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90210 Rules in the Ratings!

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So, how did the much-hyped premiere of 90210 do in the ratings????

It did pretty good. Very good, actually!

The new 90210 debuted Tuesday evening at 34% higher than everyone's fav, Gossip Girl did just the night befoe.

90210's premiere has become the highest rated debut for a scripted series that the CW has ever had.

The two hour premiere was viewed by over 4.9 million people and got a 2.6 rating among adults 18-40.

And that's great news for the CW as they've been depending on the success of the new show to secure their network's survival. Many industry insiders feared that if the show wasn't a hit, the network might not have another year to try again.

But let's hope the show continues doing well. If people don't tune in next week, that could signal big problems for the network.

Tim Brooks, a TV historian, says "I think it's probably excessive to pin the survival of a network on a single show, but unquestionably the re-launch of this well-known franchise is going to be inordinately important in bringing some heat back to the CW, and forestalling further erosion of their audience. Youth-oriented networks, more than anyone, need heat."

So, will U be watching episode two?

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147 comments to “90210 Rules in the Ratings!”

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  1. 101

    love, love, loved it!! can\t wait til next week!!

  2. 102

    The shows alright, i think gossip girl is way better.ill probably watch it next week since its already set to record on my tivo.

  3. 103

    me and my boyfriend watched it and LOVED IT! this will now be our weekly drama filled show! LOVEDDDDD IT! definetly gonna watch next week and the weeks to come..its only just begun people and the claws have already come out!

  4. 104

    p.s. they make naomi look like an old hag…she definetly doesnt look 16

  5. 105

    I watched the original Beverly Hills 90210 from the premier in 1990 until the very end. I did not think the new 90210 would be any good. I watched the premier last night and I was amazed. It was beyond great. The fact that they had some of the original characters (ie, Kelly, Nat…and omg BRENDA…that was crazy to see). They also had Hanna Zuckerman…which was the baby that Andrea and her husband had in the original series….she was in high school in the new one. Then Erin Silver…which was a toddler when the original series ended…..Kelly and David's little half sister (of course they are different people playing the part…but you would not know the story behind them unless you watched the original series. The weird thing is how much older the original characters are now…they still look great…but it's weird. I just hope some more original characters come back to the show…at least for a cameo.

  6. 106


    Better than the original.

  7. 107

    Ummm, i turned it off after about 40 minutes. Lame. Boring. Did NOT keep my interest at ALL! Maybe Im too old for it but I remember the original show and it is not at all comparable.

  8. 108

    I wanted to hate it.. but I liked it a lot! It's a ton of fun.

  9. 109

    I don't think this show is going to hold up for people who loved the original. It just isn't the same and they are focusing more on the kid characters while the adults are far more interesting. Maybe i have just seen too many teen dramas, but this show was very predictable and totally lacking in original characters and storylines.

  10. 110

    I will be back next week, The show was a tad heavy on the cheese but i am going to give it a chance. Seems very ironic, Beverly Hills 90210 is what put Fox on the map and saved that network in 1990. Maybe 90210 will do the same for CW.

  11. 111

    I watched it.. but they lost me during the 2nd hour.. It is not as good as the original, and I doubt it could ever be as good as the original once was.

    And I agree with the earlier comments about the actresses looking TOO old. They look to be in their 30s and not in their teens.

  12. 112

    I actually liked the first episode…so I will be watching the next ep for sure!

  13. 113

    lovesss it. Thought it was great besides 3 things… 1) the main girl sucks - she needs some edge, 2) Naomi needs to be more like her character from Nip/Tuck, and 3) it is completly unlikely that the one black kid in the whole zip code ends up being a blaxer.. that never happens.

  14. 114

    I have to agree with everyone else here! not trying to be ugly in anyway but this totally sucked!! they only had my attention for about 5 minutes and I turned the channell to that dumb show wipeout on ABC!! and actually sat through it for 55 minutes longer than I could tolerate 90210 for 5 minutes! all in all they need to let bye gones be bye gones and cancel the show and lets just all watch great re-runs of the 90210 we all use to love with the original characters! I would have to say CW is gone!!! because as many people who have commented on perezhilton alone saying how terrible it was! next week no one will tune in hardly! it was just terrible acting to sit through it for 2 damn hours! good lord i feel like the CW owes me my 5 minutes back! unfortunantly i can never get those minutes back EVER!

  15. 115

    what a pile of shit. 902-whatever….. next week the show will get hald the ratings. It blew!

  16. 116

    Am I the only one wondering why Annie has a black brother?

  17. 117

    As long as they keep the originals in there I will be watching. I would HATE to go through the pissed-off'edness of them sending Brenda Walsh off again. I watched some of the marathon on Soapnet Monday and was so into it. They needs to be giving Brenda some good lines. If anyone who saw the originals remembers when she first saw Dylan & Kelly making out in the restaurant while she was out with Superman. Her line was awesome; "Kelly, if you're trying to shed your bimbo image, this really isn't helping." Kelly said something back and Brenda responded with "Well, I was taught that if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck . . . . " Brenda is the best bitch EVER! I would write it to be where everyone assumes Brandon is Kelly's son's father. Dylan somehow returns to town and he and Brenda start getting close again only to find out that Sammy is really Dylan's. That would open it all back up again for my girl to stir up the shit!

  18. 118

    well the show was horrible, one dimensional characters, and it was typical and very, very predictable! i think the bday chick looks 35 and i mean annie looks super young, well she is 15 in the show, so i take that back, the black guy still has his (the wire) new jersey accent!!!!! and i mean there was so much drama pushed into the 1st two wpisodes its too much to hold on too!!

    the rating did well because the promotion! they put alltheyre money into this show! and i doubt it will last! i cnat imagins aying 6 monthjs from now, oh are you gonna go watch 90210! the chick who stole the purse, i mean come on, they need to allow the show to un ravelle not just dump all the crap into our laps, casting could have been better! i mean i dont watch gossip girl but atleast theyre casting and writers are deserving of the money they make!

    boo 90210!!
    pls ere cast
    re write
    slow down!!! and i mean this is a new show, this is not jenny's or shannon's show!period point blank, and being so many people want to see them the studio may focsu more on them , and then you loose the youner viewers because they arent and were not fans of the original! so if you want to see more of them you need to buy thr old dvd's !!! simple!!!!

    and thass that, if i have nuthyn else to do then ill watch , if im buzi!!! i wnt be tuning in!!

  19. 119

    Re: Paulinasaurus

    yes you are because hes adopted
    that much weas said so much thruout the shw, im sorry u didnt catch on !!!

  20. 120

    sure why not……. ;)

  21. 121

    I was such a HUGE Fan of the Origional 90210 I Will For sure be watching Next week. I Really Loved Seeing Kelly and Brenda, and Erin Silver. Nat. I did like the new "kids" But I hope for the old Peoples sakes that they keep bringing back some of the old characters a little each episode. I'd LOVE to see DYLAN and Brandon. Oh Did you catch that Andrea's daughter was the one doing the morning news? I wonder if she'll be used as a main character?
    I don't really care about what anyone else says I loved the first one and I'm sure I will love this one too. It's kinda like doing a reunion show without the cheesiness of a reunion show. We get to see what happened to the old WBH Characters without it being like at thier 20 year reunion. I liked the show and I will be watching next week.

  22. 122

    ok so, i just watched the 2 hour premier, i didn't think it was that great. it may get better who knows… it wasn't BAD but i definately think gossip girl is better. That may be because i'm a east coast boy and i don't really connect well with the west coast. but gossip girl is definately in my opinion better. More people need to watch!

  23. 123

    lame ass show……..

  24. 124

    i would watch again if any of those girls looked like they weighed more than 80 pounds, EW.

  25. 125

    Okay, This is my new guilty pleasure- I loved it and will most definately be tuning in next week…And every week!

  26. 126

    I liked it and will watch it again because I want to love it. I love having a weekly must see show! Okay, I agree with everyone who wants the original cast members to appear on the show. But I want them to be regulars. I really , really hope the network can pull that off. It would be like two hits in one and the audience would be HUGE. I also agree that they could have done a show about the original cast of characters alone. That would have been, and still could be, great for all Beverly Hills 90210 fans. Either one, but at least one of the above, please. Handle it.

  27. 127

    loved it.

  28. 128

    I don't really know how to say this so I'll just say it like this…at some level it bugs me that the show blatantly went out of its way to diversify the cast. It seemed gratuitous. A little too politically correct for me. I'm not impressed with the casting as I was looking forward to seeing a cast that looked visually similar to the old cast but just not with the 90s look. It was not predictable enough. I loved the old one and I want the new one to be more like the old one only modernized. But like I said, I will watch it again, and I hope regularly.

  29. 129

    It's no Gossip Girl, but I liked it cause I grew up on the original. Jennie and Shannen need more scenes. The casting of the girls was great! Aaron Spelling would be pleased, but the casting of the guys was horrible. I sure don't see a Jason Priestley or Luke Perry "teenage heart-throb" breakout star in any of them. Especially the token black guy. He's a waste of a character, and not even good-looking. I just think it's funny that the two best looking guys are The adults…Rob Estes and Mr. Matthews! So far my favorite character is the grandma….oh…and Lori Loughlin looked smokin HOTTTT!!!! She's prettier than her daughter.

  30. 130

    Nothing is as good as the original ! but I actually liked this :)

  31. 131

    I was a big BH90210 fan in the 90's and I must say I was very disappointed in the new 90210. The "Annie" character Grimes and the "Silver" character look anorexic. Disgustingly so! Their heads look huge on their little 9 year old bodies. This is what our kids watch on TV and they think these girls are the norm. It was awesome to see Shannen Daugherty and Jenny Garth back together again. I'd rather see the whole original cast back with just them again. Rather them than this new cast. Bad acting too!

  32. 132


  33. 133

    I don't know I thought it was really good.

  34. 134

    I loved the SILVER character her body was amazing!! Annie has a hot body too. So the girl characters where cool - I do think Silver could have been Naomi the spoiled rich popular one.
    The guys where not as cute, the teacher w the cutie.

    IDk I live on the east coast NJ with surfer style here too but I still prefer California shows over Manhattan even though I'm an hour from Manhatten (gossip girl).

    I enjoyed the show and will tune in next week! I am curious as to why she had to steal the 200$….

  35. 135

    yes, I'm going to watch it, but not necessarily because I liked it so much, but more because there aren't yet as many interesting shows yet- the more important ones haven't begun yet. :(

  36. 136

    i wanted to watch the first episode, but i missed it!
    it made me sad.

  37. 137

    Poor token Black guy. The original series didn't have ANY black people(which is why most of us didn't really watch it) and it would have been nice to see some other races too…maybe and Asian or Hispanic..Indian. I don't know…just seems a little Eurocentric and shallow to show an audience that is made up of many different beautiful people only one kind of look. Poor Black guy…doesn't even know he's a pawn…just grateful to even get a job acting…

  38. 138

    OH yes. I thought the show was REALLY good.

  39. 139

    Re: Narcissus

    DURR! That's because black people didn't live in Beverly Hills back then!

  40. 140

    i think it got so many views just cuz people wanted to see if it was good or not. Everyone i know hated it and though it SUCKED. WE definetly wont be watching it again. GO GOSSIP GIRL!!!

  41. coryy says – reply to this


    you guys are mostly are all bitching haters.
    you probably went into it wanting to hate it, so you did.
    i feel as if the casting was almost refection (naomi does look older).
    i'll definitely watch episode 2, & probably the one after that.
    the show is catchy, and you can't just judge the writing of the script on the 1st episode. KEEP AN OPEN MIND! xDD

  42. 142

    The only interesting part were Brenda & Kelly. They should just do 30-Something with the old cast and see what happens.

    It wasn't even 90210. It was a rip-off of the oddly shot South of Nowhere. The chick who played little Annie was on the network that aired South.

  43. 143

    it was a good show
    im watchin it (:

  44. 144

    Re: MiloBeloved – Ummm…white people don't really live in Bev Hills dumb ass…it's always been mostly Jews and Persians. Sooo Ummmm…shut the fuck up :)

  45. 145

    Re: MiloBeloved – yah they did stupid

  46. E59th says – reply to this


    It's not really fair to expect 90210 to be a copy of BH 90210. Times change, and so does a series that is set 18 years after the original. It was very nice to see Brenda and Kelly (Kelly as a settled down, single mom who has her shit together was great, who is her baby daddy?). Furthermore I liked that the parents have been given story lines, too. Let's face it, Jim and Cindy were ugly, uninteresting farts. Is it just me, or am I the only one who wants to sleep around with that principal guy? Lori Loughlin is still very pretty after all those years!

  47. 147

    im so pathtetic i watched the two hour speacail on tues and again on thursday

    lmao "are u breakin gup with me?" No. "im breaking up with us"

    thats my fav :)

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