling people there unhealthy they don't know the persons story , and thats mean way to make people feel like shit about themselves this is highly uncool.

  35. DMAN says – reply to this



  36. 36

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t
    Yes unfourtunatly they are illegal

  37. 37

    Ok people. These are STATE workers, which means the state employs them and they should be able to tell them what to do. Now think about something else, if you work for the state you are getting free insurance, while nearly everyone who works for a private company has to pay insurance premiums every month. Fat people cost more to insure because they are more unhealthy and have more health problems, they cost more so they are costing the government more so therefore the government shouldnt have to pay for it. If the workers dont like it they can give up their cushy state jobs and go try to find another employer with free health care, HA good luck.

  38. 38

    Agree with the smoking fee. Smoking is gross and people are so cheap they might actully quit smoking rather than pay a whole whopping $24 a month. As for the fat people, some people just can't help being fat. Its just another way for them to make money off of someone else.

  39. 39

    Re: abercorey – agreed with that 100%….. if you don't pay then you have standards you have to live up too, if you do pay privately then get all the fucking frosted flakes :) you want !!!

  40. 40

    Sounds absolutely wonderful.

    If youre going to stuff yourself to an oblivion when theres children in other countries with their ribs sticking out, you should have to pay a fee.


  41. 41

    If you don't like the rules in my house get out!
    They have the freedom to leave if they don't like it! DIdn't your parents tell you that? The beauty part about living in America is, we can choose to leave if we don't like something. The government is asking you to do something that is going to be detrimental to your health or moral standards. IT'S A GOOD THING TO BE HEALTHY. I gained weight and yea its embarrassing to get weighed, but I am doing something about it. AND YES I pay a higher life insurance premium, which is FAIR.

  42. 42

    I seem to have a differing opinion than most. First, let me state I am a size 10 so I am not some stick thin person running around thinking everyone else is fat. I come from and obese family and have been close to the body fat percentage this law states.

    With that said…

    First, this is for STATE employees. It is not for ALL Alabama residents. With insurance costs and an economy that seems to be heading toward recession this makes good "business" sense. People who are smokers or obese pay extremely higher rates than non-smokers and people who are not considered obese. The states AND it's residents are paying for these extra high insurance rates. The tax dollars of those living in Alabama go to pay for the insurance costs of it's states workers. I think this being responsible with tax dollars.

    They aren't saying they are going to fire you just that you have to pay $25/mo. As someone who has no health insurance benefits I would love to have full benefits for just $25/mo. If they don't want to lose then wait then so be it. They won't get fired for it. It is the same as an extra value meal a week. If you don't want to lose the weight then don't. Just pay the $.

    Now, I do believe that special consideration have to be made for people whose obesity is caused by medical problems. Other than that I actually think this is a great idea.

  43. 43

    Ha Ha HA HA if they don't like it , MOVE…

  44. 44

    I think it's genius.

  45. 45

    Re: abercorey – that is a PERFECT solution!!!! you are so dang smart….

  46. 46

    The people here who are saying 'it should be their personal choice' need to RE-READ the article and this time pay attention. THEY DO HAVE A CHOICE. Choice# 1) Get your health premiums paid for, by your gvnt employer AND get healthier at the same time OR 2) Stay obese, don't sign up for the wellness program and PAY YOUR OWN premiums because you are much more likely to get sick and die.

    If you don't care about your own health, why should your employer care enough to pay your premiums????

  47. 47

    I see nothing wrong w/ this. If you want to be fat, fine. Either get another job or start paying for your own health insurance. Beggars can't be chosers. In general, being over-weight leads to more health issues down the road eventually, which SOMEONE will have to pay for.

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Homeland Security should give all these lardos a certain amount of time to trim-up or line'em up against a wall.

    Fucking pigs are a disgrace to America, that goes for you too, you fat homo.

  50. 50

    I think I'm glad I don't live in Alabama. I agree with #1, the govt. tells us what we can and can't do WAY too much. Word to the libertarians!

  51. Bree says – reply to this


    I don't know anyone who WANTS to be fat. If they're going to do this then they better give them the help to get there. It is really all what post#1 said though!! you go!

  52. 52

    untrue. wisconsin is starting this too. and has been (some insurance companies) for years!

  53. 53

    BMI isn't a great indicator of obesity, in fact many healthy people register as "overweight", or "obese" due to being tall or having a lot of muscle. (Muscle weighing more than fat).

    With that said, there are obviously a lot of legitimately fat people out there. A lot of those people are too lazy or stupid to get skinny or even know how to get skinny. The programs outlined will help them learn about nutrition and exercise. Plus there are fat people who have weight problems due to health issues- such as diabetes and thyroid problems- that have nothing to do with gluttony. The checkups will also help them to fight what is really causing their weight issues.

    Fat people do cost health care more than skinny people, so I can see why they would be charged more. I just hope that the state of Alabama uses an accurate measurement of how fat people really are.

  54. 54

    Re: dpbama

  55. 55

    So… this doesn't really make sense. Did Alabama lawmakers just read the recent study that showed that a large percentage of people with "high" BMIs are actually perfectly healthy while alot of thin people with low BMIs are actually unhealthy?

    According to the study, 30% of the players in the NBA would be "obese" under current BMI standards due to their height/weight. So in Alabama, ridiculously healthy basketball players would have to pay MORE for their health insurance than unhealthy thin people with the "right" BMI.

    I am not against legislation of this type, but using BMI as the standard is not a good idea, especially since a lot of doctors agree that BMI is bunk.

  56. 56

    this is sooo wrong. Just like the fat tax they tried to do in NYC

  57. 57

    Who the fuck do they think they are????? Big brother coming to call yet again! I can see another Revolution in America's future! Fucking rocket scientists who thought of this one oughta be shot!

  58. 58

    IF this is true….it is wrong on so many levels.
    What's next? How we spend our money? How we discipline our kids (would 'grounding' still be acceptable)? What we do in our bedrooms (If they found what is hidden in my nightstand, I may end up in jail lol)?
    No, this is NOT constitutional….and, I hope that the state of Alabama gets sanctioned for it. Unfortunately, though…..if there aren't enough educated citizens, who KNOW that it's not right, and don't fight for their rights….it may become law.

  59. 59

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – Well, if dildos are illegal in AL..the authorities are after me….LMAO!!

    Also, since I do live in AL (unfortunately) and my mom is one of those state employees, I think this is ridiculous, but may work.

    Being fat is kind of like drug use, you're not going to make a change until you are ready. You can't force it.

    One has to be disgusted with themselves to make a change, right?

  60. DaLa says – reply to this


    "Why can't Alabama be proactive like other states and just reward those employees that "adopt healthy behaviors"?

    Because fat people have already proved they aren't very motivated. Sadly, negative reinforcement might be the only way to shake them up. Don't know why everybody is moaning about this. Without SOMETHING done to fix the obesity problem in this country we will never be able to have universal health care. It simply won't work if half the population has obesity related health problems. Canada, the UK, EU countries with socialized medical would go bankrupt if they had to contend with a population where almost half are dangerously heavy.

  61. 61

    umm well then… my question would be.. Will pay be increased? I am sorry to say it, but for a families that lives on a tight budget, do to high cost of living (like gas), ten to buy more fatty food because, it’s simply cheaper. If you go to McDonald’s for example, it’s cheaper to get a cheeseburger (or double cheeseburger) for .99 cents and small fries or medium for like 1.25 and a xl coke drink for .89…. total of less then $4. If you buy a salad and water. It’s over $6. So, if money is tight… which one do you lead to? I’m just saying…

  62. 62

    ok..i agree that people have the right to live however they may choose..BUT I CURRENTLY RESIDE IN ALABAMA….so 2 points 1-people are fucking FAT here..i'm not talking size 12 ,which is pretty normal, we are talking specialty store pants that 4 regular people could dance in. the diet consists of fried everything, whole milk, sugary crap after every meal and TONS of alcohol.you can not go into any place without seeing more overweight people then thin/normal sized people. sad but true. that might be a bit of an over-exaggeration ..but i've lived in florida and toronto and never saw this shit.
    2-only state employees are receiving this free health insurance and it's only 25 a month if they don't get a little more fit within a year..that's fucking cheap. WAY CHEAP. so a little motivation to get healthy is fine to me. my family can't afford insurance here so i think they have it made and should be thankful they have any, and at worse maybe pay 25 a month.

  63. 63

    it's high time we started charging the precise ones who are costing companies so much money. I myself am a chunk and I know that I cost more in insurance. WHy shouldn't I pay more? Political correctness should take a hike in this case

  64. 64

    Holy shite.

  65. 65

    i think it's okay, since everyone's bashing on smokers and thin people (i am both) - it's also time to bash on thick people who are damaging their own health, the enviroment (need more fuel to get around, producing more garbage and so on).
    but in general i think that people should be free to do what they want to. plus: i think the main reason for owerweight is stress and sorrow - and that's something the gouvernment could change - but mostly they don't care and do one dumb decision after an other.

  66. Nik says – reply to this


    I'm from Alabama and I completely disagree with this. I don't agree with the gov. controlling anyone's personal lives. Plenty of people are fat and happy about it. I definitely see the point in encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles but people shouldn't have to pay up because of what they do on their own time. I know why so many people in AL are fat, its because everyone here loves fried, greasy food. Myself included. Its about moderation. Its definitely a lot harder to maintain a healthy weight when you are surrounded by southern cooking.

    Oh yeah, to "Sammy" down below here, have you ever been to Alabama? Not just rednecks and racists, man. I'm from Huntsville, a national epicenter of aerospace engineering and technological advancement. And some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the U.S. If you did a little research you would find out that there are plenty of peeps that are just like you, except cooler.

  67. 67

    well i think its an awesome idea.

  68. 68

    yeah, i just got this email today. I'm a state employee and i am over weight. I work out everyday and try to eat the right way. yes, I'm loosing the weight, but I'me never going to be skinny, and will probalby never be normal when it comes to BMI. I think the new plans sucks. But it's not just over weight people who think so. I work, unfortunetly, in an office full of skinny people and they are just as unhappy. This plan is unfair to all of us.

  69. 69

    Re: ChrisInKy
    I totally agree with chris.
    It feels like the us is is turning into a dictatorship.
    Im a big girl and VERY proud of it.

  70. 70

    Ok…so that should also mean that everyone UNDER "normal" weight for the age/height should also be charged. That's not healthy either.

  71. 71

    Re: AdrianaPinky – Keeping in mind that I am NOT telling you how to feed your family….your "McDonald's' logic just doesn't hold true, darlin' (UNLESS, YOU ARE JUST FEEDING ONE PERSON, YOURSELF).
    In my household, I have to provide food for me and me son. Maybe, once a month, we go to McDonalds (the rest of the month, I cook)….and it costs between $11-$12 (if I remember correctly), for the 2 of us. If we went there for just 2 meals per day, 7 days per week….it would cost FAR MORE than going to the grocery store and buying groceries for the week.

  72. 72

    I think this legislation will discriminate against TALL people. It relies on BMI which is MAJORLY MATHEMATICALLY FLAWED - completely seperate from issues of percentage of muscle to fat too.
    A thought experiment: Imagine people aren't person shaped but made of cubes. We know that if cube person A is a 1×1x1 meters in dimension (1m tall, 1m wide, 1m deep) and weighs 1kg, then a person B who is 2m tall and is a *scaled* version of person A (so *should* have the same BMI), if they're 2×2x2 meters in dimension, and weigh 8kgs.
    Now people aren't cubes and the math to calculate a *scaled* person is a bit more complicated, but if you do the math the reasoning still works:
    Person A's BMI: 1 / (1^2) = 1
    Person B's BMI: 8 / (2^2) = 2
    They *should* have exactly the same BMI, but the taller-cube person's BMI is TWICE AS LARGE. This is because we're expecting BMI to tell us something about VOLUME, as a function of height…but even a reasonably bright child knows that VOLUME is a CUBED function, not SQUARED.

  73. 73

    Now the effect on BMI isn't as dramatic as it is for cubes, but it's significant enough so that if you're quite tall, it's almost impossible to be considered "a healthy BMI" without actually being VERY UNDERWEIGHT. Just do a google search for the BMI's of famous basketballers and you'll see this in action…and no, it's not because of their muscle mass…calculate the BMI of someone who is short/average height and muscular and you'll see what i mean.
    Now, when using BMI to compare populations in scientific studies, this effect tends to average out so it can be a useful tool, but an imprecise one.
    I am amazed how people who are smart enough to get medical degrees STILL don't see how using BMI to make judgements about individuals is JUST PLAIN WRONG…
    And does anyone else wonder whether the fact we're getting taller in general (because of better nutrition, less heavy labor) is part of the apparant "obesity epidemic" we're experiencing?
    Please, if I've convinced you at all, help me spread the word because I swear the medical community have FAILED BASIC MATHS and they're making tall people believe they're fatter than they are, short people slimmer than they really are. AND NOBODY SEEMS TO NOTICE! AAAARRRGH!

  74. 74

    TWENTY FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS A MONTH??!! Jesus Christ, my insurance at work costs me ( MY CONTRIBUTION ) nearly $200 a month! Let the fucking complainers jog back to work from god damn McDonald's if they don't like it! What the fuck!!??

  75. 75

    Re: minkypink – Since you are currently living in AL, I will ask you….what if you were able to 'get fit' and keep your job…but, one of the dependents, on your policy, was not able to? Would you lose your job because your spouse or child was not in the 'correct' height/weight range?

  76. 76

    Now, when using BMI to compare populations in scientific studies, this effect tends to average out so it can be a useful tool, but an imprecise one.
    I am amazed how people who are smart enough to get medical degrees STILL don't see how using BMI to make judgements about individuals is JUST PLAIN WRONG…
    And does anyone else wonder whether the fact we're getting taller in general (because of better nutrition, less heavy labor) is part of the apparant "obesity epidemic" we're experiencing?
    Please, if I've convinced you at all, help me spread the word because I swear the medical community have FAILED BASIC MATHS and they're making tall people believe they're fatter than they are, short people slimmer than they really are. AND NOBODY SEEMS TO NOTICE! AAAARRRGH!

  77. 77

    Re: AdrianaPinky
    Wow, that is a good point, I hadn't thought of that!!!
    Excellent point!

  78. 78

    Kirsty is haaaaaaawt thick OR thin!

  79. 79

    What about people who smoke, drink, take drugs, speed in their car, are sexually loose, people who dont have clean homes or good hygene? all of these things affect health, not just being overweight.

  80. 80

    The BMI is a bad standard, but it doesn't change the fact that people in Alabama wear specialty pants that 4 people can dance in.

  81. 81

    The government has no right telling you how much you should weigh. Instead of addressing the true problem, which is the corruption and greed in the INSURANCE INDUSTRY, they are attacking the citizens of their state. I hope the employees sue the hell out of the state.

  82. 82

    That's pretty messed up. I mean, there are some perfectly healthy heavy people and some sickly skinny people.

  83. 83

    And so where does it stop? What's next? Maybe they should start sterilizing everyone so they can choose who should have kids. Come on people. Are we really that compliant that we are going to just let the Gov. do what they want to who they want? I pay for my insurance so that's not an issue. Health issues can happen to anyone no matter what their weight is.

  84. 84

    I want the government out of my goddamned business. Hence, I am a Republican. And a big-assed one at that. Why not do this for people who use recreational drugs, or drink more than one drink per day, or whatever? There is never an end to government interference once it starts.

  85. 85

    Government: GET OUT OF MY LIFE. Piss off! Pave my roads, defend this country, and leave the rest to individuals.

  86. 86

    Kudos to Alabama. And while we are at it lets petition the airlines to charge by weight like they do for freight cargo. I for one am sick of having another person's mass spilling over into my seat. Why should I have to pay the same as someone twice my size? More weight = more fuel = more costs so pass it on. I am not down with the gov telling individuals what to do but obesity is an epidemic and being passive is what has gotten us to this point.

  87. 87

    Re: ChrisInKy – Yes!

  88. 88

    Oh I can't believe this. It's outrageous! I would totally not be surprised to hear some bullshit corporation try something like this but to find out the government is actually having the nerve to pull this discriminatory shit? UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. No. The government does not get to tell me what to weigh, if I'm allowed to smoke cigarettes (taxing them so much to force people not to smoke), how to wear my hair, what religion to be, what sexual orientation is "acceptable". Those are just a few fucking things people don't get the right to dictate about me. Piss off government of Alabama!!

  89. 89

    Re: KrisLiz – Thank you, or your comment. When I read the initial post, from Perez, I understood it to mean that people were being laid off of work (ALL AL employees, not just state employees)…a HUGE mistake on my part.
    While I still stand behind my previous comments and inquiries, I don't see anything wrong with a State Government trying to 'cut costs'…as long as the State employee's health and welfare job and benefits are not compromised by a dependent, who just isn't able to meet the State's 'fit' standards.
    What worries me, also, though….if this is deemed constitutional…what would prevent AL (or ANY state, since this would set precedence) to make sanctions against insuring the mentally handicapped and drug/alcohol addicted?

  90. 90

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – No Andy27 can go there anytime he wants. Lucy 4 too!

  91. 91

    Re: hottie

    how would you like to be charged for being TOO skinny? wouldnt feel too good, i mean talk about a hit on self esteem!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 92

    Re: adk sea baby – If you are having a problem with a seatmate 'spilling over'…then, by all means, spend the extra money and PAY FOR A FIRST CLASS TICKET! How difficult is that?
    You are assuming that all of your airline seatmates are from Alabama, or even the US…..go ahead, tell the next person, that you are sitting next to, that he/she is 'spilling over'….hopefully, you are fluent in his/her native tongue (I, for one, would want to know if my life is being threatened, but you sound more blissful in ignorance). I can pretty much guarantee that it will not be greeted warmly.

  93. 93

    They are all BLACK
    they dont work, eat, get fat, get diseases
    and we pay the fucking bill

  94. 94

    get real for fucks sake, none of you americans like being obese or choose to be fat, you just are, because you have unhealthy lifestyles and no motivation to improve them. if you're so fat you are expected to pay for 2 seats on a plane, the you should pay extra for medical insurance, given how much is spent on obesity-related illnesses each year in the states. a year is enough for you to make enough positive changes to your lifestyle to offset these problems. if you don't care about looks, you may just care about your bank balance. the government aren't telling you what to eat and when, they are telling you to adjust your lifestyle if you don't have the right balance. it's in your interest, more than they're own. if you're so intent on being a fat bastard do it on your own cash!

  95. 95

    Wow it's kinda sad that America has come to be the "fattest" country in the world. Maybe this will shape people up!

  96. 96

    Isn;t this flat out 100% discrimination! How can they get away with that shit?

  97. 97

    Ok I understand that the internet is THE place for anyone who wants to say something stupid and hateful to say it so I won't bother addressing any of the less than intelligent posters. However, I would like to provide a rebutal to the "Fat people cost insurance companies more money driving up costs so they should be charged more" statement. Insurance companies will pay for open heart surgery, diabetes medication, and other health problems that are linked to being obese. While most will not pay for gym fees, weight loss programs, weight loss medication or any other preventive measures to help people before they develop weight related illness. Becoming overweight isn't always simple. Many times factors like thyroid, medication, family genetics, depression, stress can cause people to become overweight or obese. Also I've seen people say eat healthier and don't eat junkfood. Well alot of poor familes can feed themselves for 10 bucks at McDonalds, while it costs at least three dollars a pound for asparagus and tomatoes. You can buy 4 double cheeseburgers for the price of a gallon of milk. It's not the workers who need to be charged for being overweight. It should be all the politicians who don't help farmers bring the cost of crops down. And the Oil companys and the presidents they have in their back pocket for not doing something about bringing down the price of oil so that transportation costs can go back to normal further driving down the price of healthy food.

  98. 98

    That is so silly, the thin women that sit around me at work, the ones that have Breast Cancer/Cystic Fibrosis/Gallstones/High Blood Pressure/Knee Replacements (1 knee last year, one this year)/Pregnancy/Asthma (so bad she has to use a breathing machine at work 3 times a day)/Carpal Tunnel (both wrists)/Leukemia. I'm almost never sick, go for my yearly check ups, except for the occasional strep throat, and ear cleaning.. yeah it makes COMPLETE sense for me to have to pay more since I'm overweight

  99. 99

    Re: Tripleplatinum
    right on!

  100. 100

    I think it's disrespectful, and whoever made this decision is a fucking ignorant, and so is everyone who agrees with this. What you people don't understand/know/want to admit is that people are not ALWAYS overweight because THEY CHOOSE to be, because they live on chips and burritos, or because they sit their fat asses on a couch all day… Overweight is under the "eating disorder" category, which is under the "psychology" category. A LOT of times, stress makes you gain weight, a so do a lot of illnesses related to hormones and thyroid. How can you condemn someone with a problem to pay a fee for it?
    Some people don't deserve the power they've been given. There are much smarter people around who could make better use of their time.

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