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Sexiest Latinos Revealed

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Dios mio! Too much hotness!

People en Espanol just revealed their list of sexiest Latinos.

Mexican actor Eduardo Yañez nabbed the #1 spot.

Who else made the list????

Here are the rest of guys at the top of the list!

Eduardo Noriega - Actor
Antonio Banderas - Actor
Alex Gonzalez - Drummer for the band Maná
Chayanne - Singer/Actor
Christian Meier - Actor
David Bisbal - Singer
Ricky Martin - Singer
Mario Lopez - Actor
Luis Fonsi - Singer
Pee Wee - Singer
Robi Draco Rosa - Singer/Composer
Julian Gil - Actor
German Montero - Singer
Anthony ‘Romeo’ Santos - Singer

What do U think of the list?

Any faves????

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192 comments to “Sexiest Latinos Revealed”

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  1. 1

    Mario Lopez all the way. Muy sexy!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    where kelly rippa's husband?
    mark consulos (idk if i spelled that rite lol)
    hes a cutie

  4. 4

    who are these people?

  5. 5

    They put Ricky Martin but not Enrique Iglesias? WTF

  6. 6

    I love a big burrito.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I think I'm First!!
    Anywho I like Eduardo Yanez he is yummy for his age!!
    Love him on that Novela

  9. 9

    Eduardo Yanez is not cute!

  10. 10

    the cover boy is YUMMY!!!

  11. 11

    dere yummy
    especially mario lopezz

  12. JET says – reply to this


    PEE WEE HERMAN made their list of sexiest Latinos?

  13. 13

    Muchos gracias, Perez-ito!!!

  14. 14

    Have no interest in your GAY LATINO AGENDA
    Very few do

  15. 15

    Pee Wee is hot but what happened to Alfonso Herrera?

  16. 16

    Enrique needs to be on the top of that list. What about Antonio Sabato? (the guy who won that reality circus show????

  17. 17

    I think this is bullshit! Why does it have to be a list of sexy latino's?I mean do we ever see a list of sexy American's?

  18. 18

    Yeah really, where the hell is Enrique Iglesias?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? He's the hottest guy ever!! Mole or no mole, it doesn't matter!!!

  19. 19

    where is Valentino Lanus??? I think he's so damn HOT and SEXY and HANDSOME!!!!

    I remember Eduardo from Guadalupe! oh those days!

  20. 20

    ewwww mario lopez

  21. 21

    Where's Javier Bardem?? And why is Ricky Martin on the list? Where's Perez lol??

  22. 22

    Where is GAEL GARCIA BERNAL??!?!?
    Come on, he is the SEXIEST latino of ALL TIME

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Eduardo Verástegui Eduardo Verástegui Eduardo Verástegui Eduardo Verástegui Eduardo Verástegui Eduardo Verástegui Eduardo Verástegui !!!

  25. 25

    Re: nONcYboY

    Dont we all :)

  26. 26

    And yes, what about Gael Garcia Bernal and Javier Bardem?!

  27. 27

    Re: Dana1963

    They make "sexy" lists for you Anglos all the time, dumbass

  28. 28

    my fav. robi draco rosa YUMM YUMM….. he is like the latin johnny depp.

  29. 29

    What about Juanes? He's so hot and he's such a great guy!

  30. 30

    Re: Novel1 – no one is intrested in you

  31. 31

    OMG Pee Wee is sooo fine. And Mario Lopez. And I lovvve Julian Gil. But Cristina is def the hottest on that cover.

  32. 32

    Ya esta loca por chayanne!!!! Desde 10 años!

  33. Jssln says – reply to this


    Christian Meier… YUMMY!

  34. 34

    To my knowledge their are also hispanics of African descent. Are none of them sexy?

  35. 35

    Robi Draco Rosa!! Talented and sexy!! (I like tattoos on a man, so sue me :P )

  36. 36

    anothony santos yumm!!!

  37. 37

    I'm guessing Enrique is not latino since he is from Spain people !! lol
    FAVE! Pee Wee he is a really sweet boy (:
    And what happend to Eugenio Siller or Sebastian Rully I don't know if you have heard of them (:
    How about Juan Soler he is a very sexxy man ! xD
    Anyways, thanks for the latino GOSSIP !!
    You ROCK !!

  38. 38

    I forgot to mention Valentino Lanus and Gael Garcia !!

  39. 39

    Re: Dana1963 – Duh People Magazine is the one for "Americans" what a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    what.the.heck?… wheres JUANES??.. the only 2 that are worthy of being on that list are luis fonsi and david bisbal.. the rest are ugly

  41. 41

    No way!!! I´m a latin girl, spanish, and that can´t be an objective list, no way, no how. There are so many other famous guys that should at least be on the place of half that top

  42. 42

    I agree! Eduardo Yanez is super yummy! He's sooo HOT!

  43. Rofl says – reply to this


    my mom loves this guy lol

  44. 44

    o0o0o && eduardo verestegui, and michel brown shud be on there there freakin sexy!

  45. 45

    Oh, zitaa 8D Antonio Banderas, Eduardo Noriega and David Bisbal are also spanish. That doesn´t mean that I think Enrique should be on the list, and neither David (the other ones… well, I can at least accept it)

  46. 46

    Romeo could def. catch it

  47. 47

    2 former Menudos on the list? Where's Charlie Rivera (Masso)?!?

  48. 48

    Eduardo Yanez? pero si ese cabron esta re feo! mas de la mitad de la lista no sirve, yo quiero saber quien esta escogiendo los nombres de esta lista, porque deve de estar cieg@! ASCO.

  49. 49

    I love that Luis Fonsi is on it…and Robi Draco Rosa…hes great. Ya~es wow…love him…hes such a good looking actor…really al latinos on that list are hot.

  50. 50

    I totally agree! Eduardo Yanez is super hot! He's yummy!

  51. 51


  52. 52

    NO WAY! I disagree, GAEL GARCIA BERNAL!!!!!!! all the way!!!

  53. 53

    Es verdad michel brown…deberia estar en la lista…el este requete bello…unos ojos…bellos.

  54. 54

    umm. that's a terrible list. where's gael garcia bernal, diego luna, and javier bardem? wtf? get some pride, people en espanol!

  55. 55

    Well of course numero uno tiene que ser Mario Lopez y pues la segunda German Montero…
    Pero Alfonso Yanez nomas se cree muy muy…

  56. 56

    They forgot Alejandro Sanz!!

  57. 57

    Re: lolita29 – jajajaja never thought of that its true.

  58. 58

    Oh, god what a list! Love it!

  59. 59

    why aren't Gael Garcia Beral and Enrique Iglesias on this list? They're way sexier than Mario Lopez!

  60. 60

    Yo quiro taco boys!

  61. 61

    Now that is what I call a man!

  62. 62

    Hay Dios! He is sexy but I don't think he's #1… And yes, where's Rippa's man, he hot!

  63. 63

    Ok, I'm not Latino/Hispanic/Spanish/Cuban/Mexican, etc. I'm just your average white dude. Am I supposed to know who this is?

    I assume only that crowd is aware of him. Never seen him, never heard the name. He's probably only in Spanish-speaking stuff, right?

    Kudos to him for being able to land at the top of the list at age 48!!! Damn!

  64. 64

    WTF?!?!?!?! Gael Garcia Bernal isnt on the list??? This is bullshit!

  65. 65

    donde esta alfonso herrera…el es bello…de verdad faltan un monton…y se que es viejo pero es super guapote…Cesar Evora.

  66. 66


  67. 67

    I am sick of the fact that South Americans don't appear on this type of crap.
    With all the hot Italian/Spanish descendants in Argentina for example… where are those???
    It's all about the guys in Mexican novelas, they are hot, don't get me wrong, but please let's open our minds. There is more to Latin America than Mexico and the Caribbean.

  68. 68

    Re: zitaa 8D – Please what does Latino mean? It could mean Italian, it could mean Portuguese. Latin American is another story.

  69. 69

    Re: JasonDavis.com – Jason, I am Latina and I don't even know who this idiot is. jajaja! Don't feel bad.

  70. 70

    Where's Gael?!?!? And Eduardo Verastegui (sp?)?!?!?! Kuno Becker?!?! They missed all the hotties!

  71. 71

    Re: TreehuggingHippie – I agree. Big BS!!!

  72. 72

    i def . agree with some people here , where is mark consuelos and they def. should've put enrique iglesias instead of ricky martin

  73. GIGIO says – reply to this



  74. 74

    What the hell what about Juanes, he's way better looking than Ricky Martin

  75. 75

    Where's Amaury Nolasco, Mmmmm! And the Gorgeous Mark Consuelos, how about him. I barely recognize a few of them. Mario is def a hottie, and I used to think Ricky was hott but he's lost it.

    Alot of the others are on Novelas or only sing in Spanish I'm guessing because I just don't recognize them.

    But I'm gonna find out soon, I love me some Latin Eye Candy! YUM

  76. 76

    Uh…hello???? EDGAR RAMIREZ!!!! Smokin!

  77. 77

    Re: JET
    Oh no that's not the one you are thinking he is a singer he is just called Pee Wee

  78. 78

    Re: Widadita – I agree where is Valentino . Yummo!!

  79. 79

    gee - no fat fake gay Perez? I'm shocked! Actually you're probably faking being Latino just like you fake being gay. The only thing you can't fake is fat!

  80. 80

    Re: ItalaMarUy

    "I am sick of the fact that South Americans don't appear on this type of crap"

    The sizzling Christian Meier is actually from Lima so dont fret too much.
    Although Leonardo Sbaraglia from Argentina is criminally excluded.
    Fuck your right to be indignent though, the South Americans (esp Brazil/Argentina) are UNBELIEVABLE looking.
    I say that as a Gay/Bi Guy.

  81. 81

    Romeo is number one on my list!!! sO hot or should I say…. So nasty!! lol

  82. 82

    mmm…Mario Lopez is a given.

    BUT where are GAEL GARCIA BERNAL and JUANES???

    Those are some HOT Latinos!!

  83. 83

    Jerry Rivera!!! That man is beautiful!!

  84. 84

    Eduardo Yanez is the hottest in the world. I can't believe he is still looking so goood when the man has to be nearing fifty!

  85. 85

    Fernando Colunga–why isn't he on here?? He is so hot

  86. 86

    Hmmm. Let me see…
    1. who?
    2. too old
    3. who?
    4. who?
    5. who?
    6. who?
    7. gay and not worth lusting over.
    8. a big douche and a cheater
    9. who?
    10. who?
    11. who?
    12. who?
    13. who?
    14. who?
    There you have it!

  87. 87

    WHO CARES!!!!!

  88. 88

    Chayanne all the way baby!!!

  89. 89

    peewee?? u have to be kidding me…
    love yanez, thoughh…

  90. 90

    WHERE THE FUCK ARE DIEGO LUNA AND GAEL GARCIA?!?!?!?!?! This list is bullshit.

  91. 91

    antonio sexy
    chay sexy
    ricky eh
    mario eh
    luis and david drop dead bangable :)

  92. 92

    YES, I Agree But,
    Where's A. Martinez???
    Lorenzo Lamas???
    Mark Consuelos???

  93. 93

    Eduardo Noriega, bueno, pero dónde está Hugo Silva!? Es la única razón de ver "Los Hombres de Paco", y bueno, a Dani Martín también….. y Enrique y Juanes y Diego Luna, etc etc etc hasta Guillermo Toledo! jeje
    Los latinos (y latinas!) son toda la gente de los paises que provienen del mundo Latín, todos los hispañohablantes, españoles, portugueses, brasileños, griegos, italianos, etc. etc. etc. Un besote a todos!

  94. 94

    Gael Garcia Bernal!

  95. 95

    Where is Carlos Ponce? He is my favorite!!!

  96. 96

    pee wee??? i mean really, pee wee??? is that even considered a man????
    i totally agree with luis fonsi!!! but why is yanez #1??? whats wrong with people these days i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that eye is needs a cornea transplant! they are blind!

  97. 97

    Re: Novel1 – leave him alone

  98. 98

    Re: Novel1 – and btw speak for yourself

  99. 99

    Re: Jane Doe – one thing i agree with you on is your 3rd person

  100. 100

    Re: Molly Wobbles – Yes, He's a Hunk!!

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