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What Did Her Mom Do Wrong???

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Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter, Bristol, 17, has not only dropped out of high school because she's pregnant, but….

It seems like Bristol (or someone who looks just like her) is a big fan of the underaged drinking too!

Did John McCain know about this as well????

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581 comments to “What Did Her Mom Do Wrong???”

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  1. 401

    Obama's mom was expecting him in her 17's. Is she a slut too?

  2. 402

    Okay so really, is it that big of a deal that she has pictures of her drinking? Either yall people live in a box or are some serious book nerds to think its NOT normal to have a drink or two at the age of 17. Give me a a break!! Kids start drinking at the age of like 12 now, Comment on thatttt.

  3. jefdo says – reply to this


    Or someone that looks like her? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF IT'S HER! Than don't post it. Since your site's turned into a McCain/Palin bash maybe should take some words of encouragement from your beloved Obama and leave families out of it.

  4. 404


  5. 405

    Re: macdqt – She's 17 years old, she doesnt need a constant babysitter, she's just acting like a NORMAL American teen. She may not share her mothers beliefs, so what tho? Sarah & her daughter arnt going to be running this country. & its not like Sarah is goingt to be the President

  6. 406

    it doesn't look like her at all. besides, who cares? the issue with the clintons, the bushes and now palin is that they have normal average teenage girls.

  7. 407

    shes pretty damn hot

  8. 408

    Re: flygirl_charlotte – Sarah doesnt let her daughter use birth control. so maybe the condom broke. The VP's kids arnt really in the public eye much, you mostly hear about the presidents kids & even then its rare. shes just a normal kid. Just because she drinks (like every other 17 year old) & she accidently got pregnant (like MANY other Teens) it doesnt mean she's irresponsible. it means shes a normal girl who made some mistakes, & likes to have a good time.

  9. 409

    I am shocked!! Who would have thought there was under age drinking in America???

  10. 410

    i can see this taking off and becoming an issue, but in reality almost every teenager drinks before they're 21… and it's not just a boring-town thing, it happens in cities too.
    that said, the vetting process was obviously not very thorough, and if things keep piling on after the rushed nom it's gon' be a scaandaalll…

  11. Moec says – reply to this


    maybe the father did something wrong!!!!!

  12. 412

    Re: Ms. Sugar Walls
    on a side note about the "Repubs" paying for your gas… its a Dem controlled HOUSE and SENATE, and has been… how many voted for the war?? check your stats… PS - you think that ONE PERSON [Bush] can control gas prices; or think that one person [Obama] can bring them down - you're more naive than this 17 yr old girl that you're grilling. Are you going to pay my Independent ass for my gas money if EITHER of them win? think with your head. not your hearts… i agree. gas SUCKS… but one person doesn't control it. and an out of hand 17 yr old doesn't mean that someone's unfit for office. you're pulling at thin air. I guess what I'm saying is - I can see positives for R's and D's… but NONE of it has to do with BLAMING ANYONE for anything. its about who has a PLAN going forward. and it certainly has nothing to do with a 17 yr old mommy to be.

  13. 413

    Serious….who cares?

  14. 414

    Re: theone24
    you're either lying OR they've pulled the pics bc they're not her.

  15. 415

    so none of your ever drank before you were 21? yeah im sure. if obamas daughters were just a little older there would be pics of them too..get over yourself and lulu get over youself "yay perez thanks for getting the truth out there!" so what if he teenage daughter drinks chelsea clinton did, the bush twins did. there are plenty of good parents whose kids have experimented with alcohol…

  16. 416

    again… i'm VERY independent and leaning towards Obama… but let me say - Dems should be embarrassed by the posts on here. Dems… seriously… the party of "i didn't inhale" & "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman"… ???? moral character doesn't define the Dems… NEVER has… think JFK… and I LOVE JFK. this is totally irrelevant. Makes the Dems look like they can't find flaws in R's POLICY so they HAVE NOTHING LEFT but to pick on families of the candidates. COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE!

  17. Minx says – reply to this


    Re: Leader of the sheep
    Post 403
    Really? Not that it matters but pregnancy is 9 months you have 12 months to be 18 so please tell me you broke down the math in order to say so instead of a knee jerk reaction to "defend" something that is a private matter. PREGNANCY/ ABORTION ARE PRIVATE MATTERS!

  18. 418

    Come on people…you are pathetic judging a 17 year old for the same things we all did…if you were 17 and not drinking/having sex you were boring and probably had no friends…end of story. Maybe the condom broke, whatever…I applaud her for keeping it. My mom was a stay at home mother and I drank at 14…it doesn't make anyone any less of a parent, bottom line…kids will do what they want whether they have to lie to their parents to do it or not.

  19. 419

    haha the dumb bitch is POSING with alcohol, when shes 17, and her mom is a prominent political figure. even normal people out of the spotlight arent that fucking dumb!

  20. 420

    Bunch of hypocrites! I would bet that many of you drank at 17; come on I am even a Democrat and don't like her mother and I can see that A LOT of 17 year olds drink and take stupid pictures with friends.
    Please; like this is a big deal?

  21. 421

    She probably paid off someone not to arrest her underage drunk daughter.

  22. 422

    what the hell?? she is a teenager! teens do shit like this. if obama's kids were older i bet you'd fight the same kind of stuff with them. this is getting rediculous.

  23. word says – reply to this


    in the real world, drinking at 17 is NOT normal and making it out to be no big deal is why so many young girls find it hard to resist when temptation does present itself. it's not normal for kids to drink, only amongst a few groups of kids was it ever a typical situation. typical for the type of girl Bristol appears to be, yea sure, but not every 17 year old feels the need to party like they are in college or dress in clothing that leaves no room for the imagination. what the real issue is, is how a mother who is obviously not present in her daughter's life to help her make the right decisions able to help run our country? Sarah Palin's family should be above average, not a typical dysfunctional family if she is going to preach her conservative values in the upcoming election. not only that, but i read that she was back at work the day after her last child was born, im no conservative but as a mother, if I just gave birth to a child with special needs I'd want to be with my baby and take care of him, not hand him off to a nanny or family member so mommy can get back on the righteous political path. how attentive can she be as a VP if she doesn't even attend to her own children?

  24. 424

    And she is not a "poor girl." Seventeen year olds can make the decision whether to use condoms or not; most of them WANT to get pregnant. In this day and age of sex education there's NO excuse for a teenager to get pregnant. I don't feel sorry for her in the least. What I've learned: "If you're gonna play, you're gonna pay."

  25. 425

    Re: Sundae_Rose

    Just like a dumb-ass White Trash Eagles fan… I wouldn't expect anything less than your uneducated comments Sundae Rose.

  26. 426

    Re: TonyaAnn – So very true, I dont know who Im voting for either, but I'm not going to judge the Republican VP based on her 17 year old daughter. I was doing what she did at 17, but the only difference is I didn't get caught and have my business shown to the nation. Leave her alone!!! At the age of 17 you make your own choices, and no matter how hard your parents tried you make your own decisions. Good for Obama taking the high road on this and good for her for keeping the baby. I do not believe in glamorizing teen pregnancy but unfortunately this is the world we live in.

  27. 427

    she's "just beiiing miley…."

  28. 428

    Are you sure that's Bristol Palin? It doesn't look like her.

  29. Cora says – reply to this


    Wow I'm shocked!! I've never seen a normal teenager do something like that, me included back in the day. *Note the sarcasm….
    Perez not only are you an ass for putting these up but whoever is selling Bristol out is a bigger ass! I'm a Democrat so I don't even like her mother's politics but come on already and leave this 17 year old GIRL alone!

  30. 430

    take these pics down! these pictures are not bristol palin, and this is really insulting!

  31. 431

    I love how all the uptight republicans that were on here before saying that Jamie Lynn Spears is a whore that should rot in hell are all singing a different tune now.

  32. JG says – reply to this


    It's NOT her!!! This girl has a big freckle/mole on her right cheek. You can see it on the first photo. Bristol Palin does not. Check the photos of her- it's not there.
    Just goes to show how many 17 year old girls look alike. And that it pays to check your sources before you run a story.

  33. 433

    yeah, because we have all listened to everything our parents teach us. get real, she's 17 and has a mind of her own. a parent can teach their kids everything thats right, but in the end, the child makes their decision. how about we actual talk about whats important like the issues, not what the kids are doing.

  34. 434

    Golly gee, a 16 year old get drunk and getting laid. What is next…smokin weed. Too bad mom preaches against that - no birth control, no sex ed, no science, no abortion. All I hope is that these pictures were taken before she was pregnant. It would be terrible if she had another retarded baby.

  35. 435

    Re: Andy27

    Sure looks that way, doesn't it?

  36. 436

    Re: Andy27 – Andy27 says – reply to this 4Who gives a fuck about their personal/family life? Stop sweating their shit. I'm sure the Obamas and Bidens are at the pinnacle of moral perfection, RIGHT???

    Sure looks that way, doesn't it?

  37. 437

    Re: erburt – erburt says – reply to this 21Perez, everyone her age drinks. It's what we do. Especially when we don't live in a big city with other things to do.
    STOP JUDGING PEOPLE! You aren't one to judge.

    Nobody is judging her kids. We're judging the kid's mother.

  38. 438

    Re: SuthrnCumfrt – SuthrnCumfrt says – reply to this 27OMG! as a Democrat I can't fault her for that, there isn't shit to do in Alaska…except well drink and fuck, which we can see she has excelled in

    I ditto that!

  39. 439

    Re: Kate1988 – Oh my god you're an idiot. Getting knocked up at 17 is pretty fucking irresponsible if you ask me. I think its totally sick that all of you people can sit here and say "Who cares lots of people drink and get pregnant as teens." That may be true but that doesn't make it okay! Are you KIDDING ME?! Ya - it means she makes mistakes and like to have a good time. Well you know what? Its against the law to drink underage whether you think its okay or not. You and I may have drank underage but we deserved to be punished if we got caught because its illegal. Getting knocked up is just plain stupid. It must be nice for her that mommy and daddy are going to support her kid while she remains uneducated and unemployed. Not everyone has that luxury which is why Republicans shouldn't be endorsing teen pregnancy by upholding the "its ok - everyone does it" mentality.

  40. 440

    Re: rebak07 – rebak07 says – reply to this let's get real. how many ppl don't drink underage? and how bout yourself back in the day perez…

    I don't think Perez's mother is running for VP, is she?

  41. 441

    Thats not even her! This girl looks nothing like her!

  42. 442

    Re: Missy McGee – Missy McGee says – reply to this Perez, you asshole, leave the kids out of this…they did not ask for it. Plus, that's what most kids do in a small town.

    Perez didn't bring the kid into this, it was their mother who brought them into it.

  43. 443

    She's 17, give her a break.

  44. Wrenn says – reply to this


    This band of Clampetts hope to move into the VP mansion…GREAT JOB MCCAIN!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahhahah!!!!!!

  45. 445

    Re: A.H. – wow, a 17 yro who like to drink…shocking….

    you forgot to mention that she also loves to fuck.

    Mom with 5 kids? Like mother like daughter.

  46. 446

    Re: word – you hold these beliefs bc at 17 you probably were not invited to the popular parties and when the band camp or chess club did invite you their get togethers where spiked fruit punch was served you were given the wrong address as a joke. since your mom and dad drove u there and u hated having them see you humiliated in such a way by everone in your school including the nerds, you made a world of your own in your mind where no one drank or had sex and you were just like everyone. hey im just being honest. the fag who runs this site hates his life too so dont worry be happy.

  47. 447

    READ THE POST.."It seems like Bristol (OR SOMEONE WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE HER) is a big fan of the underaged drinking too!"

  48. 448

    Re: Kate1988 – so maybe the condom broke.

    Right wing fanatical pinheads don't use condoms. They're immoral.

  49. 449

    whatever, so many teenagers do the same thing. get over it & stfu. and how are people gonna call her a hoe when she got preggo with her effing boyfriend! dumbassesss..

  50. 450

    Oh for fucksake. You are getting ridiculous now Perez. What teenager hasn't been guilty of under age drinking? I'm sure you were guilty so for godsake stop picking and trying to destroy a normal family.

  51. 451

    Good lord…this is reaching pretty far…doesn't even look like her.

  52. 452

    You dumb fuckin' liberals will believe anything that the liberal ass media tells you. GET INFORMED IDIOTS!

  53. 453

    Re: Leader of the sheep – Obama's mom was expecting him in her 17's. Is she a slut too?

    Obama's mom's mother wasn't running for the 2nd highest office in the land, was she? You're missing the point. Palin is presenting herself as a traditional Christian mom and housewife. A hockey mom. So this are issues that we as constituents have a right to question of our leaders. Not saying that this one event disqualifies her but it does raise questions that need to be addressed.

  54. 454

    Sure the daughter supposedly says that she'll marry the father of the fetus. The question that comes to mind is it a shotgun wedding? And if it is whose reputation is at stake, mom or daughter? My personal opinion is that if my daughter got pregnant I would not force her into a wedding. This needs to be clarified.

  55. 455

    There is also the issue of troopergate that needs to be clarified. The abuse of power and using a public office to settle personal vendettas brings up a question of character and moral turpitude.

    There is the issue of Palin getting cited for fishing without a license. A petty misdameanor of course but it raises a question of character and disdain for the law. If she has disdain for a petty law like this what's her attitude towards violating more serious laws specially if it serves an agenda.

    In addition we need to know more on the backgroung of her spouse. Who is he? So far what we know is that he has a DUI. Was it an isolated incident or ongoing problem? If he got caught drinking and driving I'm sure it wasn't the first time just that he got caught that time. Does he have a chronic alcohol abuse problem?

    These are just some of the personal issues of character that we need to clarify.

    If McCain kicks the bucket in office I truly can't see this lady making decisions of national security and on other major national issues. I could see Hillary making those big calls.

    She alluded to continuing Hillary's supporters mission of getting a woman into one of the 2 top offices in the land but Ms> Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

  56. 456

    ok first off who cares what people do in there personal lives, first pic just cuz she is holding it doesn't make it her's. second pic she isn't holding it at all and 3 pic is just another pic, just cuz someone has a pic taken with some1 or something doesn't mean crap. lay off the people writing this shit in the news wonder what there families are like, bet they have teenage kids who drink do drugs and party hardy too, but no one is putting the spot light on der dumb ass. they are probably mad cuz der daughter isn't as hot as this chick here. what my kids do or don't do isn't a reflection on me; because every day from the day they were born i have tried to instill the values i was taught too; guess what when my parents werent' looking i let loose. but i am 39 and never did a drug, why because my parents talked to me and i listened, my brother on the other hand got the same lectures and he did.???? go figure

  57. 457

    As a lot have said, if you can't control what goes on under your own roof, how can you run a country? I look at her as she could possibly one day be the President….if she can't control her house, how can she control the White House??

  58. 458

    There is only one JUDGE! Everyone is entitled to their opinions…kids will be kids no matter what. You can raise them with knowing right from wrong…but in the end it is each individual’s choice to make when choosing which path in life they are going to take. She is not first or last young girl to drink or get pregnant. I agree when it was said that families should be set apart when it comes to Politics because no one is perfect.

    "John McCain 2008"

  59. 459

    You're a dueche Perez. Who hasn't partaken in the underage drinking? None of our parents were able to stop it, how do you expect this bitch to? Has it been that long for you that you've forgotten about being underage and doing illegal shit? What did your parents do to stop you? Did they even know? Hello you fucking moron!

  60. 460


    Were your parents able to control you? I can tell they weren't.

  61. 461

    Re: angeleyez – angeleyez says: "first pic just cuz she is holding it doesn't make it her's"
    Right, pictures don't mean anything. She was just posing for her friends but didn't really consume the alcohol. Kid's do that all the time just to have their pictures taken to look cool? Yep they borrow beer and whiskey bottles to pose for pictures then they give them back to their rightful owners.

  62. envu says – reply to this


    so that doesn't look like her at all! compare 2 pics people! and what 17 year old DOESN'T drink?!

  63. 463

    Thats not her!

  64. 464

    AndRe: Andy27 – Andy27 get a life and stop commenting on Perez all the time.

  65. 465

    Re: Kate1988 – - actually, you are wrong. ending up pregnant at age 17 IS irresponsible, it is NOT "just acting like a girl that likes to have a good time". that's actually the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. lmao

  66. 466

    Stupid little whores.

  67. 467

    Re: llllllllll – Yeah people are going to say omg Palins daughter does what the majority of teens do im not voting for her and McCain anymore. If they do, then they seriously need to enter the real world

  68. 468

    Perez you idiot, that's not Bristol, that's her friend Mercedes.

  69. 469

    Typical . She's a drunk and easy. That's how she got pregnant. The guy may not even be the father. I wonder what his parents think of their future daughter in law.

  70. 470

    That is not Palin's daughter…why don't you try getting some real pictures of this girl instead of someone saying its her.
    how about some resourceful places, like cnn.com? that girl, who we all know is Palin's daughter, looks nothing like the girl in your pictures. Why don't you check your resources…?

  71. 471

    Getting preggo at seventeen seems to be the new trend. hmm.

  72. 472

    i still love her mom
    and hmm thats not a big deal
    people upload these pics on facebook all the time
    i get her mom does want to run some what of the country
    shes just bieng a teen
    dude shes 17
    but idc i love her mom

  73. lei says – reply to this


    what does Sarah Palin's daughter being pregnant
    have ANYTHING to do with her ability to govern
    a country…
    because she can't control her own 17 year old daughter?
    There is no such thing as the best parents in the world,
    and no matter how much you do for your child,
    they are going to DO WHAT THEY WANT TO.
    I mean,
    what teenager doesn't drink
    at least once
    when they're under 21?
    Welcome to the sad age of the 21st century,
    Likewise for having sex before marriage…
    personal preferences.

    All I'm saying is
    as much of a Barack Obama fan that I am,
    people need to back off Palin's daughter
    and at least make educated attacks
    against her politics.

  74. 474

    Golly gosh, 17 and drinking!
    So what if she's drinking under 21? I know she's the potential vice president's daughter, but come on. I'm 17 (admittedly in the UK where drinking laws are not as stringent, and the drinking age is 18) but since the age of 15 I've been going to similar parties where alcohol has been involved.

    That girl could be in a hell of a lot worse a position. In all three pics (from different nights) she is pretty damn sober.

    She shouldn't have gotten pregnant at 17. But that doesn't make her a bad person, nor mean that she was drunk when the baby was concieved. She was in a long term relationship, so she's not been sleeping around, and she has a family who can support her. I'm assuming that you're allowed to have sex at 16 (like in the UK) so nothing illegal there, and in the UK you are *technically* allowed to drink before 18, but you can't legally be served alcohol. That in mind, this girl's done nothing illegal.

    For the record, I support Labour, which is the equivalent of Democrats. I'm not saying this because I support McCain or Palin, but I think to judge either of them by the choices of their families is wrong. Their families wont be the ones in control, they will, so by all means judge her policies harshly, but leave the 17 year old girl (who is probably in a difficult enough situation as it is, without the world on her back) to be.


  75. 475

    Thats too bad…. it doesn't matter who wins, US is screwed either way… the first time i get to vote for president and these are my choices Obama or McCain???? Might as well just keep Bush in there! ugh

  76. 476

    Who's teenage kid ain't drinking these days???
    The only reason you can't beat up on Obama's kids is because they are little girls.
    Keep bashing Palin, you will only make her stronger among the right… and they come out and vote. Obama followers just blog.

  77. 477

    Yea I like the Captain Morgan bottle they are obviously not holding on to. Nobody is perfect so leave the poor girl alone.

  78. 478

    I'm sure if you went to myspace, these type of pics would be on every 17 year-olds profile. she's not the first teenager to get drunk and/or knocked up. the only difference if her mom is running for V.P. this site is hardly known as a moral compass, so get off your high horse.

  79. 479


  80. 480

    she looks like joss stone

  81. 481

    well first of all thats not even her daughter. looks nothing LIKE her daughter. secondly, i think its stupid how people are jumping over sarah palin's parenting skills. so her 17 year old daughter is pregnant…that doesn't make a 17 year old girl a slut. lots of teenagers are having sex, and from my high school experience it was always the GUYS who pressured their girlfriends into having sex with them…and the girls went along b/c they didn't want him to break up with her, or b/c she thought she loved him. so why aren't the guys the whores? the girls are usually just going along with it for emotional reasons, not the purely physical ones the guys are wanting to fuck for.

  82. 482

    Yeah she's the only teenager whos been drinking. Why is all your blame landing on her mother? Girls got a father too.

  83. 483

    The fact that these pictures are still posted after it has been positively verified that the person in the photos is NOT Bristol Palin shows a complete lack of integrity on Perez Hilton's part. Why do you think no major news organization has touched these photos? TMZ has also removed them from their site.

  84. 484

    see i dont care what her daughter dose….BUT i think this shows that John McCain didnt do his homework

  85. 485

    Whew….I am so glad my mom didn't run for VP!!!! I think this is just typical of most teens. Most are going to try sex, and alcohol. No matter how "good" their parents are. My parents were great and I did.

  86. 486

    So what?! When I was 17 i sure was drinkin alot and hiding it from my parents! Under-age drinking is common these days..and was also at my time!

  87. 487

    Uhmmm…we're you an angel when you were 17? I know I wasn't. However, it doesn't mean my parents didn't try to teach me right from wrong……Wow….you certainly are holier than thou…..Is there anyone worthy enough to shine your halo? Like has been stated before…..Parent try to show their kids the right way and then at a point, you just have to hope that they make the right choice. She's made mistakes….show me one 17 year old that hasn't….

  88. 488

    I'm a proud Democrat, but I can't fault the mother on this one. This is a 17 year old girl and she is making her own decisions. She has to live with those decisions. Most parents do the best they can to teach their kids right from wrong. But at the end of the day, it's up to the kid.

  89. 489

    It's one thing for a teen to drink underage, but another thing when your mother/father is running for a political office and they're supposed to be setting the 'moral standard' for the rest of the country. She's doing a great job at fucking up her mom's campaign.

    I still think it's retarded when teenage mothers accidentally get pregnant and automatically shout out "We're getting married, so ha!". Divorce is coming her way, no doubt.

  90. 490

    OMG What teenager didnt tell there parents they were doing one thing when they were doing another!! what the hell does that have to do with her ability to be the VP of the country

  91. 491


  92. 492

    She can party with the Bush Girls on the campaign trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 493

    It's Alaska. All there is to do is drink and have sex

  94. 494

    thats not bristol?

  95. 495

    There are quite a few whisperings that Trig, being Bristol's despite the denials, is actually NOT a Down's Syndrome baby, but fetal alcohol instead.
    The child is probably too young to tell right now, but as the kid grows it will become very obvious, as FAS babies have very different features than Down's kids.

  96. 496


  97. 497

    Time to lay off the girl. How many 17 year olds get themselves in trouble with booze and sex?

  98. 498

    every teenager drinks…

    get over it

  99. 499

    ummmm…..that's not even bristol palin! what's up with that? it's only going to insight more gossip that isn't even warranted. you should double-check things like this before posting it and adding to the hell of this poor girl. i'm a democrat voting for obama, but i just think all this attention on bristol is uncalled for and unfair. i hope it doesn't backfire on our party and lose us the election. this is only going to make people feel sorry for them. someone needs to find out who this is, because bristol, it's not.

  100. 500

    who care?? everyone drinks even underaged kids get over ittttt! i dont see anyone trying to get shit on obama

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