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What Did Her Mom Do Wrong???

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Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter, Bristol, 17, has not only dropped out of high school because she's pregnant, but….

It seems like Bristol (or someone who looks just like her) is a big fan of the underaged drinking too!

Did John McCain know about this as well????

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581 comments to “What Did Her Mom Do Wrong???”

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  1. 501

    who the fuck doesn't drink underage? come on perez, move on

    & they live in ALASKA! what the hell else is there do to besides drink & fuck????

  2. 502

    plus thats not even her! horrible reporting perez. STICK TO HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP!!

  3. 503

    whatever who doesnt drink in highschool?

  4. 504

    This is dumb.
    That isn't even Bristol.
    I go to school with the girl in this picture. Ya'll are dumb. I live in Wasilla, Alaska. I go to school with all this kids, i've grown up with them. The girl in that picture is defiantly not Bristol.

  5. 505

    omg shes normal. wow. get over it. at least they dont pretend to be perfect like mrs. obama. stupid bitch,

  6. 506

    Oh and there's definatly more to do here then just drink. Before you start complaing about our state why don't you come visit?

  7. Minx says – reply to this


    Re: Lizzay.
    Post 506
    Who is it?

  8. 508

    Doing Obama's dirty work for him??? This crap is so pathetic. See TruthAccording To Tom.

  9. 509

    Though I HEART OBAMA…
    There are plenty of girls out there doing the same things at an earlier age.
    The majoity of kids are bad point blank.
    She is just dumb cause she takes pictures of it, thats what sets her apart and get her mama in some deep shit

  10. 510

    Ok so the kid is a idiot some kids are just garbage.

  11. 511




  12. Minx says – reply to this


    Google the name and go to www.cajunboy.tumblr.com/
    pics are there.

    OBAMA? BIDEN '08!!!

  13. 513

    leaveee sarah palins family life alone
    we know the only reason why their is so much sarah palin dirt on your site is not because there is dirt on her and not obama (by the way was off smoking cocain once i believe..and is friends with some guy who bombed us..) but because you are BIASED and don't like her.

  14. Minx says – reply to this


    Google the name and go to (www) dubya dubya dubya.cajunboy.tumblr.com/

    pics are there.

    OBAMA/ BIDEN '08!!!!

  15. 515

    Oh please. I was drunk and passed out on my kitchen floor when I was 13. And now I own a chain of clothing boutiques in San Diego living in a multi- million dollar house……everyone drinks when their young and the majority turn out fine….everyone needs to relax.

  16. 516

    SO remember almost every episode of The Hills when the crew woiuld go out and drink…before Lauren was 21?
    Didnt think so

  17. 517

    Re: Andy27 – Andy27 - You really are indeed a practicing Christian. You love those who are homophobic and those who spite on your "condition." You really need to work through your baggage. Once you let that go, you'd be able to see through Republican hypocrisy right away!!

  18. 518

    first of all you all need to step back and look at yourselves. how many of you were/are drinking underage? shes a kid- kids are gonna do whatever they want no matter how many positive examples the parents and other adults around them set. Parents can preach until theyre blue in the face, but kids are gonna be kids. nobody can deny that and shame on you if you think you're better than her. second of all- not many of you know much about sarah palin to begin with, besides what you hear on cnn and mtv. so how about you do a little research and actually take an active role in our political system and learn the facts before you make judgements?
    plus. its not good to be jealous. boys-you are jealous you'll never get her, and girls-youre jealous you could never be like her. let's take a look at ourselves and our faults before we judge others.

  19. Dubld says – reply to this


    Seriously… I don't want this chick in office if she can't keep after her own kids.
    If she does get elected for VP then there's always the upside of her doing a foreign aid gangbang to help feed all the starvin' children.

  20. 520

    Re: nicola123 – Haha, she looks a little diff as in she got a total face transplant upon becoming pregnant? Or she has total reconstructive surgery to every inch on her face to make her look like a different person?? Idiot, it's NOT HER. CLEARLY it's NOT HER. Google her.

  21. 521

    Like Mom, like daughter …


  22. 522

    THIS POST SHOULD BE PULLED. TMZ HAS TAKEN DOWN THE PICTURES after discovering the girl in the pictures is actually Mercede Johnston, Levi's sister who refers to Bristol Palin as her sister-in-law. Google Mercede Johnston and click on the second link down, Dominant Reality blog, and the first post is a picture of Mercede and Bristol SIDE BY SIDE before Mercede's 2008 prom. TAKE IT DOWN!!!

  23. 523

    she is shameless

    Go Obama! :]

  24. 524

    I love it. So much for those "family values", huh? Don't the republicans believe in abstinence before marriage? I bet NOW her mom wishes they had been handing out condoms in school! Hahaha!

  25. 525

    Surprise, surprise. She's a regular teenager. So what are you trying to say about my mom, you prick?

  26. 526

    that honestly does not look like her AT ALL… and I am not saying this because I like Palin, that is the exact opposite. The girl just doesn't look like Bristol.

    And even if it was, what 17 year old hasn't gotten drunk? I mean I know they exist, but it is far more normal to party at her age.

  27. 527


  28. 528

    you cant really blame the mom
    almost all teens start drinking in like
    grade 9
    no matter what there parents say

  29. 529

    She's a teenager, not a saint. How did your teenage actions affect your mother's job Perez? ??? not at all I would imagine, same here.

  30. 530

    This is not bristol… I know what she looks like and this is not her.. she also went to my school.

  31. 531

    what 17 year old doesn't drink in alaska or anywhere in the u.s. come on people. theres not much else to do.

  32. 532

    Doncha just love the moral children of the moralest of moral majoritiers? And I'm sure that in, say, 15 years, Baxter, or whatever the hell her name is, will also be spouting the "Just say Un-oh, no" schpiel in a very morally moral tone.

  33. 533

    Doncha just love the moral children of the moralest of moral majoritiers? And I'm sure that in, say, 15 years, Baxter, or whatever the hell her name is, will also be spouting the "Just say Un-oh, no" schpiel in a very morally moral tone.Re: Andy27

  34. 534

    Yup, Andy27, and I'm sure Obama and Biden have been trying to legislate THEIR so-called morality and religion all while they've been doing dasterdly immoral things like…uh…um….well, okay, I'm sure they MUST be immoral because you say so.

  35. 535

    everyone underage drinks, who should give a fuck that this girl does too??
    she's not the VP candidate….

    give her a break….

  36. 536

    I think it's great that libs are going after Palin's daughter like this. The American people are witnessing how low libs will go to smear and humiliate the daughter of the person they currently see as a threat. This is seen clearly for what is is: a dirty smear campaign.

  37. 537

    are you kidding? she's 17…. MOST 17 year olds are doing this. and this doesn't even reflect sarah palin at all. you can control your kids to a certain extent, but there has to be a point where you let them make their own decisions. and i cant believe oyu even posted this as a scandal or something. its nothing out of the ordinary.. and has nothing to do with how sarah palin would be as a VP.

  38. 538

    What did your mom do wrong that caused you to become a homosexual? See, by your logic, that is a reasonable question. Your answer, I'm assuming, is that it was your choice? Well, wasn't it Palin's daughter's choice to have sex outside of marriage? Yes, it was. The girl is old enough to make her own decisions. Thank God she's actually dealing with the situation by keeping the baby and not choosing the easy way out through abortion. That, is where you see her mom's influence. Good thing Palin is so anti-abortion that she made an impression on her daughter that abortion is not an option. Palin's daughter's personal life has nothing to do with how McCain/Palin will run this country. Stop bashing Palin and talk about the issues, not political smearings.

  39. 539

    She's a teenager, All teenagers screw up sometimes, LET'S GET OVER IT!
    I would like to see Obama's daughters in a couple years. They'll be growing up in the publics eye! Then we'll see who "needs parenting tips"
    Like I said, All teenagers fuck up at some point.
    Lord knows I have, My mother has, My father has Every teenager messes up.
    So, Let's stop focusing on everyone's family life and start focusing on who's gonna fix our fucking country, because WE NEED IT FIXED!
    I mean seriously, I'm sorry for the cursing, But come on. Like I said, We've all made mistakes. Let's leave the past in the past and keep moving forward.

  40. 540

    Re: Misses Small – Dude, I know right? He just offended millions of people's parents.

  41. 541

    Re: flobee – I'll explain it! It's called free will. You can instill as many morals into a child as you wish, but it is ultimately their decision whether or not to follow them.

  42. 542


    Or, at least correctly identify the girl as Mercede Johnston, Levi's sister!

    PH should be retracting these photos AND offering an apology, but I'm sure he won't. This is bordering on slander.

  43. 543

    I don't support McCain/Palin but this is really irresponsible on your part, Perez. That is so obviously not Bristol Palin when you look at any other legit picture of her. That girl made a bad decision and ended up pregnant but is anyone thinking about the fact that her baby may be suffering from the stress being inflicted? Stress can effect babies in utero and manifest in all kinds of negative ways. Sarah Palin is responsible for willingly subjecting her daughter to this media mess but people like you with such a large audience should be more responsible! She is a kid! Do you remember what it was like to be 17?? What a nightmare for this girl. You should hold yourself to higher standards when it comes to minors.

  44. 544


  45. 545

    Oh puhlease… like we don't have relatives, acquaintances with unexpected pregnancies and/or alcohol addictions. "He who is w/out sin, cast the first stone." PS ~ I'm not voting for McCain - just sayin'…

  46. 546

    Hmm wonder if she was pregnant while she was drinking the captain and having pictures taken of her with alcohol… Even if her mother wasn't on the conservative ticket for vp of the US, she was still the mayor/governors daughter. her mother can't even control her own family, much less the country when, yes WHEN, NOT if, McCain dies in the white house. She should stick to Alaska and trying 2 keep the liquor away from her daughter and her legs closed. That abstinence thing really works, doesn't it? R u sure she's not a democrat? Her daughters behavior sure seems like she is… Also seems like somebody has some abandonment/daddy/mommy issues. Daddy didn't like mommy being the mayor and mommy is too busy hunting and politicking to raise her own daughter with the moral values she preaches to others.

  47. 547

    Like underage drinking is even a big deal at all, I mean come on almost all teenagers drink underage at least a couple of times. Not to mention although I do dislike what Palin stands for I don't think we should be discussing her personal life, not to mention she's running for VICE President, shouldn't we be more concerned with McCain then with his vice Presidential pick?

  48. 548

    Re: akafaith

    Pez has no problems smearing Miley Cyrus, a 15 year old, as a slut. He has no problem humiliating Tina Chen. Why would he care that he's using misinformation to destroy a political opponent. I can't stand John McCain and I won't be voting for him but going after Sarah Palin's daughter in order to destroy Sarah Palin is total unethical bullshit.

    P.S. Did you know it was Michael Moore who originally started the rumor about Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome child being Bristol's secret child? That's how sick this all is. Rumors being reported as fact. The Mainstream media has no credibility.

  49. 549

    as for that stress comment, u can definitely blame that on the mom. She has 5 kids so she should know that her family would be under intense scrutiny and knowing her daughter is pregnant and accepting the nomination would be stress on the baby. It's not that hard to anticipate. She was so desperate for attention, she ignored her family's best interest so she could be famous because she couldn't be famous as Ms. Moose Alaska.

  50. lolli says – reply to this


    are these pics for real?!!! omg, lmao!!!!

  51. 551

    Re: Sundae_Rose – You're a dipshit. Quit spitting out what mommy and daddy say while watching FOX evening news, or what you read in those forwards from emails you get from your stupid conservative friends, and PAY ATTENTION. Did you even see ANY of the dnc? Do you even know what that is?! Probably not. It's terrifying that people like you are even given the right to vote.

  52. 552

    Where did your mother go wrong to raise such an evil vindictive prick like you? My guess is going ahead with the birth…full stop

  53. 553

    The truth? Have you no brain of your own?

  54. 554

    Says a girl lying spread out practically naked on the internet…good one

  55. 555

    Yes, again, it's not about Bristol or even the Palin family….

    how do the Repubs (esp. Palin herself) promote abstinence-only "sex education"…with a straight face now?!??!?!?

    When the OBVIOUS rejoinder would be "You mean like the kind Bristol Palin got, Senator/Governor/Congressman????"

  56. 556

    I think it might just scare people to know her family and herself is just like everyone else in America. I don't personally care for her but her family reminds me of people right down the street!

  57. 557

    Shloppy-ass SHHHHHLLLLUUUTTT, man! This bitch sucks ass!!! She should have some dignity instead of embarassing her dear, old-ass mother by being a pregnant pregnant drunken slit!!!!! Fookin Ho-ass!!!! Exclamaion marks are so in right now!!!

  58. 558


  59. 559

    Re: Way way radical feminist leftist
    EXACTLY !!!

    Quoting above: "how do the Repubs (esp. Palin herself) promote abstinence-only "sex education"…with a straight face now?!??!?!? "

    "When the OBVIOUS rejoinder would be "You mean like the kind Bristol Palin got, Senator/Governor/Congressman"

  60. 560

    Re: Miss_Diamond – you're a dipshit for thinking Obama is going to win president.

    How does your kool-aid taste?

  61. 561

    What's wrong with her Mom? I think the only thing she did wrong was open her legs in the first place. It's not her fault if her daughter want's to be the poster child for abstinence or fetal alcohol syndrome or both. Anyway, yeah I mean Isn't that what all the "hip" 17 year olds do now-a-days, look ghetto, get drunk off Captain Morgan's, fornicate, and then post it on the web? They need to get a little Captain in them alright, Captain of the Good Ship Lollipop. Looks like the generation they'll create is set to be no better what, with imbibed brain damage.

    I love Obama!

  62. Midna says – reply to this


    guys not everyone likes to drink like most of you, so NO, not every underage kid is doing stupid stuff like this bristol skank. I know anyone can make a mistake but when your mom is an homophobic and what not, well that's makes you a hypocrite.

  63. 563

    mccain sarah r the winnerz

  64. 564

    Gotta hate the gang signs…

  65. 565

    okay so 17 year olds drinking? yeahh its not that uncommon, but i just pray to god that she wasn't pregnant at this time.

  66. 566

    those aren't pictures of bristol, that's levi's little sister!!

  67. 567

    That's not Bristol…

  68. amfyo says – reply to this


    Almost all teenagers drink….

    all this bullshit surrounding sarah palin and family is ridiculous. why should we care about her family instead of the real issues that matter, like, hmm…. idk…… Politics, perhaps?

  69. 569

    HOLLY SHIT SHE'S 17 AND PARTIES?! In no way does she represent half of the teenage girls in this country. Why would you want a vice president who's self and family represents such a large demographic?

  70. 570

    Ahahahah wtf it's not even her! Google a picture of her. Just because they're tan brunettes doesn't mean they're the same people.

  71. 571

    Re: Miss_Diamond
    Same goes for you…where do you get your information? CNN and you're liberal parents? I don't associate with the Republican nor Democratic party, but I take offense when people like you act all high and mighty like that. It's terrifying that people like you are so RUDE and won't even keep an open mind! Just because you educated yourself on politics and wear an I Love Obama pin doesn't mean what you know is gold.

  72. 572

    Barack Obama's mother was 18 when he was born.

  73. 573

    Let's just hope that she can be responsible enough to sober up during the pregnancy… :/

  74. 574

    alright first off that is not bristol palin, cosidering the fact that i am friends with two of sara palins kids Track and Bristol and the girl in the photo is actully Mercede Johnston three and bristol is not anywhere in these photos so all of u are dumbass cause u cant tell bristol from some one else go look at a picture of bristol and then look at these again and ull see they are differnt, oh and on top of that obama sucks asshole

  75. 575

    Re: yeahandwhat – ur a dipshit its not even bristol

  76. 576

    Re: MRS.RICKY MARTIN LOVER – its not bristol dumbass

  77. 577

    Re: rainbeaux – ur an ignorant dipshit cause thats not even bristol, and me personally knowing bristol she is far from a slut so dont talk shit about people u dont know especially if u cant pick bristol out of a picture.

  78. 578

    Re: llllllllll – LOLOLOL

  79. 579

    You do realize that's NOT Bristol but her boyfriend's sister right?

  80. 580

    You fucking moron, that doesn't look like Bristol at all. Seriously, am I the only one here who is aware of this? This girl looks NOTHING like Bristol, and no one could honestly make that mistake. This is just another shameless smear.

    And by the way douchebag, I saw your other post basically claiming that this wouldn't have happened if her mother had talked to her about sex. You have no idea what kind of protection she may have used, or what her mother told her. What you SHOULD know, is that no 17 year old is in the dark about birth control and condoms. But as I said, you don't know what precautions she took anyway. Hasn't anyone ever busted through a condom in your loose ass?

  81. 581

    how the fuck does this look anything like bristol?
    just shows how stupid you really are perez.
    what a joke.

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