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Hookers Rejoice!

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a24394pcn_tara02.jpg 24394pcn_tara02.jpg

The world has been lacking in style and sophistication lately, and Tara Reid wants to change that!

The former actress is pouring her prodigious talents into a new fashion line, Mantra, which she debuted in Las Vegas on Monday.

The hard-pAArtier's collection includes t-shirts, dresses, bikinis, ponchos and hoodies decorated with beads and charms.

If you need something for your next trip to Cancun or if you're auditioning for a porno, then Tara's clothes are just for you!

[Image by Jill Ann Spaulding via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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47 comments to “Hookers Rejoice!”

  1. 1

    This will line will probably make a lot more money than your Hot Topic collection, Perez.

  2. 2

    …well, maybe not more. But probably just as much as yours. I wonder if Tara's collection will be distributed at K-Mart??

  3. 3

    She needs to just go away. Could she be any more trashy and nasty?!?!?

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  4. 4


  5. CHA says – reply to this



  6. 6

    How much did your line Hot Topic bring in Perez? You never did update us. :D

  7. 7

    Since Jenna J is no longer doing porn……..maybe Tara-Tornado should lick up to the plate!

  8. 8


  9. 9

    oh god :l

  10. 10

    Good for her, I am not one of these people who only wear certain brands or styles, that is LAME. If it looks cute and I like it, I will for sure sport it! fuck brands, and if Tara has some cute stuff, I will buy it!

  11. 11

    I thought her clothing line would be dental floss and pasties. Possibly a "Buy a swimsuit, get a Jameson on the rocks free" deal.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    what's up with all these losers and their 'clothing' lines? i'd rather wear a fig leaf.

  14. 14

    wow! I didn't see that one coming

  15. 15

    Why dont you post any BRITTANY anymore? She is way better then this has been!

  16. 16

    OMG, that's friggin great. Mantra by Tara Reid. Clubwear!!!! Skanks of the world unite and show us your Mantra!!!

  17. 17

    well if that aint proof hard partying will make you look like shit then I dont know what is! and what the hell is wrong with her legs??

  18. 18

    Re: sweethotashes – Good question! We've been informed on Ashlee Simpson's and Avril's lines, but not much of an update on his. Makes you wonder, eh?

  19. 19

    she looks more than a little bit like rachel zoe in these shots! sorry for both of them, lol!

  20. 20

    Did Tara jump the shark when her boob was accidentally exposed or was it her partying?

  21. 21

    ewwwww…no thanks

  22. 22

    why can't we just leave the fashion world to the fashion experts??? why does every hollywood starlett need to come out with their own fashion or perfume line? be like mcdonald's….do one thing and do it well! like these bitches need any more money?? it makes me sick!

  23. 23


  24. 24

    why would anyone want to dress that like broken down train wreck whore

  25. 25

    "Celebrity" clothing line - what a shock. You can't swing a dead cat w/out hitting some d-lister with a line.

  26. 26

    I'm sure that Mariah Carey is going to buy those fugly clothes.

  27. D-Bag says – reply to this


    Here's a prime example of a dumb cunt who was once on top of the world and thought that partying was the most important thing in her life. Look where it got you Tara. Z-list. It must really sting to have fallen so far.

  28. 28

    Stop Hating Perez all you guys clothes you push look alike. Let he get her money 2.

  29. 29

    Re: Laurent – LoL…yes, very good remark! I'm sure this will be the type of high school skank-wear we usually see wrapped on Mariah. Maybe she'll become a huge customer and supporter of Tara.

  30. 30

    Did She sober up yet?

  31. 31

    I actually like Aubrey O'day's gay friendly collection…I need some more underwear…I think Ill shop her menz collection

  32. 32

    Man, she had a wicked nosejob.

  33. 33

    I heard her once YEARS ago on Howard Stern, they were filming American Pie Two and she was so over the top in the "Obnxious girl in the bar" way. She kept interupting and loudly trying to tell this story about how they wanted to go to a party but that she had to get Howard in. Robin then burst out laughing and Howard was like "Um, I'm friends with "So and So", and the last thing I need is your help getting into a party. And Tara wouldn't shut up, kept going on about how she gets in everywhere and she was the one who got Howard into the party. It was like listening to the special Olympics on Fast Foreward.

  34. 34

    Who made that banner? It looks like it has hand coloured with Crayola markers and designed by a 13 year old girl–who spends the rest of her time drawing unicorns.

  35. 35

    She's so sad. And chinless….poor sad,chinless,peroxided Tara. She should just give up and do something else. I tell you…it's only a matter of time before we hear that she's "found Jesus". lol

  36. 36

    what middle eastern guy did she have to sleep with to pay for that horse hair??

  37. 37

    Re: Andy27 – I just love how Perez haters like to still use his website!! ch-ching If you hate him so much why do you continue to stay here??

  38. 38

    This woman is a joke.

  39. 39

    Oh Lawd. If you want to look like a talentless alcoholic whore I'm sure it's the fashion line for you.

  40. 40

    Re: Andy27 – do you do anything? I swear you are always on! And you have a wierd face.

  41. 41

    She looks hammered as usual.

  42. 42

    LOL, Perez you're FULARIOUS!!

  43. 43

    No thanks!

  44. 44

    tara is trashy — eeew check out her bad extensions– COKE HEAD!!!

  45. 45

    She always looks hot to me,

  46. 46

    hahaha ur so funny!!!! its so true!
    btw perez. i listen to perez news every morning and i LOVE you!!! so nice to hear your cute voice in the morning!!!! tell everyone else who thinks its cool to talk on the radio in the mornings to shut the hell up though, morning is for music, dont babbling (except u)!!

  47. 47

    She is starting to look like Orange Oprah!!! She and Dina should grab lunch at the Ivy!!!!!