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90210 Rules in the Ratings!

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So, how did the much-hyped premiere of 90210 do in the ratings????

It did pretty good. Very good, actually!

The new 90210 debuted Tuesday evening at 34% higher than everyone's fav, Gossip Girl did just the night befoe.

90210's premiere has become the highest rated debut for a scripted series that the CW has ever had.

The two hour premiere was viewed by over 4.9 million people and got a 2.6 rating among adults 18-40.

And that's great news for the CW as they've been depending on the success of the new show to secure their network's survival. Many industry insiders feared that if the show wasn't a hit, the network might not have another year to try again.

But let's hope the show continues doing well. If people don't tune in next week, that could signal big problems for the network.

Tim Brooks, a TV historian, says "I think it's probably excessive to pin the survival of a network on a single show, but unquestionably the re-launch of this well-known franchise is going to be inordinately important in bringing some heat back to the CW, and forestalling further erosion of their audience. Youth-oriented networks, more than anyone, need heat."

So, will U be watching episode two?

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147 comments to “90210 Rules in the Ratings!”

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  1. 1

    i didnt watch the first episode no obviously no, im not going to watch the second episode.

  2. 2

    I'm just hoping that in a bizarre twist of events, a Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, and Jason Priestly sex video leaks somewhere. Is that too much to ask for?

  3. 3

    It's certainly not the original.. but I'm sure it will be just as addicting. : ]

  4. 4

    It got such high ratings because there was nothing else on to watch. I loved 90210. This show blew. These kids don't look remotely high school aged. I'm so tired of the overly styled teenagers. The birthday girl looked 35.

    I won't be watching again.

  5. 5

    I tuned in last night just to check it out, but I wasn't happy with what I saw. I don't think I'll be going out of my way to watch it reularly. Maybe I'm older and it's just not that same, but last night's show was just not up to the par that I had hoped for.

  6. 6

    nope cuz thats show suckksss

  7. 7

    I like how these crackers have the token black guy in the middle. PS The show sucks hilton's choade!

  8. 8

    i liked it but i hope they take the whining down a notch… nothings a bigger put off than rich kids whining over minimal things…

  9. 9

    longevity is what matters….we'll see how it holds up

  10. 10

    POA's & MILF's who cares elsewise!

  11. 11

    Won't watch - it's pointless with these 1-dimensional idiot characters. Curiosity got them those ratings for the first show but once there is more competition (new shows on the other networks) there won't be those kind of ratings

  12. 12

    I am totally watching episode 2! Hello Brenda is still there!! lol but I will def give these kids a chance ..why not.. but gossip girl is def better writing as of now…we'll see what happens a few months from now when the shows been on for a few

  13. 13

    eh I might watch it next week if I have nothing better to do that night

  14. 14

    here are some of my reactions to the pilot:
    1) The midwestern family looked like they drove out of the driveway of their los angeles home, turned around and drove back in. there was nothing midwest about the family
    2) Okay, the blonde bitch character not only looks and sounds like elizabeth berkley, but they've even named her character NAOMI!
    3) Jessica Walter looks she wandered off the set of arrested development onto this show, playing a dumbed down version of the same tipsy character she inhabited on that show.
    4) that "Hollywood sign" anecdote could only have been written by someone who has never actually lived in los angeles. typically, with a tv pilot, a writer really needs to step up to the plate. i guess because 90210 is such a pre-sold label, they didn't feel the need to step up to anything but the toilet and shit this thing out.
    5) nelly furtado alert! mysterious vitamins alert!
    the only redeeming aspect of the show was the appearance of brenda and kelly, who easily and wonderfully inhabited their old roles. the room burst into applause every time these two appeared.
    p.s. i think cw stands for crap writing. or complete waste.

  15. 15

    I liked this show. But more or less for Kelly and Brenda. But I will watch it next week though.

  16. 16

    I'll watch again…there is hope…

  17. 17

    For Sure I will be watching and this next episode there BETTER be MORE Brenda Walsh (Shannen D.) and Kelly Taylor (Jeannie G.).

  18. 18

    I was pleasantly surprised - I will watch the next episode!

  19. 19

    Loved the show. Bringing Brenda back was the bomb. I knew that Mel Silver could not stop cheating.

  20. 20

    …dayam Perez. Did you really write this? It sounds positively intellectual. "I Believe You" when you say smart stuff.

  21. 21

    What a lame show. Such a letdown!! The highlight of the show was when Brenda and Kelly reunited. Otherwise, it will never hold a candle to the original. It doesn't even deserve to be called 90210!

  22. 22

    i thought the show was good. I was a fan of the first one, i pretty much grew up watching it. I think it's cool how they're incorporating some of the old characters & their children. I didn't think it was that bad & i'll be watching the second episode.

  23. 23

    im addicted.

  24. 24

    Re: harrybalsac – I know what a MILF is, but what's a POA? It my talk, that means Power Of Attorney.

  25. 25

    no i will not tuen in … was very dissapointed in 1st episode so io will not watch

  26. 26

    Re: Andy27 – It=In

  27. 27

    i set a series recording!
    Lucielle Bluth stole the show!

  28. 28

    loved ittt and especially loved how they had hannah zuckerman reading the news and the teacher said she looked like she was 30 and that erin silver is one of the characters!

  29. 29

    I am going to give it another chance. Kinda lost me hella between the hour marks… like wtf? When did he tell his wife he has another son? I never saw that and I was watching it the whole time.. maybe I was just 8) but yeah.. wtf.
    One more shot.

    Rating will go down DARASTICALLY next week.

  30. 30

    I'm hooked already!

  31. 31

    yes classic tv and todays problems add up to a great show. The acting was better than I thought it would be. Looking forwarded to that hour every week!

  32. 32

    With 99% of shows on now still being repeats, of course people watched, just to see something new.

  33. 33

    I wanted to comment but Jaqueline said it all. The b'day girl looked ancient and there literally was NOTHING else on!!!!!!

  34. 34

    I watched the first show and I doubt I will watch next week. Talk about bad acting!!! Oh My God! It was embarassing. Thank God for Shannon Doherty & Jennie Garth. The writing was contrived. The CW really needs to send those kids to acting school. What a Mess!

  35. 35

    It was a great pilot episode. A couple kinks to work out but all in all, it should have a loooong shelf life.

  36. 36

    i love it!

  37. 37

    so how do these ratings work?
    Ive never been polled or asked what Im watching…

  38. 38

    Hell Yea!!!!!

  39. 39

    I will no doubt be watching it next week!! At first I wasn't so sure about the "new" 90210 but after last night I have high hopes for the show. When the show came on last night and I heard the music to 90210 my stomach sort of turned. I was like, that just isn't right!! After watching for what seemed like forever, finally Brenda and Kelly were on together and it seemed a lil bit more like home… I think as long as they keep the "old" fans happy with bringing back some of the original cast members and take the story line where it should go then we will be happy! After bringing back a show that was such a HUGE hit and in so many of our lives for an entire decade they can't just go and screw it all up!! At least I hope they don't!! They will have to prove a lot to the old fans and bring in a whole group of new ones… Thats a pretty big task but can totally be done! Lets just hope they can bring it in the next few weeks…

  40. 40

    Re: Andy27 – yes, it's way too much..
    now, be a good little boy and stop it.

  41. 41

    HELLZ YEA i meen i never watched the original but this i defiently will be stuck n!

  42. 42

    no i wont … i saw the first hr of this one and fell asleep

  43. 43

    hell to da no im not watching it again

  44. 44

    they had WAY too much going on for 2 episodes!!!…i honestly didn't like it!!…i think they did good in the ratings because everybody wanted to see brenda and kelly!!…but this show sucks…i really hope it gets better!…i just can't stand the girl with the red hair!! she overacts A LOT… the only characters i liked were her brother and her hippie friend…she is cute

  45. 45

    Ok check it out as a 30 year old original fan of 90210. I have to say this is not going over well with me. First of all the whole NEW BRENDA. ( SUCKS ) She is way to sappy and weak. Her black brother that just lovessssssss to play LACROSE Please. Im black we dont really want to dominate that sport. You guys can keep it. Honestly this show would have worked soooooooooo much better with bringing back the old gang perios. Forget these young kids. Oh yeah GOSSIP GIRL IS MUCH BETTERRRRRRRRRRR

  46. 46

    Ok so I finally joined this site, since I LOVE the gossip but HATE when Perez gets off track and starts posting his obviously biased Mccain bashing….lets hope he gets over that soon and just sticks to the Gossip so he wont loose more viewers like myself!
    Now to more important things haha The New 90210 SUCKED!!! It was terrible writing and even more terrible casting. None of the people have any special spark to them, except maybe Naomi. The plot line was terrible and all these new girls are making me sick they are so cliche LA bitches..couldn't they find a nice normal looking cast that people can relate to. They tried way too hard to make it be oh so trendy and it ended up just looking silly, definitely wont be tuning into any more episodes.

    Ok I have to say this but what was up with Shannen Doherty's Teeth? Is she trying to reinvent the Madonna Gap???…which I should mention that as much as I love Madonna..she is so ignorant to call McCain Hitler..she should just go back to London since she has no respect for any Military who have sacrificed their lives for this country and Mccain is most certainly one of those people…If you don't want to vote for him fine..but at least respect what he did for this country and at the very least take time off from taking Steroids at the gym and read up on what Mccain did for You and everyone else who is lucky enough to call America Home!!!

  47. 47

    No to the hell…..HELL NO! Why do they keep doing remakes of movies and tv programs??? Why can't they do something new, fresh and exciting? I'm tired of remakes!!!! Enough already

  48. 48

    Re: Andy27 – Jason Preistly is too smart for that, unless he is taped secretly. My money would be on Brian Green and Megan Fox.

  49. 49

    the only reason it was that high is b/c we were all curious. it sucked, so im not watching it again. the numbers are gonna plummet next week b/c no one i know liked it.
    Gossip Girl is SO much better

  50. 50

    I didn't watch the whole episode from start to finish but I caught a snippet here and there. Just way to much stupid drama for a 1st episode and some of these kids aren't the best actors. It's also just a very akward mix of a cast. The CW needs some diversity not only in casting for it's show but diversity in what kinds of shows to put on the air. Out of Gossip Girls, Privleged, One Tree Hill, and 90210 there's not much that sets these shows apart. In such a flooded market there's not enough audience for all these shows.

  51. 51

    I will DEFINITELY be watching next week… I thought the show was really good… And besides, Kelly & Silver's mom Jackie is going to be on next week in all her drunken glory!! :)

  52. 52

    loved the orginal, love Gossip Girls….will I watch 90210 "the New Generation" again…..I think not boring and predictable zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  53. 53

    It ruled in the ratings, because it was so overhyped. Every time I turned on the tv the last two weeks, there was the the 90210 music and a few clips of the pilot. Every five minutes this show was advertised on tv. It annoyed me, more than got me interested.

    I didn't watch the first episode, and I won't watch the second, and we'll see how the show does long-term, although people seem to love such empty characters as those of this show.

  54. Mich says – reply to this


    I will definitely watch….even if it is just to see more Kelly and Brenda…I loved the original so Im gonna give this one a shot

  55. 55

    Same old storylines…where can they possibly go with this show that hasn't already done….Scratch that, reverse it. Oh fuck you know what I mean

  56. drrtx says – reply to this


    so..i'm not sure yet..i expected something else. it wasn't very good..i didn't like what they did whit brenda's character..it felt it was there just to have shannen for ratings..i wanted more for her or at least to have some big entrance…hope ep3 will be better

  57. 57

    they played the first and second episode last night, so don't you mean "will u be watching episode three"????

  58. kL 82 says – reply to this


    I think I'm more into it because of the hype and idea of seeing Brenda and Kelly together again than anything else. I'll watch it next week…. just to see how everything pans out. Whatever, I'm still like a 13 year old girl at heart.

  59. 59

    I liked it, it was a good show. I thought Gossip Girl was better though. I wish this new 90210 would bring back more characters from the old 90210. maybe with the ratings doing so well they can afford to shell out the $$$ to get more of the old cast back. The real test will be when ALL of the fall shows (new and old) start back up…. we'll see how 90210 maintains. thank god for dvr lol

  60. 60

    Hell yeah! I loved the original and I love the new 90210. I'm a die hard.

  61. 61

    Hell ys I'll watch it, but I wish some of the girls weren't so skinny. Annie has the body of a 12 year-old boy! No curves except for her boobs!

  62. Lene says – reply to this


    BRENDA! BRENDA! BRENDA! Shannen fuckin' rocks.
    Next: A CHARMED Spin off! :D

    I love Annie and Ethan together already.

    Overall though, good episode. TO MANY CHARACTERS to keep up with though.

  63. 63

    I wont be watching ever again. I wasted 20 mins on this show and was bored stupid!

  64. 64

    Definitely! I lovvvvveeeddddd itttt

  65. 65

    LOOOOOOVVVEEED THE SHOW!!!!! Ok did any one get the Andrea Zuckerman comment??? It was at the 4 min mark. Luvs that they have her "daughter" on the show and Lovs that they have Silver!!! Brenda needs to stay FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66

    The show was okay, but I wanted to strangle that main girl Annie. That chick overacts WAY too much. When she was singing and dancing in the play try-out, my skin crawled for her. Tone it DOWN - way down with the irksome overdone facial ticks. Can't the director shout out overzealous here and there to her?! Everyone else played status quo. Except the 90210 / Melrose oldies - Kelly, Brenda and the new principal ROCKED -so did Rob Estes mom - she was classic. They better get better writers and a director who can control Annie or the show will tank. Don't EF this up!!!!

  67. 67

    BTW - why the EF isn't Rob Estes in the promo picture!??!!? HUGE GAF. HUGE.

  68. 68

    I'll watch it if they show more of the old cast. Screw the new kids.

  69. 69

    i liked it???

  70. 70

    I absolutely loved it!!! The original 90210 is my fave show of all time, with SATC and Sopranos coming in to a close 2nd and 3rd. No, it wasn't as good as the original, but I definitely have my DVR set to record and keep the entire season. Yay for next week…and poor little Ethan.

  71. 71

    I watched it and thought it blew big time. It was so boring. Nothing happened. It was like watching paint dry. I also didn't like the degrassi girl's performance. She didn't fit well in the role in my opinion. I think Gossip Girl is a million and one times better then the new 90210. But who knows, maybe it will eventually get better. I'll watch next week to see.

  72. 72

    it was ok

  73. 73

    It was so terrible. I mean they couldn't have ripped-off so many things from Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, South of Nowhere and 7th Heaven. It was pretty much all those shows recycled into this one with a couple of lame scandals like the guy cheating on the girl and quite predictably falling for the new one, and the dad having a child with the mean girl's mom. Seriously Horrible.

  74. 74

    I thought it was good, they need more Brenda and Kelly!! Def tuning in for episode 2

  75. 75

    Ok the show was better than I expected but the cast…hmmm
    they can do a little better….all of the girls are stick thin…how is an average teenager suppose to relate to them? I mean please networks wake up! If the CW is looking for some hearthrobs on no none in this bunch.

    I love the grandmother she's hilarious. Lori (whatever her last name is) needs to go..she's got no business being there and doesn't fit into the cast well. I'm still a Gossip Girl fan until 90210 part 2 gets it together.

  76. 76

    A few gripes… not enough Brenda! Bitch had us waiting til an hour and a half IN! That main character, Annie or whatever is waaaay too thin. It's sickly. And while we are at it, so is Silver.

    Too many gawddamn characters I couldn't keep up. And that part where Annie auditioned for the school musical was very High School Musical-esque. LAME! It's like they were dipping in ever teenage driven cliche ever invented. The whole plot line that Silver would be like Perez Hilton blogging about her classmates is LUDICROUS. Bitch wouldn't have survived a minute in my school!!!

    Oh man, I could go on and on. Sinking ship… sinking fast.

  77. 77

    I hope it is better than the original.

  78. Lety says – reply to this


    I hate the CW for not letting Girlfriends have a series finale. Hope they tank now!

  79. 79

    Heck yeah I will be watching episode 2. Was this the best show ever , no, but it did capture the old 90210 and update it. The grandma is frigging hilarious, Naomi has a lot of growing up to do (especially with those enabling parents of hers), Aniie & Dxon too cute trying to make friends and still be level headed, and WAHOOOOOO BRENDA & KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 80

    I like Brenda always have.

  81. 81

    I think everyone is being pretty ignorant. Lol I highly doubt when the writer started writing episodes for the new 90210 that he wanted it to be exactly like the old one. If that's what you want then get the DVDs and watch the original. Now i'm not saying its better, because no one will ever beat Dylan :) but I still liked it a lot and will watch it again! The Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez character was priceless. And I like how Erin is in it! The girl that plays her is gorgeous. And they ALL look like they are in highschool. I dont see how you can think Naomi looks 35

  82. 82

    Can't wait to see the numbers plummet. It was all curiousity. It was way too much drama way too soon and very "forced". The actors - while attractive, some were just TOO "dreamy"…it was all so cheesy. No I won't be watching.

  83. 83

    Shannon looked bad…needs to tone her arms and tame her horse teeth. The new characters are a bit much…Annie is annierexic and the druggie/purse stealer is so lame. Naomi is just gorgeous but looks much older than a high school student…and her nostrils were FLARING when she went to slap her boyfriend…that was priceless!

  84. 84

    i'll be tuning into the next episode only because there's not much else on t.v. to watch (i miss the olympics already). 90210 is probably the second best scripted show behind The Hills.

    P.S. will someone please feed the 2 brunettes on the show….i could barely concentrate on the dialogue because i was too busy staring at their bones…

  85. D-Bag says – reply to this


    They need to kiss Shannen and Jennie's asses for those numbers.

  86. 86

    i was happy with it and will be watching the second and third and so on (its not the original but it was good for me, i wasnt even born when the first one came out)

  87. 87

    Without drama it'd be boring! I personally love when a show is packed with Drama. That is the point of TV. and I LOVE the CW. They play the best shows. One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl..now this. LOVES it.

  88. Alien says – reply to this


    You bettcha!! I loved it way back then and I look forward to it again! They need Dylan, Donna and David to come back too.

  89. 89


  90. 90

    brandon and kelly having a kid together wow, and bringing erin silver and hannah zuckerman helps bring the old show to connect with the new show, now all they have to do is bring donna back and david and have them have a kid and it will be great! BRING TORI SPELLING BACK!!

  91. 91

    well its actually episode 3! and YES i will watch it! i loooove it! i hate the haters! believe me, the girls and boys at that age REALLY do behave that way.. girls look older than they are nowadays.. its just the way it is..

  92. 92


  93. 93

    I think it's important to note how the writers to tried to reconcile the old show with the new one, which I think they owe to to the original to do so. As for the the new characters and plot lines…LOVE IT! It's exactly what it needs to be, bitchy, cute clothes, cute boys, a good bitch slap (that slap is on of the best I have seen since the days of Joan and Linda on Dynasty)

  94. delta says – reply to this


    Re: Jacqueline Hyde – I agree that the "sweet 16" girl looked will over 20……

  95. 95

    I've got it set next week on Tivo!
    *****90210 will be shown again on Thurs. for everyone who missed it!!*****

  96. 96

    ******ONCE AGAIN, 90210 WILL BE SHOWN AGAIN ON THURS!!*******

  97. 97

    Re: provfun@hotmail.com
    and they are supposed to be from wichita, kansas and I can tell you that nobody plays lacrosse there

  98. evey says – reply to this


    I am unlikely to continue watching. It is way too predictable and so cliche. Gossip Girl will remain my only guilty pleasure.

  99. evey says – reply to this


    Oh furthermore, I can't force myself to watch a show with Tristan Wilds playing the adopted, Fred Perry-wearing black child of a white couple after he delivered such a memorable and mature performance as Michael on "The Wire." Of course, this is a conflict that not a lot of people, if any, will be having because the audiences of the the shows would probably never overlap.

  100. 100

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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