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The Hills - Salary Breakdown!

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Hot damn!

InTouch has gotten its hands on some juicy info — how much each player on The Hills is getting paid per episode!

Who knew "reality" television could pay so well?

Lauren Conrad: $75,000 per episode
Heidi Montag: $65,000 per episode
Spencer Pratt: $65,000 per episode
Audrina Patridge: $35,000 per episode
Whitney Port: $20,000 per episode
Brody Jenner: $10,000 per episode
Lauren “Lo” Bosworth: $10,000 per episode
Stephanie Pratt: $8,000 per episode

An insider supposedly said, “The only reason L.C. gets paid more than anyone else is because she demanded in her original contract that no one could ever get paid more than her.”

Sounds like something L.C. would demand!

P.S. Stephanie and Lo the Bitch should be paying MTV to let them be on the show!

[Image via WENN.]

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143 comments to “The Hills - Salary Breakdown!”

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  1. 101

    Im confused why you are making drama out of this…"The Hills" is a spin off show from "Laguna Beach" about Lauren Conrad moving to L.A. to start her life etc. Why wouldn't she make the most? I am actually surprised that Heidi and Spencer make what they do considering most people can't stand them and no longer watch the show bc of them. Most of those people (cough Heidi, Spencer, and Lo cough) are only on there to be on TV not to actually do anything worth while so I am not quite sure why any of them get paid.

  2. 102

    agreed! lo is a jealous insecure bitch! and lc just hates everyone who has some1… audrina is the bomb and she should be paid the most! end of story! period….

  3. 103

    Why is Spencer getting paid so much? He definitely shouldn't be getting more than audrina!!

  4. 104

    Yeah she's gorgeous but this is a stupid not quite reality show and there is no way they should get paid that much

  5. 105

    Whoa thats alot of cash, no wonder they can afford to sit around and plot new fake gossip. I need to find me a cash cow that pays me to do absolutely nothing.

  6. nizzy says – reply to this


    Just become LC or Audrina's best friend..and get paid!

  7. 107

    yess LO iis a biitch nd is so jeaulos of audrina and laurens friendshiip…nd u knoo wat da biitch just wants money that is why her fake ass is starting drama nd moved in so0o0 she could be more in the show..lauren is real dumb nd bliind folded..like come on ur always losing good friends …ii wiish perez hilton will interview me and i will tell all these so called "smart ones" some things

  8. 108

    You'd think with all that money she would be able to bleach or wax her mustache. lmao.. look at the picture.

  9. 109

    What about Frankie ?! haha
    I use to love the hills, I can't
    watch it the same now knowin it's fake >:(

  10. 110

    It's sick that people on tv make that kind of money but with that said, Audrina should be making more than that creep, Spenser.

  11. 111

    the show is ridiculous, Lauren for one lacks complete sense of taste and culture as well as any elegance and what not, i do not understand why she is being paid this ridiculous amount, nor why she is so famous or a 'celebrity'. her so called fashion line is completely boring and pathetic. I wont even get started on Heidi Montag who makes a complete ass of herself when she does anything at all with her complete idiot of a boyfriend Spencer, i wont even mention her album which should be illegal its so terrible to insult music in such a way. It is incredulous the show has reached such heights with this pathetic, uneducated, uncultured, ignorant, fake, unclassy young people in my opinion.

  12. 112

    im so sick of lauren! im tired of lauren's drama! i cant stand her i think shes a jeaolus bitch who doesn't want that her "friends" have other "friends" or boyfriends omg! and i dont even seen this season! im watching season 3 im from Vezuela

  13. 113

    i mean VENEZUELA!

  14. 114

    Uh can we get a big ass duh?of course she gets paid the most!she's the fuking star!there would be no show without her!

  15. 115

    Maybe the shocking truth about Jennifer Aniston is that, instead of lolling around on a bed with 17 children and a monosyllabic boyfriend and giving endless interviews to Hello! about how she only learned the true meaning of life when the obstetrician whipped his forceps out, she'd rather spend her time shagging a lot of fine-looking men.

    Oops, wrong thread!!

  16. 116

    L.C is a bitch but kmj87 is rite without her der wouldn't even b a show who else is it mainly gunna b bout heidi?

  17. 117

    Alot of money for people doing nothing. What a shitty place this is.

  18. 118

    I'm calling bullshit on those salaries. I totally believe they get paid but not as much as this article would have us believe. Seriously — some sitcom and network stars don't even make 75K per episode! And not that this is particularly relevant to the topic at hand, but what the fuck is up with the mustachioed LC in this pic??

  19. 119

    So f'ucking what??? Let Heidi and Spencer get $74,999.99 That'll sort things out. Who gives a s'hit anyway?

  20. 120

    Talk about a total waste of money. The network would do better just driving down the road and throwing it out the window. These are a group of the most talentless, self absorbed asshats in the world.

  21. Sal says – reply to this


    Perez..The only reason I watch this show is because of Audrina. I am not into girls but she is super hot and seems very sweet.

  22. SuzyP says – reply to this


    They should give ALL the money to Lauren!!! She IS the damn show. The rest should be thanking God that they are on the show with her.

  23. 123

    P.S. Stephanie and Lo the Bitch should be paying MTV to let them be on the show!

    lmaooo exactly

  24. 124

    does anyone else see lauren's sweet mustache in this pic?!??!

  25. 125

    seriously…why is lo the bitch even getting paid anything….they're doing her a favor by giving her her 15 minutes of fame

  26. 126

    i hate lo shes a total BITCH .. i'll pay her 10k to see her eat a steamy turd

  27. 127

    Second the charge.. Wonder what montag's litle sis will get?

    Atleast LC agent was smart otherwise Pratt/Montag would be getting more money than her already. Now if they get a bump she gets a bump so the drama for them really pays.

  28. 128

    Brody, Lo and stephanie don't really deserve a salary. they do not contribute anything to the show.

  29. 129

    oh course lauren gets paid most, shes the best person on the show and it's HER show.

  30. 130

    That is so sad. That as people we pay this much to follow around already spoiled rich white children who do nothing but gossip and backstab each other. When their are starving people and people suffering in this world who could use that type of money.

  31. 131


    that's a freakin' LOTTTT of money.


  32. 132

    What a bad show…
    I refuse to watch that….
    Id rather watch Hanna montana

  33. 133

    They're all laughing all the way to the bank !

  34. 134

    Everyone talking shit on LC is nothing but a hater. Who wouldn't love getting paid that much just living you everyday life. LC is the only one keeping it real on the show unlike Heidi who apparently forgot that SHE was the one who went to LC and apologized for everything. Now she wants to act like she has chosen to stop talking to her. PLEASE. I hope everyone realizes how she is so willing to do anything it takes to stay on the show…….cause drama w/ her stupid dominating boyfriend. Who really likes him anyway?

  35. 135

    ugh…its gross that Spencer gets paid more than Whitney and Audrina…they're in the opening effin credits.

  36. 136

    wow thats crazy! i never expected them to get soo much money!! hmm i wonder how much the first laguna beach cast got paid!!

  37. 137

    ew i always knew lc was a little rich bitch. of course she's the main character but to tell the producers that she won't do the show unless she gets paid the most is really snotty of her.
    even though i hate lo, i feel like she should get paid more since she's in almost every episode! and why is brody getting paid so much? you rarely see him anymore!

  38. 138

    lauren just annoys me now.
    i still love the show but she's just annoying.
    why is spencer getting paid that much $$$? wtf all he does is sit on his gay ass and fucking act like the little cunt rag bitch he is.
    i can't stand him & i feel bad that Stephanie is related to the damn tool.
    i swear he's just like the girls on the show the little bitch.
    all he does is stir up unnecessary drama.
    seriously spencer just stfu and stop going on the radio talking shit.
    go back from where you came from cause NO ONE likes your ugly ass.

  39. 139

    ew lc is a big drama queen and all she does is feel bad for herself and thinks that shes hiding the fact that shes still madly in love with stephen colletti

  40. 140

    I would pay Spencer Pratt $65,00 not to show me his slimey chester cheeto smile and wretched face which disturbs the hell out of me. As far as wha LC goes, she is capitalizing on her fame (MTV, cell phone commercials, etc.) because after the Hills that will be it for her, besides her fashion line, which btw, not sure how well it is doing. All these reality tv celebrity are nobodies which because somebodies because people watch and get addicted like crack. It is people who turn these talentless individuals which tend to be amusing at times into the celebs they are.

  41. bel says – reply to this


    Team LO! I like Audrina too but think SHE's the one being rude to Lo. At least Lo is trying to talk to her even after Audrina told her the could NEVER be friends. Does no one else see that?

  42. jezza says – reply to this


    I can't believe speidi make that much. MTV are idiots. I just can't believe they almost make as much as Lauren. Nobody watches the show to see them. The family stopped watching the show this season as we hate speidi, much rather just watch Lauren and co.

  43. 143

    sryy ppl but Lauren deserves it

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