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It's Called Karma

| Filed under: Sarah Palin


Earlier this year, John McCain's Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, slashed funding for programs that help support teen mothers in her state of Alaska.

Just sayin'!

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314 comments to “It's Called Karma”

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  1. 301

    why is it so horrible that Perez posts this? It's not like it's already out there anyways. If it offends you, then don't read it! gee, aren't people smart.

  2. 302

    Obama/Biden '08!!! Somebody forgot to enstill those values in their daughter before she got knocked up at 17 didn't they?!?!

  3. 303

    I don't mind you taking shots at Sarah Palin… she's an adult - fine. But Bristol should be off the radar. She doesn't need anymore stress now that she's pregnant!

  4. 304

    Of course people are going to talk about her, i mean Palin was the one who introduced the world to her family. She was actually dumb enough to let people into her personal life not to say the media wouldnt have found a way. but still, i watched Palin's speech today, and all she did was talk crap about Obama and his plans. uhh and i did not hear one word about what she wants to do. i was open enough to see what she wanted to say, but sadly there was not much to it. She did not impress me, and she sure did sound like an inexperienced hockey mom while speaking. btw, i could care less if she was on the PTA or whatever. see in the REAL world, mothers have to work for their family and do not have the time to join the PTA. Comparing herself to Obama was a low blow. to compare herself to a community organizer was not well thought out. I would chose a community organizer over a former mayor of a small town, in which i have never heard of, and a current governor of a state that's population is smaller than San Francisco.

    Obama/Biden '08!!!!

  5. 305

    Wow… Great parenting goes hand in hand with great politics.

  6. 306

    Get over it, it happens.

  7. 307

    Sarah Palin===== ”' A Star is Born ””'♥♥}}}}}}}}}

    ………..obama who????????????? ♥


  8. 308

    Re: e-rock – I care! Why isn't She taking care of Her Family? Obviously if She can't, She can't take care of Our country!

  9. 309

  10. 310

    What a beotch.


  11. 311

    Re: PLEZZZ – She can't watch her kids all the time. Like, for example, if they wanted to make stupid arguments on a message board.

  12. 312

    See, this just goes to show that we need to have sex-education programs in school. Abstinence only programs do not work because teenagers are going to have sex anyways. They need to learn how to take care of themselves and also of the consequences. We can still promote Abstinence, no one is saying not to but to exclude information about sex is stupid. Think about it, the money used on sex-ed programs is way less than the money spent on welfare for teenaged moms.

  13. 313

    Perhaps those teens should take a cue from the lessons they're taught in sex ed and close THEIR legs, Perez. Of COURSE Palin's daughter was stupid and made a mistake, but don't make fun of her. However, she needs to pay the consequences for her actions and take responsibility. I'm glad her mother is making her understand this. None of that "Oh NO, that POOR "child", she didn't know any better!" More of "Well, you're an adult, you KNEW this could happen if you chose to have sex as a teenager. It's time to realize the consequences of your actions."

    That's the biggest problem in this country. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. Even our PRESIDENT won't fully. Dems aren't innocent either– they've done PLENTY to be accused of, and yet it's always excuses, excuses, excuses. Grow up and be adults.

  14. 314


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