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It's Called Karma

| Filed under: Sarah Palin


Earlier this year, John McCain's Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, slashed funding for programs that help support teen mothers in her state of Alaska.

Just sayin'!

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314 comments to “It's Called Karma”

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  1. 1

    Nice….She just gets better and better…..Wow…
    Obama/Biden '08!!!!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Good for her

  4. 4


  5. 5

    love it!

  6. 6

    well, Google it, girlfriends….

    Sarah Palin - A Note from Anne Kilkenny, 1 Sept 2008

  7. 7

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo irony follows her around it seems….

  8. 8

    seriously, Sarah is the farthest thing from Hilary. Why would they pick a candidate with these many issues and have her try and steal the women's votes from the democrats. Is there not a hole some republican women out there with more experience then Palin? Women will not vote for someone just because they are the same sex, especially when every women right that is up for debate she is against.

  9. 9

    Joe Biden once had a pair of boots made from the skin of a Chinese hooker that strangled with his bare hands after she failed to give him a "happy ending."

  10. 10

    This bitch is soooo stupid. The republicans are done..its all over for them. There is no chance in hell they will win. Even other republicans are going to vote for Obama.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Bla, bla, bla…no one cares. Eat my ass, Mario.

  13. 13

    i seriously hate her. she is not the women i want representing us. im so sick of closed-mindedness it is disgusting. we need to move forward, and putting mcpain-in-my-ass and her in the white house is a HUGE quantum leap backwards!!!

  14. 14

    they really need to leave bristol out of it.. shes probably going through enough

  15. 15

    We cannot allow McCain and this train wreck get elected! A few more years of republicans and we will all living out of our cars.

  16. 16

    Re: kittykittykitty – I read it…funny how the people that know her best are not even voting for her!!! That speaks volumes.

  17. 17

    Do kids really need sex-ed anyway? They probably know way more than the teachers anyways. Plus there's the internet if they have questions. With all the schools losing sports programs and different art classes, I think money can be better spent elsewhere.

  18. 18

    Oh Perez, constant dieting is making ou so cranky.

  19. 19

    Most pro-lifers do not support sex ed. Sex ed is not what kept me from getting pregnant as a teen… it was my mom and her talking to me. Obama/Biden all the way!!

  20. 20

    you might just stress the poor girl out enough to where she loses the baby don't you think she might just feel horrible enough…would that make you happy

  21. 21

    That is absolutely despicable! Perez you have no class… none at all


    The Palin family is amazing- stop trying to make it look like they are ashamed of the fact that she is pregnant! SARAH released the information first! it's not even like the story was "leaked"! She has put everything out there, and is proud of her daughter.
    Leave that little girl alone…. it's tasteless

  22. 22

    thats such a cheap shot to take….Im not amused at all…. YAWN

  23. 23

    Fucking Ultimate Kharma!!!!

  24. 24

    hahahahahaha the best!

  25. 25

    that is fucking great.

  26. 26

    i forget, am i on perezhilton.com or moveon.org?

  27. 27

    egh…what details of this did you leave out now Perez?? You seem to only report the pieces of info that make it seem soooo much worse than the actual truth…bias much?

  28. 28


  29. 29


    you're fat, uneducated, biased, and a complete dolt. you have no business abusing your click power to attempt to influence the vote.

    we get it, you're for obama. so am i, but you're annoying the piss out of 75% of your audience (just read the comments)

  30. 30

    If they make it so easy for kids to have kids…then that really won't help the issues will it??

  31. 31

    . . .

  32. 32

    i was watching CNN and they were debating over who is to blame in this case. Is it the moms fault or the daughters? Alot of people are saying it is not the moms fault and thats their opinion but what bugs me is that these are the same people who are always saying "where are the parents of these teens" when it comes to a case of a teenager doing drugs, or stealing, and even other teens getting preggers. some of these people blamed Jamie Lynn Spears mother for her getting pregnant but now with this case it is not the moms fault. they cant have it both ways either parents are responsible for their kids actions or they are not.

  33. 33


  34. 34


  35. 35

    That's hilarious! Good one Prezzers!

  36. 36

    Fuck sake, they're sinking their own ship. MNBC's running an Arisept (Alzheimer Rx) ad during GOP coverage…the actor's a McCain dead-ringer. Well done.

  37. 37

    you might just stress the poor girl out enough to where she loses the baby don't you think she might just feel horrible enough…would that make you happy

  38. 38

    Absolutely perfect!!

  39. 39

    Good for her! Why should teen mothers have extra support from the state because they are too stupid to use a condom?? It's not the state's fault or their responsibility.

  40. 40

    LMAO!!!!! Karma is a biatch!!!!!! Lol….u got that right u jusat saying!!!! Thats what she gets!! OBAMA 08

  41. 41

    LOL Perez you're a great asset to the Obama campaing! You shed light to all the garbage thats attached to voting republican!

  42. 42

    When my dad the 62 year old southern white small business owner who does not live paycheck to paycheck and dedicated Republican says McCain made a mistake, he did.

  43. 43

    Re: OBAMA 08 – for sheer comic relief, the GOP is hard to beat!

  44. 44

    This is LOW even for you Perez!! I'm done. Your site is no longer amusing to me at all. Did you not hear your Messiah when he said FAMILY IS OFF LIMITS!!! This is a 17 year old girl going through a hard time, and you put this shit up?! Do you have NO SHAME? Karma is a bitch, and your day will come when YOU are the butt of all jokes. Disgusting.

    TMZ is getting more and more amusing by the day!

  45. 45

    I have no issues with her having a pregnate teen daughter. That is the world we live in today, I do however have an issue with her pulling her daughter out of school for the last two months claiming she has mono. I dont think that sounds like someone who is supporting their daughter at all.

  46. 46

    thats why I dislike Republicans and their closed minded ways….they benefit the people who have money in this country…not the working people in this country that have to struggle to meet certain needs….of course she doesnt support programs for teen mothers…because unlike many in this country..Palin has the means to support 5 kids…plus a grandkid…unfortunately that doesnt apply to the great percetage of people who either live in poverty or are barely making it in this country…shes a woman and shes not thinking like one…women..teens need options and a chance… just like she claims that women should not have abortions and should give their unborn child a chance….if there are no programs then how can many of these teens get ahead…obviously they will opt for an abortion… If Palin is against abortion…then why not fund programs that will support these teens that do not have abortions?? she is contradicting herself… Need I say more??? OBAMA/BIDEN 08'

  47. 47

    This subject is beyond redundant. Who's next??!!

  48. 48

    fucking HILARIOUS. perez this is amazing hahahah

  49. 49


  50. 50

    Karma is a bitch! ;-)

  51. 51


  52. 52

    going to lunch be back in an hour!

  53. 53

    Re: gdeeaz
    I agree!

  54. 54

    I like it, it's filthy.

  55. 55

    Ugh. Teen pregnancy wouldn't be as big a problem if the government would realize what a big load of ineffective bullshit abstinence-only sex ed is.

    Fact: they'll have sex no matter what you tell them.

  56. 56

    It was "cut"…"slashed" nice word. It went from $5million to $3.9mil…wow, she really SLASHED their funds…anything else you want to throw into the mix??

  57. 57

    What is there… like 1 school in Alaska??

  58. 58

    Re: jaycie – AMEN!!!!

  59. 59

    Good Those little sluts need to keep their legs closed!

  60. 60

    Re: Daisha loves Perez – Hope you are not white! Obama family doesn't like the whities per Michelle! Let's get to the topics that Americans want resolved, not who's pregnant or who did what to who in the Oval office. I'm a Dem. but all this is the furthest thing on my voting ballot. Can't we leave family out of it and get the best person for the job in the damn White House. Seriously, if any of them had to live like the majority of us do, they couldn't handle it no matter what party they belong too, lol. I vote for Captin Kangaroo and Bozo the clown for vice! Now let's gossip about what's important, celebs!!!

  61. 61

    That's right!!! You've got to teach girls and boys not just how to be total sluts but responsible sluts!! LOL!! And be sure and promote the murder of their unborn sons or daughters!! Can't have any teenage pregnancies abound that prove that not even sex education will prevent unplanned pregnancies! LOL!!! Of course, you must never teach kids about absentance!! Absolutely NOT!! If more girls start saying no that will be one less slut for all of the male sluts to have sex with! What are some of these people thinking!! I mean what next?! Teaching kids that they can actually control their hormonal drives with their (GASP) BRAINS!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not that!! anything but that!!! No! WE must teach kids to behave like mindless, hormonally driven animals!!! NO common sense!! NO self control!!! Never!!! Not on my watch!!! LMAO!!!

  62. 62

    Do you people not realize you are on a blog? Perez isn't supposed to be a balanced news source. He is supposed to be giving his opinion on things. It's a BLOG!

  63. 63

    Bobby's Girl

    Perez is despicable??? Her mother is the one who is despicable. she is the one putting her own goals ahead of her daughter. if she weren't running for VP her daughter would not be in the spotlight, she would not have some of the most powerful people in the Country talking about her pregnancy and how it will affect her mother and McCain.

  64. 64

    Re: KayKay!!! – Yeah, because it's Perez that she's paying attention to… That is ridiculous. It'll be the all the NATIONAL attention that she is getting on FOX that will have the most effect on her. So blame the FOX people who support the Republicans if that happens.

  65. 65

    Of Course your "Just Saying"…it's so funny how you liberal democrats just loved the movie Juno and then turn around and attack this 17yr old girl. I'm sure you'd be oh so supportive if it was a democrats daughter. You are a hypocrite Perez…when we'll you open your eyes and see your hypocracy..you are what people call anoying liberal pieces of shit who don't practice what you preech.

    Instead of attatcking this 17yr old girl..why don't you be equal in your Political rantings and discuss how your beloved Obama purchased his real estate deal from a CONVICTED TERRORIST!! That is a Fact, but of course you would never mention that here would you. Even the national enquirer has more credibility than you Mario…you just take all your posts from your wacko liberal websites or you put up whatever TMZ just posted and then throw some cum shots on the picture and call it yours and original.

    Once again PLEASE STICK TO GOSSIP and Keep your Political Agenda to Yourself. You are digging yourself into a hole where no republicans will want to read your site and frankly I'm getting really annoyed and sick of it. I've been coming to your site for years, but you really need to get over it already, the Election is only a year and you're losing your dedicated readers for LIFE! Thats not very good for business is it??

  66. 66

    Becasue of that her daughter's pregnancy is NOT off-limits!!!

  67. 67

    The poor girl is just a metaphor for the hypocritical attitude of the Republican Party!
    Too bad she is in the middle of the shit, but who put her there? HER MOTHER!!!
    Don't blame the bloggers that realize this fact! It is just great that girls can give birth to more white babies anyway right? Fuck the dark ones on welfare! And don't ask for financial help after the baby is born! Hypocrites!!!!

  68. 68

    Re: Rtarara


  69. 69


  70. 70

    Re: Andy27 – you're faithful to the death aren't u? you asshole!

  71. 71


  72. coco says – reply to this


    It's not Bristol's fault it's her Mothers. If her mother would have talked to her and educated her on the good, the bad, and the ugly about Sexual Education and given her options like Condoms, Birth Control, The Morning after Pill, Abortion, Adoption, Abstinence , maybe she wouldn't be in this situation. If certain Republicans don't want to address the situation than this is what's going to happen. For a while Conservatives blamed the minority for Teenage Pregnancy but these days it's happening to all classes. HIV/ AIDS is still at it's highest every amongst White Heterosexual Males and Females, followed by Gay Men, and then Black and Hispanic Males. In the last 8 years no one has been talking about this.

  73. 73

    And the odds of her being dropped off the ticket just went up a few points on the international betting scene! I think it last happened in 1972, or around then. It's been a while, but it could happen again. And I seem to notice that I hear even more negatives from women than I do men. You can pick one or more of the many conclusions resonate from that. 'Ain't she tha spunkiest lil Maverick!'

  74. 74

    Re: jaycie – I agree, but let's not refer to Obama as the Meshia. Remeber Karma or if you know the Bible and the verse that talks about how a man will come and many will fall at his feet, but he will bring false prophet, lies and claim he is the son of God! Be careful people!!!

  75. 75

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” - Joe Biden

  76. 76

    …..you people laugh all you want…..
    ……….coz thiz pregnant girl and her mom………….
    ……………juzt turned me back 2/my rootz…Republican..lol
    mccain/sarahbaracuda….-08- winnerz…
    can't wait 4 obama 2 shit himself….hahaha

  77. 77

    No offense to any republicans out there, but this is the truth. John McCain picked from the bottom of the barrel. She's not fit to lead nor does she inspire confidence. All of her issues are coming to light by her choice. She talks about and her life is an open book. We have every right to nit pick considering she could be President if McCain kicks the bucket. We unfortunately have only 2 choices. Open your eyes and think for yourself. She is not VP material. And she's definitely not Presidential material. McCain did a piss poor job in choosing his sidekick. If they win, I will be scared. Say bye bye to your rights…

  78. 78

    Perez - I am SO PROUD of you !!!!
    There is an enormous difference between the 2000 election — and this one in 2008. And the pundits have correctly noted this is due to "The Internet"
    The DNC (Dem. national Committee) are not mud-slingers (believe me, I wish they were). The GOP (Repub. nat'l committee) usually behave like shrill moralists, all the while hiding their own actions under a rock.
    But . . . no more. For now, site like these and thousands of others ARE bringing ALL facts to light.
    Applause to you, Perez — for having the guts to tell it like it is.

  79. 79

    Re: gdeeaz
    Do you really think that Sarah would stay out of the spotlight because of her daughter? why would any parent put that on her child? Can you imagine Bristol's guilt if her mother decided not to step up and be there for the country because of her baby?! There is NO WAY that Sarah Palin would do that to her child- or her future grandchild!
    Why does everyone act like this is some "scandal'? the girl got pregnant- she is getting married—- tell me none of you have ever had friends that have done that?! I have a friend who did that! just because she is 1 year younger than Obama's mom doesn't make her any different from anyone else's situation! The difference between Bristol and Obama's mom– Bristol is marrying her boyfriend… when Obama's mom didn't.

  80. 80

    I don't think that using her daughter is ok… I dislike Palin for being Palin, we can't judge if she has a teenage preg daughter or if she has a down kid… that's none of our business.. what we can discuss about is the things she can bring to the table as a VP and so far none of her ideas or thoughts are of my like… I read on wikipedia about her and honestly she seems too uptight and too conservative, she totally ruined my vision of Mc Cain, he started to seem like an ideal candidate since Obama is a fame whore… too bad we don't have other options anymore… none of them make it for me.

  81. 81

    Re: G-Money – No programs?! REALLY?! I guess no one has bothered to educate some of you about all of the Pro-Life programs that do indeed support unwed mothers! They're around!! You might have to look them up in the phone book or on the Internet! I know of one out in CA that not only supports unwed teenage girls but houses them up to SIX months after the birth of their baby and teaches them job skills so they can go out and get a job in an office or something like that!! I'm not surprised though that not many people hear about them!! The drive-by media refuses to acknowledge these programs and the few times that they do they do everything they can to cast doubt over the "effectiveness" of these programs!! It's a shame that neither side puts more money into these programs but alas they fear it would "Encourage" more teen pregnancies! Which is a load of crap!!

  82. Reecy says – reply to this


    Yet more HYPOCRITICAL Repblican rhetoric! Are we really all that surprised??? By the way, let me ask all of you, is it REALLY BETTER to have this 17 year old girl pregnant and now being forced to get married than it would have been to just teach her about condoms?! Take note Right wing Christians; just telling your kids not to have sex isn't enough!!!!

  83. 83

    It is amazing how the possible election of a woman candidate could result in the loss of rights for all women.

    Obama/Biden '08!!!!!!

  84. 84

    Re: krazihottkelli/bitchygrl
    That is awesome!!!
    Welcome to the side where you are always "right"– haha!
    I, personally am sooo glad to have you!

  85. 85

    This woman is the definition of CUNT! She does not belong in any position of power. OBAMA 08!!

  86. Cutie says – reply to this


    PEREZ-Quit exploiting this issue for the sake of Obama's hopeful political gain! It is moronic and you are grossly ill-educated.

    You realize Obama's mother gave birth to him when she was 18? Obama also used cocaine?

    Palin and her family are amazing citizens and human beings, with a strong moral background and leadership principles. They are doing the right thing and many American families are relating to her. If anything, this is strengthening her base.

    You are an ideologue buffoon Perez.

    McCain/Palin 08

  87. 87

    Re: Trixie25

    Gee Trixie….or they could just give these people condoms from the get go and be done with it.

  88. 88

    What's funny is the number of people that get their news from sources like shithead's here. And, despite Osama bin Barrack saying "Family is off-limits.", the media continues with the follow-on stories to keep it in the public eye. That's called lettng the media do your dirty work. Hey…it worked for Kerry, didn't it? Oooops…wait…guess it didn't. So, good job, ya fat fatty. Keep it up. You may just be harpooning Osama's chances.

    And…good job. Not quite what Karma is. Fatty.

  89. Cutie says – reply to this


    Re: Cutie – BTW, your meritless celebrity gossip blog is proving to be that, meritless, based on the idiotic comments from the majority of your liberal, incoherent, ideologue readers.

  90. 90

    Re: ruffmama – Hey Ruff - why don't you just go crank out some more kids that you can't afford so my taxes can pay for them.

  91. 91

    I said it once and I'll say it again, McCain's campaign is like Bristol's hymen: BUSTED!

    Buuurrrrn. But seriously, I hope Palin re-considers what she's been preaching.

  92. 92

    Re: Nurse Allison – Kids only know more about sex because they are having it when they are too young. Girls are getting pregnant @ 14 and 15… They need to learn how to protect themselves! Some parent refuse to believe that their children would be having sex so young, so they don't think they need to have the talk with them.

  93. 93

    This is so stupid…who cares about her daughter being pregnant, all it took was a one-time good shot to get her knocked up. WHO IS GOING TO BRING OUR BOYS HOME SAFE????? Please…I'd rather have McCain…A PRISONER OF WAR, and a mother of a member of the forces heading to IRAQ…than some winner of a popularity contest like OBAMA. The more I read, the more I support McCain/Palin.

  94. Reecy says – reply to this


    Re: krazihottkelli/bitchygrl – I don't understand…A pregnant 17 year old "turned you back to your Republican roots"? Well hey, you said it, not us!! And what you said sums up your ridiculous party in a nutshell.

  95. Cutie says – reply to this


    can't wait to see Bill O'Reilly rip Obama to shreds on Thursday!!!

  96. 96

    I'm with you P

  97. 97

    side note:

    Don't forget Sarah Palin is a creationist - she feels all books on evolution (along with sex education) MUST be banned from schools.
    Do those of you who are currently supporting her really want this? Do you want to lose your right of what your beliefs are???? That's right - you belief in evolution would be BANNED.

  98. buck says – reply to this


    Re: G-Money – So what you are saying is the government should take care of our babies.

  99. 99

    And…if she was a democrat she would have got an abortion and all would be well? The fact of the matter is that it happened, and it wasn't the first of last time to happen…..I guarantee you that, at 17 with 4 younger siblings, she was very aware of sex, consequences and methods of prevention……GUARANTEED. Bristol and LEVI both made a mistake, somewhere along the way…as far as we know, as we do not know if they planned this or not. They will never forget this mistake, though, and be reminded of it the rest of their lives. It doesn't take away from the fact that it was their mistake, their choice and now they are taking the responsiblity for it. Kudos to them for doing that, and kudos to their families for supporting them.

    Palin, and many other politicians, try to do what they know is right…promoting the only truly safest sex, abstinence. This is a moral obligation for some, as any parent knows that it is best to refrain from such activity….and we really want our children to do so. To act as though Palin made a slip up in sex ed in public schools is absurd. There has actually been a 33% decrese in pregnancy in girls, age 15-19, in Alaska! That is the 3rd largest decrease in the nation, trailing California (39.6) and Vermont (38)!

  100. Cutie says – reply to this


    can't wait to see Bill O'Reilly rip Obama to shreds on Thursday!

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