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Is He Finally Coming Out????

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Homolicious actor Kevin Spacey has been having a gay ol' time on holiday in Croatia recently.

A very GAY ol' time!

Click here to view some NOT SAFE FOR WORK pics of Kevin and a male "friend."

How many straight dudes totally play with their bud's bare asses????

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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97 comments to “Is He Finally Coming Out????”

  1. 1

    his hand was in his pants. :O

  2. 2

    It's not working :(

  3. 3

    Awww, dude!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    ummmm, GAY! bitches

    images wont load though :/

  6. 6

    My life is over…

  7. 7


    he should just come out…spare him the embarrassment he already has aquired with those photos.

  8. Dayna says – reply to this



  9. 9

    It's a very nice butt, but why is it red????? :) LOL


    Slater Granite

  10. 10

    ha nice.

  11. Aimee says – reply to this


    Re: Nathaniel – What pictures are YOU looking at? In every photo i see one hand on his butt and one on his lower back.

  12. 12

    I love him.

    Kevin is a homo, YAY!!!

  13. 13

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    So, just a word of warning. I wouldn't shop there if I were you, they are horrible!!

  14. Reg says – reply to this


    Don't care what his sexual preference is - he's a legend.

    Gay or straight - I still fancy the pants off him.

    Couldn't see the pics by the way.

  15. 15

    id let him finger my ass like that. hes hawt

  16. 16

    I would be SO gay for this bro!

  17. 17

    The pictures wont load, but I did see some pix on another site. They were taken the same day but different than the ones described here. It showed him spanking some guys bare ass.

  18. 18

    who cares, he's an awesome actor and a private guy. i love him

  19. 19

    You know who else is in the closet? Condi Rice!

    She doesn’t want to run for any electable office because of scrutiny of personal affairs. Unmarried and living with another woman (filmmaker Randy Bean) and having a line of credit together? There is more to Condi than the neo-cons let on.

  20. 20

    Gayer than a handbag full of Rainbows! SUPER!

  21. 21

    Who cares? Are you jealous Perez?

  22. 22

    does anyone else think he could be Mike Huckabee's twin brother!! Everytime I see Huckabee on tv I think its kevin spacey!! LMAO!

  23. 23

    your such an asshole perez. its not your business whose gay and whose not. this is the most fucked up shit you do.

  24. 24

    What are you talking about? I know a lot of straight dudes totally play with their bud's bare asses… THOSE ARE THE GAY ONES OF COURSE. I would love to see this guy comming out, and Kate Moennig too ;)

  25. 25

    OMG!!!!! And in the next picture his butt is red and Kevin looks like he wants him.

  26. 26

    I can assure you he doesn't need to come out. I personally know, two people,both young male actors. one a family member that he came on to. They were both in their 20's. Strange as it seems they both grew up, nursery school years and country club in same Ct. town. Yet it happened to one then and now living in LA, the other then and now in NYC. He befriends them for months, often with his then female assistant and then makes a move after relaxing with a joint..One was just hugged from behind and that ended it. The other he cornered in the home he was then living in in LA. Was his hotel in NY. He knew they both had girlfriends and had in fact spent Christmas eve with said young man and his girlfriend reading poetry in said young mans apt. I can't say more as neither young man ever reported him though they could have. He did stop when told to but couldn't remain as just a friend even though both thought of him as a mentor in acting and would not judge him or talk about it but would be a friend,just not that kind.. He rejected both and even hid when seeing on at The Mercer in N.Y. whenever he'd return to stay there. After the fact was when he was making "Payback" with Helen Hunt… TRUE STORY and I've said more than I should………….m.ct.

  27. 27

    everyone at that party seems to be checking out the entry rash…up close

  28. 28

    Stop saying "on holiday". If you want to be British so bad just fucking move there.

  29. 29

    He's just one of those people who everybody knows is gay. It wil just be anti-climactic (hah!) when he finally does decide to come out.

  30. 30

    Re: reacharound
    the pics will load, they just take forever.

  31. 31

    I figured out what the "red" is…It's probably from Kevin's 5:00 shadow…Kind of like razor burn from a guys stubbly facial hair… :)

  32. 32

    Re: Cayman Gal – Some people make up things, but I totally believe you. Sooner or later someones going to out him. It's ok if he's gay but the next young hottie will be glad to blab to everyone. He's lucky those guys respect him enough to let it go.

  33. 33

    Why would you of all people care if someone was gay? I don't care.

  34. 34

    Wow! He's an ASS-A-HOLIC, too!!!

  35. 35

    You suck one cock and they call you a cocksucker. Pook Kevin

  36. 36

    Kevin is a great actor. Come on out hon. We still love you!

  37. 37

    homolocious indeed, he's nice

  38. 38

    It has been obvious to me for years that he is gay, but who the hell cares? He is a brilliant actor. Haven't been able to see the pic. though.

  39. 39

    "How many straight dudes totally play with their bud's bare asses????"

    Obviously no one has ever seen the Jackass guys at play…

  40. 40

    Just saw the pic. EEEWWWWW!!

  41. 41

    So the guys on Jackass are straight? I always thought they were bi-sexual… hmmmmmm


    Slater Granite

  42. 42

    That doesn't even look like Kevin Spacey.

  43. 43

    It doesn't matter. Gay or straight he's one of the finest actors of recent times and totally hot. Leave him alone, Perez.

  44. Jessa says – reply to this


    That's not a man's bum. Those are the knees of a woman. You can see where she crossed her legs (red). If you look at the other photos (especially photo #5) and look above the "bum", it's obvious that's not a man's back.

  45. 45

    Perez, where's the story about Sarah Palin LYING about being the mother of the down's syndrome baby when she's really the GRANDMOTHER, because the "devout" pro-life Christian's 16-yr-old daughter is the REAL BIRTH mother? Palin tried to COVER up her daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock.

  46. 46

    I knew it!!!!!! I have NEVER seen him with a woman in paparazzi pictures or at awards, etc. It was just a matter of time before the truth came out….of the closet!

  47. 47

    How ironic does this make American Beauty seem?

  48. 48

    Re: beautiful stranger thanks and i can assure you that it's not made up… one is a member of my immediate family and he could have made a fortune but kept his mouth shut as it wasn't his place to out him. never would've shared except I know he and am sure his buddy from age 3&4 would not be in this site. I think everyone knows as it is but i was stating actual facts. It was a few years ago now… have a nice holiday.. m.ct.

  49. 49

    Re: AnnD27 in Twenty Years Andy, this you? if so please put your real face back.. The site needs the eye candy or at least I do…m.ct.

  50. 50

    He's bi and yes, it was a doobie he was smoking. I'd know that expression anywhere, after being married to a loady for 12 years.

  51. 51

    Worst lovers! They pass out before anything good happens…

  52. 52

    It wouldn't hurt his career if he came out. He's old.

  53. 53

    My friends and I fondle each other's bare asses all the time and we're NOT gay. Really, we're NOT gay. Sure, when we get drunk, we make out and give each other blowjobs, but like I said before, we are not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  54. 54

    The night he won the best actor oscar in 1999, he hooked up with someone I know (male). I understand they had a grand ol' time using the oscar statue as an anal probe. I hope he does come out. Everyone in HWood knows he's gay but he personally has some fearful issues with his sexuality.

  55. 55

    His friends ass lips need chapstick there red……

  56. 56

    can someone tell us why his butthole area is so red??? ummmm… nevermind. we forgot that's how they get 'er done!…

  57. 57

    C'mon, Kevin, it's not like we don't already know. And we love you !!

  58. 58

    I knew this first hand for like 8 years. A friend of mine got a lucky upgrade to first class and sat right next to Spacey. Of course he was star struck and they had a great conversation. My friend is a very good looking (straight) guy but Spacey didn't really think so as he ask him to "hang out" with him at his hotel room. . .of course my friend was flattered and didn't think anything of it until Spacey was getting a little too close vibes. It made my friend a litle uncomfortable and although he was star struck he's not at all a star fucker. . when they landed he made up some excuse as to why he couldn't hang out. shook hands and went their separate ways.. . So this is really no new news. . .

  59. 59

    He's so gay. I saw him once at GQ Men of the Year awards in NYC. His 'date' was some model but you could tell they didn't even know each other. The entire night he was hitting on some guy in his 20s. I even saw him arguing with a doorman at the after-party trying to get the kid in. Oh, and he was getting high in the corner too. But, that's OK.

  60. 60

    those pictures are lookin a little suspect.. i mean i don't have to many straight friends that try and pull each others pants down and his hand was pretty close to the poop hole

  61. 61

    OK, so you're out Perez, and it's working for you. Great.

    Would you STOP trying to out everyone else? Sure, a lot of his fans believe he's gay. He'll come out when he's ready.


  62. 62

    all I can say is… that's a very weird-looking ass…..

  63. 63

    Wow, back to this one again…. People don't come out because they know the majority of people are extremely judgemental… It's sooo weird.. I don't think people are in the closet for their own happiness… They are in the closet because the majority of people in their lives (that say they love them) will turn of the "love" switch if they find out…..

    Or say it's cool if he's gay, I don't care (inside voice- I just won't cast him anymore)… What? I have a friend that's gay… :)

  64. 64

    I have a friend who said he was doing some kind of private class with Kevin Spacey at a school and the dude was invited back to his apartment. I thought it was just my friend trying to show off her connections but damn.

  65. 65

    Re: Cayman Gal
    I can't say more as neither young man ever reported him though they could have. ??!
    Cayman Gal both guys were in their 20s and he made a pass which was rejected–they could have reported him for what?? Last time I checked being hugged from behind–while somewhat creepy–is not illegal.

  66. 66

    I bet lots of straight men go walking in the park at four in the morning - with their dog (natch)! Did your mobile phone fall out of your trousers when they were around your ankles? Come on out of the closet Kevin, it's not as if the door isn't WIDE OPEN! You're so far back, you're in Narnia.

  67. 67

    lol. that naughty naughty boy!

  68. 68

    I'm not saying he isn't gay, but doesn't it seem to anyone else that he's trying to stop his drunken 'friend' from getting into a fight? There are other people with their hands on the guy too and Kevin's face doesn't exactly match 'fun times I had while groping ass.'

  69. 69

    Re: Hawkeye – ok, if you're messing around with you guy friends AT ALL, your not gay, your right, you're Bi mmkay? straight dudes wouldn't let another guy suck their dick no matter how horney they got.

    Now for Kevin Spacey, anyone saying that don't look like him is blind. To be real honest, who cares? He looks happy, he's not hitting on little kids.
    The guy is a damn legend, if he wants his private life kept private so be it. He's not the only gay/lesbian in hollyweird, But it would be nice if some of these stars started coming out and maybe….just maybe we would stop all the hatered towards people just because they're gay. This is coming from a woman who had a brother beat up many many times just for walking down the street. 3-6 or more on ONE PERSON,and its still happening, not to my brother, he passed away but to others all over the USA

    So perez you always find charitys to put on here, why not find one that helps that?

  70. 70

    Whoa! He busted out of the closet singing a show tune!!

  71. 71

    Oh my. Hope he's not gay, I love that man, he can't be gay, why are all the sexiest men on Earth gay?? It's so sad!

  72. 72

    Re: koffee514

    ohhhh right………………………………………….

  73. 73

    Once again, you feel it is your business to out people that don't want to be outed. You should be ashamed of yourself. As a gay man, have some decency and respect.

    Kevin Spacey is first and foremost an excellent actor. Who gives a rat's ass what team he plays for?

    Perez, you are truly a gutter snake. I hope your "fame" wears out really qucik and you're left an alone and bitter man.

  74. 74

    kevin spacey is an awesome actor. who gives a shit if he's gay?

  75. 75

    I know for a fact he's gay as well… 100%. Oh well, live and let live.

  76. 76

    Of courzr hez gay…
    what do u think all of thoze tripz to C
    waz all about…/???????????????????????

  77. 77


  78. 78

    maybe this is a movie he is doing? (these 'tabloids' have taught us to reserve judgement on these things)

  79. 79

    OMG… haha … I had neighbors who I believed to be 2 straight men do te same thing … to my "surprise" … GAY!… haha

  80. 80

    so what.

  81. 81

    He is a total control freak and very unpleasant to work with. He has such an inflated opinion of himself, he thinks he is feakin' Laurence Olivier. He dies his hair, wears lots of makeup and spends more time looking in the mirror than his co-stars. Everybody knows he's totally gay and some day he will be caught sucking dick. He will then say he was "research" for a role.

  82. 82

    LMAO That must've been a fun night.

  83. 83

    Re: jst771 Excuse me but u don't know my immediate family member, and it started with a hug and the hands than roamed and young man stopped him as nicely as possible. It could have been given to a tabloid but we're not like that. It was right after his oscar win, the night it happened, next day he was on Today Show. They were friends for a yr. There are many more facts which I don't need to share with you. He's not bi, he likes young men. That's his thing. He drops you though if u don't do as he does..from films etc. Doesn't make him bad as he's a great actor. Don't dare presume to know my life. I know alot more but it is none of your business. Unless ur in my family don't tell me what else happened or was attempted. thanks you. m.ct.

  84. 84

    …who cares. Sexual orientation is so 70's. If I want to be "Close To You" I'll do it, male or female…

  85. 85

    Re: SlickWilley – lol…

  86. 86

    I'd throw my legs in the air for him any time

  87. 87

    He looks pretty gay to me!

  88. 88

    He was caught "walking his dog" at 2am out in a park in London which is notorious for gays "secret meetings" and the rumours have been around for years. Kevin's definitely a butt boy, but because everyone knows, nobody really gives a shit anymore.

  89. 89

    sometimes you feel on a butt, sometimes ya dont… k-space is a brillant actor, dont really care if he's gay or straight and yes he is hot! but perez if you EVER find or print some naughty homo-erotic pics of RDJ… i will find you and nipple twist you until you bleed ;)

  90. 90

    you know..I always figured he was gay.

  91. 91

    Re: Cayman Gal
    Who is presuming to know your life? I can only comment on the things YOU wrote. If you left out details for some reason that isn't my fault for "not knowing all the facts", that's your fault for not telling the full story. What I can presume to know is that your close family member isn't that bright. If he's gotten to his 20s and he thinks that Academy Award winning actors are interested in him as just a friend and/or mentor and expect nothing in return–then he is not very bright. This is how show business works. He should consider this incident to be a valuable learning experience.

  92. 92

    His friend with benefits got his ass waxed that is why it's red - ouch!!!

  93. 93

    Is he in anyway?

  94. 94

    wait wait wait I have spanked girls and I'm not gay. Though maybe to some people that was a gay thing to do but it's not like I was aroused or had sex with the girl. I like inflicting pain I don't care what victim comes along haha. But looking at these pics he's got the hungry look in his eyes so he probably is but man what a sexy gay guy. He was pretty dam hot in that movie Swimming with Sharks and he gets all tied up. That was hoooooooooooooooooooot! Woulda really went to town if the dude threw his tongue down his throat. ~sizzle~

  95. 95

    SPANK THAT ASS!!!!!!!

  96. 96

    But this man is sick, hes a pedophile!
    He was caught few years back in Thailand screwing small boys.
    Its been kept silent, but many knows. May the rotten scumbag know that WE all know.
    Pls Perez, research yourself then attack… People like him should not be forgiven

  97. 97

    Re: Master B
    What else the hell is this now? Kevin Spacey is not and has never been a pedophile! And he's never been to Thailand! All those people here claiming they personally know something about that man's life are very sick mythomaniacs. Any shrink in the room?