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Lindsay On The Attack…Against Her Dad!

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We knew LezLo wasn't going to be happy about the things her dad was saying today about her girlfriend.

The actress is upset and firing back!

Of the accusations made by Michael Lohan that saMAN Ronson is a bad influence and leading his daughter to drink alcohol, Lindsay tells Access Hollywood:

"He’s out of control. I want him to stop hurting and talking to the media about the people I love."

And there you have it!

How quickly will Michael shove his tail between his legs????

[Images via WENN.]

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83 comments to “Lindsay On The Attack…Against Her Dad!”

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  3. 3

    ever since LL went all dyke on me, she's so fucking annoying

  4. 4

    Is that an admission of LOVE from LiLo to Sam?? About time ladies.

  5. 5

    grow up Lindsay!

  6. Minx says – reply to this


    her dad is just using her…. shameful.

  7. 7

    She'll see. That girl is no good.

  8. 8

    Michael is an idiot and he's hurt that family enough. He needs to shut up and stop talking about people leeching off of his daughter b/c he is the MAIN one. No one would know who the hell Michael Lohan was if it wasn't for Lindsay's success. He needs to worry about that toddler he is about to marry. Gold digger much? He hasn't been there for most of their lives so he should just shut it.

    LOVE LILO!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    saMan sucks bigtime **** michael team

  10. Lee01 says – reply to this


    Blah. Who cares about them anymore? They're just kicking a dying horse. The Lohans are done.

  11. 11

    Go away Lohans nobody cares anymore. :(

  12. Uker says – reply to this


    good on you girl.

  13. 13

    the man is crazy, without "SaMAN" Lohan can do that by herself. including drugs and everything else she's done in her messed up life

  14. 14


  15. 15

    yeah, cos she wasnt drinking BEFORE she met sam

  16. 16

    He won't tuck his tail between his legs because it makes no difference to him what Lindsey wants or thinks… he does not care how he is hurting his child because it is all about HIM… if he gets to speak to the press he does not measure words or think about anyone else. I am glad Lindsey made such a plain comment. We seem to be seeing less of the "wasted" pictures… maybe Samantha isn't such a bad influence after all.

  17. 17

    I feel like saying Whatever! Will they ever stop this media feud and just go on with their life? You know, like making (shitty) movies, being good friends and SHUT UP!

  18. DMAN says – reply to this



  19. 19

    I think Michael Lohan is in no position to say a damn thing about Lindsay even though I totally agree with what he said! :)

  20. 20

    Re: PunkyBrewstein – Do you even know what dyke means? Clearly Lindsay isn't a dyke.

  21. 21

    LEZlo is dressed like a Girl!
    Is this an old Picture Perez??

  22. 22

    I am going with the dad on this. Point 1- Sam has used Lindsay for fame and money Point 2 Sam is writing a tell all book that is going to spill stuff about Lindsay that even she is not going to know about, the book is going to lie and when Sam hits big Sam is going to cash in on Lindsay. Sam has a plan and she in the end is going to milk Lindsay dry. Dads always know even if the family is screwed up and broken into fragmented pieces on the floor. Her dad knows what Sam could do to his daughter and he wants to stop her. You guys eat this crap up but bet you remember what it felt like the first time you were used. It did not feel so nice? Did you have some one warn you? I am on the dads side here and when Sam rips outs lil Lindsay’s heart with her tell all book and Oprah show because she wants her fame we the people will be reading what happened, and Lindsay it has to face the music. So be the carnivorous group of hateful people you can be now but remember that when it comes time for those of you who used harsh words against her, that the same harsh words be used against you. I hope you face no pity and I hope you face only shame.

  23. Uker says – reply to this


    sam and lindsay are great together.
    leave them alone.

  24. 24

    Oh, snap! They need to chill!

  25. 25

    I just threw up in my mouth a little, this family is more fucked up then the Kennedys!

  26. 26

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Re: nyc_opinionRe: Failure to understand – I think that Lindsey's mom wrote in as "nyc-opinion" and dad commented as "Failure to understand". I know they are both reading this. LOSER FAME WHORE'S

  29. 29

    Lindz should be happy her Dad is giving her any press at all -
    Insiders say her 15 minutes ended 15 minutes ago.
    Hahahaha that girl is soo done

  30. 30

    Re: Uker – are you insane?? she changed lindsay and not for good she hasn't work since she is with her

  31. 31

    LovinG the DRAMZ

  32. Uker says – reply to this


    Re: paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1 – you're wrong, lindsay has just finished filming a movie as well as two stints on ugly betty.
    maybe lindsay just wants to chill and live a normal life with the person she loves, why can't people understand that career and money aren't the most important things in life.
    sam comes from a wealthy british family, her brother is a huge star in the uk, she doesn't need lindsay's fame or money.
    michael lohan is a homophobe.

  33. 33

    This POS father of hers…. Even if she had been the most perfect, personal and professionally, woman/actress, she still would have had this media three ring circus b/c her dad. Linds never ever had a chance of NOT being gossip rag fodder b/c of him, IMO. This is where I do feel sorry for her.

  34. 34

    He wears snakeskin boots?? AWESOME

  35. 35

    Lindsay is right about her dad but how come she doesn't tell her mother to also shut up? Her mom is just as bad as her dad!

  36. 36

    Re: MsHomeWrecker – I think I am going to waste my time at work and reply back to this as painful as it is, in honesty you took time out of your life to respond to a message that means nothing. Time you will never get back. I am at work doing nothing but getting a rise out of this and you just made my day. Thank you no really thank you I needed the good old laugh I will remember you when I need the stupidity of the human race to pick me up on a bad day. You really honestly think they read a 30 something guys gossip page? I do it for the sheer fun of mocking the human race. Hell I even read it to try to under stand what my sister in law talks about and she is 17.

  37. 37

    She needs to finally cut him off! Not because he is her dad it means she needs to have him in her life.

  38. 38


  39. Arshe says – reply to this


    I think Lindsey has been more stable with this Ronson girl and her dad is another kfed.. yawn

  40. 40

    Why the media gives him a platform to even speak is beyond me. He is a nobody, his daughter doesn't even do anything anymore her career is the dumpster so he is basically the father of a has been. Why is he getting media attention? Americans,lol

  41. 41

    Re: Jane Glock – please enlighten me

  42. 42

    why do you wright so much on your comments? no one reads it all

  43. 43

    lol hilarious. but he is kinda right…

  44. 44

    Re: PunkyBrewstein – Dyke is a slang term for a lesbian with certain qualities. Originally it was a derogatory label for a masculine or butch woman, and this usage still exists. However, it has also been reappropriated as a positive term implying assertiveness and toughness, or simply as a neutral synonym for lesbian.[1]

    Punky This is what I can give you on Dyke. The first printed references come from 1920s novels, still dyke is used for butch women. Jane is right If you want to use slang for Lindsay use Lipstick Lesbian.

  45. 45

    Re: TyloXO

    Ha ha I didn't even notice them! He's hard core

  46. 46

    My God what a loser.he toured so many shows today.He just was on MSNbc.He wants money,and he will go to court to take them cause Dina got to control Lindsays money.He wants to control Lindsays he says as Britneys fatrher is doing.
    Lindsays reaction is too soft.And she is in fact working right now.Maybe its time Samantha walks out.She is being accused from a drug dealer to a sick controller.As if anyone can control Lindsay.

  47. 47

    Poor Popa Lohan, he'll have to come back beggin

  48. 48

    Whatever. They are tag team fame-whores.

  49. 49

    He'll shove his tail up his ass mighty fast. He knows where those nice boots came from - and he's not loosing his gift ho.

  50. 50

    This FIre Crotch needs to clean her laundry at home…

    Her father needs to shut the fuck up!

    Is none of his business who she is dating.. he is an alcoholic son of a bitch..who never really loved her..

    She is 21 and whatever she does well is her mistakes.. shes a grown woman..

    Naw I understand why she inhales crack 24/7..

  51. 51

    Re: PunkyBrewstein
    Every since Yo Mother did not sallow,, you annoy me as well.. Troll

  52. 52

    This family is fucked.

  53. 53

    I feel sorry for poor Lindsay having an asshat like that for a dad, she must feel really embarrassed…

  54. 54

    Lindsay looks really pretty in that pic. (I miss that Lindsay.)

    Her father has a very good point!! How can you trust someone when they are planning to write a "tell-all" book and you're a big celebrity, while they are dj-ing clubs?! WAKE UP LL and realize that you're dad is just trying to protect you. :( Then again, maybe someone needs to tell him to be weary of his young fiance too.

  55. 55

    I Hate Lindsay!

  56. 56

    The bitch actually looks decent. That color is an improvement…

  57. 57

    Michael Lohan sucks! I Love Lindsay!

  58. 58

    It is hard to IMAGINE anything I could care less about…

  59. 59

    wtf ?? how do we even know its true that sam is writing a tell al book?? doesnt seem like something she'd do..

  60. 60

    family feud in public haha great!!!

  61. 61

    Re: Failure to understand

    I think you're the one that has a "failure to understand". If Samantha is going to use Lindsay, no one will know until she actually does it. And by the way, if everyone like Perez is right about this being a publicity stunt, Samantha is the one being used, not the other way around. Michael Lohan has proved time and time again that he can not be trusted not to talk to the media about Lindsay like she requested. He is truly the one using her. Samantha hasn't talked yet. The only thing she has ever said was to a photographer that was stalking her with a camera and that was "are you retarded?" Which, if you're truly as intelligent as you would like to come across in your post (but fail to do), you'd know has many interpretations.
    No, it's not a nice feeling being used. But Samantha hasn't done it yet. So how the hell could you know for certain that she is going to do it? Because she told friends she's going to write a book about her life? I remember a number of drunken nights in college I told friends the same thing. Doesn't mean I actually meant it.
    I have to give you one, carnivorous is a big word, but you failed to make an intelligent post because you spewed a bunch of crap that has no evidential support. You're no better than the posters on here that spew out words like "carpetmuncher" and "dyke". So maybe you should not be so hypocritical next time about hateful words.

  62. 62

    Sam's book:
    Chapter One - I was born into a wealthy family
    Chapter Two - [empty]
    Chapter Three - I decided to ride on my step-dad's and bother's talented coat tails, only to fail as a musician and achieve extreme mediocrity as a DJ.
    Chapter Four - I somehow get lucky enough to bang a super hot young starlet and ride on her talented coat tails, too.
    Chapter Five - Some stupid book agent/publisher thought it is a good idea to put my life on paper, all 12 pages I could fill with it.

    (Didn't her agent realize that no one could even fill up a wiki page with interesting info on her?? I mean, I like her and Linds together, actually, but if the book thing is true, come on already…christ sakes…)

  63. 63

    Re: RizSaysWHAT – Wow you did it too. Damn people love just retorting back to a post that means nothing. I am sitting at my job doing notinhg and am in utter boredom. Do you get my drift? I set the bait you walked into my trap. Once again I laugh at the human race for being stupid. Do you know how many people fall for this kind of crap. Come on! I am very bright and smart and gifted and I laugh at the expense of people like you. Did it cross your mind for one minute that I had no clue what I was talking about? I don't follow gossip and I am working solo today. I had to find humor some where and I have gone through my books. I set up Ms Home Wrecker as well. Hate me and curse my name but when people know that now count 2 of you have been set up maybe they won't take the bait and it might make it a challenge.

  64. 64

    Re: Failure to understand – It is petty and childish to set it up over Cyber space and do these things I know. Before you even bother to attack please don't. It is pointless to try to hurt some one who really does not care if you get angry or anything else because of my post. See that is just it, it is just a post. You responded back with such attitude and judgment that I realized that you took this serious and that made it even better then before. It took a moment to process it in full because I didn't really think that people could take things like this that far but some where deep inside you have. Interesting. Why?

  65. 65

    Killa boots she might be a mess but she is so HOT

  66. 66

    No Man errr woMAN should stand between a Daughter and Her Father!!


  67. 67

    p.s! Why the Fuck is he wearing those boots! lmao

  68. 68

    i don't know what's happening there, but all i can say is that if i had to choose between him and dina lohan,i would definitly choose him,i don't know,that's how i feel about him. i really hope lindsay is happy,and i hope they do love each other,because if that's the case, there's nothing stopping them from being happy and getting married

  69. 69

    Re: RizSaysWHAT – i like your post and i think you have the cutiest puppies ever !!!! lol.

  70. 70

    Re: RizSaysWHAT – the truth is yes, you're right,we can't know for sure if samantha is using lindsay.about the thing,you said in college to your friends you would write a book, in this case, about lindsay, it's different,because she is a celebrity,and lindsay's father might be worried about the fact thaqt she could write some stuff that are true,but also false about her.for example,the whole drug thing, samantha could write the fact that she was a drug addict,everybody knows that,but nobody needs to know when,or how she did it, i mean, there are stuff that are private.or the fact that she's an alcoholic,we know that,she knows that.there were some pics captured in which it appeared that lindsay had a bottle,or a glass under the table,her rep,her family denied it,that it may have been alcohol,but in this case samantha could come clean and tell the truth that it was in fact alcohol,and perhaps that lindsay is still using drugs etc. about this book amongst celebs,it's kind of fishy.. but let's hope it's just an idea, or if she in fact writes this book,let's hope she won't say bad things about lindsay,i really like her, and i really don't have anything against her relationship,because it seems,i repeat,it seems that she's doing ok now.i wish her all the best because i think she can change what she was in a better person

  71. 71

    linz is gorgeous in this pic

  72. 72

    are those really snake skin cowboy boots?

  73. 73

    Re: Failure to understand

    If you're so intelligent, why don't you type that way? You type like a 4 year old, by the way.

  74. 74

    Re: g-force

    I actually found that picture online. I WISH I had bulldog puppies. But I do have the cutest black lab in the world, so it's all good.

  75. 75

    Re: Failure to understand

    I responded back with intelligence, not attitude. Your post was a whole bunch of bullshit. I pointed out the reasons why it was such. I don't give a rats ass about you. Truth is, you really don't matter very much in the grand scheme of things, because you're just another idiot in the world, go figure…there's tons of them. If you really are at work, maybe if YOU didn't care as much, you'd do your damn job instead of coming on here. But safe to say, you already have proven you care far too much to do so. So before you go ranting about how it doesn't matter because it's just a post, and you're mocking me because I seemingly do by defending myself, maybe you should take a long hard look in a mirror.

  76. 76

    shes so pretty whens she gunna start working again visit redplum.com and click on entertainment to find out

  77. 77


  78. 78

    Re: PunkyBrewstein – U R REALLY UGLY. WOW.

  79. 79


  80. AMO says – reply to this


    They should just ignore him and let him make his ludicrous comments to he press. Everyone knows he's crazy… Who cares what he says? Let him marry that bimbo and live his selfish little life.

  81. 81

    Why does Perez bash lesbians?…Seriously?…Even if his attacks against Lindsay and Samatha Ronson are personal why does he bring their sexual orientation into it?..Being a gay man and knowing that struggle that seems very hypocritical and insensitive….Im not a lesbian but this just doesnt make sense anyone agree?…What do you think?..Or why does he do that?…

  82. 82

    Re: RizSaysWHAT – You really don't get it do you? I told you not to bother to respond because it would be a waste of time. You failed to even process the words and jumped the gun. You got angry, hit reply to this post and quickly started typing away at a message. Real intelligent my dear, I give you kudos, you want a cookie? Do you know why I told you not to reply? GO BACK AND RE-READ IT! I work for the State and my job is easy so at night I get bored. I have nothing to do after all my paper work is done and yesterday was a comp day for me. So I was here to earn over time. Let me tell you something funny, I just had one more laugh at you expense and so did everybody else in the room. Ha ha ha. When you decide to hit the reply button and put your fingers to the key board to reply just remember what ever it is that you are going to type out of anger will not hurt me but I am ever so happy to add more fuel to your fire.

  83. bouge says – reply to this


    I wish Perez would never mention these people again, and start doing interesting stories!