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What Did Her Mom Do Wrong???

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Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter, Bristol, 17, has not only dropped out of high school because she's pregnant, but….

It seems like Bristol (or someone who looks just like her) is a big fan of the underaged drinking too!

Did John McCain know about this as well????

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581 comments to “What Did Her Mom Do Wrong???”

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  1. 201

    Okay, seriously, what the fuck?! Perez get off of your Obama high horse. Name one person living at this time that does not have a vice? So Bush had his past record, your beloved Clintons had White Water and Bill being a cheating piece of shit and Hillary allows it. Oh and why did Hillary run for New York senate? Maybe it's because it has the shortest time of residency before you can run for senate. And let's see, don't even get me STARTED on the Kennedys. So, um, yeah. Who hasn't done something that isn't approved by the "church".

    How about you do the one thing that Obama has said that I actually agree with: FAMILY IS OFF LIMITS!!

  2. 202

    I don't like McCain nor Palin - but, who cares. You know everyone has done this at one poit in their life or another - maybe even twice or three time….some of you are still doing it. Cheers Bristol!

  3. Gary says – reply to this


    Once again, what is the big deal? These look like pictures from any other teen's Myspace page. It is not a reflection on the parenting skills of the Palins, and anybody saying it does either does not have teen children or is living in a dreamworld. My parents did a very good job of raising us, and if there was a Myspace back then, I am sure there would be pictures of my brothers and me doing some stupid things. I know my wife and I have raised our teen son well with good values, but he does many things we do not approve of - he knows right from wrong - he chooses to have fun instead. There is nothing abnormal about this girl, and everybody needs to back off.

  4. Sammy says – reply to this


    Re: feistycuban – I agree that is why I will never spit to the sky cause it will fall right back on me. I have a daughter so I will never make fun of other peoples kids and stuff. I totally agree she should not preach what she does not practice, but I also think all mothers want what is best for their kids. I am not against gays but, would rather have my daughter marry a guy and have a biological child, I know I did not wait to have sex until I got married so do not expect my child to do the same, I will give advice but, do not expect perfection.

  5. 205

    Hahahahaha, it's amazing that there's a link to another story in this post that has an ACTUAL picture of Bristol Palin which CLEARLY shows that none of the girls in this post are her is really amazing! Everyone is just so quick to jump on the bandwagon and critisize a teenager without actually even knowing what she looks like! Do some effing research bitches.

  6. 206

    what teenager doesnt drink nowadays….its a common practice in todays society. it should not be put on the parents or the childs upbringing. she is a teenage girl. leave her alone she is not the one running for office. if obamas daughters were teens theyd be doing the same thing.

  7. 207

    Palin will be a great VP. She has already cut taxes and cut government spending. She also wants to drill for oil. Some Liberals are so hypocritical. Where were the liberal's comments about Bill Clinton or Al Gore. Humans make mistakes.

  8. 208

    Her mom did nothing wrong. At 17 you make your own choices and parents are seriously unaware of what their kids are doing. It's called FREE WILL. Not that I'm defending her mom.

  9. 209

    all I have to say is remember when you were her age what you did? I wasn't pregnant, nor did I even Have sex but drinking yeah

  10. 210

    Perez, I didn't know you where one those concervatives who start bitch hunt whenever woman is close to high position. Aiming her daughter is though very low even from you.

  11. 211

    Hey Lola 44211….most of us will keep going to Perez everyday to see this kind of posting. Thanks Perez it does matter what the kids do that reflect on this poor idiot mother. If Palin can't keep the peace at home where are her leader skills? I don't want this bitch near the Whitehouse. I just loved Laura Bush and Cindy adulterer McCain together at the RNC giving a speech. Not a brain between the 2 of them.

  12. 212

    really, that doesn't even look like Bristol! Are you sure Perez???

  13. 213

    Re: Andy27 – why do you defend this behavior? no one is perfect but not everyone drinks under the age if at all.

    as for obama. he himself has stated that his mother had him at 18. at least he has the cojones to make that statement.

    i respect our differences but chill out a bit dude.

  14. 214

    That's not even her - google her damn image.

  15. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: Andy27 – amen to that!

  16. 216

    Who didnt have a picture like that when they were 17?

  17. 217

    What 17 year old doesn't drink? I'm assuming you're a saint, Perez.

  18. 218

    i just dont see the problem?
    i mean what teenager doesnt experiment with drinking?
    and yea she got pregnant at a very young age…. its gonna be so hard but her family is surrounding her and helping her and supporting her.

    honestly kids are gonna experiment and rebel and go a little crazy at times… what makes all the difference is having parents who you can talk to and support you in your growth.
    i think this young girl has that.

    more than that…. what does any of this have to do with how well she can be VP?

  19. MissT says – reply to this


    OK it's funny how quick everyone is to judge! I can only name a handful of people who I went to high school that didn't drink, or at least go to ONE party and drink. I am sure that my parents would be so upset if they saw all the photos of me at parties!

  20. 220

    HELLO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? YOU ALL ARE ARGUING OVER A LIE, THOSE PICTURES AREN'T HER!!!! GOOGLE HER PHOTOS!!!!! I HOPE FINALLY PEREZ IS SUED OVER THIS.

  21. 221

    We knew it! The ARMY OF SKELETONS coming out of the Palin's household. LOL! What's next– a nude picture? sex video? Bring them on and take her down! Those who say this is a "Typical teenage" behavior, it's YOUR morals that taking this country down. This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE especially for REPUBLICANS WHO PREACH MORALITY. HYPOCRITES!!!!! The truth and your failure is coming to bite you back. Salute President Obama!

  22. cmd08 says – reply to this


    Re: Superpissed – How many times have you been pregnant and murdered your baby? I would peg you for the type of irresponsible, ignorant, lowlife piece of crap that would do that…alot. Get a life and open your eyes.

  23. 223

    Re: MRS.RICKY MARTIN LOVER – You're a fucking moron.

  24. 224

    Re: LULU~*

    Regardless of whether or not she believes in learning about condoms, it isn't her fault that her daughter chose to disregard common sense and not use one. Most teenagers, whether informed by a school teacher or not, know and realize that condoms are an important measure in preventing both pregnancy and STDs. Additionally, people seem not to consider the fact that perhaps a condom was used and broke, something not unheard of.

    For everyone complaining about the "lack of family values", I think her decision to keep the baby not only disproves that notion, but also illustrates a wealth of character and personal resolve. I don't want to get into a pro-life/pro-choice argument, here. Rather, you can simply look to the fact that her mother instilled enough character in the girl for her to make the difficult choice to keep the child and go through ridicule — both at her school, by her community, and now, by the readers of PerezHilton.com. It would have been easy for Palin to try and cover up her transgressions (much like the Kennedys or the Clintons — who went so far as to lie under oath, in the case of Bill). Instead, she honestly opened up about the issue and faced it in stride, something that should be taken as a role model for teenage girls and mothers in this family. NOT the opposite.

  25. 225

    I'm sure if Obama had a teenage daughter who was pregnant and there were pics of her drinking alcohol the Limbaugh/Hannity circle jerk would have not commented on it. Right? Right.

  26. 226

    Perez, that is NOT BRISTOL PALIN!!! Stop smearing the poor teenager!!!!!!

  27. 227

    I am not defending the Republican party, but I am going to say one thing about the Palin family. You have no idea who they are. You have no right to judge anyone. I had my first sip of alcohol on my 16th birthday…I quit drinking when I was 20. Am I a bad person? Did my mother not raise me correctly? Half of you commenting are not parents…therefore you have not experienced the stress of raising a child and the difficulty in putting your trust in their decision making. It's more or less a right of passage for everyone to make their mistakes…Let's not go and call her a bad mother now…In all honesty I think she is not a good candidate for VP solely because she has too many kids to think about aiding in running a country.

    And fucking jesus christ…why do we have to bring her daughter into this? OMG HER DAUGHTER HAD UNDERAGED SEX…SHE IS THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. Fuck THAT…I don't think that constitutes as bad parenting. Please all the bible thumbing Christians out there have no idea just what their children are getting into….

    I fucking hate politics!

  28. 228

    Umm…That's not even HER! C'mon Perez….check your sources my dear. Looks nothing like her either. Did you have your vision checked lately??

  29. 229

    Shes a normal fucking teenager Perez. How old were you when you had your first drink? Just because they didn't make digital cameras when you were 17 and didn't have myspace doesn't mean you can call this girl a whore and her mom a bad parent. I did this shit when I was 17 too. Its a normal part of life. Please, Perez. If we had those things when you were a kid you would have pictures of the same shit. Stop mudslinging and lets talk about REAL fucking issues. PLEASE!?

  30. 230


    forget babygate,

    Wasilla had zero debt when SP was elected, she left it with 22 million of debt (3,000 per citizen!). That's a fiscal conservative?

    SP attempted to fire the Library director when that person refused to ban the books SP wanted banned. This is freedom?

    She increased taxed 38% while in office in Wasilla (and still left all that debt!). That's a reformer?

  31. 231

    Yeah, that's definitely NOT HER…and why is this scandelous??? If you said that a doctor came forward because the girl had an abortion, well, then yeah, that would cut deep…but Kids are loving that new show where the 16year old is pregnant…God priorities today are so screwed up.

  32. 232

    she looks like every other 17 yr old girl on facebook.

  33. 233

    normally i would say this… shes a kid who doesn't have sex and drink at 17? this shouldn't matter but……………………………………..

    The Rep party likes to attack everthing about Obama from a stupid pin, his reverend, his wife.. so if im them i go at the rep hard with this stuff…

    I know Obama said children are off limits but they should attack the vp with this stuff not the daughter.. She can't even maintain he daughter how she going to maintain the country?

  34. 234

    Hahaha… Sarah Palin is a crazy church lady…. and whenever you spoon-feed your children your extreme right-wing principles, the opposite happens…. and the children rebel. Bristol Palin….Liquor in the Front, Poker in the REAR!

  35. 235

    Haha you're so fuckin ignorant its HILARIOUS! Of course you study of psychological sexual orientation and complete gender analysis made you come to this conclusion right.. oh wait.. I don't believe G.E.D. programs or late night shifts from McDonalds offers these programs.

    It is NOT normal for teenagers to start drinking at a young age.. if you actually study the enviromental and cultural influences .. you will see the ENORMOUS differences. I'm 20 years old, and did not and still don't drinking is interesting. Why… i dunno… maybe because my mother NEVER drank in my presence.. expressed to me the importance of staying focused and sober my teenage years, So i can enjoy the liberties when of age. Get your facts together before you speak

  36. 236

    I guess woman can't be all they can be………right Dem's!!!!!!!

    Stay home raise your kids

    Have a career have…………………………….NO kids

    Leave it alone Perez. The Messiah said leave kids alone.

  37. 237

    Please leave Obama out of this conversation, he has not said anything negative about this issue, in fact he said she should be off limits!! He has been running a decent campaign from the start unlike McCain who has tried to tarnish his reputation by comparing him to two dope heads! Stop thinking about which party you are voting for and see the bigger picture! Our country and economy is important…God help us if we do not make some changes soon!!

  38. 238

    Hahaha… Sarah Palin is a crazy church lady…. and whenever you spoon-feed your children your extreme right-wing values, usually the opposite happens…. and the children rebel. Bristol Palin—-Liquor in the Front, Poker in the REAR!

  39. 239

    i wanna know where you got these pictures

  40. 240

    THAT IS BRISTOL PALIN!! Perez is not the only site posting this information!

  41. 241

    I just heard her photobucket was hacked by someone from her high school and those photos are her, she just looks a little diff now since she's 5 months preggers.

    I don't know, but that's what people from her high school are saying.

  42. 242

    Re: Andy27 – Why should we stay out of their personal life? Republican's like to get in our business and tell us how to live, but don't like it when they are under the microscope. The difference in Obama/Biden is they don't 'run' on family values and portray themselves as the moral majority.

  43. 243

    Her mom neglected her to pursue a political career at the time when a teenage daughter needed her mothers' guidance the most. Mcain blew it with this one, and it has NOTHING to do with her stand on the issues.

    She is a neglectful mother with five kids that need her raising. She also has a young child for chrissakes!!! I believe Mcain is purposely throwing the election with this choice, and the conservative commentators are cheer leading this mess.

  44. 244

    baby shower presents: Presents include 55 gallon drums of crude, and 50 caliber rifles

  45. 245

    You people are not getting the point. Stop hating on Perez for posting this.

    Sure kids drink and get pregnant, but most kids that do, do not have a parent running for VP and preaching to the world about morals!

  46. 246

    wouldn't it be better if you are writing about bristol, to use pictures of bristol??? who are these people?

  47. 247

    agreed it shouldn't really matter cause its not like shes for lowering the drinking age, but i think its simply hilarious all of the things her daughter does. haha obama's got it in the bagg!!
    and even if you say it doesn't matter its not going to help people will still see it and judge no matter what you sayy

  48. 248

    Re: LuvLee – what a boring life you lead

  49. 249

    I don't get what the issue is here. I can't think of one person I knew when I was seventeen who didn't drink, at least occassionally. What are teens supposed to be doing? Sitting at home, dressed to the nines, reading a Bible until the day their parents arrange a marriage for them?

  50. 250

    Re: GreyEyes10 – You hit the nail on the head, I couldn't have said it better!!

  51. 251

    When you have a mom who is so pro-life and so no sex before marriage,you are destined to rebel.If her mother wasn't running for VP of the USA,it would be a family matter.I feel sorry for her because she is the victim of her mom's ambition.

  52. 252

    It is amazing that she is a VP nominee, and you can only hope that your children, will make decent choices for their lives, but obviosly Mrs.Palin, needs to not be in this election ,and focus on her preggo teenager, and a son with Down Syndorme. If she is gonna be PRO-LIFE, and raise a son with DS, that means giving her child(with a lot of challenges ahead),the BEST life possible. Sarah as a mother and soon-to-be granny, needs to teach her daughter on how to be a mom. Set the example!!

  53. 253

    So…we have the Principled Principal of Abstinence-Only Education with a knocked-up, unmarried teen.
    The Grand Marshall of the Personal Responsibility Parade with a underage boozehound knocking 'em back at home like it's Mardi Gras.
    And now the Hostess with the Mostest of the Pro-Flag, Anti-Desecration Party is flaunting her NRA assets in an American flag as a two-piece swimsuit.

  54. 254

    Re: miranda_panda_13 – Its so obvious that John McCain is using Palin as a strategy to gain women’s votes, but hopefully women can see through the smoky mirror. Palin is not prepared to be in such a high office. I would fear for our country if anything were to happen to McCain . I dont trust anyone who would havea woman carry her rapists child for nine months and deliver it just to give it up for adoption. That is inhumane to me.

  55. 255

    All you McCain and Palin supporters, get ready to stand in line to get a loaf of bread if they win…you will know what it is like to live through a recession!!!! We are already suffering because of the republicans…God help us.

  56. 256

    a. clearly not her. doesn't even look like her
    b. stick with the issues, perez. even your idol obama yesterday said "families are off limits"

    you disgust me

  57. 257


    Give her a break, she's human too.

  58. 258


    Who knew there were rednecks in Alaska?

    Apparently there are, according to Levi Johnston, the guy who impregnated the daughter of GOP veep nominee Sarah Palin. He says so himself, on his MySpace page (which is now offline): "I'm a f***in' redneck," he wrote. "I live to play hockey … I'll kick ass." Somewhat more troubling for 17-year-old Bristol Palin is the following: "I don't want kids." (Of course, what 18 year old really does?)

    Gov. Palin and her family announced yesterday that Bristol is pregnant, dispelling rumors Sarah's four-month old was in fact Bristol's.

  59. 259

    *gasp* shocking. *eye roll*

    How desperate.

    You have any real dirt on Sarah Palin, or is your next story going to be, "Bristol Palin Jaywalks, Leaves Bathroom Without Washing Hands!!!!"

    I realize your intellect is more suited for talking to and about teenagers, but even your fellow comrades in the DFL can do better than this. Maybe you should snatch some of their talking points–you're not doing so well on your own.

  60. 260

    Ummm…that's not her. That's her babydaddy's sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 261

    Who knew there were rednecks in Alaska?

    Apparently there are, according to Levi Johnston, the guy who impregnated the daughter of GOP veep nominee Sarah Palin. He says so himself, on his MySpace page (which is now offline): "I'm a f***in' redneck," he wrote. "I live to play hockey … I'll kick ass." Somewhat more troubling for 17-year-old Bristol Palin is the following: "I don't want kids." (Of course, what 18 year old really does?)

    Gov. Palin and her family announced yesterday that Bristol is pregnant, dispelling rumors Sarah's four-month old was in fact Bristol's.

  62. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I think you should remove this post because the girl in the picture is clearly not Bristol Palin. Please see all the earlier posts you made. I'm a Barack supporter, but accusing someone who obviously is not Bristol Palin of doing something is kinda low.


    A Staunch Democrat and Barack Supporter

  63. 263

    Leave this poor kid alone. Most teenagers have had a drink in their early teenage life. Some are more restrained and cautious than others, but nothing new here. Stop vilifying Mrs. Sarah Palin and her family should be off-limits Perez. You are sinking to a new low, which I didn't think was possible. Please stop this kinda of non-sense. If you want to attack someone, attack John McCain for his poor judgment not Sarah Palin and her family. Barack Obama already said back-off to the MSM regarding the Governor's private life and family.

  64. 264

    Maybe Palin should co-write that parenting book with Mama Spears! Thank for getting the dirt, P-Nasty!!!

  65. 265

    you know, i really don't think this will matter. I'm sure all those inbred cousin fuckers in the south that vote for people like her and bush are slopping up moonshine by the time they're 13, so this probably isn't a big deal to them. As long as her brat didn't abort the stupid kid, and isn't a gay man, they'll totally still keep voting republican.

  66. 266

    Why don't you "report" on Joe Biden's pathological lying and Osama's voting commission law breaking? You won't because you are a horrible "reporter" and are conforming to everything that Hollywood tells you to do. This is most likely another cheap shot from Osama's camp to smear McCain and Palin. I can't believe how naive Osama's supporters are. You all believe anything and everything that this fat ass tells you and he knows you will. Even if this is true then it just shows that she deals with the same shit almost every other family deals with. You can't call her a bad parent for it because 99% of teenagers drink in high school and it doesn't mean the parents are bad parents, it means the kids are rebelling and partying…Mommy can't hold her hand every second of the day because she is RUNNING THE STATE OF ALASKA! And, being from alaska, I think she is doing a damn good job.

  67. 267

    Cheers to Bristol lol

  68. Sammy says – reply to this


    You know what it does not seem to look like her, this girl is prettier.

  69. 269

    Lol for everyones who asks who doesnt drink and have sex at 17 there are many of us who actually have morals. Just because she has pictures of her drinking and got knocked up doesnt mean everyone is allowed to jump up in defense. I guess Bristol wasnt one of the abstinece and no sex ed shit her mom has been spouting since she got into office. everyone claiming to be from Alaska here obviously isnt. Underage drinking, as some have put, isnt our passtime dumbasses.

  70. 270

    first of all.. "Christianity" is all about LOVE and FORGIVENESS and HOPE.
    we ALL mess up, every day. but thanks to Jesus Christ we have a Savior who forgives and helps us through everything! He didn't come into this world comdemning it, but loving it! teaching us how to be happy! Being an "Evangelist" or Christian has NOTHING to do with being and acting GOOD or PERFECT. in fact, it's quite the opposite. He knows we CAN'T BE PERFECT & it's those man-made religious toting opinion givers that give TRUE Christianity a bad name, while completely clouding the truth behind the ACTUAL MESSAGE OF GOD'S LOVE.. FORGIVENSS, FAITH, HOPE. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." -Romans 3:23.. that's why he sent his son!!!! anyways, no ones perfect & i just wish those "religious know it alls" would STOP IMPLYING THAT WE LIVE PERFECT, ACT PERFECT, AND THINK WE'RE PERFECT. BECAUSE true faith is knowing you mess up each and every day!

    Palin has made a stand for what she knows to be right.. in her career, family, and politics, GOOD FOR HER! FOCUS ON THE POLITICS BC THAT'S ALL WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO! NO ONE WILL EVERR BE MORALLY PERFECT, THAT'S WHY WE HAVE A SAVIOUR.


  71. 271

    Hmm, I love this general mentality of "Everybody does it, so it's okay".

  72. Minx says – reply to this


    Perez, she doesn't look like Bristol….
    With that said typical 17 year old girl
    meet Levi Johnston, typical teenage boy: “I’m a f - - -in’ redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- - - and just f - - -in’ chillin’ I guess." “Ya f - - - with me I’ll kick [your] ass.”
    Private lives people, private lives. Family matters including pregnancy/ abortion should be PRIVATE!!!!!!!!

  73. 273

    Re: RazorSharpVagina – Good thing Perez doesn't WORK FOR OBAMA!

    I am not voting for these people…but it has nothing to do with all of this stuff. Leave the girl and her friends alone - they are 1,000 times more sane than Sarah Palin.

    What about Palin's well known membership in a group committed to Alaska seceding from the US? Whose motto is "Alaska first and forever"…? A bit more politically organized and unpatriotic than not wearing a flag pin, I'd say.

  74. 274

    I predict that within 24 hours Palin will be gone back to Alaska and we will meet a new contender for the job of VP. Can't wait for the details of his private live to be revealed to the American people. God Bless America !

  75. 275

    I think the choice of Palin as VP is a stroke of Republican genius. She's like one step above pure white trash - teen daughter proves it - so basically half of the USA can relate to her ;-)

  76. 276

    Such a pretty young girl, I feel so sorry for her. I agree that children are off limits, but it is hypocritical of McCain to point fingers when he went around making a joke about Chelsea Clinton, calling her ugly when she was just barely a teen. What goes around comes around. But still, that isn't Sarah Palin's fault. She is just a teenager, but for the grace of God we'd all be just like her. Leave her alone.

  77. 277


  78. 278

    Just because it happens, doesn't make it acceptable. Regardless of party, the ability to run a family, especially when your skills therein are things that qualify you as a candidate, must be better than below average. That's right, the average girl in small town America is not pregnant at 17 and dropping out of school. Thank God! As a mom of 4, I can tell you that it isn't easy nor popular to run interference in a small town for your kids. But, it can, and MUST be done, or this is well the outcome…
    I agree with Oprah on this idea, if you are a mother, you can't have it all…not really nor successfully. And that cuts across all party lines!
    It does speak to her ability to make difficult choices. It does speak to her ability to help future generations become more than the last!
    Not good. Besides, who really wants rednecks in the whitehouse? It really would just be so embarrassing.

  79. 279

    Re: Slutstick – you should just stay a slut and shut up

  80. 280

    Why are people so freaking surprised? Does ANYONE here remember the Bush twins?????

  81. 281

    ummmm what 17 year old doesnt drink? you're such an ignorant ass. if anything, this whole situation has made her more real.

  82. 282

    Re: Andy27 – By comparison, Andy….apparently so. Trust me, as a liberal, I am shocked too!

    I don't care about her family or personal life. She has given us plenty of ethical and moral questions while on the job. Just be honest. People who protest too much are usually hiding something. Don't waste breath defending them. As a liberal, do you think I'll spend 2 seconds of energy defending John Edwards? Elliot Spitzer? Hell no, I consider them frauds!! And they didn't even do wrong in their jobs, it was their personal lives. This woman has been corrupt IN OFFICE!

    It's not partisan - it's about keeping this country safe and well-governed. I would happily see Palin go and have them pick a new VP that would make it harder on my preferred campaign….because I love this country and I want well for it, whoever wins. Palin must not happen. THINK, PEOPLE!!

  83. NiboR says – reply to this


    What the F? Is her mom supposed to tie her up and lock her in the house. We make our own decisions….NOONE IS PERFECT!!!

  84. 284

    whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiite trash, you don't have to put on the redlight, whittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttte trash, you don't have to cover up for your mother tonight! whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite trash! LOL

    Pregnant teen daughter, under investigation for firing someone who wouldn't fire her ex-BIL, questions surrounding the birth of her infant son. . .this is better than Desperate Housewives!
    Is she 5 months pregnant or about 5 months pregnant. It slowly drifted from about 5 months to a solid 5 months. So convenient to coincide with the birth of the other baby. I can guarantee you that this baby will be delivered in natural elephant time or by elective C-Section.

  85. 285

    They live in fucking Alaska..do your homework. There is a major problem with teen drugs and alcohol in Alaska as well as the rest of the good old USA. She is a normal teen age girl in America..drunk and pregnant. She is cute as hell!!

  86. 286

    Gotta make the update Perez — tell them it wasn't her, but it was her baby-daddy's sister.

    I like funny drama but only when its true.

  87. 287


  88. 288

    I really feel bad for this girl. Pregnant, getting married and not even 18 yet. I will never understand why her mother decided to go along with this sham and run along side McCain. I see it as her ambitions are more important than protecting her child during this life altering time.

  89. 289

    I'm so happy you got this hope more to come we gotta bring those right winged bitches down!!!!!!!!!!love ya

  90. 290

    Re: feistycuban – #181
    No…YOU are incorrect… Biden is from my state…his 2nd wife was one of my college professors…I know more about Biden and his crap then you ever will and he DID get sworn into office at his son's hospital beds–check wikipedia if you don't believe me…

  91. 291

    i dont think thats really her……

  92. 292


  93. 293

    First off, this is what most high school kids do/try. Second, lets talk about how great Obama is….

    -HIS OWN RUNNING MATE SAID a few months before Obama chose him that HE WAS NOT READY TO RUN THIS COUNTRY.

    -JESSIE JACKSON called him out on talking DOWN to black people.

    -He's linked to groups that well in simple terms hate WHITE people.

    -He has less experience than Palin.

    - He doesn't show his countries pride with ANYTHING ( The pledge, American flag pin,etc.)

    -His kind kind kind wife said she was NEVER proud of the country until now.

    Gee that's certainly my kind of first lady!

    Ps. Perez….the more you dog McCain and Palin the more idiotic you look. Your opinion is not enough to sway those with their own minds…

  94. 294

    Re: Slutstick – you are a retarded prejudice person and I know alot of good christian 17 yearolds who don't drink and get pregnant so ha ha

  95. 295

    Sure….what teenager hasn't done this? Come on!

  96. 296

    So THAT'S how she got knocked up!

    Dumb, trashy, whorish tramp. I hated girls like her when I was that age.

  97. 297

    like perez never got drunk at 17…..leave this girl alone. this is a personal issue that doesnt concern you or show the ability and capability of Sarah Palin who built herself . pEREZ we love u but you got to stop this bullshit. say something negative about obama. because his negatives outweigh sarah palin…..get his dirt and his shit…..or you just can't because you support him. SARAH WILL MAKE A GREAT VP.

  98. 298

    Palin was so proud to tell us last week that her son was going to Iraq but failed to tell us how proud she was to becoming a grandmother in a few months…what a HYPOCRITE!!!

  99. 299


  100. 300

    WOW, Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! What A Great Hockey Mom! Shut Up You Hypocritical Bitch!

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