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Duchovny Enters Rehab…For SEX Addiction!

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Wow. Guess some dudes really are too horny!

David Duchovny has entered a facility to treat his sexual compulsion.

His wife of 10 years, actress Tea Leoni, is sticking with him, it seems like.

The actor released a statement saying, "I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family."

This one's tough to wrap our big fat head around.

What do U think about it????

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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232 comments to “Duchovny Enters Rehab…For SEX Addiction!”

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  1. 101

    No Surprise, He was sleeping with a friend of mine that was a extra on the X Files Movie in Vancouver…The Guys a Loser.

  2. 102

    I suspect that it was not him that issued the statement but Tea Leoni did it to tell the world that she suffered with his addiction. I don't think he had control over that. Maybe he caught STD or something like that. We want the DETAILS!!! Perez, please snoop them out.

    Why would he announce to the world that he had sex addiction and then say that his family and him needed privacy? Doesn't he know that this announcement would only fuel more gossip and curiosity???

  3. 103

    It seems to be all the rage!

  4. 104

    Don't you guys get it? Sex rehab is the perfect place to score horny chicks…

  5. 105

    isn't he in a show about having sex all the time?

  6. 106

    This is maybe the funniest thing I've read all day:-).

  7. 107

    He was banging Gillian Anderson all these years!? Haha, he's got no excuse for being in her trailer naked now. I'd bang her too.

  8. 108

    that's hot!

  9. 109

    I wouldnt mind if he used me for his addiction :)

  10. 110

    Shit, I know I'm the 47th-or-so person to say it, but… if he needs any help dealing with this horrible affliction, I'll gladly lend a hand.

  11. 111

    He's always been a big perv and a sex obsessive. He has even said on Howard Stern that he has a massive porn video and magazine collection and that he and Drew Carey are big fans of porn. Plus he was the narrator on Red Shoe Diaries.

    He's a sex fiend.

  12. 112

    So this explains all those tennis lessons as you reported some time ago! Always first with the news Perez!! :)

  13. 113

    Looking at him, I think it's gross. Sex rehab sounds like a way to pretend you're not a dirtbag.

  14. 114

    Sex addiction is definitely real. I'm amazed he's going public with it. I mean, what?

  15. 115

    He must have written Hanks character on Californication then! Damn. I cant understand this!

  16. 116

    yeah, this is a good way to ruin your life - telling everybody you're a sex addict (especially when you've got children).
    i remember that rob low has had the same "disease"(?), but somehow this all sounds weird.

  17. 117

    Amazing how Americans have a one-track mind when it comes to hating on each other. You really stank! as human beings.
    c( ^ )c
    pee eew

  18. lolli says – reply to this



  19. 119

    How ironic. It's just like the character he plays on his show Californication.

  20. USuck says – reply to this


    Are you sure it's not viral marketing for season 2 of Californication?

  21. 121

    You people are fucking stupid insensitive assholes. And to yadayada, you are a fucking RETARD!! Yes this is most definetely a real disorder. Someone very close to me is a sex addict, so I know 1st hand!! With the proper help David will be able to control it and live a pretty normal life. My heart goes out to his wife though. She is a beauty and he is damn fine too. I hope things work out for them. This is a VERY tough problem to get a hold of and control. Believe I know from PERSONAL experience!! You dumb fuckers!! People like you should be taken out back and fucking put out of society's misery.

  22. 122

    He did some softcore porn back in the day anyhoo…explains a few things. :P

  23. 123

    First of all, we've known about his addiction for years. He's the one who's been talking about it. Secondly, as "funny" as sex addiction sounds in the mind of a twenty-something it really is something that can ruin your life. Sex addiction comes often with self hatred and drug abuse. And those people end up hurting everyone since the only thing they value is sex with men, women, old, young, anyone.

  24. 124

    i used to date a sociopathic sex addict. he was the most pathetic excuse for a man i have ever met. also the best liar i've ever met. but he will die alone, and god willing soon from AIDS…………..what a dumbass tea leoni is for sticking with this loser. MOVE ON.

  25. BJT says – reply to this


    I dont think you can be cured can you? he doesnt look like he would be good in bed very boring looking and slow maybe he doesnt please his wife anymore and went searching to see if he still had it but no not right a midlife crisis always makes you act a fool i think he got caught by his wife and he said i have a problem so she want leave him. I hope he gets help is he in the bed next to billy idol in rehab for sex addiction

  26. 126

    i feel sorry for his kids, that must have been one awkward and uncomfortable conversation of why dad isn't coming home for awhile!

  27. 127

    So he is just like every other male on the planet. It's not a disease, it's called being a male.

  28. 128

    Duchovny has this problem for ages… I heard of this before, years ago! So sad, still having this problem after so many years. And poor Skully, hope she survived his sex addiction!

  29. 129

    I find this piece of news quite exciting, pity I wasn't one of those random strangers sex addicts find to satisfy their needs.

  30. 130

    Wow..never saw that coming. He is one of my favorite actors.I have always thought he was hot .I feel for his wife, my ex husband was a sex addict. It sucks!

  31. auds says – reply to this


    just glad he knows to get help.

  32. 132

    At least he is releasing a statement and manning up to his problem. Rather than carrying on with it he is seeking help so all the power to him. That takes courage and balls.

    I was a huge fan of the x-files and will always be a big fan of Duchovny (even though he dissed my city of Vancouver).

    I wish him and his family only the best.

  33. 133

    hmmm don't know?
    that's pretty brave of him to admit what he's going to rehab for….
    hey at least its NOT for drugs :)

  34. 134

    He MUST have cheated, if he's checking himself in.
    Euww… he's so haggard.

  35. 135


  36. 136

    Ever hear of salt peter????????????

  37. 137

    Marketing ploy…..

  38. 138

    Good thing dude is hot.

    I agree, it has to be a publicity stunt for Californication, which comes out in a month. Usually rehab stints last a month. Coincidence?

  39. 139

    WOW never saw that one coming.

  40. 140

    Tea could've prevented all of this by giving David daily blowjobs.

  41. 141

    I'm married to a horny old goat. Wish most of 'em would hang it up already:(

  42. 142

    Damn, Why couldn't I have crossed paths with the dirty whore before he went in? I've had a funny feeling in my ladyparts for him since the Red Shoe Diaries

  43. 143


  44. 144


  45. 145

    Christ…what a jackass.
    If he doesn't want Tea I'll take her! I'll introduce her to the wily world of lesbian love!
    What a dumb ass. He's not all that.

  46. 146

    He plays a sex addict on a new tv show. Is this life imitating art or a clever excuse when caught cheating? Maybe both.

  47. 147

    Somehow this just makes him ten times hotter. *joke

  48. 148

    He was weird on regis and kelly when he hosted it for the opening of the xfiles movie ….I just find he is one odd human being.
    Come to think of it i find a lot of stars are just plain weird no one I would even want to be associated with.

  49. 149

    Ddin't he play a sex addict in an old sex and the city episode???? …karma

  50. DaLa says – reply to this


    The guys stars in a show about a sex addict, Californication, then suddenly BECOMES a sex addict. Method acting gone awry?

  51. 151


  52. Lor says – reply to this


    I guess if she put up with his lying and cheating ass for 10 years, she will pathetically stick by him now. After all isn't that was narsissism is all about, its all about him, not about her, not their family. I went thru the same shit and i put up with it for 7 years and it left me in therapy for 5 years.

    He is not going to change cuz change doesn't come easy. She is not living for herself to accept this. She probably doesn't even have a sense of self anymore anyway.

  53. Sammy says – reply to this


    I always find that to be such a great excuse!!!

  54. 154

    He should call me if he wants to fall off the wagon.

  55. 155

    Horny, moral-less husband + gullible, disillusioned wife = "sex addiction"

    FAKE! Tea is a moron.

  56. 156

    Wow, sounds like an ad for Californication. No wonder he likes the role he is playing!

  57. 157

    Maybe he entered rehab for research into Hank Moody's psyche. Never know, actors do crazy things.

  58. 158

    this is a legitimate thing. and at least he's trying to get help.

  59. 159

    addicted to sex with his wife? or other woman?
    way to model yourself after your character on Cali-fornication…

  60. 160

    So… you issued a press release… that asks for “privacy.” Ratings down a little? That would be counter indicative if it wasn’t so pathetically transparent. We have a cure for your sex addiction Mulder – go f*ck yourself.
    DPDave com

  61. 161


  62. 162

    WOW!!! he can do me any time he wants //ne is soooooo hot

  63. 163

    If nothing else this is great character publicity for Californication……right?

  64. 164

    I'm not surprised at all. I remember hearing rumors YEARS ago that he had a sex addiction problem.

  65. 165


  66. 166

    He actually used to be in pornos. He's always had this addiction I guess.

  67. 167

    Remember when it was just that the guy was an immature scumbag who didn't have the decency to be faithful to his wife for the sake of his family? Now they're "addicts" who deserve sympathy and treatment. Dude, we all look at random people and think "hmmmm, nice" - you just don't act on it ’cause your family deserves better and it's in your long-term interests not to.

  68. 168

    I don't get it? whats the problem?

  69. 169

    shit….i'd hit it.

    i wonder if he was bothering her for sex all the time or just was fucking tons of bitches….hmmmmm

  70. 170

    ahhhhhhh why didnt i know this before rehab?????????

  71. 171

    I am just wondering if there's not a story waiting to break that will make it obvious why they are announcing this to the world. I really like him, and his wife, and I hope they can work this out. It's a tough one, for sure.

  72. 172

    He probably got caught cheating…..like the guy who is wearing an earring and his friend says "When did you start wearing earrings?" and the guy says "Since my wife found it in the glovebox of my truck."

  73. 173

    You blew it by not making the title "The XXX files"…Perez, come on!

  74. 174

    hot piece of ass

  75. 175

    Sex addiction? Oh, is that what we're now calling a lying, cheating, self-focus scumbag?

  76. 176


  77. 177

    Sounds like a publicity stunt to remind people of Californication.

  78. 178

    His character in Trust The Man was a sex addict as well. and the guy was into like, bestiality. I always thought that film with him and julianne moore hit seemed eerily real. they both seemed too much like their characters. and JM's husband wrote it…

    maybe Duchovny can go hang out with Russell Brand… who isn't as reformed a sex addict as you report Perez.

  79. 179

    I'm reminded of when Michael Douglas went to rehab for "Sex Addiction" in the 80s and then years later said it was really for alcohol addiction scoffing that there really isn't anything that is sex addiction.
    So, who knows.

  80. 180

    oh david duchovny. the truth is out there.

  81. 181

    Now I know why he took that role in Californication,but also didn't expect that one.I remember when Michael Douglas had the same problem after Basic Instinct and Disclosure.

  82. MsBre says – reply to this


    OMG… why wasn't I one that was around when he wasn't wanting help. I have wanted this guy for like 14 years!!!! So, freaking hot and love his new show, Californication. (perfect role for a sex addict) hope his role doesn't 'calm down' once he does. And in the show "Trust the Man' he went to a sex addicts meeting. Very interesting… does he request roles that portray him as a cheater.
    My heart does go out to Tea.. she seems like a kewl chic!!

  83. t-dak says – reply to this


    hahah STOPPP

  84. 184

    The Californication character was written and conceived with Duchovny in mind the same way Two and a Half Men alludes to Charlie Sheen's colorful past. David Duchovny has always joked about theese tabloid rumors when confronted, and the show was a big HAH HAH HAH about those reports which he always dismissed.

    If he was going outside the marriage with hot Tea there and a happy family, he is a dipshit. It's karma for Tea. She broke up the marriage of Chris Thompson, the screenwriter of the "Make-Tea-a-star-at-any-cost Vehicle - The Naked Truth". You NEVER know when you'll get yours, or how it will come to you.

  85. 185

    i can see him being a sex maniac– but good for him for owning up to it n getting help–

  86. 186

    Wow, I'm a big Californication fan, and I have to wonder how in the world Duchovny is going to continue to play Hank and remain in recovery at the same time. My gawd, the entire stories is saturated in sex. Of course, it's not healthy to swear off sex entirely - it's a very human need, like eating food, and there are plenty of food addicts around who manage to be . So there must be some way to manage it.

    Sex addiction really isn't a unique disorder. It's really a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder where the person happens to fixate on sex instead of hand washing or door lock checking or whatever. Certainly it can be more self-destructive in terms of damage to relationships, risk of STIs, and soforth.

    A love of sex, whether with one partner or more than one, isn't an addiction. Many people who enjoy porn and/or masturbation and/or swinging get accused of being sex addicts who aren't - that's just our repressed, sex-negative society's skewed, unhealthy view of matters sexual talking.

    A love of sex and things associated with it rises to the level of addiction only when it interferes with work, relationships, life, and when no matter how much sex the addict has, they're still unsatisfied and unhappy.

    Simply stated, if sex brings happiness and pleasure, it's not addiction. If it brings pain and chaos, it is.

  87. 187

    I saw him at the airport in Puerto Vallarta with his family!

    …Not that that matters, but anyway. Why did he say anything if he didn't want people prying? Geesh.

  88. 188

    Interesting to say the least. He used to be the host of the 'Red Shoe Diaries" which is an erotic/drama series distributed by the Playboy channel….perhaps he viewed a tad too much soft core porn in his days and well now he can't seem to keep his snake in his pants and wants to get his mo jo on where ever the can get it - best of luck to him - he's stills one sexy hot guy - hmm smokin!

  89. 189

    didn't he play a sex addict when he guest starred on sex and the city…or was it alcohol…no i think it was sex…ironic

  90. DMAN says – reply to this



  91. 191

    I am no longer confused in what the "X" stood for in "X-files." More like the Sex Files.
    I find him to be one of the most boring people on earth. He's a sex addict? Fucking hell. I guess you never know, what goes on behind closed doors. Or more so what won't be going on behind David Duchovny's doors anymore!

  92. 192

    What exactly does sex addiction mean! Isn;t every adult addicted to sex? I mean, unless you are forcing yourself on your partner or others; what's the problem?

  93. 193

    Does he want it more than his wife is willing to give out? I really like David D. I am sad if he cheated on his wife….. I wouldn't think he would be a cheater…..

  94. Scrib says – reply to this


    I always wanted to do him. Still do. : P

  95. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    I am big fan of his, and I think its kinda hot. lol

  96. 196

    This is not new news at all ~ David and Tea` have talked about the tons and tons of sex they have in many interviews. I've always thought it was kinda of funny that they're nymphos, neither seems the type.

    So he's getting help for his addiction, but what about her?! I guess she's just not as sex-crazed as he is… too fucking funny! LMAO

  97. 197

    The X in X-files came to be because it was going to be filed under U for unsolved but they were full.

    Anyways hopefully he and scully made sweet sweet love multiple times

  98. Gen says – reply to this


    I do believe he was a topic of one of Ted Casablanca's blind vice. Yes, he cheated on her all right.

  99. 199

    How do they treat you for this? Attach electrodes to your personal parts?

  100. 200

    Didn't he just play a sex addict in "Trust The Man"?

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