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Duchovny Enters Rehab…For SEX Addiction!

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Wow. Guess some dudes really are too horny!

David Duchovny has entered a facility to treat his sexual compulsion.

His wife of 10 years, actress Tea Leoni, is sticking with him, it seems like.

The actor released a statement saying, "I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family."

This one's tough to wrap our big fat head around.

What do U think about it????

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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232 comments to “Duchovny Enters Rehab…For SEX Addiction!”

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  1. 201

    you know this is the 2nd time he has been in rehab for sex addiction

  2. evey says – reply to this


    I guess he always did strike me as a sleazy perv…

  3. 203

    What do I think? I think he was finally caught boffing his tennis partner. That's what I think. Tea hates his ass; she just doesn't want a divorce, because her career has been in the crapper for too long, and she doesn't think it is resurrectable. Idiot. A divorce would do her almost as good as it would RoboKate.

  4. 204

    I think i would enter to.
    I kinda have an issue to.
    But i dont see it as something bad….

    It kinda…

    SEXYY!!!! ;)

  5. 205

    He was Red Shoe Diaries, it all makes sense now

  6. 206

    Just another guy who can't keep it in his pants. She must really love him to believe that BS.

  7. 207

    holy shit! no wonder he plays hank moody so well… its not that much of a stretch for him!
    control your weiner duchovny!
    youre lucky tea leoni is sticking with you!

    l i c k m y c a r d s . c o m

  8. 208

    i think it just retardedly funny
    that mr exfiles has a sex addiction.
    im never gonna see him the same.

  9. 209

    BULLSH!T!!!! What a load.

  10. 210

    I guess you have to get publicicty and way you can.
    Even if it is lame.

  11. 211

    Totally not suprised, anyone seen Trust the Man or Californication? Maybe his rolls were hitting a little closer to home than we'd expect?

  12. 212

    fucking advertising for californication season 2 !!!! are there real boundaries sometimes between reality and fiction ? too good of an actor, I must admist that he was really good in this role, he documented himself too much I guess!

  13. 213


  14. 214

    It hurts my heart to see all the misinformed comments. Sex addiction is very real and it hurts the families involved deeply. If you want some real information check out Dr. Patrick Carnes, a pioneer in helping individuals and families with this devastating disease. I wish David and his family love and prayers to make it through this very difficult time.

  15. 215

    i don't care!!!!!! david duchovny! call me!!!! lol

  16. 216

    Ted Casablanca has done TONS of blind vices on David D about him banging everything in sight. Ted did one about David D banging the local Starbucks girl in LA. Funny, how they have moved to NYC. No more women for David D to bang? This "addiction" has been rumored about for years. Gillian Anderson (Scully) made some interesting comments about David D not being able to keep it zipped and Tea still hates her guts. Gillian is pretty slimy too! I still love the "X-Files" and its funny that Mulder had a porn addiction!

  17. 217

    I personally think he's doing research for his show, as his character in CaliFORNICATION! is a sex-aholic. The last time I checked you couldn't just walk into a rehab and say Hi! I'm not and Addict, but I would really like to observe you all for a role I play on my show. It's that whole right to privacy thing, however since he is a Celebrity, according to the Paps, Hollywood, and most people, he no longer has a right to his own privacy. Further to stay true to the Perez site, I aspire to be his character and I would love the opportunity for him teach me EVERYTHING he knows……OOOOOOHHHH!

  18. 218

    Yes, Sex Addiction is a real thing. Use your brains people; you are on the internet, research it.

    Sex Addiction as many forms, but it can be a compulsive drive to have sex, but one so that if it is fulfilled (and in this case, allegedly cheating on his wife) then he will feel guilty about it afterwards.

    If one has a lot of sex partners or lots of sex that can just mean one is a slut, lol, but if it starts affecting one's life in negative ways, and the individual is suffering as a result, it can be a sign of addiction.

    One may say it was just for publicity that he described his addiction, but most likely he realized that the way the paps are, one would find out and put it as an exclusive to whatver rag bought the story, so he decided to be upfront instead.

  19. 219

    Re: sillytart – you do realize he has a show where all he does is have sex?

  20. 220

    I guess some actors play characters that are like themselves, The red Shoe Diaries and his new show he's on where he plays a ….Sex addict. I feel so bad for Tea and their children. How Embarrassing for her that she is an amazingly beautiful woman and she isn't enough for him and I think his kids might be old enough to understand what daddy's done. And for it to have to be announced in the public, Honestly that should stay private until the family has had time to come to terms and deal with their feelings, but In this day and age you have to break stories early, Poor Tea.

  21. 221

    i saw this on tv last night. how is it possible to have TOO much sex with david duchovny?!?!!? my gosh!! if iwas his wife i would just stay in bed 24hrs a day waiting for him….or maybe on the kitchen table…hell, does it matter where? its DAVID DUCHOVNY!

  22. 222

    This means that he spent hours and hours watching porn and then performing lewd acts on hookers. He must have been looking for action in mall food courts.

  23. 223

    That's sorta been hinted at for years. Jeez, I feel so bad for his wife.

  24. 224

    I am sorry for his wife and kids because that has to be incredibly embarrassing for them. I hope they get through this as unscathed as possible.

  25. 225

    Who the fuck would have sex with him unless you were getting paid a ton of money!! How come sex addicts always like to imply that they are steaming hot and fighting off the action? Maybe he does it for a £10 bag???

  26. 226

    This does not mean he is a bad person…At least he's not a hypocrite like most people.


    Slater Granite

  27. 227

    I'm sure this is a very difficult time for David while he deals with this serious and controlling addiction. All the love and support in the world to him and his family.

  28. 228

    Haha, what a tool. David DuCOCKny strikes again! I can't wait to use this in a reference while out and about…"Your one dirty hooker away from being David Duchovny." I can see the spawn of insults to follow. What a coincidence, I used to call him David Du-Cock-Meat in High School during my X-files freak years and look…all this time I had a REAL chance to bang him. Darn

  29. 229

    wow, thats an awkward subject to bring up with the kids..

  30. 230


  31. 231

    art imitates life, life imitates tv?

  32. 232

    Sorry, I don't feel bad for Tea at all. Not only did she break up Chris Thompson's marriage, she dumped him when he was fired after Naked Truth moved over to NBC.

    That's when she set her sights on Duchovny and she couldn't wait to tell the press all about it. She acted like a teenager who wanted to make sure everyone at school knew she was dating the most popular boy in class. She used him at every opportunity to promote herself and her show.

    She had no problem taking about their sex life when it got her press. Now she can't do press for that stupid movie because she doesn't want to talk about her sex life. Payback's a bitch.

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