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Boycotting Katie

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Poor Katie Holmes.

We can only imagine what she has to deal with being married to Tom Cruise. And now her career is in the shitter too!

Holmes' Broadway show, All My Sons, is expected to open October 16th. Though people are already expecting it to suck.

But, aside from all that, the show will at least get some extra publicity on opening day.

It's going to be boycotted and protested against!


An anti-Scientology group, Anonymous, will be on-site opening day.

The group has confirmed they will be present and causing a peaceful shitstorm on opening night.

A "spokesperson" for the Scientology haters says, “We aren’t looking to shut it down, we don’t have the power to do that, we just want to prove a point."

According to the rep, their main intention is to "save Katie."

They claim, “We want to draw attention to Scientology, and hopefully get Katie out of it before its too late.”

It's a little too late for that we think.

They should have probably protested at her wedding.

As for the group, they usually launch web-based protests, but at times they make public appearances sporting some interesting masks.

Recently they picketed at a New York Scientology Center.

What do U think of their attempts to save Katie?

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123 comments to “Boycotting Katie”

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  1. 101

    waste of time, the woman is way too brainwashed now by that bloody idiot to be saved

  2. 102

    For the LULS

  3. 103

    Anonymous makes 'alientologists' shit their pants…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

  4. 104

    Too late for Katie, but a great idea to pickett the opening of the play and draw attention to the CULT. Scientology is a farce, religion my A$$!

  5. 105

    I'm not a huge Anonymous fan, but I find this boycott to be absolutely hilarious. I'm clapping for them the whole way.

  6. 106

    Are those Salvadore Dali masks??? How cool! Where can I get one?

  7. 107

    Perez is a newfag

  8. 108

    Saying that protesting the Church of Scientology infringes on someone elses freedom of religion is like saying that warning someone not to get sunburned violates their freedom to get skin cancer.

    Was everyone who protested the Catholic Churches cover up of child abuse a religious bigot? Then why are people who protest the Church of Scientologies child abuse called bigots?

    Some catholics argued that a few thousand sexually abused kids should be ignored compared to genocide in Africa….but not many.

  9. 109

    It's too late. She should do the remake of Rosemary's baby and that would create a stir.

  10. 110

    OMG as I read through I see the scientologists jumped out of the closet or coffin, they are here defending to the death Ewwww spooky shit. They should go to iraq with the republicans. I must go hang Garlic around my front door now

  11. I.Z. says – reply to this


    I think it's too late for saving Katie from Scientology. She is so brainwashed by Tom and his family, there is no way out of it. Her life with that psycho must be real hell.

  12. 112

    1. We ARE NOT protesting Katie or Boycotting her. We are using the opportunity to enlighten her and her fans of the ABUSIVE and ILLEGAL cult which her husband is dragging her and her innocent child into. As a mother, she should know the truth about what her daughter is being forced into.

    2. For all of you who say "freedom of religion" realize that this has nothing to with their faith, but with the practices. If a Mormon is a pedophile or a Muslim murders his daughter, that individual cannot hide behind the shield of religion. They still committed a crime. Google: "Operation Snow White" and "exscientologykids.com" if you want to read of SCIENTOLOGY'S CRIMES.

    3. David Miscavige is personally responsible for child exploitation, forced labor camps and protecting rapists. All here in the US! The fact that he is now "close friends" with Tom Cruise is what Katie should be worried about.

    4. Just read one story about what it's REALLY like "growing up" in Scientology and tell me that Katie shouldn't be worried about Suri's future. This has nothing to do with "faith". It has to o with the right of an individual to LEAVE said faith and raise their children in a safe, non forced environment. This is about Freedoms, not stifling them.

  13. 113

    'Than Thou' - When time magasine makes a pointed and not entirley contaversial statement like that then they are opening themselves up to being quoted. I personally like to see Anonymous out and about, even though they won't save Katie without drastic action like locking her up and trying to undo some of the brainwashing and dianetics that she will have suffered. My family spent 12 years trying to 'save' my father from them, and now his 7 year old born-in-scientology son is made to clean the toilets of the centre here in london as was born deaf which they believe is a 'fault treated by punishement'.
    Good going Anon!

  14. 114

    Re: Debaucherina – I agree with you Debaucherina, leave Katie in peace, she's not hurting anyone. She seems sweet.

  15. 115

    Are you fucking serious?
    It's all the newbie anons that are doing all this protesting.
    Not all Anonymous is like that. The majority thinks
    the protesting is really fucking stupid.
    Anonymous doesn't have a "spokesperson"
    or whatever. And "save katie"? Seriously,
    that wouldn't be an interest of Anon.

    Fuck new Anons.

  16. 116

    Those people are morons - LIVE AND LET LIVE Scientologists are never going to knock on your doors, like Jehovas, they let YOU come to them and if you don't, they're fine with that, so savig Katie from what? A sane life? If you know diddly about Scientology don't judge and picket.
    - I'm not one

  17. 117

    Who is to say that she even practices scientology? I know she commented that she was interested in learning more about it but that doesnt necessarily make her automatic convert.

    How many people out there are married to someone of a different faith? If I married a Catholic guy, would that make me catholic??? No. I think you guys are either overestimating the influence of Tom or underestimating Katie's.

  18. 118

    Ugh. Fuck Scientology… That pisses me the Frack off. Its not a religion. Its not even a healthy way of life. But whatever… it doesnt matter…

  19. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: PistonRocketshipRe: Amilynn – Thank you, both, for mentioning Lisa McPherson. I didn't realize to what extremes that Scientologists will go to, in order to control people….until I read Ms. McPherson's story and looked at the autopsy photos.
    I have to wonder why anyone would abandon their families, their faith and their life's hopes and dreams…just to be controlled in this manner.

  20. 120

    I love these people! Tom cruise sits there and tells everyone that they are scum if they aren't scientologists.. I'm all about freedom of religion, but when you try to force it on others, you get whats coming to you.

  21. 121

    BTW You fail.. Anonymous isn't a "group". It's ANONYMOUS. There are no spokespersons for Anonymous because it's ANONYMOUS. They don't identify themselves, they don't assemble except for the protests which Anonymous finds out about online through Youtube. Anyone claiming to be anonymous, or a Spokesperson for Anonymous obviously ISN'T Anonymous because then they wouldn't actually be anonymous, would they?

  22. 122

    Re: llamalou – Are you serious?? Those are Guy Fawkes masks. Go wiki that, or watch V for Vendetta.

  23. 123

    I doubt Anonymous protesting outside Katie's show is going to affect her career one bit. I gather their only going to be there to raise awareness of the cult of scientology in a new audience and I can't fault them for wanting to do that.

    Judging by the previous protests I expect they will be very well behaved. Might even provide entertainment for those queuing.

    You have to admire them, I seriously doubted the Internet based movement would actually get out from behind the keyboard in the first place, let alone still be here 9 months later. It's great to see people exercising freedom of speech in such a peaceful way; not rioting or destroying things. Good for them!

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