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The Church Slams Ricky Martin

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Not everyone is happy with Ricky Martin's new twinsies!

The Catholic church's Cardinal of Honduras, Oscar Andres Rodriguez, has accused the singer of going against human dignity!

According to a new report, on a visit to Chile, the Catholic leader said, "What Martin did diminishes the dignity of a human being. You can't just buy or rent life. It's even worse when someone famous and in the public eye is doing it."

Then there's Mexican talk show host Esteban Arce who said, "I don't think it's right to deny children of maternal figures, just because you have a big ego."

The Catholic church being homophobic, what's new?

Does the Cardinal feel the same way about hetero couples who 'hire' a surrogate?

Oh and in case you didn't know, Ricky's surrogate mother is rumored to be one of his cousins.

[Image via WENN.]

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121 comments to “The Church Slams Ricky Martin”

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  1. 1

    one of his cousins….ok am i the only one who think that sounds weird….

  2. 2

    wow. i guess it is better to keep it all in the family.

  3. 3

    Oh please! Who listens to what the church has to say…let Ricky have his babies.

  4. 4

    Re: KayKay!!! – it is weird…but its also Ricky martin…what else do you expect? lol :)

  5. 5

    who asked them for their opinion???? The Catholic Church needs to mind their own goddamn business…

  6. 6

    all the catholic priests molesting young boys goes against "human dignity" much much more…why dont they focus their energy towards that????

  7. 7

    catholic church sucks!

  8. 8

    I hate religious people…and this is why…..religion is for people without a mind of their own. Puppets in society.

  9. 9

    Dont see what the big deal is. But if the surrogate is his cousin that's just wrong!

  10. 10

    Actually, the Catholic Church does frown upon hetero folks using surrogate mothers… the objection isn't to Ricky Martin's sexuality, it's that the child is had out of wedlock.

  11. 11

    Why didn't they slam Aiken????
    "Oh and in case you didn't know, Ricky's surrogate mother is rumored to be one of his cousins."

  12. 12

    ew what?
    i mean i know it's not the same
    as having sex with your cousin..and i've
    heard about a woman giving birth to her own
    grandchild…but ew? cousins?

  13. Veee says – reply to this


    So…. i thought that Icky here was straight? no? i thought he was seen with some chicks like a couple of yrs ago and they were going to marry? its odd… maybe he is gay o well leave him alone… yeah the cousin thing is weird… plus if its his sperm n her eggs can't there be complications later on?

  14. 14

    Wow, one of your Latino Homoboys did something bad..?
    And you're not going to crucify him for it?
    Guess you have your favorites…

  15. 15

    his cousin? creepy.

  16. 16

    eewwhh, his kids are inbred?! I've met Ricky's family and he is the ONLY good looking one in the bunch! You wouldn't know they are related unless someone told you! God, I hope it was someone from his father's side of the family!!! He gets his good looks from his Dad.

  17. 17

    The Catholic church should be more worried about priests touching little boys than Ricky Martin having kids.

  18. 18

    Hey! Take it easy on the Catholics please. Thanks :)

  19. GuhhQ says – reply to this


    These Christian people have lost their minds..

  20. 20

    Yes, Perez, the Catholic Church DOES feel the same way about hetero couples who "hire" surrogates. Come on…this is common knowledge.

  21. 21

    I am sure they used is boyfriends junk for his cousin and not ricky's. I mean that would be disgusting

  22. Sammy says – reply to this


    I am catholic but, the church needs to stay out of peoples lives! I think Ricky will be an excellent dad, he had a desire to have a child which is the greatest love ever and he did what he had to do, I do think it is weird he chose his cousin to carry the babies I do not think it was her eggs cause then the baby could have health issues, but I am all for having children even if you are gay, or single.

  23. 23

    eeww his cousin??? thats just pathetic….

  24. 24

    Well I'm happy for him. Congrats Ricky Martin! At least he can afford his kids, unlike so many many people in Chilie

  25. 25

  26. 26

    Ugh…I can't stand him for being the closet queer that he is. He needs to put on a Diana Ross album and just come the fuck out. But at the same time, the church shouldn't be all up in his business. How he goes about becoming a parent is his business, and will probably be a BETTER parent than some of those crazy straight couples who raise their kids in a house of chaos, turmoil, and mental/physical abuse. If anything, I applaud this closet homo for having the guts to take on the challenge of being a father.

  27. 27

    it's better in my opinion to have ONE rich homo daddy that can take care of you than 2 unfit and poor parents that don't care about you…. and who cares about what the church says anymore?

  28. Gully says – reply to this


    Perez…the Church is not homophobic. Homophobic means you "fear" homosexuality. Because the Church believes its wrong does not equate to fear. To your question about if he had been hetero and used a surrogate, the answer is yes, the Church would have the same point. It's outside the belief set of the Church so they would believe it wrong. You can disagree…that's what makes America great. But let's get the facts.

  29. 29

    Re: HeebieJeebie – because Aiken isn't Catholic…Ricky Marten supposedly is (not to mention, he's Latino and many many Latinos are Catholic…which is why the Bishop of Honduras spoke out…)

  30. 30

    ohhhhh i was so happy for him when i first heard this…but his cousin? i hope it's like sammy said and that it isn't her eggs…just that she was baking the baby…not making the baby!

  31. 31

    Re: swandive – I know right!

  32. 32

    Yes…the Catholic church is against the creation of life outside the natural process…so they would not be happy with John and Kate plus 8 either.

  33. 33

    Re: milanesa

    if you wanna be their mouthpiece then tell them to shut the fuck up and mind their own goddamn business!!! lol

  34. 34

    Re: Cristy0752 – true very true

  35. 35

    eh maybe it wasn't Ricky's little boys that did the deed.

  36. 36

    Re: Sammy – okay, that makes sense that a cousin would carry the twins but not use her eggs! then that's completely different! Ricky will be a great Dad! He is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met!! I LOVE HIM…straight or gay!! I don't care!!!!!!

  37. 37

    Ricky's surrogate mother is rumored to be one of his cousins.
    that has to be bullshit

  38. 38

    People should stand up against crap like that from the church! People shouldn't be allowed to sprout shite like that without people taking them up on it!

  39. 39

    eww that's probably not true…i hope

  40. 40

    Yea I've heard that rumor about his cousin being the surrogate mother…She was the only one close to him who was pregnant during that time. I know they use another woman's eggs and put them in her but I still think it's weird that your cousin would carry your babies in her womb. Why couldn't he just adopt? There are so many kids that need parents. This is just another piece of proof that Ricky is gay. When will he come out and say who the other daddy is?

  41. 41

    Just because she is the surrogate doesn't necessarily mean that she is also the biological mother.

    Come on use your brains you idiots.

  42. 42

    RUMORED is the key word. Till someone does their job and finds out for sure that's who it is…i'm not going to believe it.

  43. 43

    It makes sense to me when heterosexual couples use a surrogate to have a child with their genes and whatnot - but for Ricky Martin - it's not like he is married and they can't carry a child - he's single, probably gay, and there are so many orphaned children he could've adopted instead of having a surrogate.

  44. 44

    wtf. she bangssss she bangsss!!! lol

  45. Sammy says – reply to this


    Re: HeebieJeebie – They did not slam Clay Aiken cause he is not hispanic, it is really a spanish thing, hispanics, are more closed minded to any changes, they would never accept same sex marriages or even abortion, so when someone like Ricky who grew up in front of us, does something like this it leaves closed minded people confused. Many do not see that he is gay and they do not accept it that is why he does not come out, but we live in a world that this is part of what it is and the hispanic community as well as the catholic community should understand that times are changing and this will be the norm in a few years!!!

  46. 46

    oh, the catholic churches are just mad cause hes not gunna let the bishops or whatever molest his twinsies. they need to shutup!

  47. 47

    SO WHAT!!! mother's carry their daughter's children or hire a surrogate also– so he wants to be a father.. GOOD FOR HIM!! he'll probably be an awesome dad– at least his taking responsibility– NOT LIKE dead beat father's out there—- being a PARENT is hard work as it is– i'm sure if it is his cousin– she did it purely out of love for a family member—

  48. Sammy says – reply to this


    My picture finally appeared yeah!!! I know it is nothing to get excited about but, I rather have that then the little blue thing.

  49. 49

    Who the hell cares what the church thinks. It's all just a bunch of hypocrites anyways. If they are so great than why do they hate so much; they have no right to judge. They're the ones going to hell.

  50. 50

    The oh so generous church should keep her dirty mouth shut.

    Isn't it better that people who really want and have the money to grow up kiddies well have children - than any stupid crack whore round the corner who is married to some alcoholic and it's obvious their children will be abused and broken for life???

    And even if it was one of his cousins - who says it was his sperm??? If these are your only problems the world is a happy place.

  51. 51

    Re: Sammy – sammy your baby is friggin' adorable! how did you get your pic to come back up?!

  52. 52

    The Church needs to get over itself, and I'm Catholic and a product of 12 years of Catholic schooling. Having said that, however,… his cousin? eewww…is it me or is that kinda creepy?

  53. 53

    You're so right about this Perez, "Does the Cardinal feel the same way about hetero couples who 'hire' a surrogate?" If the Catholic Church is dissing Martin cos he's a single guy that "paid" for a gestational carrier, does this mean the Church will diss married or common-law couples or even single women for going the gestational carrier route? Yeah, total double standard there. The Catholic Church is whacked on a lot of issues, and they are some of the biggest abusers of children around the world. So a pox on the Catholic Church for being so narrow-minded about Martin.

  54. 54

    Re: ChihuahuaBama – Hey, that's no different than having your sister, mother, or cousin carry your child because you're unable to do so. Martin probably did IVF using donor eggs and his sperm, and his cousin could have just been the carrier of the foetuses.

  55. 55

    At least he didn't rape any little boys can't say the same for the Catholic church.

  56. Suze says – reply to this


    how is this different than any other person who uses IVF?? I'm catholic, and the church REALLY pisses me off when they say stuff like this. Life is life….celebrate it in all forms.

  57. 57

    I was ok with it, until I heard of the cousin thing. Did they use his sperm? That is just a bit much! And weird.

  58. 58

    is ricky martin gay? i mean, i suspected…but i still wasnt sure…

    i hope he can handle twins on his own…

  59. 59

    Being a surrogate doesn't mean that it's her egg that was used with his sperm. She just carried the babies for him. I have a friend who tried for years to have a baby, and her mom carried her baby for her. Same thing. It's best to keep it in the family…Leave Ricky alone. Nothing wrong with a man wanting to have his own kids—whether he's straight or gay. No one says anything when women do it. Why isn't the Catholic Church going after Minnie Driver or Angelina Jolie? They're not married to their baby daddies…

  60. Sammy says – reply to this


    Re: Tess28 – Thank Tess if you go to My space and put in glamrgirlsboutique you can go to pics and then to My customers they have several pics of my daughter, she is in page 3 with the daisy and with the stuffed dog, also in the pink chair and on page one she is the one with my husband

  61. 61

    I am so happy for Ricky!

    And umm, The Catholic church; FUCK OFF!

  62. 62

    Right on! At last somebody has the guts to tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kids are not pets.

  63. 63


  64. 64

    Re: Sammy – YAY…..Your pic looks great!!! Be proud of that little girl!! She's just precious!!!

  65. 65

    Re: lili8808 – : i agree

  66. 66

    The part that really got my attention was, "Ricky's surrogate mother is rumored to be one of his cousins." Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  67. 67

    Re: Midwest – Ohhhhhh…….got ya ;)

  68. 68

    I think it wouldn't matter so much to so many had he follow all that talk he had a couple of years ago about children from India. I understand that some find it important to have children of their own blood, but could he had adopted one or two of the certainly very needy children in India or in any other country in the world?! Some people don't get Brand & Angelina's example it seems.

  69. 69

    In this day & age, so many kids grow up without a father. I think it's great that Ricky fulfilled his paternal need. Who cares if it was done with a surrogate?! He has the means to take care of these children so good for him!

  70. 70

    It is not homophobic to know that every child deserves to be raised by a loving mother AND father! Homosexuals can make their choices, but not the choices for children who don't have a voice. I will speak up on their behalf…YES on prop 8!

    Please don't throw the word homophobe around so loosely! Just because I don't encourage homosexuality doesn't mean I am psycologically afraid of them. I mean, I read your site don't I?

  71. 71

    I think that "hiring" a surrogate mother to give birth to your(?) baby is s/th almost disgusting NO MATTER IF YOU'RE STR8 OR GAY.why don't these couples try to adopt if they love kids so much?i find that very hypocritical.
    and how do YOU perez know that R.Martin's surrogate mother is one of his cousins?if this is true then that's a BIG DISGRACE.

  72. 72

    I think the catholic church needs to focous on real issues and not Ricky Martin, or his kids, or his sexual preferences. There are so many more important issues to make statements on, rising AIDS statistics around the world and yet they continue to bash the use of contrceptives, how about the hungry children of Africa and the world? The Vatican is perhaps the richest state in the world, why won't the focous on a campaing to help people out? is Ricky Martin really that relevant that ANY type of clergy member would have time to even comment on it? it's absolutely disgusting to hear about the touching and raping of innocent children within the church inflicted by their own priests, yet we get no statement on that. I wanna hear about these sick pedophiles being locked up, I want them to release statements about them taking action against these degenerated fucks. I guess Ricky Martin having children out of wedlock or maybe even with being gay is a much more important issue!

  73. 73

    His cousin! YIKES!

  74. Dabid says – reply to this


    The Catholic Church says the same about surrogate mothers for straights. Also, only in the U.S. is the whole cousin thing taboo. There is actually very little risk in having a baby with a cousin…we've done so for thousands of years and is the reason for many of the traits specific to certain areas of the world. Think about redheads in Ireland and blondes in Germany. While we have all sorts of laws relating to consanguinity, geneticists will tell you that cousins are simply not close enough in relatedness to be a concern.

  75. 75

    hmmmm, Big Surprise the Church is upset he used a suroggate to have kids, guessing he was exiled long ago for being gay, so who the F cares. The cousin was a surrogate not the egg donor so it really isn't werid at all. All she did was provided a spot for it to grow not it's gentic make up

  76. 76

    What else to expect from a faith based on fear and guilt.

  77. 77

    The Catholic Church should shut up and stop covering up for child molestors

  78. 78

    This is selfish. To go to extraordinary means to create children is not putting the best interests of the children first. I'll bet he already has nannies lined up to raise his creations for him. Why not adopt?

  79. 79

    Let's hope this is a rumor!

  80. 80



  81. 81


  82. 82

    people… SURROGATE only means that the woman carries **somebody else's** fertilized egg; he did not make babies with his cousin.. *rolls eyes* Jesus H. Christ… LOL. PLENTY of women who can't carry pregnancies to term have a healthy female relative carry the baby for them.

  83. 83

    a lot of times surrogate mothers are from the persons family, that doesn't mean that the egg used was hers, she was just housing the baby while it developed, it's very very common. Also, why is it okay for a single woman to go to a sperm bank and have a baby but not a man? what's the difference? he's getting older, he's not married, and he doesn't want to miss his chance to have children, so he took matters into his own hands. I think people should be congratulating him and wishing him and his children health and happiness, not beating him down!

  84. 84

    WTF!? Shit…at least he's not molesting little boys…I'm a Catholic but bigots piss me off and there happen to be a lot of them in the Catholic church…g'on Ricky…as long as the kiddos are loved and cared for…that's all that matters

  85. 85

    A cousin is okay as long as it's not a "first" cousin…that would be a bit Deliverance-ish…..the church should stay out of Ricky's affairs….the fairy tale of religion is soooo annoying……a talking snake?….yeah right….they need to look in their own molesting back yard…read "The God Delusion".

  86. Minx says – reply to this


    The Catholic church has the nerve to criticize Ricky after all the raping their Priests have done to little boys and nuns to little girls… hypocrisy lives on!

  87. 87

    Actually, Perez, the Catholic church IS against even hetero people using artificial means to conceive. Anything other than natural conceiving is frowned upon by the Catholic church. It's not just gay people.

  88. AMO says – reply to this


    Que, que??? One of his cousins? Maybe THAT'S what the Catholics should be mad at… I'm Catholic and I have the same love for gay people as I do any other kind of person. Have as many babies as you want, get married or not; that's your bid'ness. So it's not ALL Catholics; just the old fashioned, reserved ones (but there are many).

  89. 89

    Re: MRS.RICKY MARTIN LOVER – Honey, c'mon…why would he bother doing this then? Why wouldn't he just have kids with a girlfriend or a wife or a fiance?

    He would shake his bon bon for you….but only if you have peen between your legs.

    He is fine though, mmm mmm…..

  90. 90

    This is a primary reason why I am against organized religion. They use the Bible to hide behind bigotry and casting judgement against people.


    Slater Granite

  91. Anonymous says – reply to this


    This has nothing to do with the Catholic Church being 'homophobic' (consider the actions of MOST Popes, Cardinals, Priests and altar boys…since the beginning of time).
    Let the Vatican turn it's back on the Catholics, of the world, and their surrogates. They will change their stance, when they start losing followers to other faiths.
    Hell, they changed their minds when it came to 'fish on Friday', cremation and the habits that nuns had to wear, didn't they?

  92. 92

    "Homophobic"?! They're the Catholic church. OF COURSE they don't believe in homosexuality. What are you, an idiot?And don't call it "Homophobia", it's called a "differing opinion". Sounds like SOMEONE is a little bit unaccepting of peoples' opinions.

  93. 93

    Nothing wrong with homos having kids. At least it keeps them busy molesting their own instead of going after ours. Two NAMBLA dildos up!

  94. 94

    Re: TRUTHHURTS – Get a life.

  95. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: TRUTHHURTS – TruthHurts said…"Nothing wrong with homos having kids. At least it keeps them busy molesting their own instead of going after ours. Two NAMBLA dildos up!"
    Your comment is definitely not worth responding to…but, I had to reference it, so that I could ask Perez a question.
    Hey, Perez….why is it that some comments are not accepted/posted because of a legitimate word, or phrase…but this moron can use the acronym NAMBLA, among other words??

  96. 96

    Oh and I guess tickling little boys booty holes in a pew is a divine right sent from God.


  97. SKB says – reply to this


    Yes, instead, please bring babies into the world that mothers would prefer to abort. abies the mothers can't or won't take care of. Maternal, my ass. GO RICKY!

  98. 98


  99. 99

    Just because the surrogate mother is one of his cousins DOESN'T mean they had sex. A surrogate mother can also be implanted with a donated egg from someone else, which is obviously fertilized with the man's sperm PRIOR to it being implanted. And btw it isn't "weird" that he chose his cousin to be the surrogate, people choose their family members all the time.
    Don't judge without the facts

  100. Anonymous says – reply to this



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