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This Photo Is Real

| Filed under: Sarah Palin

painnn1111.jpg painnn2222.jpg

Vinatge sexy!

A photo of John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, during her college days in the '80s.

The t-shirt reads: "I May Be Broke, But I'm Not Flat Busted."


According to the A.P., the pic was provided by Palin's family.

Why would they release that?????

Additionally, according to her Wikipedia page, Palin and her daughter, Bristol, have a lot in common.

Just like her teenaged daughter, Sarah had a shotgun wedding.

Palin "eloped" with her husband Todd, in 1988. Just EIGHT months later, their first son, Track, was born.

Curious timing!

Makes you wonder why big boobs "eloped"!

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456 comments to “This Photo Is Real”

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  1. 1

    wow so this piece of white trashy sh*t might be America's Vice President? Wow the 2008 Election really is a joke.

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4


  5. 5

    not first?

  6. 6


  7. 7

    so not classy!! =]

  8. 8

    *Yawn* Who cares!?!

  9. 9

    Which was it? Shotgun wedding or Elopement?
    Those are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS, asshole - or are you new to English?

  10. 10

    Why is this so important? It seems to me that this lady took responsibility serious at a young age and has worked her ass off to provide the best life possible for her family.

  11. 11

    hahah! Keep this shit coming Perez. And THIS might be our new Vice President? Keep dreaming.

  12. 12

    lol boobs

  13. 13

    What a dumb bitch. Abstinence only sex education is obviously the way to go…..

  14. 14

    Thats a hot shirt its true very true!

  15. ttt says – reply to this


    don't you just want her to be the vp so badly?????? … loving every minute of this. can't wait to find out more about her!

  16. jefdo says – reply to this


    ENOUGH OF YOUR PALIN/MCCAIN BASHING!!!! IS PEREZHILTON.COM NOW SPONSERED BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY? Besides if you get all of your facts off of wikipedia no one can trust a single thing you put on here.

  17. 17

    hahahahaha she really is one of us, so not VP material!

  18. 18

    who cares.
    stick to celebrities, this politics crap is getting annoying perez.

  19. Tango says – reply to this


    I know. I wish everybody would just cut the BS and be real. Teens get pregnant all the time, girls get eloped for "reasons" everyday. Everybody boasts about "values" that become null and void with the next generation. Its all so bogus. Kids do what the hell they want to do regardless of how much you take them to church.

  20. 20

    You may support Obama- but I am sure he wouldn't support you. You are obsessed with smearing McCain and Palin. Guess what- I am a democrat and I support Obama but I think what you are doing is disgusting. Just stick to writing about the Hills… they deserved to be smeared because I am sure they have never done a day of work in their lives. I really also doubt you know ANYTHING about politics either.

  21. 21

    this woman freaks me out! All I've heard is what a hypocrite and liar she is! People should be more focus on her political views, but her character is such a turn off I don't care what she has to say! I cannot believe the republican party allowed this woman to stand as their VP nom! This woman's family drama is a full time job! I know every President has some family drama, every family does, but this is rediculious. As a parent I think this lady belongs at home with her pregnant teen and special needs baby, not in the white house!

  22. 22

    so… where can i buy that shirt?

  23. 23

    Leave her alone! Report on the types of people Barack surrounds himself with. Report on the man who married him…… his preacher spews hate.

  24. 24

    Are you being paid by the DNC party? You have a hardon
    against Republicans. She is hot and has big tits, so what? See any cute pics of Michelle lately? I guess not. You base love on looks, who has better looking chics? Cindy, with the sapphire eyes, Sarah with the whole package, or mean faced whitey hating Michelle? Damn stick with movie stars and singers.

  25. KMilt says – reply to this


    She has children named Track and Trig?

  26. 26

    dear god give this woman i break i'm a dem and i feel bad for her her daugter is a slut but that has nothing to do with her being a v.p

  27. 27

    She is WHITE TRASH! She has nooo class!!!! McLame did not vet this clown. This is why we went to Iraq. Republicans only look at flags, lapel pins, make threats and then make rash decisions. McStupid clearly didn't think this out. This woman is not qualifed to be a VP. McWaytoo old can drop dead any minute. This stooge Palin is not ready to take his place. Obama's decision - Biden is more responsible. Obama "really" put Country First. McCain put his political ambitions first. Palin = Political ornament.

  28. SKB says – reply to this


    Nothin' like a nice piece of trash running our country

  29. 29

    I know you like Obama and all, but stop attacking Sarah Palin and her family. Attack McCain and his judgment. Sarah Palin has ambitions just like you but to profile her college years and when she was young is unclassy. She is not from your cookie-cutter Washington Politician who went to Harvard or Yale and keep a pretty closeted life. She is a genuine woman who aspired to become a public servant.

    You yourself has some questionable past including some humble beginnings. So quit it already.

  30. 30

    this election sucks! what the hell is going on in this country!

  31. 31

    Wikipedia is not a reputable site, first of all. Anyone could log on and write whatever they wanted about Palin, or anything else for that matter.
    Secondly, how do you know, Perez, that Track was not born prematurely?
    Thirdly, Perez, grow up. You remind me of kids I went to high school with who were slimy and would do anything for attention. You're such a fat fuck.

  32. 32

    hahahahha white trash at it's best!

    and people want to look down on obama because he is mixed! damn shame! I guess they are scared that he will have barbeques on the front lawn, and sip on 40's..well this just goes to prove to you repubs, that she could pull a trailer up to the back door of the white house with rifles in tow

  33. 33


  34. 34

    that shirt is funny! people are taking some of this stuff to seriously…

  35. 35

    What a complete dingbat. The more I get to know her, the more stupid she seems. Who the hell would wear a shirt that tacky and then voluntarily have their photo taken in it? I mean, I realize it was probably an eternity ago, but d'uh. That's what they're breeding up in AK - no thanks, I'll take my chances with pro-choice & equal rights (including equality for gays!). God save me for my poor "family values". God save her from hideous fashion sense. The current photos of her look like ads for Lens Crafters…they have a new fangled device in the lower 48 - they're called contact lenses.

  36. 36

    Re: KMilt – lmaoooo

    track and trig..lmaooooooooooooo

  37. 37


  38. 38

    oh yea dead mooses also

  39. 39

    hmmm…looks to me like Piggy is getting desperate….what's wrong pigez, palin and the bunch don't give a rat's ass about your lies….wonder why, maybe because only liberal idiots believe them….This si a pic of her in her college dorm studying with friends…..and that is bad because????? LOL….because……. she has on a funny t-shirt? You are jealous of her sexuality and beauty as a woman? You are grasping at every desperate attempt to humanize a woman that has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time? SO MUCH MORE THAN OBAMA…….AND HIS WIFE COMBINED!!! Eat it dumbdick..eat it and die…..

  40. 40

    perez, why do you have such a hard on for ripping on this lady's PERSONAL life that has NOTHING to do with the election?

    you other sheep, why are you buying into this?

  41. 41

    oh shut up. i'd wear that shirt today. this is just absurd that people really care about this. what's wrong with her shirt? can the future vp not have big boobs and a good sense of humor?

  42. 42

    You're no moral authority, Perez Hilton. I haven't read one report that makes this lady an immoral person. Since when is sex a crime? You'd be in prison for life if it were a crime, dropping the soap on purpose.

  43. 43

    She is fantastic. She is supporting her daughter, she made a good decision herself and she will be our next Vice President no problem. What a great choice. She is smart and funny and was in Government 5 years before Obama. She runs a state that produces 20% of our natural resources and is the head of their National Guard. We are very lucky to have her. Who care about some picture with a silly T-Shirt that she wore 25 years ago. Except the fact that it is cooler than any of the Perez T-Shirt line at Hot Topic.

  44. 44

    Must find more trashy pics and dirty details from that woman!!

  45. 45

    They call him Trak cuz momma was making snailtracks on the gym floor when she was getting it.

  46. 46

    You think this is all "dirt",
    But it shows that she's you know

    As in, a realistic American who's obvoisly still fit to lead,
    And isn't doing a thing to cover her real life up,
    Unlike the bribe-taking terrorist that is intact losing the popular vote.

  47. 47

    Leave her alone!!! Everyone has their hard times and their faults. Just cos she's republican, she's attacked for everyday problems and stuggles. Screw the damn liberal media!

  48. 48

    Some people think being GAY is a family value. And dont accept that lifestyle either. Perez

  49. 49

    Re: Leighanne201 – You are waaay too sensitive. If you can't handle the discussion, leave the site. There are plenty of comment boards for you…start by going to www.foxnews.com You can hang with your people there. Bristol Palin has put her image all over the internet on her own. He parents have spoken openly about their children to the press. They are fair game. If you don't like the comments, stop commenting.

  50. 50

    Perez you are a disgrace to the CUBAN community. Get a RAFT and row yourself back to CUBA to be with your father FIDEL CASTRO! PEREZ is a COMMUNIST!
    MCCAIN / PALIN 2008!!!

  51. 51

    eight months later her son was born. Possibly the boy was born early? Mine were all 5 weeks early. And at a normal weight. Also, if she was pregnant, you are saying she missed her period, used one of the crappy pregnancy tests from that time, which you were supposed to be like at least a week late before even trying, got a positive result and decided to get married within the week-you probably could not get a blood test in that time and get the results to be absolutely positive she was pregnant. Or, she could of eloped and got pregnant around her wedding night and had the baby a few weeks early. Either way, it is not our business.

  52. 52

    Well lets go dig out some old college photos of Barrack SELLING DRUGS, DOING COKE… I thijnk wearing a funny t shirt 20 years ago in college is nothing compared to BARAKS past. Her daugther has been dating this guy for OVER A YEAR..that isnt shotgun you fucking FAG

  53. 53

    who cares? it shows she's lived a little. it's better than the normal stiffs we get in the white house, they seem so inhuman.

  54. 54

    Well lets go dig out some old college photos of Barrack SELLING DRUGS, DOING COKE… I thijnk wearing a funny t shirt 20 years ago in college is nothing compared to BARAKS past. Her daugther has been dating this guy for OVER A YEAR..that isnt shotgun you fucking idiot

  55. 55

    Well it's a good thing that she's not flat busted. We definitely do not want a flat busted VP. No sir. I mean, I guess we should get over it being as this was taken in the 80's where any and everything went, but us being hypocritical Americans that we are simply cannot let things be. So, let's continue on hating her life.

  56. 56

    Drop the one-sided political shit Perez! You are really pissing off your loyal readers.

  57. 57

    What the fuck? Is this 1955?

    What a sexist and stupid thing you posted.

    I'll have the last laugh when Nobama gets the boot in November.

  58. 58

    *cringes* something about her bothers me…

  59. 59

    I want that shirt!!!

  60. 60

    why dont you post some picks of Baracks wife looking like a big gorilla with HUGE nostrals and shit. She looks like she excaped fomr the zoo. Post some footbage of her saying she HATES AMERICA…. the truth you fat ass.

  61. 61

    He's not saying that sex is bad you stupid, stupid people. The social conservatives that she is supposed to attract do though. Obviously that is the point! Learn to read between the lines.

  62. 62

    As an 18 year resident of Wasilla I'll be the first to admit it is indeed a pretty sorry excuse for a town, however during her term as mayor Mrs. Palin proved to be a proverbial breath of fresh air, boosting not only the economy but overall morale of "America's longest stripmall." AKA Wasilla.

    And while Sarah has only been governing our great and snowy state for two years, she has done more for Alaskan's then previous Governors did in twenty. It also doesn't hurt that she's incredibly friendly on the eyes.

    Before Mccain announced his VP pick, I was Obama all the way, but now my vote goes to Mccain, and his far from flat-chested foxy vixen of a VP, who unlike BIDEN actually has the balls to lead this country!

  63. 63

    Perez you're ridiculous…
    Like you've never seen someone wear a t shirt with a stupid saying on it before..I've seen lots of pics with you wearing ugly ass shit.

  64. 64

    hahahahahhaha that is awesome!

  65. 65

    Re: russiansprinter45

    As an 18 year resident of Wasilla I'll be the first to admit it is indeed a pretty sorry excuse for a town, however during her term as mayor Mrs. Palin proved to be a proverbial breath of fresh air, boosting not only the economy but overall morale of "America's longest stripmall." AKA Wasilla.
    And while Sarah has only been governing our great and snowy state for two years, she has done more for Alaskan's then previous Governors did in twenty. It also doesn't hurt that she's incredibly friendly on the eyes.
    Before Mccain announced his VP pick, I was Obama all the way, but now my vote goes to Mccain, and his far from flat-chested foxy vixen of a VP, who unlike BIDEN actually has the balls to lead this country!

  66. 66

    Re: Seriously – Somebody on Politico said that her husband takes care of the kids, but I thought he worked, too. I find it hard to believe that she has a six month old baby - with Down Syndrome - and a pregnant teen, and she is nevertheless running for V.P. To me, it's family first, and I think her family needs her and her husband more than ever right now. As a father, I would put my political aspirations on hold if I had these issues at home. I'm not blaming Sarah Pailin for her daughter's pregnancy, but I think this is a less than ideal time for her to essentially abandon her family for the campaign trail and the possibly difficult job of VP. I don't know if men have done this in the past (probably, but we've had a double standard), but if they did, I have the same issue with them. How you care for your family says a lot about your character.

  67. 67

    She gave her children the dumbest goddamn names, especially the boys. Trig? Seriously? Why not go with Pre-Calculus? Or Statistics?

  68. 68


    Just watching Glen Beck. He closed his program out with the little clip of Obambi comparing his running his campaign to Sarah's old job of Mayor. Then Glenn ripped him a new ass with comparing Obambi's campaigns to being the Gov of Alaska.

    There's a reason Obambi doesn't want to do that comparison. Because currently Sarah is in charge of revenues 47 times as large as ALL the money Barry has raised since the start of his campaign last year. Oh and he's little comparison of 2500 employees vs her 50 as mayor sounds intimidating. Until you realize that as Gov she's in charge of 77,000 employees (31 times as many).

    So if Barry is "Qualified" to be the president then she is somewhere between 31 and 47 times MORE QUALIFIED.


  69. 69

    Dude, Seriously. Classy is when YOU draw cum dripping down someone's face…classy is when YOU draw cum/pee on someone's crotch. YOU"RE the class act Perez…you call teenagers whores, you criticize children, old people. Classy for sure!

  70. 70

    Enough is enough. Yeah you may not think her or McCain can run a country and thats fine. Or you might think Obama and Biden cant run the country but do you really have to bash someones personal life or say that they must be a bitch or an asshole or their a horrible person when you have probably never met them to have the chance to know. All im saying is, yeah you have every right to say this is why this person cant win in november but its really trashy to say half the stuff people say in here, for example, the daughters a whore, Palins a bitch, or even to talk badly about Obama and McCains wife.

  71. 71

    Well lets go dig out some old college photos of Barrack SELLING DRUGS, DOING COKE… I thijnk wearing a funny t shirt 20 years ago in college is nothing compared to BARAKS past. Her daugther has been dating this guy for OVER A YEAR..that isnt shotgun you fucking FAG

    hell lets dig up some bush pictures of his nose hairs white, caked with coke. and besides asshole, obama doesn't have scandals after scandals coming out every hour on the hour

    this is a shotgun wedding, you idiot! they might of been dating/fucking for a year, but I doubt that they were going to get married, even after bristol had her first kid, now that sarah is in the public eye, she want bristol to get married, even if levi doesn't want to! I bet you that they offered him a lot of money, that he could buy new hockey equipment, and rifles with. lmaooooooooo just like mommie bristol dearest

  72. 72


  73. 73

    Re: yupyupyup – Barry? was bush qualified? hell no, neither was his father

  74. 74

    Since she's not a fucking Democrat she, or her daughter, can't get knocked up before marriage…Here comes the abstinence comments

  75. 75


  76. 76

    Re: yupyupyup – yes, but where is glenn beck? behind a desk talking about people lives, he is nothing, who did he blow to get behind the camera?

  77. 77

    Re: genifur2 – You're a fucking idiot

  78. 78

    Re: Abbs5522

    thank you so much for saying that. i'm a republican and i agree like talking smack about the other candidate is bullshit. perez is a disgrace

  79. 79

    OMG, I will be so glad when this election is over.

  80. 80

    Re: Demslickass

    Get over it, I hate America right now aswell and I am embarrassed to be American, fuck Bush

  81. 81

    Re: Ms. Sugar Walls – Don't confuse Bush with McCain or this woman. Bush is an idiot. Pretty much everyone agrees on that.

  82. Jayze says – reply to this


    Curious that you give pass judgement on her eloping with baby in tow when you pound gay ass. Also she took responsibility for her kid when she was 18 while you didn't take responsibility for something simple like your weight until July. Do you have any thoughts of your own or just parrot whatever Rosie O Donnell, MSNBC, Jonas bros etc. say? Also good call on saying Radiohead was irrelevant and like 10 year ago.


  83. 83

    Re: Sparkle Darling – the point is: sarah paraded family vlaues in front of people, and if she didn't want people to respect her daughter privacy, she wouldn't of made it public, one day after it was specualated that trig wasn't/isn't hers.

    just saw the Jeanie Moos segment in the Situation Room. She showed the clip of John McCain checking out Sarah Palin’s rear end about a dozen times at the rally in Ohio when he introduced her to the American public.

    and you wonder what went on between them?
    It is not about how hillary grew, but how sarah blew

  84. 84

    Hey Ms. Sugar Walls,

    Are you 85 years old? Sounds like it to me. Most people (woman) are proud of a woman that accomplishes something.

    When Joe Biden's wife and baby daughter were killed in a car accident, he was a single parent and still went to his job at the senate. No one questioned his ability to be a good parent.

    You shouldn't use "Ms". Obviously, you have no insight to a modern woman. People like you give us a bad name. Go away.

  85. 85

    Re: Ms. Sugar Walls – What? The truth hurt. Sorry to confuse you with FACTS.

  86. 86


    Keep it coming Perezito.

    Luv ya.

  87. ryans says – reply to this


    I thought this was a celebrity site, not a political site. Please stop posting personal slams on Palin. You sound more like a Republican-hater than a Celebrity web site. Or maybe we should just stop coming here and look for non-hater sites.

  88. 88

    I love that shirt. I just can't see our VP- potential Prez- wearing that.

    So was she a member of the NRA before or after her shotgun wedding?

  89. 89

    read this:
    I just heard on MSNBC that the Palin kids had no idea that she had accepted the VP slot until the morning of and that the kids all thought that they were being flown somewhere to celebrate their parent’s 20th anniversary. So poor Bristol had absolutely NO SAY in being thrown into this considering her condition….nor did poor Levi for that matter! If I were Levi’s mom I would be royally ticked off at the Palin’s


  90. 90

    I love this woman more and more! Mcain - Palin straight talk to the white house.

  91. 91

    I am deeply, concerned… to think that a woman with a handicapped *supposed to* be kid, and with a pregnant daugther whose baby is going to be in their family, would take the VP job. What about her kids? who is going to raise them? Im not saying that a woman cannot work, and raise her kids, but this is different. She is basically in charge of the United States of America. She didn’t have a pass port until 2007, she say’s that she isn’t concerned about the war overseas, dispite her having a son fighting over there. I mean please. This is a job that need to be taken seriously. She isn’t playing with a town of 9,000, she is playing with billions of people lives, and to stop Abortion is INSANE, not everyone have money like her. If someone was raped, that is their choice if they want to keep their kid or not. She wants to stop the teaching of sex education, and teach creationism. We see how that is working out for her.

    It is crazy that a woman who has lost fluid.. would give a speech then take a long flight\(10 hours to be exact) to deliver a baby in secret. What is the big secret? hmmm

    This woman seems to be a nutjob. This is not American family values. We are not stupid. and those “Im just a working mom, like you” BULLSHIT

  92. 92

    im just a working mom0 speeches are bullshit

    pulling dead moose from your hidden traps..isn’t working. Taking government funds,and spending them on a bridge to nowhere isn’t working. gtfooh!

    and *me* if you don’t want to read shit, then move on. What is your point? DO you think that we care that you think that we are whiney bitches? umm last time I checked..NO one knew you existed, and still don’t! KEEP IT MOVING

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2008

  93. 93

    That shirt is hilarious… I think this chick has a great sense of humor… P if you were hoping this would paint her in a bad light, it didn't work… and i am a Democrat!

  94. 94

    BTW eloping is such an awesome thing to do to your family. I'm sure her parents were as happy to hear about it as the Palins were to hear about their daughter being pregnant. Way to honor thy mother and father! Jesus does not like liars!

  95. 95

    Ok. Well why doesn't she just park her trailer on the front lawn of the White House right now? You can have her daughter sitting on the porch in a rocking chair suckling the her little bastard.

  96. 96

    Anyone know what she majored in college? I think that is the important question.

  97. 97

    Re: jefdo – I love that conservatives like you always want to sweep these major issues under the rug. While you spend time on sites just spewing lies and regurgitating GOP talking points about Obama. Sorry but this woman and herfamily are shady.

  98. 98

    Re: Ms. Sugar Walls – Agreed on the labor thing - what if that baby had fallen out on the plane ride…or worse? She was going to give that speech no matter what! That's certainly irresponsible to put your about-to-be-born child in that sort of danger. Basically this woman has demonstrated that she values her political career over her family's welfare. i don't dig on that.

  99. 99

    Attention Republicans; the point is not that Palin's daughter is pregnant. The point is that Palin herself condemns sex education and promotes abstinence as the best pregnancy prevention. THIS IS CALLED "IRONY".

  100. Wrenn says – reply to this


    When I first heard her children's names (Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig) I knew she had to be a trashy redneck. She must like Nascar racing too with names like "Track" and "Bristol". Good ole fashion family values…hahahahahahahah…….Keep it coming Perez!!

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